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Thread: Favourite Anime Songs and Background Music

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    All fo the japanese DP EDs and OPs were all pretty amazing. And i listen to them all the time~
    I also love "Look Look here/ Mitte Mitte Kochichi" Its so fun to sing along with ^p^

    My favorite english OP is advanced battle because its just so catchy ahahha ....

    I love N harmonia (✿◠‿◠)

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    So many to name even though some don't have the names for it.


    Pokemon World
    Advanced Battle (Unbeatable)

    Songs from 2BA Master CD

    Viridian City
    What Kind of Pokemon are you
    My Best Friends
    Everything Changes
    Pokemon Dance Mix
    Double Trouble
    Together Forever

    Totally Pokemon CD

    Pikachu I choose you
    All we wanna do
    The Game
    He drives me crazy
    You & me and Pokemon
    Biggest Part of my life
    Pokerap GS

    To know the unknown (Pokeom movie 3 soundtrack)


    Jigglypuff song
    Pokemon battle (When Ash & co were battling Gastly, etc)
    Eerie music (when ash & co were at the top of the tower with Bill, when Grimer appears from the water and shut down the power in Gringy city, etc)
    Eerie music #2 (When Ash & Bill see Dragonite for the first time and bill activates the signal)
    Team Rocket song (from the song of Jigglypuff episode)
    and mostly other BGM from the Indigo saga that are too many to name
    Lugia's song (Pokemon Movie 2000)
    Misty vs adult molly underwater battle (Pokemon movie 3)
    Entei leaves Molly near the end (Pokemon movie 3)
    Celebi's song (when Celebi is resurrected by other celebis of the future) (Pokemon 4ever)
    Opening sequence to Pokemon: Lucario and the mystery of mew movie (when time was passing)
    May and Swablu (the montage where May & co was caring for Swablu) (Pokemon Advanced Challenge)
    Max and Ralts (when max had to say goodbye to Ralts at the end) (Pokemon Advanced Battle)

    The eerie music from season 1, May and Swablu, and Max and Ralts i wished they had a soundtrack for

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    Wow... This at first seemed like a tough one cause there's soooooo many great OSTs in Pokemon and I'll admit, a lot of them for me are really close and hard to call but...

    The one definitive favorite OST from the anime for me is As Long As I Can Hold My Breath from Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.

    That OST is... Oh my Arceus... BEAST! I've even hacked it onto Delfino Plaza on my Brawl.
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    My favourites in order would have to be:

    Secret Garden - Pokémon Heroes
    Believe In Me - Master Quest Opening (Pokémon Heroes Version)
    Believe In Me - Master Quest Opening
    Pokémon Johto Journeys Theme (Unown Movie Version)

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    1. Spurt!
    2. Advance Adventure
    3. Battle Frontier
    4. Ready Go
    5. V (Volt)
    6. Aim to Be A Pokémon Master
    7. Summerly Slope
    8. Pokémon Symphonic Medley
    9. Be An Arrow!
    10. Challenger


    1. Glory Day ~That Shining Day~
    2. Fanfare of the Heart
    3. Fantasy In My Pocket
    4. Surely Tomorrow
    5. Let's Join Hands
    6. Can You Name All The Pokémon? BW
    7. To My Best Friend
    8. By Your Side ~Hikari's Theme~
    9. I Won't Lose! ~Haruka's Theme~
    10. Smile

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    My favorites are:

    Kanto Trainer Battle (Remix version)

    Epic Battle: Who's Stronger (Movie i.e. long version)
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    Burning battlefield

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    Mine are from the Indigo League, but i have to say i'm loving the new XY soundtracks.

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    Japanese Kanto and Sinnoh BGM.
    Japanese Unova gym battle BGM and a few select others.
    There's a TPCI dub tune that that sound like drums that plays during alot of battles in Sinnoh that I love. (I actually like quite a few TPCI BGM actually)
    Movie 1 4kids BGM and japanese BGM.
    Movie 2 4kids BGM and japanese BGM.
    Movie 3 japanese and 4kids BGM.
    Movie 6 BGM.
    Movie 8 BGM.
    Movie 9 BGM
    movie 10 BGM
    movie 11 BGM
    Movie 15 BGM
    Meloetta's song.
    End english song of the meloetta short.
    Japanese ending song of the 2 Pichu in sinnoh
    Hikari's theme both normal and sad (also sung version)
    Haruka's ending theme
    Satoshi's theme

    Movie sung openings:
    Movie 1 (english)
    Movie 2 (German)
    Movie 3 (english)
    movie 10 (english)
    Movie 12 (english)
    Movie 14 (english)
    Movie 15 (english)

    Season openings:

    Season 1
    Season 4
    Season 6
    Season 10 (yeah it's not popular with most people but it kind of grew on me.XD)
    Season 11
    Season 12
    Season 13
    Season 14
    Season 15
    Season 16 (I've seen the opening but not much of the series outside of 1 episode.XP)

    Japanese: Note I stopped watching the openings properly after season 14 so I don't know what the others sound like
    Aim to Be a Pokemon Master
    The Rivals!
    Aim to Be a Pokemon Master (Whiteberry Version)
    A New Journey (Played with Japanese raikou legend of thunder)
    Ready Go!
    Advance Adventure
    Pokemon Symphonic medley
    Battle frontier
    High touch
    The greatest everyday
    The greatest everyday (Band version) Played on the Brock and dawn specials on the japanese DVD's.=)
    Best wishes

    There's alot when thinking about it.

    I love season 1-DP Italian openings aswell.

    Also I really like all the TPCI dub movie ending themes.=3
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    English Dub

    Honestly, as long as it's not English Opening 10 (DP Rap), English Opening 17 (XY Remix of Opening 1 that pretty much butchered it completely and was disgraceful), "Go Pokemon Go," "I'm On a Quest Now," Chronicles that 4Kids' did (only OP I didn't like from them), "Hoenn Pokerap (that TPCi did)," or "Can't Stop Catchin' Em All," it's at least decent in my book. These are pretty much the only OPs/EDs/misc. music I can't tolerate, period.

    That said, I'm not a fan of any of TPCi dub's OPs and EDs at all, with most coming off as either extremely cheesy friendship songs to me, rapping because they can do so, or just plain rehashed verbatim regurgitated crap like OP17 is, excluding 12/Galactic Battles-- the only good one they have ever done, IMHO. I favor 4Kids' OPs and EDs by far, and did not dislike any of them outside of Chronicles, tbh-- all of their dub work musically ranged from pretty good to excellent otherwise: I preferred that power ballad feeling in their songs, tbh.

    My favorite OPs would have to be English Opening 3 (Johto Journeys), 5 (Master Quest), 7 (Advanced Challenge), and ending being "Kanto PokeRap," though. You can tell I was a fan of David Rolfe and Johto Group, huh? lol.

    I like Jason Paige's Pokemon Theme and David Rolfe's remix of it, but neither are my favorites-- still, both put the current English OP to shame in my book.

    Original JPN Version

    The OS BGM, AG BGM, and BW BGM by Shinji Miyazaki and company are generally favored.

    The DP BGM and XY BGM (considering most of it is BW M15 BGM) flat-out suck, IMHO. The dub's replacement score in these arcs is no prize, either, but it's not much worse, tbh.

    Favorites are "Life's Purpose," "Unconditional Love," "Kanto Elite Four Battle Theme," "Advanced Adventure," and "Satoshi's BW Theme."

    OPs: "Mezase Pokemon Master," "Ready Go!," AG 01, "Pokemon Symphonic Melody," "High Touch!," and BWS1 Theme.
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    Japanese Openings:
    Advanced Adventure
    Be an Arrow
    Be an Arrow (2013)
    Best Wishes
    Getta Ban Ban
    High Touch!
    Ready Go
    Together (2008)
    Summerly Slope
    V (Volt)

    Dub Openings:
    Battle Cry - (Stand Up)!
    Battle Frontier
    Believe in Me
    Black and White
    Born to Be a Winner
    Pokémon Johto
    It's Always You and Me
    I Wanna Be a Hero
    Rival Destinies
    This Dream
    We Will Be Heroes
    We Will Carry On

    2BA Master/Insert Songs:
    Best Friends (from Sweet Baby James)
    Go On
    Kanto Pokérap
    My Best Friends
    Together Forever
    The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye)
    Viridian City
    What Kind of Pokémon Are You?
    You Can't Remember

    Insert Song featured in Gotta Catch Ya Later

    Totally Pokémon:
    All We Wanna Do
    Biggest Part of My Life
    He Drives Me Crazy
    Pikachu (I Choose You!)
    You and Me and Pokémon[/I]

    Pokémon Live:
    I've Got a Secret

    In Your Heart, Lalala
    Let's Join Hands
    Seven Colored Arch
    To My Best Friend
    The Squishy Song
    Type: Wild

    Advanced Adventure (Instrumental Version)
    As Long As I Can Hold My Breath
    Dent's Theme
    I Got a Victory Badge
    Iris' Theme
    Life's Purpose
    OK (Orchestral Arrangement)
    A Meeting and a Parting
    Main Title Theme (M08)
    Mew's Theme
    Nuvema Town
    The Sea and Macarons
    To Each Future
    Satoshi's DP Theme
    Satoshi's BW Theme
    Satoshi's Decision to Fight
    Save the Sacred Swordsmen
    Tears, After the Cloudy Weather
    Tears of Life
    Tears of Sorrow
    Three on Three
    Unconditional Love
    Waves Hit the Shore

    Movie Endings:
    Flying Without Wings
    Follow Your Star
    I Believe in You
    It's All Inside of You
    If Only Tears Could Bring You Back
    If We Only Learn
    The Key to Me
    Make a Wish
    This Side of Paradise
    To Know the Unknown
    We Will Meet Again
    World of Wonder
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    I really love the Stand Up theme. I'm not sure what its official name is, but it sounds so good to me. Inspirational and catchy.

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    I really like V (Volt) of Pokemon XY.

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    Even though it's a dub song, I actually really loved This Side of Paradise from Destiny Deoxys, it's just a really catchy song. I had it stuck in my head for like days, definitely probably the best song from the dub yet.

    Japanese Endings:
    Fanfare of the Heart
    By Your Side
    Message of the Wind
    I Won't Lose

    Japanese Openings:
    Mezase Pokemon Master
    Ready Go
    High Touch

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    Ready GO! will always be my favourite, along with A New Oath.

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    It's not an official song, but I like both of the themes that play when somebody says the name of the episode.

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    My favorites are ...
    Opening songs : 1. "Pokemon theme"
    2. "The Johto journeys"
    3. "Born to be a Winner"
    4. "Believe in me"
    5. "Stand up"
    6. "Black and white"
    7. "Rival destinies"
    8. "It's always you & me"

    Movie Ending songs :
    1. "The Time Has Come" (M05)
    2. "My best friends" (M05)
    3. "You Me and Pokémon" (M05)
    4. "We Will Meet Again" (M08)
    5. "I'll Always Remember You" (M10)
    6. "Follow your star" (M14) (both versions)
    7. "It's All Inside Of You" (M15)
    8. "We're Coming Home" (M16)

    Japanese songs :
    1. "Secret Garden"
    2. "High Touch"
    3. "Be An Arrow"
    4. "OK"
    5. "Advanced Adventure"
    6." XY&Z"
    7. "The Greatest Everyday"
    8. Aim To Be A Pokémon Master M20 version

    BGM: 1. Some Japanese music from BW series (Trainer Battle Theme, Accumula Town, Undella Town, music that plays at the end of BW006, BW Ash theme, Surf theme, Rival Battle theme)
    2. Japenese music from the DP series (Route 206, Route 210, DP Ash theme, Sandgem Town).
    2. Some Japanese Music from the Kanto Saga (Route 3, I Got A Pokémon, Kanto Trainer Battle v2, To Be Continued, 1997~1998-M11, 1997~1998-M41, Fighting Spirit).
    3. "As long As I can hold my breath" (M09)
    4. Sortie from M05.
    5. Advanced Adventure Instrumental
    6. OK instrumental (also known as, OK~Victory Theme. It plays in a lot the Johto episodes)
    7. Sun/Moon Hall of Fame theme.
    8. Best Wishes Instrumental
    9. "The Tornado Barrier" form M18 Japanese soundtrack.
    10. 1999~2001-M28 (Also called "The Day is Conquered") from the Johto soundtrack. Plays a lot in 3rd and 4th season. Also plays twice in DP series.
    11. "~Chisaki Mono~ Lullaby" from M06
    12. "Celebi Revived" from M04
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benny+Lilia+Ash View Post
    It's not an official song, but I like both of the themes that play when somebody says the name of the episode.
    I think it's just BGM.

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    I love all the dub openings but at the moment I'd have to say that Rival Destinies is currently my favourite. Well all the ones from the Black and White series are pretty good and very catchy. For movies, I'm not sure if they were actually featured in the movie or not but they were on the soundtrack or I found them via TVTropes but I adore If Only Tears Could Bring You Back from the first movie and We'll Make A Promise from uh, the one with Manaphy I think. That reminds to go watch that movie. From some of the CDs, the one I was the most surprised to like was Two Perfect Girls because I didn't expect it to be what it was. And Everything Changes. I could go on for ages about all the songs I like, which is pretty much all of them.
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    I liked Galactic Battles and Sinnoh League Victors theme.

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    Galactic Battles (German Version), Adventures in Unova (German, English), Black & White (German), Rival Destinies (German), Be An Arrow, Best Wishes! Opening, Summerly Slope, Aim To Be a Pokemon Master (Original), Master Quest (English, German), This Dream (English), the opening used for XY Preview Episodes outside of Japan (I would have liked that as permanent over V-Volt or the remixed 1st theme in English) - if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's the remix of the "you got the gym badge" theme in the games.


    Fanfare of the Heart, Seven-colored Arch, Let's Join Hands, Takeshi's Paradise, One Hundred Fifty-One, various instrumentals of the dubbed songs, but especially Galactic Battles and Master Quest.


    Team Rocket Attacks (BW)
    Episode Title Cards - both (BW)
    Vs. Diaz (Trip/Shooti) theme - both versions (BW)
    Team Rocket Unova Motto (BW)
    The fanfare that played sometimes in Ash vs Gary's battle in the Johto League when the referee announced winner/loser (OS)
    Team Rocket's Secret Strategy (OS)
    Ash/Satoshi's Theme (BW)
    Wild Pokemon Battle (BW, Johto, AG)
    Various unnamed tracks used in the beginning of Johto episodes (OS)
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    Top 5 Japanese Openings:
    Advance Adventure
    Volt (V)
    Ready Go!

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    JPN Openings

    Mezaze Pokémon Master.
    Mezaze Pokémon Master (Whiteberry)
    Ready Go!
    Advance Adventure
    Battle Frontier
    High Touch!
    Saiko Everyday!
    Best Wishes
    Be An Arrow!!
    Summerly Slope.
    V Volt (Rica Masumoto)

    Dub Openings

    Pokémon Theme.
    Pokémon World.
    The Johto Journeys.
    Born To Be A Winner.
    Master Quest.
    I Want To Be A Hero.
    This Dream.
    We Will Be Heroes.
    Galactic Battles.
    Sinnoh League Victors
    Rival Destinies
    It's Always You and Me
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