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Thread: A Girl and Her Candy (Oneshot)

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    Default A Girl and Her Candy (Oneshot)

    Here is a small oneshot featuring some of the characters from Operation GEAR for Halloween. This isn’t serious, just some humorous stuff to entertain until The Victory Star of Fate is ready.


    “Those mini chocolate bars! A whole fistful of them!” the girl beamed, peering down into her candy-filled pumpkin pail. “That house was the best one yet!”

    It was rather brisk that Halloween night. Dressed in a white one-piece skirt dotted with blue circles around the bottom, the girl was trick-or-treating with her adoptive older sister. The older of the two was less interested in collecting candy than she was using the holiday as an excuse to go around in her revealing costume, a skintight, white outfit covered in black-and-yellow stripes. It left her shoulders bare while her legs were covered only by black nylon stockings.

    “How about we hit up one more house before heading back, Olivia?”

    “Sure thing, Nekou!” Olivia replied to her sister figure. “I mean, I do already have my share…”

    The sight of Olivia’s overflowing candy-collection bucket wasn’t enough to deter Nekou’s nature, however. “But if we hit one more house, you’ll have even more on top of all that.”

    “That makes sense! Anyway, how about that house, then?”

    Olivia had set her sights on an aged Victorian home that stood alone on the corner of the block across the street. Vines climbed its cracked brown walls, and its yard was in a state of general disarray that communicated a lack of concern for the property’s appearance.

    Of course, this did not discourage Olivia at all, nor did it discourage Nekou, who was excited by the sight of such a house. Despite the building’s unkempt exterior, it held a certain strange charm that appealed to her.

    “Great choice for a target, Olivia! Let’s hit it up, what are we waiting for?”

    Side by side, Olivia and Nekou rushed across the street and up to the pathway onto the property. The walkway’s stones were cracked and broken in places, making it a bit dangerous to cross, so Olivia and Nekou were careful in traversing it. At the end of the path they walked up the steps onto the house’s porch, their feet causing the wood beneath to creak loudly with every step.

    Now in front of the heavy oak door closing the interior of the house off from the outside world, both sisters took deep breaths.

    “This one feels like a winner,” Nekou said without turning her head.

    “I feel it too,” Olivia agreed. She then raised her hand to the button next to the door and pressed down on the device.

    A deep chime could be heard from beyond the door. It was loud enough to echo out onto the porch, making the flower pot on a nearly railing rattle slightly.

    Moments later, the portal opened, revealing a gray-haired, sweater-wearing man of at least fifty years. Despite his age he still had a fire in his eyes, noticeable as he looked over the two guests at his doorstep.

    “And what is it I can do for you?” he sarcastically asked, knowing well why he’d been disturbed.

    Olivia failed to pick up on this, however. “Trick or treat!” she exclaimed happily, thrusting out her pail.

    “You two ain’t from town, are you? I never participate in this so-called holiday of yours. Go back home where common street trash like the two of you belong!”

    With that, the man slammed his door in their faces.

    Feeling horribly dejected, Olivia stumbled off the porch and lurched several steps back along the trail. She only stopped when Nekou, wearing a look of sheer determination, grabbed her shoulder.

    “Remember what I told you when I first met? A girl’s gotta protect her candy, and whatever candy that guy’s got in there is rightfully ours. Because we rang his doorbell. That’s how the rules of Halloween work.”

    “What do you suggest we do then?”

    “Get over here!” Nekou abruptly pulled Olivia into the bushes surrounding the house. Though the twigs sticking out of the plants poked them uncomfortably, their minds weren’t on that at the time. “I’ve got just the thing for this little problem.”

    When Nekou took out one of her Poké Balls, Olivia knew exactly what she was intending to do. Her face brightened considerably. “Wonderful idea! Marie will show that guy what we’re made of!”

    “**** yeah she will. Marie, come out here!” Popping the ball open, Nekou released Marie, her Sneasel. Marie stretched out her small, lithe black body and licked her claws. “Marie, listen. This rotten bastard who lives in this house refuses to give us candy on Halloween. You know how I am with candy and Halloween, so can you sneak on in there and get what’s rightfully ours?”

    “Snea!” Marie piped up in agreement.

    While Nekou and Olivia waited in the bush, Marie ran around the perimeter of the house as tightly as possible. In the back, she spotted an open window on the second floor. Seeing this as the jackpot, she put her sharp claws to good use by scaling the vine-covered latticework that conveniently just happened to stop right near the window.

    When she peered into the window, Marie saw what appeared to be a study. The room was lined with bookcases, and a rocking chair sat near an unlit fireplace. She climbed into the window, but almost immediately, the sound of footsteps shocked her. Because of her nature, she ascended one of the bookcases and hid in a corner of the room.

    It was the man. The one who had been rude to Marie’s trainer and their friend. Even though she’d never seen him, she knew who he was and silently noted the hiss she wanted to give him. She remained silent, however, and the man promptly went about his business searching for a particular book on his shelf.

    Luckily for Marie, he left the door open. She nudged over to it and swung carefully through the passage, ending up in the hallway without a sound. Knowing what to do next, she sniffed the air. Nekou had always kept her well-fed – that is, on candy and junk food much like her own personal diet – so Marie knew exactly how to sense such things.

    The first room on the first floor. That was where her target was. The room closest to where Nekou and Olivia had gotten all along.

    Following the smell, Marie quickly found herself at the staircase, which had an ornate banister of fine foreign wood going all the way down. Spotting the banister made Marie remember another lesson Nekou taught her.

    “If the mission’s easily done and you have the opportunity, cause trouble.”

    Instead of just running down the stairs, Marie chose to slide down the banister. She positioned one of her claws behind her, so as she slid, the wood was torn up all the way down. At the bottom she slashed down the knob ending the rail, which hit the floor with a thud.

    “What was that?” called the man from his study.

    Now she was on the clock. The man was coming and Marie knew it. She could see the bowl of sugar drop candies sitting in the open on a table, though, and she raced for it.

    Every footstep she heard from the second floor made Marie rush even more. She collected the bowl safely, but it was difficult to hold in her claws, therefore hobbling her movement. Panic started to overtake her as she realized she would be caught, but then an idea came to her. She could destroy something else.

    That something else was the large light fixture over the room. Marie aimed an Ice Beam at it, and the frigid ray of energy caused the component to crash down to the floor, blacking out the entire room.

    At that point it was checkmate. Marie could hear the man’s cursing, but she was the one with eyes finely tuned to seeing in the dark. With the bowl of candy in tow she scampered into the kitchen, where she found another open window. She was careful to stay on the rug at the entrance to the kitchen at first so as to not stain the white flooring and leave evidence. From there she jumped to the wood-topped cabinet counter, and from there, escape through the open window was easy.

    The man finally made it down the stairs with a flashlight and saw the destruction. “What wretched ghost has visited my home?!” he cried out. “Is this punishment for not giving those tramps what they wanted?”

    Little did he know that at that very moment, two very satisfied young women and their Sneasel friend were walking off down the street, sharing the sugar drops that once were his. Olivia, Nekou and even Marie – they all laughed about what they’d just done, but about a block from the house, Olivia stopped walking.

    “Matt’s not going to be happy when he finds out about this.”

    Nekou could only reply with a wry smirk. “Who said he ever had to find out?"

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    Hehe, this is a cute one shot. Yay for Marie stealing the candy! I knew Nekou would use her to do that. :P And yep, the girls better finish the candy before Matt finds out, lol. Great work!
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    I really enjoyed reading this. The way you write Nekou and Olivia is flawless in this story, and I love how it really conveys the mood and feeling of Halloween and warm memories of trick or treating. Nekou's insistence that everyone follow the rules of Halloween was particularly adorable and awesome.

    The way the man's house was almost like a haunted house was really cute and a nice touch, as well as the old man being creepy and grouchy.

    Marie was very entertaining, in particular the way she managed to sneak in to the old man's house and take the candy for Nekou and Olivia. She's an interesting, clever Sneasel and I think you got that across very well.

    This was a great story and a good way to fill in the holes until Victory Star starts.

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