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Thread: Poll: Which is your favorite theme song from the series?

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    Default Poll: Which is your favorite theme song from the series?

    I like the songs from the Advanced Generation.
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    You can't really ask what everyone's favourite theme is and then instantly rule one out, simply because it could be the most popular pick..

    That's like asking "What's your favourite small, wax coated cheese? But you can't say babybel.."

    Regardless, I quite liked the Johto League Champions theme, but I feel they get steadily worse as the seasons progress anyway.

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    In the dub the original, Advanced Battle, Galactic Battle, and Sinnoh League Victors.
    In the original version The last DP opening the Greatest Everyday and the 1st BW opening.
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    From the dub: Pokémon Theme, Pokémon World, Pokémon Johto, Born to be a Winner, Master Quest, I Want to be a Hero, This Dream, Unbeatable, We Will Be Heroes, Battle Cry, Rival Destinies, It's Always You and Me.
    From the original: All the Advanced Gen openings, All the DP openings, all the BW openings, V-Volt By Rica.

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    Hands down Johto Journeys! I thought the orange island song was pretty silly, so when Johto began, first really new region, new world, new Pokemon, the song just fit so well! It sings about everything the series was bringing to us and was just so pleasant and optimistic! The perfect tone for the series.

    The follow up Johto songs rank second and third for me as they were all really good!

    Don't even make me choose a Japanese theme song... They are each extraordinary and it would be hard to choose! But if I had to, I think the Japanese Johto Journeys song is tied with the first Advanced song. Both are so fun!
    Someone once told me that Misty's cameos in Advanced Generation help make it easier knowing that she is no longer a series regular. They couldn't have been more wrong. After she leaves behind Togepi she returns to her gym more alone than ever AND ON TOP OF THAT, her last cameo was in 2005. 2005!?!?!? ITS BEEN TEN YEARS SINCE ONE OF THE CAST WHO STARTED THE SHOW WAS ACTUALLY ON THE SHOW!?!?

    Why do we even watch Pokemon anymore

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