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Got this for Christmas.

It's okay so far. I think the only thing I really like right now is the OST. And the paper stuff (I always loooove how Nintendo uses paper in these games).

I don't recall the Toad's ever directly mentioning that they were paper before this game though, so that was kind of weird.
(I swear we're twins...)

I got Sticker Star a while ago. THe humor wasn't as good, and Kersti is a Goombella and Tippi mixed together with some annoyance. I'm in CHapter three, and the games bores the living day lights out of me. Honestly, I feel with each new installment after TTYD it's been getting worse. Also, Miyamoto actually disapproved of a game like TTYD, saying it was "To boring".

Also, the almost non-existent fourth wall in this game is kinda funny, but then again it really isn't. I prefered the leaning on the fourth wall jokes and the active bowser/peach from the previous games. Honestly, it's like a bad love child of Paper Marion and New Super Mario Bros...