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Thread: Mystery of the "Ghost" girl

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    I saw her two days ago and it freaks me out. ô_o
    I first thought it was a shadow ninja, but I realised how dumb I was
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    Apparently its something to do with the cresselia in BW2.... she needed to give the wing back to the pokemon or something like that
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    Well, it's assumed that she's the ghost of a girl that was hypnotized and kidnapped by a wild hypno many years ago. You can find more about her in the library of the "Strange House" near Lentimas Town. Once you visit all the rooms in the house you see her several times in the house. And then you get the Lunar Wing from the middle room, and she mentions that she'll be waiting at the end of a bridge. If you go to the Marvelous bridge with the Lunar Wing, you can catch Cresselia. Then you talk to her again and she disappears. But yeah, she isn't a part of the shadow triad.

    Post Note- this quest only works once you've defeated the Elite Four.

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    That, bridge girl, huh? First time I saw her, I didn't visit Marvelous Bridge for a while... Yet, I was excited as there was another mystery abound! ... despite its small-ness compared to P/D/Pt., and other old games.

    I've seen her, too... Though, my theories are the same with these lot:

    -She's trolling us by teleporting away.
    -She's an actual ghost due to her Abra accidentally using Teleport and dropping her off the bridge during construction.

    Apart from that, I have no idea why else she could be doing that.

    The girl flickers as soon as you near her, so, the Abra theory seems just about right... but then the other one could be right, too. Ghosts tend to be different in the way they disappear... (They don't need to be cliche about it...) though, it's kinda unlike ghosts in the previous games, since some of them just float off screen and are never seen again after that until there's another random coincidence that you spot them.

    And that old woman at the end gate... well, she seems suspicious; knowing too much... Like she's hiding some sort of dark, pesky secret, that us players will never discover... and sadistically laughs at us since we can't figure it out... like she's in on the villainous scheme to drive our minds to no end... or maybe she's secretly teaming up with that guy next to the ghost-girl, and teaming up with the girl to trick us... Or maybe that's just me having an overactive imagination.

    Anyways, I'm wondering if the woman's related to the girl... I mean, she must've been around back then, (which raises another question, how long ago was the bridge built?) and she seems slightly reluctant to speak about it. We only get a few words outta' her, with ellipses and what-not, and BAM! Back to regular text.

    The girl's sprite reminds me of Sabrina for some reason... and her "Abra". ^^ Either that's a nice, little reference, or a creepy coincidence... o_O
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    I saw here and i was like, what da heck why she disappear? but reading this stuff it makes me think sometimes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by YourPermanentRecord631 View Post
    Its creepy to see that she disappears and to hear she has an Abra. Maybe she is an illusion.
    It reminds me not only of Sabrina (and that's only because of abra) but also of the anime episode where Ash, Misty, and Brock come across the Ninetales whose owner had left on a journey and died, was trapped in the pokeball or bound to it and used its psychic abilities to create a "trainer".

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    I am so happy that she has like a brief appearance in BW and then suddenly in BW2 there is like this awesome backstory and like her house and stuff. I love this storyline.
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    Don't bump old threads.

    pm me any reports/questions that you may have
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