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    Default Escaping from love (Advanceshipping)

    Summary: He had to leave not only himself the the women he loved. Now he lives a life that he has keep running from. Because her love in the end, will kill him.

    Pairing: Advanceshipping, Contestshipping, (only minor amounts except the first few chapters)

    Rating: K+ to T.

    Escaping from love

    It should have been like any warm welcoming he would always get every time he would return from a region. His friends would pop out of nowhere are cheer out his name. They would all be laughing together and then celebrate with food and drinks. His Pokémon would come running at him at full speed just in order to see him after year by year absences. Of course, his Pokémon never mind the long wait. As long they got to see their trainer again. It was all right. But they never thought they would ever see their cheerful trainer in such a state. It wasn't him. It wasn't right. But he couldn't hear them or understand them. All he could recognize was the expression on their faces. They cared for him and so did he.

    He couldn't understand it anymore. He tried over and over again but each one never showed any improvement. His mother was right beside somebody he had long forgotten. He mother had the expression of sadness all over her face. She called his name as he ran out of the building. It was safer this way. To run away from everything that kept him back. Perhaps that was the reason he went to travel alone when he first begun before clashing into a number of good and close friends. His problems didn't chase him when he was with them. They kept him safe and when they had to part ways they would slowly find their way back to him. He would only stay a few days in Pallet Town before finding his way into a new region.

    But finally they have caught up with him. After six years on the run.

    Rain poured over him that day. It wouldn't stop and he didn't care. The world didn't seem to understand him so why should he feel like he should care? He began to hear gentle footsteps coming towards him. He knew who they were; it belonged to his mother. The woman who raised him for the first ten years of his life. They never talked about their problems. They would always say they were fine and there was nothing to worry about. They would rather talk about the exciting and good things that had happened to them. Talking about their problems never seemed to be an option, until now.

    "Ash." She spoke. "Please get up. You're going to get cold if you stay any longer in this rain." The boy refused to answer his mother. "I know it's all sudden and everything. I wish I told you sooner but you weren't here when all of this happened."

    "You could have at least waited." He spoke. He continued to sit on the wet grass. He was in Oak's ranch with the rest of his Pokémon's. They wrapped around him saying they didn't want him to go, go for good.

    "It wasn't my choice. Do you think I like the idea that you won't be with me anymore?" his mother walked towards him and covered him with her umbrella. "I don't like this either dear." She spoke softly. "I don't want you to go."

    "Then do something about it!" He blurted out. The boy stood up and faced his mother. "How could you just stand there and do nothing about it!" Delia was shocked to see a side of his son she had never seen before.

    "I tried dear, but look where it ended us." The mother of one tried to hold her tears in.

    He hated to try fighting and in the end lose it all in one single blow. It was just like in the Sinnoh league. Tobias, a man who was feared by many; he had to take him on. He was so close that he could see himself holding the trophy in his hands. But it was only a dream. His Pokémon were knocked out by Tobias's Darkrai like they were tin pins. Even when he did manage to beat Darkrai, Latios appeared and just knocked his last Pokémon just like Darkrai did but much worse.

    He smiled at his friends, telling them that everything was okay and that he will just work even harder until he won. But he didn't tell them the whole truth. Every time in each region he would visit he would lose in each league, he would get closer but never close enough. He felt like destiny always wanted him to lose, just like he did with her.

    He never told how much he meant to her. She never showed anything towards her then friends. Nobody could see that he liked her; of course he decided not to show his friends this. He hid it behind by training his team whenever he could. There were times where his interest in her slipped from him. Times where she was trapped in a place full of untamed grass type Pokémon he would rush to her aid even though Brock and Max wanted to come as well. He knew it was the right thing to do and help them out but his heart called for her. Also when they were together with a family of Donphan's and they were heading her way, she was frightened with fear that she couldn't move. He couldn't watch her get hurt like that and rushed to her side and saved her from danger. It was the first time he had touched a girl and he couldn't help but blush at the idea.

    But the one that mostly stood out was in the temple where they both were going to drown. He couldn't risk the idea of losing her now without telling her. He placed her in a capsule and locked her inside. He told her she would be safe in there as he ran away while she was crying out his name. He couldn't stand there and watch her cry thinking of the worse for him and for the first time he felt that she too…loved him as well. In fact perhaps it was her love for him that saved his life and revived him. Her prayer to him saved him that day.

    "Please Ash, don't give up, Ash, be strong, I know you can do it, I know!"

    "Now please Ash. Get out of the rain. Come home with me, for the final time." The boy sighed and began to cry, but because of the heavy rain his mother didn't notice his tears. Her mother held back her own tears. The boy walked up to his mother and embraced her as tight as he could.

    "No matter where I go, I'm always moving. So everything will be alright. It will be just like last time, right?" He mother tried to smile but the sadness of losing her son was just too much. He tried to make it sound like it would be just like last time, moving in and out each region.

    But it wasn't the same this time around. And Ash knew this very well.


    Chapter 1: You can't just say no.
    Two years later:

    "Unova?" She asked. "Where is that? Is that a new town here in Johto?" She added as she read the name on the banner.

    "I heard it's a new region. It's pretty far from here that you have to get on a plane to get there." A rival of hers replied. She looked at him.

    "Really? Is it that far?" He nodded. "Gosh, I wonder if it's worth the wait. I mean I still have to enter the Sinnoh grand festival."

    "It's strange though because there are no contests in Unova. Perhaps this is a one off thing."

    She continued to read the small banner she had taken off the notice board in the pokecenter. The Johto grand festival was over and it was now time to decide where to head off to next. This time all of them were all heading to different places. Solidad decided to go home back to Kanto for some rest and Harley was heading to conquer the Sinnoh grand festival. And in Drew's case she didn't know, nobody knew in fact. Ever since the festival was over he looked down and was more quite than normal. She read the words printed on the banner.

    "Come and join in Unova's annual Contest festival!

    There will be a contest ribbon up for grabs which will be allowed in any contest in any region!

    Don't come and miss this great opportunity!

    There will be a number of rounds and the winner of the round will receive a hidden surprise!

    Come, come all! Coordinators and Trainers are all welcome!

    The event will take place in Nimbasa city!

    See you all there!"

    "Sounds just like the Wallace Cup." The brunette spoke. "But more fancier in a way."

    The Wallace Cup was the last time she saw him. She felt a part of her finally return to him. She never knew travelling in Johto would be so painstaking but if it would make her a stronger coordinator then it was worth it. She didn't know what the pain was when she saw Ash lose so early in the rounds. She was so excited to verse him again like they did before they parted ways. She could see in his face that he didn't want to lose; perhaps he too wanted to verse her again like old times. He showed her a different side the night he lost. He stayed quiet and alone until the morning; he was back to his old self. She couldn't pick it up, she wanted to ask but she thought it was better to forget what she saw.

    "So Drew." May greeted her rival. "Where are you heading to?"

    "I…I don't know." The boy began to blush. May stared at him in confusion.

    May noticed how quite Drew was near her. For the last pass two years both have become good friends and hardly bicker or threw insults at one another. He would blush at nearly everything she would ask him and now felt nervous every time he would give her a rose. He would stutter her names at times. He acted like a little shy boy towards her and she really wanted to know why.

    "Drew." She spoke. "Are you ill? Your face goes red nearly all the time now."

    "No. I'm fine." He spoke. "It's just that…" The boy sighed. The two were still in front of the notice board and hardly anyone was around.

    "Spit it out Drew. You're not normally so hesitate." May spoke, he sighed at pulled out three roses that he had hiding behind his back. "…Drew."

    "Congrats on winning the Johto grand festival May." The lime hair boy blushed. May nearly fell over her own two feet, expecting something else from him. Drew watched her as she regained her own balance. "Are you alright?" She nodded. "Well then, I'm off." He spoke.

    "Where are you heading off to?" She asked.

    "Wherever love leads me." He spoke. May's face flushed red right after.

    Her feelings towards Drew continued to grow every day they were together. Sometimes when the two were out looking for new ribbon cases they could see Harley spying on them both. She liked him, she couldn't hide that but she couldn't find it in her to admit to him. Maybe it was Ash, the man she first fell in love with. She was her first crush and while they were together she did whatever she could for him to notice her, but he remained dense as ever. She soon gave on him, but she felt she should have waited just a little longer. But she didn't want to wait forever. She couldn't wait for nothing. And that was when her feelings for Drew began to grow as for Ash…it slowly started to slip away from her even if she didn't want it to.

    She looked at the banner and thought of the benefit of winning a ribbon that can be used in any region. Thinking of getting a ribbon that she could use in Sinnoh would be great for her.

    "Alright then, Unova it is!" She cheered. She placed the small banner back on the notice board before rushing to her room. Getting ready to head to her new destination.


    Night had fallen over Johto as May prepared her things. Her excitement heading to Unova made her unable to sleep. She had already booked a plane to head over to Unova in the morning and was already reading books about the Unova region and its pokemon. She began to write down pokemon that she will catch over there but she knew too well that plans don't normally go to plan, like love. But the idea of travelling alone haunted her. Moving to Johto wasn't bad because her rivals were also people she considered her friends but now she was going all alone. There was nobody out there she knew. Leaving Drew made her heart feel painful and sad. Leaving him would be hard and she began if she could make it without him. But yet she did the same to Ash and she didn't even think once how he felt about her sudden decision to leave him even when he asked her to come with him to Sinnoh.

    "Ash…" She muttered. "I'm sorry…" She rose from her bed and began to pack her things away until she heard a voice.

    "What for?" She heard his voice echoing in her mind. "It was bound to happen right? I'm a pokemon trainer and you're a pokemon coordinator. We could never stay with each for long." The young girl turned around and by the window she saw her mentor smiling at her.

    "Why are you smiling like that, I left without giving you an answer. How could you be so happy?"She asked.

    "Because I have already accepted that we won't be with one another. I wish it wasn't the case but its reality isn't it?" He began to laugh. "Anyway you have Drew now. I'm nothing to you. I always was, even what we went through you still picked him over me. You didn't even consider my feelings…now did you?" The image of the boy began to fade from her before she could think of any sort of answer. She held her heart and began to weep.

    "His words…keep on haunting me. Why?" she soon felt a tear drop crash onto the mattress and soon noticed she was crying. A knock on the door soon knocked her out of her sad state.

    "Hey May are you alright?" The girl wiped her tears away before facing the man that called out her name.

    "I'm fine." She spoke. "Wait, what are you doing up so late Drew?" She asked.

    "I heard you talking to somebody. You seem really sad too. Is Ash still in your mind?"

    "He asked me something before I left the Wallace Cup." May answered back as Drew found a seat next to her. "It was so out of character for him to suggest such a thing. He asked…why not me?" She paused and soon added. "He was so serious about it too. I replied saying that if he was joking and he shook his head. I couldn't think of anything to reply to him. So I left him with an unanswered question."

    "I'm sure he would understand. Ash isn't the type that keeps grudges. You know that." Drew lay onto his back with his arms outstretched. "We never got along but with the stories you tell me about him. He sounds like a nice guy."

    "He is, honest!" May spoke aloud. "It's just what he asked me. It still haunts me."

    "Do you really find him more important than me?" Drew's face went bright red right afterwards. May looked down at the young coordinator. He picked himself off his back and held her hand. "Those roses I gave you. They weren't a congratulations gift, they mean much more than that." Their fingers began to intertwine. "I like you May. Since the first day we met. I began to fall in love with you."

    She couldn't reply. There were no words to express what she felt. She saw Drew as her rival until recently. She loved him yet…something was missing. It wasn't from him it was from somebody else. She couldn't love him, not in her state. Their lips were soon pressed onto one another. It was soft and sweet and so gentle. She closed her eyes and began to fall into the moment until she opened them again and saw a boy at the entrance of her room. His arms crossed with a disappointed look all over his face. His eyes were dry, tried and depressed. His cheeks were dried from all of the crying. It was the same expression she saw at the Wallace cup but nothing to this level.

    She pulled herself away from him and scattered herself to the back of the wall while still sitting on the bed. She wanted to keep moving but the bed was in the way.

    "I can't. I can't love you like this Drew." She barely spoke. "Look at me. I can't even think straight with Ash on my mind. Believe me, I like you to it's just me." Drew crawled to her side and held her hand.

    "May, I can wait. I understand." He looked at her and softly smiled before making his way and left the innocent brunette all alone in her room and closed the door behind him.

    Why was she acting like this? Wasn't she waiting for Drew to confess to her? So what was with all the avoidance? She loves him. There was nothing wrong with that. She held out a pillow and dug her face into it. More tears ran out of her tears and onto the pillow. Maybe her love for Drew was a way to escape her thoughts of Ash. Her love could maybe be going to the wrong person.

    "No!" She screamed as she threw the pillow on the floor. "That's not true. I love him; I shouldn't think things like this."

    "But its true isn't it?" a vision of Ash entered into her room again. "You're escaping from the truth. Accept it like I did May."

    "Accept what?" She complained. "You're nothing but a figure in my mind. You're not real!"

    "So you're saying my feelings for you aren't real?" Ash spoke.

    "Ash? What on earth do you mean?" May asked in a confused manner.

    "I thought somebody like you would figure it out. Guess not." He giggled slightly. "I thought the words I said would give out a good clue. I'm so stupid to even bother to wait for you. For you to be mine." Ash began to fade away once more.

    "No…those words…" May thought. "I thought it was just a dream."

    "You're escaping from the truth. Accept it like I did May." Ash began. Both were waiting at the port where the Wallace Cup was held. It was time for both to say their goodbyes.

    "I'm not running away from anything!" She complained. "It's just I'm afraid with the Johto grand festival. I'm scared that I might get so close and to only fail. And you're saying I should accept all of this?" she complained. Ash laughed.

    "No silly. I'm just saying accept that you will win rather than believing and running from false lies." Soon both fell into silence. "Hey May, how do you feel about me?" May quickly turned her head to face Ash at the confusion of the sudden topic change.

    "Feel for you?" May blinked in confusion. "What on earth are you saying Ash?"

    "I thought somebody like you would figure it out. Guess not." He began to laugh. He looked towards at her. "Anyway forget what I said. You better get ready. Your boat is leaving soon." Soon two of Ash's current companions began to race towards them. "I better go greet Dawn and Brock." He soon ran towards his other two companions to greet them.

    But that wasn't the last words she heard from him. She heard him mutter the words that soon left questions in her mind for years to come.

    "Why…not me?"

    Soon her dreams began to slowly put her into a deep slumber. She continued to think of him even into her sleep and her heart soon followed too.

    End of chapter one:


    Last minute authors notes:

    Alright, hello again. This is my newest Advanceshipping story, Escaping from love. It feels weird writing a new AS story, I've been writing the Mysterious Stranger for so long. Anyway just a little warning, there is heavy Contestshipping in this first chapter.

    Also i put the Prologue into chapter one because it was just too small on its own. So yeah, what else can i say. And i hope you enjoyed reading Escaping from love so far. And also sorry for the short chapter. Don't want to spoil everything so early.


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    Chapter two: She won’t let him go.

    Another day began to peek through the red silk curtains that danced to the beat to the soft breeze. Her eyes began to flicker to the response of the sun’s rays. She covered her eyes and first and turned away until she felt something in her palm. Her vision showed her a blurry object in her hands but after a few blinks she soon saw the beautiful glare it showed her.

    It was a ribbon, not any other ribbon. This one had its own special case that only she knew where it was. The ribbon was the Terracotta ribbon, but she only kept the other half as her friend, Ash had the other. She moved her palm slowly, and watched the shine on the golden center piece as she moved from left the right as the white and pink ribbons sticking on the edges moved along with the wind. The ribbon showed signs of being handled too much but the young coordinator didn’t mind. As long she had this ribbon she was able to enter any contest with the most confidence and deal with any lost with the words of her mentor repeating in her mind.

    She turned onto her back and looked towards the blank and empty ceiling. She moved her hand and placed it on her chest like she was praying with the ribbon still in her grasp. She opened her hands and the ribbon was still there. She felt glad.

    If only she could hold onto him and treasure like the ribbon she held. Then perhaps they didn’t have to leave on such an unanswered way. Perhaps they would talk more often than once in a year. Maybe they would have much more happier moments together.

    “Why…am I thinking of all of this now?” She muttered and closed her eyes. “Why did I leave us like that?” she faintly opened them. “I want to start again…” she sighed. “…maybe it’s already too late.” She quickly sat up and shook her head. “Ugh, I’m getting all silly now.” she gazed at her packed bags. “That’s right. Today is the day that I’m heading to Unova.”

    She fixed herself in the mirror and gazed at her own body. In the two years she had been in Johto she had gained some height and her hair had grown longer that it had passed her shoulders. Her body shape had changed into a more feminine figure but her eyes seemed to keep their shining bright sapphire colour. She began to brush her hair and each time she would pass the brush through her long brown the hair its pace would lessen until her hands lost their grip and the brush crashed into the sink in front of her.

    Today just seemed to sink into her too much that it was too hard her to handle. She was losing too much all at once. Her rivals she had now considered her friends and Drew the man she was deeply in love but yet cannot share the words like he had told her before he left her all alone in her room. Tears began to find their way down into the bowl of the sink. More and more fell in and sink down the drain and she continued to shed more tears.

    “Going alone…I just can’t do it.” May barely spoke. “But perhaps that’s how Ash felt every time he goes into a new region.” Silence covered the room. “That’s right…Ash, I finally now what you meant that day.” She looked into the mirror and noticed how red her eyes had become. She quickly wiped her tears as if she was embarrassed by them. “I shouldn’t be crying…you wouldn’t be happy with me.” She reached out for her brush and ran it through her hair once more before leaving the bathroom and tossing her bags over her shoulders.


    “You sure you don’t want to come Drew?” his rival asked. “It would be more fun with you with me.” He reached out for her hand.

    “I want to but I need some time alone.” He looked into her eyes. “But I’ll come to visit.” She tightened her grip on his hand.

    “I’ll be waiting.” She smiled. She pressed her lips onto his cheeks softly before backing away. “Is that alright?” Drew smiled.

    “Please don’t rush May. It isn’t like you.” May laughed.

    “I’m not rushing anything.” She placed another smile onto her face. “I just want to show you how much you mean to mean.”

    The plane began to call. She waved him goodbye before entering and finding her seat. She gazed out her small window that now began her only sight of him. He reached out his hand to her and she placed her palm onto the window and stretched it out. Drew’s image began to fade into another close person in her heart, Ash. The scene also began to change. She felt like she was transported back when she left Ash for the first time after the Hoenn Grand festival and the Hoenn league. She closed her eyes and closed her palm as the plane began to move. She opened them once more and saw she was in the skies and the only scene she was now the endless blanket of blue with spots of white clouds passing her by.

    “Now…It’s time to open my heart once more.”


    “No, not again. Not her. What part of ‘forget her’ don’t you understand?”

    He continued to gaze towards the sky. His arms outstretched as the wind ran through his hair. It was a day of emptiness, it was so quiet and he was so isolate; just the way he liked it. It had been so long since he had company. He had to keep on staring and keep his eyes open because by the time he would close them she would flash back into his mind.

    Her smile, her laughter and their time together, no, he couldn’t revisit them ever again. If he did all the pain would return to him. He had to keep away from her and had to block his emotions from her again.

    He couldn’t understand anything around him or his new life. When he would return to this place he finally began to learn again. Learn that life was mean, selfish and greedy but why did he keep on returning? He looked down onto a grass and discovered a dandelion swaying in the breeze. He reached out and pulled it out of the ground and blew it towards the wind. He watched as the dandelion parted into different fragments before flying away from his sight.

    “If you really can grant wishes than please hear mine.” He paused and soon added. “Let her return to me.” He picked himself and stretched. He looked down onto his sleeping partner that soon decided to wake up. The little yellow mouse soon glanced up to his trainer. “Do you think life will be kind enough to grant that for me?” Pikachu blinked in confusion. Ash laughed. “I’m such a fool to think she would return to me. You would think by now I wouldn’t have learned that.”


    The Unova proved to be move stunning than she imagined. There were many tall buildings surrounding the town. In another area was covered in bright lights and colourful balloons with a Ferris wheel as a main attraction. There were many people on the streets as a parade of floats and pokemon walked down the streets. Brass and woodwind instruments played as loud as they can while the drums behind them keep them in time with simple beats from their drums.

    “I sure came at a good time.” May cheered.

    She continued to walk down the path not far from the parade. She saw many banners and posters stuck onto the walls all informing and inviting people to the Unova annual contest. The banners had more information than the one she saw back in Johto. May pushed her face closer to the banner and read what was placed on the paper.

    “A mask theme contest?” May questioned herself. “With a ballroom theme added in as well.” The brunette smiled. “Sounds lovely.” She twirled around in her spot like she had a long ballroom gown on her. She returned her eyes back on the poster. “Two days to go?” She paused and soon added. “I can’t even wait for a day.” She sighed. “Well better get some training.”

    She gazed back at the giant floats making their way down the parade. Everyone was smiling, laughing and having a great time. One child was having such a great time that he had lost his grip on his red balloon and soon floated up high into the sky. The child was crying but his mother soon comforted him and his tears soon stopped. May watched until the balloon was out of her sights. She soon shook her head.

    “I should really stop thinking about these silly things.” She placed her hands behind her back and continued to walk towards a poke center to get some rest.


    The last time she wore a ballroom dress was back in a tournament Ash and the rest of them accidently ran into. It didn’t really matter for the young pokemon trainer. He found it one great way to get some extra training. Training, that was always in his mind. They also had to dress up to match the rest of the town. Max dressed a small cute messenger boy. Brock dressed simple while Ash dressed up as the town’s local hero; Sir Aaron. The young coordinator dressed into a beautiful pink and white dress. As the boy’s said their compliments as soon she got herself into the outfit the young trainer spoke no words.

    But the way he gazed at her was enough to tell that she was beautiful. The way her long brown hair was placed and how the Beautifly ribbon was wrapped around her waist made the outfit complete. She smiled and laughed at the way his face went red as soon she noticed the way he looked at her. He quickly rushed for his hat and covered his face which caused the whole group to laugh as well. He peeked a little and saw they were still laughing at him and he sighed. Pikachu was enjoying the moment as well until he was placed into a joker outfit. Everything was starting perfect.

    After Ash won the tournament he was crown the hero for the night and was forced to watch as the others danced the night away. She watched as he sighed which told her he was bored as a fourteen year old could be. Soon they both locked eyes together and just was watching each other. Everyone was dancing around her except her. Even with the huge crowd they were able to see one other so clearly. It felt like destiny had made sure they wouldn’t dance with anyone except each other. Soon a man offered to dance with her, May bowed him goodbye as she went off to dance with her new dance partner. He sighed once more and watched happy couples dance away to the music.

    After the event was over and as the firework coloured the night sky May noticed how lonely the boy was without his trusted partner. They were both alone on a balcony and everyone headed towards their rooms. She soon walked towards him.

    “Hey, stop, begin so down.” She spoke. “I’m sure Mew is looking after Pikachu really well.”

    “I know.” He sighed. “But I can’t help but worry about Pikachu.” He placed his hands on the rails of the balcony. May soon reached out for his hand and made Ash turn towards her.

    “Let’s dance.” The sudden change of conversation confused the young trainer.

    “What for?” He asked. May laughed.

    “I noticed the way you looked at me earlier Mister.” She spoke. “I know you wanted to dance but couldn’t. So, let’s dance now.” Ash’s face flushed pink right afterwards.

    “But I can’t dance!” Ash complained. May held his hand tighter and moved her face closer to his.

    “I’ll teach you.” She whispered into his ear and she smiled. Ash gulped in fear afterwards.

    After minutes of basic instructions they soon both got the hang of basic ballroom dancing. But the fact of touching each other and having their bodies so close to one another made both feel uncomfortable. But they felt the need to keep on dancing. It felt like their hearts guided them as they danced underneath the full moon. They did simple and slow twirls and basic footsteps. The brunette soon placed her head on his shoulder and the pace of the dance soon slowed down.

    “Pikachu will be fine. Sometimes you should worry about yourself more.” She spoke softly.

    “Why? I’m fine.”

    “That’s not what I mean.” She continued to speak. “Your heart is what I’m talking about. When I’m down you come towards me and help me through my losses. But what about you? When you lose you always go away from us.” She lifted her head from his shoulder. “Next time you lose a battle, promise me you will come to me. I want to help you just the way you help me.” Ash smiled.

    “You know, you’re the first girl that I’ve met that has said that to me.” He couldn’t stop smiling. “Thank you.”

    Both continued to dance the night away with their smiles to carry them home.


    “Hm, I don’t think this is good enough.” She placed it back onto the rack filled with another dresses. She placed her head into the rack of dresses. “No, this doesn’t look good either.” She pulled her head back and sighed. “There has to be one good dress around here.” May looked over her shoulder and saw that the annual dance was about to begin in thirty minutes.

    A day had passed since her arrival to the new region. The contest hall had provided outfits for all the contestants. The providers had held a dance on the eve of the contest. It was held and described as a friendly gathering of coordinators and trainers. She had already placed a simple red bowtie around the neck of her Glaceon. The young brunette continued to ramble into a pile of dresses and sighed at them all.

    “No good.” She looked to her left and right franticly. “Glaceon?” She called. “Glaceon!” She repeated.

    Her ice type fox soon walked from a doorway with a dress in its mouth. It was a long white dressed with a pink bow wrapped around the waist. Its sleeves were dipped in rosy pink with the shoulder area white. The bottom half was pink but as it reached the top it blended into white. A pink diamond necklace was placed on Glaceon’s neck. Its trainer walked up and grabbed the dress with caution.

    “Who gave you this to you?” She asked.

    “Gla gla!”

    “Well if we ever see that person, tell me alright?” the fox nodded. May held the dress up to her eye height. “It looks so beautiful.” She embraced the dressed and spun around and letting the end of the dress lift up a little. “I have a feeling we might meet that person tonight. Don’t you think so?” Glaceon nodded. May smiled. She looked out on towards the window and noticed how bright the moon shined. Its glow gave light into the room. “I wonder if I’ll know them.”

    End of chapter two:

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    Chapter three: He’ll always be there for her

    The festival was massive for the young girl. May looked around her, twirling around at the same time. She felt like she was in another massive multi-story mall where simply glancing up towards the high ceiling was enough to take your breath away. In his case it was the paintings placed on the dome like roof. The young coordinator looked down and saw a number of trainer and coordinators entering into the room with fancy outfits with masks over their face to hide their identity. The young girl giggled as she ran to the food stand with her ice type tagging behind her.

    Her eyes began to sparkle when she saw the huge arrange of meals placed on the table. Her hands reached out for a pile of chocolate cookies while another pointed at bite size fruits cakes. May continued to stand in front of the table of food in confusion.

    “Um, where to start.” She paused and soon sighed. “I’m so hopeless with food.”

    “Try this.” Soon candy wrapped in cellophane appeared in front of their brunette’s eyes. She accepted the gift and looked over to her right and noticed the person had disappeared. May blinked in confusion.

    “How odd.” She spoke. “Was that my imagination?” The girl opened her palm and noticed the colourful candy still in her palm. “Just who was that person?”

    “It better not be another of your lovers that has followed you from Johto May.” The young girl turned around to see it was another illusion of Ash facing at him with a cheeky grin.

    “Oh god, I’ve finally lost it.” May sighed.

    “No you didn’t!” Ash turned to face her and teased her in a childish manner. “Your get really obsessed with me that you can’t stop thinking about me.” Ash continued to laugh. May placed a sweet into her mouth and sighed. Soon Ash began to fade from her sights.

    “Why does he keep coming into my mind? Why can’t he just leave me alone Glaceon?” Glaceon shrugged. May placed another piece of candy into her mouth. “Well I’ll think I get a drink before eating anything.” She opened her palm once more and saw the colour of the wrappers where gold, white and pink. She looked back to where she saw a person holding the sweets and giving it to her. “Do you think it’s just chance or is that-?” May shook her head. “Nah, nobody has heard from him for two years. Doubt it would be him.”


    The room darkened as small spotlights ranging in many colours began to circle around the room. It was now time for the annual dance on the eve of Unova’s contest event. Soft, slow and romantic music filled the huge room as trainers and coordinators began to pair up and dance to the music. May looked around her and saw she was all alone and without a dance partner. That was the case when he heard a voice from afar complaining.

    “I rather sit here than dance with some stranger.” The voice sounded like a boy. May walked closer to where the sound was coming from. “And plus I have two left feet!” the boy continued to complain. A voice of a pokemon replied but it was a voice she had never heard before. When May met up with the boy she noticed that he was all alone and had no sort of pokemon beside him. Both looked at each other in confusion. The boy was alone on a round table with chairs circling it.

    “Oh, I’m sorry.” The girl apologized. “I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.” The boy placed his elbow onto the table and glared at the girl.

    The boy was wearing a simple yet expensive looking black and white suit. He had a white rose placed in his right chest pocket and had a black mast covering his eyes.

    “Don’t tell me you want to dance with me to?” He sighed. “I can’t dance.”

    “How can you say that?” May asked. “You haven’t even tried yet!” the boy sighed once more.

    “You remind of a girl. She was just as annoying and irritating like you.” Steam blew out of her ears as her face went red in anger. The brunette rushed to the boy’s hands and dragged him onto his feet. May noticed how quickly his face went red. “What part of I-can’t-dance don’t you understand?” May giggled.

    “I’ll be the judge of that.”

    Violins began to enter and blend into the music as the piano played soft sweet notes to create a romantic musical atmosphere. The pace of the dance decreased which made May dancing with her new found dance partner easier to handle.

    “See, you can dance.” May smiled.

    “It’s because we are dancing really slow. Or maybe you’re dancing really slowly.” He replied.

    May’s ears blew steam once more. She had never dealt with a boy with such a cocky personality since Drew. Drew acted cold and snobbish towards her at first but as time went by she discovered he wasn’t as cold as he first showed to be. Perhaps the boy she was dancing with was the same.

    “You remind me of somebody I love dearly back in Johto.” May begun a new topic of discussion. Trying to forget the insult the boy had gave her earlier. “His name is Drew and he acted just like you when we first met.”

    The boy soon stopped moving his feet and held the girl’s hand tighter. May was left in confusion. The boy looked like he was staring down onto the wooden floorboard, but because everyone in the hall was wearing masks, May was really unsure. Soon the boy looked up to her again.

    “Sorry, I lost my footing back there. So you want to guide me back into the dance or should I leave you alone again?” the boy teased again.

    “You know, if I come across you at the contest tomorrow, I won’t go easy on you.” The young boy laughed at May’s comment.

    “Ha, we’ll see about that.”

    They continued to dance and the cold snobbish side of the boy showed slowly started to fade and May felt like she was getting introduced to an old friend she missed dearly or to a completely new person. They spoke when they could but it was mostly May speaking, of course the boy added a few things in but it wasn’t as long as May’s long Johto stories. May was surprised to see the boy continued to listen to her even they had just met a few hours ago. He didn’t seem to ignore or talk over her; he continued to listen to her until she stopped and asked things about him.

    “So tell me about yourself.” The brunette asked,

    “I rather not.” He spoke in an arrogant manner. “I barely know you.” May giggled.

    “Yeah but I already trust you. Isn’t that enough?”

    The boy had no answer to reply to May. He was left for words. She continued to smile at him warmly. How could she still smile at him like that? The boy was left in confusion. He looked away from her and continued to dance with her.

    The night went longer then both expected and one by one, trainers and coordinators left the room. Soon it was time for May to part from her dance partner. Both had stopped dancing with one another and decided to end their meeting with a simple drink, as the boy returned to the table they first met he discovered May already fallen asleep. He sighed.

    “And that what happens when you blabber about your life for three hours straight. You fall asleep afterwards.” He placed the drinks on the table and carried the young girl in his arms. He couldn’t help but smile and her.

    He saw Glaceon had finished eating the leftovers from underneath the table when she saw her trainer in the arms of another. She raced to her aid and growled at the boy.

    “So you’re her pokemon right?” Glaceon soon calmed down. “Can you lead me back to your room? I just met her today so I don’t know what room she’s in.” Glaceon nodded.

    Within the hours the boy had spent with May he didn’t notice how dark it had become. But because of Glaceon’s keen eye in direction returning May back to her room made everything easier for both of them. Glaceon, with one swing of her tail was able to twist the doorknob leading to May’s room. He gently placed the young brunette onto her back on her bed when her pink mask slipped off her face. When he saw her face he nearly dropped her and nearly caused her to wake up.

    In such an event he removed his mask too, even though he knew she would never see him he felt like it was the right thing to do. After years without any contact he was surprised to be reunited with her. Tears began to fall down from his eyes to the mattress.

    “You remind me of somebody very dear to me.” He whispered before leaving the little princess alone.

    He quickly placed his mask back on before leaving the room. Glaceon chased him until the end of the room; she couldn’t leave her trainer all alone. Glaceon called out to him but he kept on running.

    He couldn’t turn back, there was no reason too. This little freedom he has; he must take it all before it was gone. There was no time to return to her, even though his heart was begging for it.


    Morning rose once more and to the discovery to May on how she had ended up in her room. Glaceon was on the bed herself, sitting down and waiting for her master to awaken. The ice fox smiled when saw her trainer wake up and quickly went to embrace her. May smiled back.

    “How long have you been waiting for me?” She asked as she sat up while embracing Glaceon.

    “Gla gla!” the ice type replied. It seemed it didn’t mind the wait, just as long May would wake up. Glaceon soon broke her embrace with her trainer and grabbed an object it seemed to be hiding from her. When the fox turned back around to face her she noticed a white rose in her mouth. May opened her palm as Glaceon placed the rose into her hands.

    “This is from that boy from last night.” She soon was reminded of the boy. “Wait, where did he go?”

    “Gla gla!” Glaceon repeated. “Glaceon!”

    “He…left?” May shook her head. “No…there must be more to it!”

    “Gla.” Glaceon spoke. “gla…ceon.”

    “Oh…I must have fallen asleep and he must have brought me here.” May picked herself off the bed and began to fix herself in front of the mirror “I must say my thanks to them.” Glaceon opened its mouth and released an ice beam attack and purposing missing her trainer to gain her attention. “Glaceon?” Glaceon glared at her trainer.

    “Gla.” It spoke. It felt like the fox was speaking the words don’t go back to him. “Gla!” She roared. It will only bring back pain. May softly smiled.

    “Don’t worry about me.” The girl spoke to her pokemon as she knelt down to her height. “I’ll be fine.” May began to rub Glaceon behind her ears causing Glaceon to relax. “Please, I’ve been through worse.” She placed her forehead against her Pokémon’s. Glaceon began to worry once more but hid her concern when her trainer looked at her once more. “Now let’s get ready for that contest. We have a contest to win!” Both girls smiled.

    Glaceon jumped off her owner’s bed before rushing to the door before noticing her owner glancing at the open window. She had her hands placed over her heart while looking deep into the sky.

    “Do you think his watching over the same sky?” May turned around to her pokemon after returning to reality. “Oh yeah, the contest. We better hurry or else we’ll be late.”

    Both soon rushed out of their room in hopes of winning the contest, but in the girl’s heart she was also hoping of winning his heart more.


    He reached his hand out towards the sky and tried to grab each could that passed him and Pikachu by. He was back in his spot where he felt free. Pikachu was sitting by his trainer’s side watching everything that passed them by.

    “Why do I keep coming back here?” Ash asked his only companion. “It doesn’t change anything.” He looked at Pikachu and noticed his sad reaction. “Sorry about all the commotion back there. It isn’t me, I know.” He looked back at the sky. “Do you think I’ll see her again?” Pikachu’s ear quickly rose in his confusion.

    “Cha?” Ash laughed.

    “Such a silly thing to ask isn’t it? The trainer picked himself off the grass and brushed himself. “Let’s head off now. They’re waiting.” Pikachu jumped onto his trainer’s shoulder. “I’m not sure why I’m even looking forward to it.” The young eighteen year old sighed. “Oh come-on, it’ll be great!” Pikachu gave his trainer an unconvinced look. “Oh, who I’m I kidding?”

    Soon Ash’s attention was caught by a giant dome with many trainers and coordinators entering into the building. The boy smiled and ran towards the building. The little mouse nearly fell off his trainers shoulder in his trainers sudden burst of excitement. But Pikachu smiled at his trainer’s choice.

    It was time to see her again.

    End of chapter three:

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    Chapter four: Loving her without the price tag

    It had been many hours in the contest hall. Many trainers and coordinators battled one another to reach the the final round and discover what the surprise was. Some began to drool over the idea that it could be money, others screamed in excitement thinking it could be a rare pokemon from another region. As for May, she was glad to make it to the final round. She had defeated all the coordinators that had into the competition and she was the only one remaining. As the contest field was getting cleaned up and getting ready for the final round with a twist, May sat on a couch holding her ribbon that she considered her lucky charm.

    She held it near her chest before letting her glance it again in her hands. Glaceon sat beside her and also looked at the ribbon. May looked to her ice fox and patted her head and smiled.

    “It’s been awhile since I’ve been this nervous.” Glaceon nodded. “In the grand festival, I felt so confident. I think I might be losing it.” May placed her ribbon back into her fanny pack. Glaceon growled at her. “What, are you saying that I’m not?” the ice type nodded. “I don’t know Glaceon.” She paused before adding. “Maybe…your right.” May smiled. Glaceon placed a paw on her chest and was acting proud. “I’m always right.” May laughed.

    Soon the cheer of the crowd erupted as the announcer began to call her name onto the stage. It felt like the stage was calling for her after a long absence. It felt like a warm-coming. And May smiled as she ran onto the stage as light poured into her eyes. A new scene was painted into her eyes. Millions of fans screaming her name with their hands high up into the sky. May smiled and waved back to them all as the announcer introduced the surprise.

    “Now, May has beaten all the contestants that have entered in our contest but she won’t be able to get the ribbon that easily.”May blinked in confusion after hearing those words. “She must defeat another opponent that currently holds the ribbon.” And soon an opponent dressed in a suit with a mask came onto the stage. May nearly fell off her own two feet when she saw who it was.

    “He is the man that took me home safely after the ball. I have to thank him.” May thought to herself. “But first I have a contest to win.”

    “So shall we start?” He asked. “I’m eager to see what you have in store.”

    “My pleasure.” May pointed to her opponent. “Glaceon, spotlight!” Glaceon growled and entered into the battle field by doing a front summersault showing the fox was not joking around.

    “Pikachu.” The man spoke as his yellow companion appeared from behind him. “Let’s do this!”

    “Five minutes on the clock, now make it count!” Horns blew as the countdown began.


    Not even a minute in the battle and Glaceon was being thrown around the field like a rag doll. May looked up at the clock and noticed there was just three minutes and a half left for her to change the situation. The male trainer covered by a mask called out attack after attack. Agility at first and then a combination of Electro ball afterwards. The faster the little yellow mouse became the more damage Glaceon took from Electro ball.

    “Finish it off with Iron tail!” the man commanded.

    “Hail!” May screamed. Glaceon got onto her feet and yelled to the skies as ice began to fall from the sky. Iron tail was a complete miss as Glaceon evasion was high and now was hardly visible to the naked eye. “Now at least I can think of a plan for awhile before this match is over.” May looks up to her points and saw she was just slightly ahead of her opponent.

    “Thunderbolt!” Soon Glaceon’s scream return May to the battlefield and saw Glaceon on her back and slowly returning to her feet. “If you think you can hide from me with Hail your wrong. As long there is light I can find your little ice type without any worries.”

    “…no.” May gulped. “…I can’t lose like this. No!”


    Many people were in the crowd with many different reactions as they watched May’s battle. Some were confused, bored, shocked, excited and many more. But there was one person in particular that had the boldest of them more. He stood up from his seat and called out her name. Everyone looked at him but he didn’t care. He couldn’t keep on watching her like this. He couldn’t bare her to suffer any longer.

    “May!” He screamed. “Don’t give up, you’re stronger than this!”

    And soon after he vanished.


    “Don’t give up, you’re stronger than this!”

    “That voice.” May looked to the crowd and saw it was nothing but air. The girl sighed. “Another illusion?” May shook her head. “No, I know that was real! Ash is here! I can feel it!” May looked at her battle situation with determination. “I’m not going to let him down. I don’t want him to see me like this!” “Hail once more!” May added.

    Glaceon question her trainer’s command at first but followed the order anyway. The male trainer laughed as May repeated the same action like before.

    “You’re making this too easy May.” He spoke. “Thunderbolt let’s go!”

    “Dodge it!” the brunette called out. Glaceon soon dodge the attack with ease. “Now blend into the background.” The audience was confused with May’s call. Just what was this little girl planning up to?

    The little yellow mouse looked around its surroundings looking for the blue ice fox but she was nowhere to be seen. May smiled at the yellow mouse confusion.

    “Double team and then follow it up with Ice shard!”

    The ice type revealed her position and used a move to copy itself to encircle the little electric type. Glaceon soon opened her mouth and released multiple sharp shards of ice at the mouse and her illusions soon followed. With the addition of hail to increase the power of ice type moves the little mouse didn’t stand a chance to evade of endure the attack for long and after a few seconds the attack the mouse fainted. The hailstorm soon subsided afterwards and soon May was announced the winner. Glaceon ran to her owner’s arms and went for an embrace as the man went to hold his pokemon in his arms.

    “Well done.” He spoke as he removed his mask.

    The boy had black hair and brown eyes. May thought it was the man she was after but was badly mistaken. She felt her heart sink after the disappointment. “I swear, after that night at the ball it was him. I felt a connection. I knew it was him. I wish I just have asked instead of leaving me in such confusion.” Soon May looked up to her opponent who was calling her name.

    “I now understand why you won the Johto Grand Festival.” May looked disappointed after discovering her opponent’s identity. May stood up and smiled.

    “Thank you, you made me worry back there. You’re a great coordinator.” May removed her mask. “And thank you for the other night, I mean helping me back to me room.” The boy sweat dropped.

    “I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re saying. I just arrived here a few days ago and I didn’t attend the ball your see.” May blink in confusion. “Anyway go back inside; your ribbon is waiting for you.”

    “Um alright.” May nodded.

    The male trainer watched as May waved to the crowd and ran back inside of the building to receive her prize. The boy looked at his Pikachu and softly patted its red cheeks. He looked back to the entrance where he watched May run from his sights.

    “I better hope he knows what his doing.”


    “Congratulations May!” Nurse Joy greeted as the brunette went to the nurse to heal her pokemon. “That was a tough battle.” the woman smiled but was soon wiped away when she noticed the girl’s sad expression. “Are you alright, are you sick?” May look up to the nurse. May waved her hands in a panic motion.

    “Sorry.” May scratched her head. “I’ve been thinking about something. You see, the person I versed today I thought he was an old friend of mine.”

    “Well I’m sure there is a reason to that. Anyway I will heal your pokemon now and you better go get your ribbon.” May clasped her hands over her mouth after nearly forgetting her prize.

    “I nearly forgot!” May panicked her way back to the contest hall. Nurse joy waved the girl goodbye before placing her finger under her chin.

    “I hope she remember to bring an umbrella with her.”

    Before May could go back to return for her umbrella she was already racing for cover outside the contest hall. She roughly untied her green bandana and twisted it to release all the water it had collected. May continued to mutter in a annoyed manner as she dried up her bandana and soon used it as a towel to dry herself off.

    “First I forget to get my ribbon, now an umbrella.” May sighed as she placed her bandana into her green fanny pack. She soon gazed up to the sky. “I wonder if his looking at the same sky like I’m doing right now.” May looked to her right and soon saw a man in black hood with the same mask her opponent wore. May fell onto her back and into a puddle of water after the boy’s sudden appearance. “Who the hell are you?” May yelled. “Can’t you just see I just dried myself off?”

    The boy didn’t reply and offered his hand to help her up. She sighed and soon accepted his help as she dusted herself off. May looked back at the boy and glared at him. She placed her hands on her waist and waited for his answer.

    “Well?” the boy began to snicker at May’s expression which didn’t help the situation. May soon went closer to the boy and pulled off his mask and was frozen in place. The boy smiled at her.

    “Hey.” He spoke. He soon pulled out a red box from his coat. “You forgot this May, so I went after you to give it to you.” But the young girl couldn’t find words to reply to him. She covered her mouth with her hands as tears ran down her cheeks. She even began to shake her head, refusing to accept what was happening to her.

    “No…” she spoke, still with her hands covering her lips. “It can’t be.” She dropped her hands to the side of her waist. She looked into his eyes and noticed the auburn colour in his iris and knew it was him. Without any hesitation she raced into his arms. “Ash!” She began to softly punch him on his shoulders while still lying in his arms. “How could you…”

    The boy found no words to reply to May. After two years he never expected to see her like this. Crying in his arms because of him. Again the thought of everything that he loved was getting hurt because of him haunted his mind. He held May’s arms and looked into her eyes. The brunette noticed he was crying as well.

    “I’m so sorry.” Ash spoke. “I didn’t want to see you like this but I was desperate to see you again. Two years without you…was too much to bare.” He went to embrace the girl. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Ash broke the embrace and handed May the red box he had showed her earlier. “Here, your ribbon. It was formally mine but it’s yours now.” May accepted her ribbon.

    The brunette played with the ribbon in the boxed with her fingers. First she played with the ribbon wrapped around the box before looking at the plain red colour of the box. She refused to look at him after their shocking reunion. She looked up to him with her slightly bloodshot eyes and dropped her ribbon down onto the ground and rushed to his lips.

    She tossed her arms over his shoulders and pressed on his lips for as long she could before backing away from him. She soon looked at him with glaring stare.

    “How long do you intent to keep on running for?” She screamed. “Because of that I’ve fallen for another and now I’m hurting in the inside because I didn’t wait for you long enough!” she turned her back and began to escape from him until she felt Ash grab her by her wrist.

    “I…I just came back to see you. I want to see you smile but instead I’m hurting you inside. Maybe…I should of just…let you be with Drew.” He released his grip on her. “Now ask me, how long are you going to keep on running from your feelings?” May turn to face him. “I can tell something is bothering you. You wouldn’t just leave a contest without your ribbon.”

    “It’s you Ash!” May screamed. “My problem is that I’m in love with you and it’s that love I have for you that is holding me back from living my life!”

    “And it’s my love for you that makes me live in a world I refuse to live in.” Ash picked up the box May dropped.

    “Your…in love with me?” May asked. Ash reached for May’s hands and placed the box into her palms. Ash’s face went bright pink when the brunette asked him such a thing. He closed his eyes and softly pecked her on the cheek before backing away from her. He smiled at her softly.

    “Loving you isn’t hard May. It just how can you fall in love with somebody like me is the question.”

    The rain began to pour down heavy that the rest of the town’s scenery began to hide behind the rain as fog began to form. He knew he was with her for too long, he had to go. Even if their conversation was still left empty with no questions answered. He raced into the rain leaving May behind in more confusion. He could hear her calling his name but his feet was placed solid onto the ground when he heard her call words to him he never thought were possible.

    “I love you Ash Ketchum!” She screamed. “Please don’t run away from me again!”

    He glanced over his shoulder and looked at her in a sad manner. He wanted to be with her, share her joy and happiness and be there where she needed him the most. He had no idea what would happened after tonight but he needed to keep on running because her love in the end will kill him.

    He kept on running without looking back. The rain’s heavy downcast made it hard to see where he was or if he was on a footpath or the road. But Ash soon discovered where he was when something bright and heavy collided into him.

    End of chapter four:
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    Wow! This is a great as story, im really loving it, especially the mystery in the last chapter
    Really looking forward to the next one keep it up!
    Let's have the Hoenn Region remakes
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