Happy Birthday Fizzy Bubbles!

From me this year, everyone will receive
One Super Pass
plus a choice of either one Starter Egg Pass OR one Trading Card Palace Pass.

The Super Pass entitles your Pokémon to:
- Two Monday Pokémart candies instead of one.
- Two of your Pokémon will receive two levels in Daycare. Simply supply the link to your pass when next depositing them into the Daycare Centre.
- One of your Pokémon may learn two free Egg or MT moves, or two of your Pokémon may learn one free Egg or MT move each. Simply provide the link when posting in the Move Tutor to use your pass.
- A one week stay in the Beauty Salon gives your Pokémon four Beauty Points rather than two. An accompanying link to your pass must be provided when posting in the Salon.

The Starter Egg contains each of the 17 available starters (Pichu, Eevee, Kanto Starters, Johto Starters, Hoenn Starters, Sinnoh Starters & Unova Starters).
This Pass does not provide an additional team slot. No space = No egg.
This Pass does not allow pickup at any time. You must wait until you are next due for an egg.
You must provide full team statistics when collecting your egg stating how many Pokémon you have, and how many are Lv.100, along with a link to your registration post.
This Pass expires on 6th November 2011, giving two full weeks from the end of today's giveaway for it to be used.

The Trading Card Palace Pass entitles the holder to a selection of Booster Packs and/or Theme Decks from the Trading Card Palace to the value of 75,000 coins.
You may choose theme decks and/or booster packs from the Base, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, Gym Challenge, or Neo Genesis expansion packs.
Simply hand in your pass clearly stating which cards you would like before awaiting confirmation to collect them.
This Pass expires on 31st October 2011, so get in quick!

Please remember you only need to only quote the passes you are collecting.