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    My other fic hasn't been having much success Oh well. Enjoy!
    Prologue: Reality Check
    Rating: PG-13
    Ships: PokeShipping, ContestShipping, IkariShipping, and OldRivalShipping

    Misty's POV

    I let out a puff of air. Being on a helicopter at 4 A.M. Saturday morning is not exactly my cup of tea, but who would complain? The Snivy's have finally been invited to go on a reality show. The Snivy's is my band and I play the drums. I shifted my weight. The little egg on my lap was making my leg fall asleep. Pausing the movie I was watching, I looked around at my band mates. Brown hair hit my face on my left. I turned and saw May's eyes sparkling as she read the latest issue of Drew Hayden's Thoughts on the World. I groaned mentally. If I could, I would have pounded her with my mallet! But I couldn't because she's our lead singer and guitarist. Every time a new movie came out with Hayden in it, she would drag me and the others to see the premiere. It's so annoying! This is probably gonna be a sweet cake compared to when we actually see him on the show. I heard he was coming, and I doubt that May could resist the urge to go all fangirly.

    The only person I wanted to see was Ash Ketchum. He is the world's second most renowned Pokémon Master. He has beaten the champions of Indigo, Johto, Hoenn, Kanto, and Unova. He tried beating Cynthia of Sinnoh many times. Clue word: tried. That doesn't really matter to me. Cynthia is currently the most renowned Pokémon Master, so she is probably impossible to beat. I just want some advice in training my Pokémon.

    Suddenly, ruffling sounds were heard on the other side of me. I turned abruptly and saw Dawn, the bass player, brushing her hair with Piplup spewing bubbles onto her head. That could only mean one thing. I panicked as my view focused on the cameras pointed at us from three rows back. No wonder we didn't notice them! I guess the reality show had already started. They weren't focused on me, Dawn, or May though. I followed the camera's position and noticed Leaf, the keyboarder, drooling and snoring with Ditty the Ditto curled up on top of her head. I sweatdropped and quickly jabbed her side. She swatted me away. Poke, swat, poke, swat.

    "I'm sorry, Leaf." I raised my hand. SLAP!

    Leaf jolted awake and Ditty fell off onto the floor with a thud. "What was that for? You ruined my perfect dream!" Then she saw the camera pointed at her face and scrabbled to compose herself all the while glaring at me menacingly.

    She opened her mouth, but I quickly whispered, "Shush. You're gonna wake up Toge-"

    "GUYS! We're here!" called a voice from the front. Well so much for that. Togepi was already stirring on my lap.

    Normal POV

    Solidad was at the front of the luxury plane sitting comfortably with her right hand wrapped around a coffee cup. Sighing, she looked out the window and saw the fans already crowding the airport. She looked to her left and saw her two assistants, a black-haired girl named Kathy and a magenta-haired beauty called Sakura, sleeping soundly.

    Solidad opened her mouth. "GUYS! We're here!" She watched satisfactorily as the two teenagers almost fell of their chairs. "Come on guys, we don't want to be late, would we?"

    "Of course not, ma'am!" Sakura and Kathy shouted in unison. Solidad left to get her bags from the top and the two teens took piles after piles of autographed pictures. Misty suddenly appeared with her light blue suitcase and her drowsy Togepi. She was quickly followed by two Leafs. The second was carrying a green suitcase.

    "DITTY, STOP IMPERSONATING ME!" the second Leaf shouted two the first Leaf. Light flashed from the first Leaf. It dimmed and revealed Ditty chuckling. Leaf sighed while Misty chuckled at her expense.

    Solidad reappeared with Slowbro using Psychic to carry her four suitcases. "Wow you guys are ready already? Well, let's go!" Everyone sweatdropped at the sight while Misty facepalmed. Solidad motioned for Kathy and Sakura to go first and the two gulped before descending. Solidad followed.

    "Ugh, why aren't May and Dawn ready yet? I'll go check on them." Misty walked to the back screaming all the way for May and Dawn to hurry up. Leaf whispered something to Ditty and Ditty nodded. White light surrounded the purple blob as it took the form of Misty.

    "Okay, I'm back with May and D-" Misty stared before shouting. "LEAF, YOU'RE GOING TO PAY!" Leaf just laughed.

    "What's so fun-" May stopped and looked at the fake Misty. Suddenly, she burst out laughing.

    "Hey! It's not funny!" Misty stomped her feet looking even angrier than before.

    "Yeah…it…is!" Dawn said between laughs. Now, even Piplup was laughing. What made it even worse was that Togepi started getting confused about who was the real Misty.

    "OKAY ALL OF YOU SHUT UP BEFORE I GET OUT MY MALLET!" Misty head got big and she had fangs. That made everyone flinch and Ditty turn back into the shapeless blob.

    "Ooh, Misty has a mallet. What other secrets does The Snivy's have to reveal on this reality show?" A voice came out of nowhere.

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