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Thread: Should The Current Pokemon Dub Come To A Stop?

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    Default Should The Current Pokemon Dub Come To A Stop?

    I learned that the current dub of Pokémon is extremely low budget.

    Right now, I'm hoping that they get bankrupt and stop the Pokémon dub all together, even if the show continues in Japan.

    Let's give the dubbing a break and do something better...
    like play the games or read the manga.

    If you guys hate the current dub, don't watch it! If I were you, I'd buy a copy of the current dub and DESTROY it once and for all. Don't give up, fans, until DuArt becomes totally bankrupt. Remember what people did to E.T.? Do it similar to DuArt's Pokémon dub, that's what I'm thinking.

    Overall, I really think the current Pokémon dub needs to take a big break from its terrible flaws.

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    I'd rather not tbh since Id rather watch the dub instead of reading subtitles all the time which takes my focus off of what's happening in the episode to reading the subtitles.

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    **** no! Not everyone can watch the original Japanese version I don't think! The target audience is kids, right? What about all these kids that are here in the United States who might like the show? My ten-year-old brother watches it whenever he can.

    Also, what Dawn+Serena Fan said. Trying to keep up with both the actual visual and the subtitles is a tedious pain in the ***.
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    If 4kids can stay in business after dubbing trash like Yugioh Zexal there is no chance of PUSA going under.

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    Or you could just watch the sub if you dislike it so much instead of reviving an old account to make a pointless *** poll that won't do **** in the short or long run.
    Anyway this'll be locked in a couple of hours.

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    ...Yeah this thread doesn't need to exist.
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