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Thread: The Best/Golden Moments of Pokemon Anime!!

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    Default The Best/Golden Moments of Pokemon Anime!!

    Yes not everyone is satisfied with the entire script but yes there's got to be a moment which u love & cherish the most..
    Well mine is when Ash is in a ice cave with Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Charmendar, Balbasaur & Squirtle..
    So whats yours?
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    I guess my favorite moment was Ash and Paul's full battle in the Sinnoh League.

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    Ash defeating Paul in Sinnoh league, Ash defeat Gary at Johto league, Ash catching dragon types, Ash having powerhouses for his Sinnoh team, Ash winning the orange islands league and winning the Battle Frontier in Kanto.
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    Charizard Chills. Everything about that episode. Maybe also snivy's capture episode or tepig's evolution episode.
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    Ash losing to Tobias since it shattered the illusion that he would officially challenge the E4 in DP. Also the entire Cinnabar Island Gym match.
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    Charizard Chills, Mewtwo`s incredible backstory, and Pikachu defeating regicice
    Quote Originally Posted by Lorde View Post
    Ash losing to Tobias since it shattered the illusion that he would officially challenge the E4 in DP.
    This actually made me laugh

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    *Meowth is dressed like Dunsparce and James like Moltres in a stage show*
    Jessie: Dunsparce used its Glare attack!
    Meowth (Raising arms up and staring at James): Glare!
    Jessie: Moltres then used its Sky Attack.
    James (Whispering): But Jessie, I don't even know what a Sky Attack looks like!
    Jessie (Whispering annoyedly): Oh just do anything!
    James: Sky Attack! *Hurls Meowth into the air screaming*

    *As Jessie attacks Seviper furiously*
    James (Panicking): SHe's using FURY Swipes!
    Meowth: Emphasis on FURY!
    *Jessie kicks Seviper*
    Meowth: Nooooooo! Not her Ultra Super Mega Kick!
    *Jessie continues to beat up her target*
    James (Nervously): Now Jessie, you wanted to CATCH Seviper! Not destroy it!
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    ~ Butterfree's departure in Kanto

    ~ The episode where they're snowed in that cave ; A ;

    ~ Charizard's departure in Johto

    ~ Movie moment, but I loved the scene where Charizard see's that Ash is in trouble on TV and flies all the way out to Entei's castle to rescue him ; A ;

    ~ Ash v. Gary at the Johto League

    ~ Chimchar joining Ash's squad

    ~ Ash v. Paul at the Sinnoh League
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    Charizard finally listens to Ash

    James' "I'm the Flaming Moltres" ......actually all the James centered episodes, they're all perfect.

    Team Rocket "breaking up" and James pairing up with Cassidy while Jessie pairs with Butch.

    Croagunk meeting Team Rocket in the gyms while they're planning to steal stuff

    Ash finally beating Paul

    Ash getting Chimchar from Paul and getting Buizel from Dawn

    Krokorok's capture episode

    Charizard returning permanently in BW

    Ash failing to capture Dunsparce......... twice

    Jessie going off to save James and Meowth while leaving Wobbufett behind to be happy...... but Wobbufett comes back

    Team Rocket letting Weezing/Arbok go, leaving Chimecho behind, leaving Cacnea, releasing Dustox(The few moments the anime did make me cry)

    Team Rocket finally won! Only for Giovanni to give the Yanma back.

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    Ash being knocked into a body of water by Bianca. Gags like that are so random, they're funny.
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    When Ash's Charmeleon evolves into Charizard and goes after Aerodactyl.

    Ash's Muk trying to eat Professor Oak.

    Ash vs. Gary at the Johto League.

    May and Dawn meeting each other.

    Paul vs. Barry. Although it could've been a little better.

    Ash vs. Paul at the Sinnoh League.

    Ash defeating Tobias' Darkrai.

    All I could think of, atm.

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    For me it was Ash versus Gary in the Johto league. That was just such a epic and overdue match that paid off.

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    The moments I can think of right now are

    1. The entire Grand Festival Block of episodes for Sinnoh.
    2. The moment that Serena caught up with Ash and many of the Amourshipping moments that followed.
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    So many to choose! goes...bear with me please...

    - Ash vs. Gary at the Johto League

    - "Charizard Chills"

    - "Electric Shock Showdown"

    - "Bye-Bye Psyduck"

    - Hunter J

    - Butch & Cassidy in the OS

    - The Whirl Cup

    - Paul

    - Team Galactic

    - Operation Tempest

    - Bonnie's expressions and reactions

    That's off the top of my head for now...might have to post more later...

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    1.Ash vs Paul in the sinnoh league and their whole rivalry and the Sinnoh league
    2.Dawn vs Zoey in the Grand festival and Dawn as a whole i loved her character development
    3.May vs Drew
    4.Hunter J
    5.Team galactic

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    My favorite moment is when Charizard came back in Unova

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    For me my favourite moments would probably be:

    - When Weavile appear
    - Ash and Paul's battles (the 6 on 6 ones)
    - Any episode with Hunter J
    - Any episode with Harley
    - Any episode with Wallace
    - Any episode with Saturn
    - The Team Galactic arc
    - The 'Claydol Big and Tall' episode from the Advanced Series
    - When characters get Butch's name wrong
    - Battles and contests with over the top animations
    - Palkia's cry

    There are probably more but these are the only ones I can think of for now.

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    There is an episode where Ash meets a girl who has a Ditto, and they have a double battle, ash + ditto transformed into Wobbuffet Vs Team Rocket. And it's such a cool battle, the animation + background music is great in that moment. In general I love it when Team Rocket actually uses Wobbuffet, it's such an impressive powerhouse. I also liked it when it owned Articuno and redirected a Dragonite's hyper beam attack. It's just really cool.
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    The scene in the second movie where Team Rocket sacrifices themselves has always been my #1 moment. It was beautiful, and they still made it out alive.

    For the show, it's hard to nail it down to just one. I can name any number of Brock or Team Rocket moments that are favorites of mine.
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    Oh, I forgot one of my top favorites. I love it when Croagunk comes out to poison jab Brock but it's awesome when Croagunk comes out and it turns out he doesn't have to due to something else happening.

    And Jessie failing to pronounce Hippopotas each and every time she met one

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    fletchinder evolving to talonflame and serena cutting her hair in xy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacup View Post
    serena cutting her hair in xy
    Yeah I liked this a lot as well. It really seems like she has become more determined and focused on her goal after she did that.

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    For me the best moments were :-

    -Ash vs paul battle at the sinnoh league.
    -Ash vs gary battle at the joto league.
    -When pikachu tied with latios and Sceptile defeated darkrai in ash vs tobias match.
    -when Charizard started obeying ash.
    -When charizard defeated articuno.
    -When charizard returned in BW.
    -When charmeleon evolved into charizard.
    -When charizard left ash to train at the charicific valley.
    -All of XY episode 7.
    -When ash sets out on a journey to be a pokemon master.
    -When ash met pikahu and when pikachu uses thunder to scare away the pidgeys.

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    Misty ordering Psyduck to use Tail Whip

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