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Thread: which of ash's companions do you feel had the most growth as a character

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    Default which of ash's companions do you feel had the most growth as a character

    for the most part I feel that most of his companions got some level of development for misty learning to keep her anger in check more to brock's realization that he want's to be a doctor to may's learning to be more independent to Serena finding a goal that means something to her personally but i feel

    dawn got the most development overall partly because she was more a co star
    who had some great character arcs like her depression and learning to become her own person rather than worrying about trying to live up to her mum's name as well as learning to work with Pokémon with different personality's like her pachirisu and togekiss
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    For me it's Serena followed by May.

    Serena started as someone who was coerced into adopting something as a career path by her mom in which she wasn't even interested. Still, I'd say she's a pretty good Rhyhorn racer given her aversion to it. With the help of Ash, she eventually finds her dream after trying multiple career paths, fails terribly at the first try, gets a bunch of character development and gradually grows as one of the best performers of Kalos. She is also probably the closest out of all of them to reach her goal which is becoming a Kalos Queen.

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    For me it's Serena and Dawn.

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    Brock, Misty, May, Dawn and Cilan are the only companions I see with the most growth of all companions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokegirl Fan~ View Post
    For me it's Serena and Dawn.
    I agree with this, though I think I would go with Dawn and then Serena.
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    I would say Dawn and May had the best development

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    Since most will say Dawn, May or Serena. Im gonna give attention to one of often overlooked main characters in pokemon history.

    Because Misty/Kasumi could be actually listed right among top choices in a sense growing significantly. She didn't developed much in her career of becoming water master with her goals not being fleshed out much. That much is obvious.

    But in personality and emotional sense Misty is contender for one of most developed characters in history of pokemon. Before others call me delusional and crazy (because many fans formed misconception of Misty not getting any development)please allow me to explain myself:

    As you probably remember(you may not, since its been very long time ago Misty was seen in anime) what its knows or strongly implied is how growing without parental love and affection, being underestimated and questioned by everyone with sisters treating her as inferior , ugly, unskilled runt may have left emotional scars on Misty. Being one of reasons behind hardening as person and developing rough, hotheaded nature just to hide fact that she is lonely insecure girl wanting to be noticed and recognized.

    With hotheaded, violent side appearing as her defensive mechanism to show everyone she's not weak link in the chain, how she doesn't need friends or anyone compassion to fight for herself and become successful. Covering that way lack of confidence, fears and sadness.
    It also didn't helped that Ash impulsive, brash and cocky nature in early days making fun of Misty dreams(like winning doll set or becoming water master), coming of as very stubborn and thinking he knows best getting Misty and Brock in awkward and dangerous situations.

    Which only helped trigger even easier Misty impatient nature.

    Misty childhood was presented as pretty sad. We can see that in flashbacks where Misty remembered sitting in corner in dark room("Princess vs Princess" episode) with her sisters having all the fun, while she was given leftovers and ruptured toys being ridiculed and degraded.
    Another sad moment was when Misty remembered how she tried playing with toys as small girl with sisters breaking it starting to cry.

    When she talked with Ash and Brock how they don't know what its like to be youngest in family and be questioned, controlled over anything you do and living in their shadow. Knowing how its like to be underestimated and ridiculed by older siblings and society being able to relate herself to other characters who experienced similar problems, Like Mikey with his eevee brothers, Sakura and Kimono sisters, Max and his older sister May etc.

    Its worth mentioning how Ash and Bock left huge influence on Misty, as well Togepi in becoming more tolerant and open minded as person. Start to discover her talents and personal strength finding love in her heart to forgive sisters and try to make better relationship. But most of all received love, moral support, consolidation and encouragement she never experienced before. Managing to melt that cold exterior of hers and reveal more of vulnerable, teasing, sweet and optimistic nature.

    Way interactions changed over time especially between Misty and Ash showed how love hate relationship grew in mature friendship where they would still like to poke at each other, argue and be stubborn , but also developing lot of admiration and mutual support between themselves. Knowing they are above all great friends accepting each other flaws and preferences.

    Testament to meeting Ash and later Brock changing Misty life considerably can be noticed when she confined herself to Sakura she developed strong friendship with in Johto. Saying how she knows Ash and Brock for very long time and how thanks to them she learned so much about pokemon, met all kind of trainers, learned to be better trainer, saw so many new pokemon and places with those two being "like family she never had for her".
    It requires lot of development and bonding for character to actually say that with Misty clearly developing strong attachment to Brock, but most of all Ash.

    There were numerous other examples, often overlooked by fans how Misty deeply changed as person.


        Spoiler:- Development:

    As result of all of this Misty developed so much attachment and care for her friends that she was only traveling companion who did not wanted to leave Ash. Not just because of rather wanting to travel , explore new pokemon, regions and pursue water pokemon master career. But also because for first time in life she had actual friends, someone to be on her side and make her feel accepted and welcomed in other people company. And of course because of developing love feelings toward Ash viewing him in different light than just friend, but not being sure herself what to say and how to feel about it(im not shipper, but well it was obvious how something boiled inside her).

    "Gotta Catch Ya Later" sent powerful message through way she acted and viewed sad fact of having to depart.

    Misty quite tragic childhood greatly defined her future development as character, who while fixing somewhat broken relationship with sisters in chronicles(although she still felt at times upset wishing to be able to rely on them when needed as showed in talks with Max) also grew up fast for her age because of neglect and suffering she went through. Feeling need to be independent, not being person which cries and look for self pity encouraging others not to give up and fight for themselves. Becoming tough, headstrong and fiery, tomboyish by nature and passionate in her beliefs. As showed in Hoenn adding more realism and depth to her as her emotions, thoughts and personality traits started to be expanded and evolve to higher degree.

    So in essence Misty is one of serious candidates who could be described as one of traveling companions who changed the most. Despite this change not being perhaps as directly elaborated as you could say to be situation with May, Dawn or Serena. But through long period of time growth of Misty character turned out to be very intensive and big when comparing her starting days with how she became later on.
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    In my opinion May is one of the most development female charter in the series. On how that May change from a character that just wanted to see the world to a person who want to do something with Pokemon was a great way of developing her character.

    I don't think that other girl have that much development like Misty because they wasn't much focus on her like the other characters.
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    I'll say May because she didn't even like Pokemon much at first and she did a whole 180 during her tenure in the show.

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