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Thread: Sword Art Online : What's your favourite character(s)?

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    Default Sword Art Online : What's your favourite character(s)?

    So now that Sword Art Online II has started a while ago and we're at episode 6 right now, what is your favourite character in the series so far? I wanna see people's opinions.

    It can either be from season 1, season 2 or characters from the light novel which I haven't read :3

    Elaborate why it is your favourite character(s).

    Please try not to spoil too much for people that haven't finished it yet.

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    Omigosh, I've not seen SAO II yet! I gotta catch up, but I'm reading the manga. D:
    Hmm, I'd say my favourite character so far is Sachi from the Aincrad arc. In the anime, she seems like the only girl who doesn't fall in love with Kirito, and I'd say that's a relief. She's also pretty much the reason our dear hero Kirito is such a lone wolf, because after what happened to her he seriously did not consider joining another guild. I also find it good that we actually run across a character who who is afraid of playing the game and dying in it, and it's a change from everyone putting their brave faces on.
    Also, she's so kawaii. •w•

    thanks a lot to goggled petilil for diviner camilla~

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    You can talk about your favorite character in the SAO II thread.

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