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    Welcome, to Primus et Ultimus. In this clan, we strive to be the best we can be. That doesn't go to say, however, that we require our members to be masterful in the art of battling. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our clan, so long as you obey the rules.

        Spoiler:- Rules:

        Spoiler:- Organization:

        Spoiler:- Leaders:

        Spoiler:- Ranks:

        Spoiler:- Denarii:

        Spoiler:- War Team:

        Spoiler:- War Record:

        Spoiler:- Registration:

        Spoiler:- Strikes:

        Spoiler:- Shops:

        Spoiler:- Vulcan Cup:

        Spoiler:- Jobs:

        Spoiler:- Fall Festival '11 (Completed):

    Credit for all userbars goes to Pkmnswampmaster. Credit for the Capital Logos on their respective posts goes to Silverwindstudios. Credit for the main banner goes to Moosesmuggler. Credit for the OP banners (other than the main banner) goes to -Gigashark-, and the renders used in the banners are property of Xous54 of DeviantArt.

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