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Thread: is cradily good????????

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    Default is cradily good????????

    i am new to this forum and to the competitive world of pokemon (platinum version) i hope to revive and Ev train a lileep to get a great cradily, but from other forums people say that just one steel type and cradilys down and all that bad stuff. Well anyways if Cradily is "that bad"
    plz give me another annying staller i can always breed another umbreon.
    Here is what i plan to do if cradily is a good pokemon

    Nature: which ever one helps defense
    item i think it is the smooth rock or what ever rock makes andstorms longer because of the sp defense boost
    The moves are unknow so suggestion would be appreciated thnk you for the people who find this post and reply

    oh and wat is a good Ev spread i was thinking 252sp def 252? 4 hp (maybe)

    Floraedit: don't worry I PMed the OP with some 4th gen Cradily help.
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    Well. Im not sure what gibberish your trying to make into a logical paragraph here.

    Regardless. Cradily is awesome. I love running mine in rain, with the ability storm drain and a surf spammer. It also works well in sandstorm with the likes of camerupt.

    I run Evs on sp.def and hp. Moveset is recover | stockpile | energy ball | Mirrorcoat/ancientpower (depending on what you want it to do)

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    Use to be awesome but with all the new introductions in generation 5, it's almost useless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ParaChomp View Post
    Use to be awesome but with all the new introductions in generation 5, it's almost useless.
    This is older gen discussion...
    I don't play 4th Gen or 5th Gen.

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    Cradily is a good Pokemon that is highly underrated in my opinion. Its access to Recover makes it so much better. My favorite setup is:

    Nature: Careful
    Item: Leftovers
    ~ Curse
    ~ Rock Slide
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Recover
    EV Spread:
    252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD

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    I like Cradily better in 5th Gen UU sand as an answer to random Water attacks with Storm Drain, but it has a niche in 4th Gen. Its special defense skyrockets to an impressive 516 with maximum investment in the Sandstorm, and it actually has reliable recovery with Recover. Its Grass typing also gives it a way to tackle bulky Waters that often threaten Sand teams. Heck, Specs Vaporeon cannot even 2HKO with Ice Beam in Sandstorm. With Suction Cups, it cannot Roar it out either.

    Maybe not the most optimal choice, but not too bad.

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    It got better in the 5th generation when it got Storm Drain through the DW, which now gives it both an Immunity to Water and a Special Attack boost. Lots more useful now IMO.

    Since you're new I'd focus on the 5th generation. With time there's only going to be less and less 4th gen competitive battlers.

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    Cradily is my favorite Pokemon.
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