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Thread: Please Rate My team

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    Smile Please Rate My team

    Hey im new to the forums so i hope this works :P anyway ill list my team below

    Hydreigon@choice Scarf? - special sweeper
    Modest Nature
    Evs:252 SpAttk - 252 Spd - 4 Hp
    -Dark Pulse
    -? (i kinda want a dragon type move suggestions?

    This pokemon was my first choice for my special sweeper bred and perfected with dark pulse for STAB surf to kill them fire types flamethrower for them pesky Grass/Steel types especially ferrothorn and thinking about dragon tail so if it comes up against a bad choice bam use dragon tail and get a new opponent

    Tyranitar@Leftovers - Physical Sweeper
    Adamant Nature
    Evs:252 Attk - 252 Spd - 4Hp
    -Stone Edge
    My good old tyranitar have used him in recent games as my physical sweeper with most of the same moves, earthquake gives it great power for electric and other types, Stone Edge for Awesome Amount Of STAB power, avalanche for wider range, and crunch for more STAB power

    Blissey@leftovers - Special wall
    Evs:252Hp - 252 SpDef - 4 Def
    -Stealth Rock

    Blissey is my special wall made to defend my team against special sweepers it goes out there straight away using toxic to poison the current pokemon then on the next turn use stealth rock so when it gets switched out there team gets hurt softboiled when it gets hurt down to a point when i use it and substitute i use that and wait

    so thats my current team any ideas or suggestions for what pokemon to add to my team

    P.S sorry for such big pictures

    Thanks -Extinctia-[/CENTER]

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    Oh my god, the images burn my eyes. Locked under these terms.

    1. Finish your team before posting it.

    Once you are done, please PM the updated team. Then I will re-open it for you. Even if the team isn't very good, fellow team raters can help make it good. This is rate my team, not build my team.

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