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There's more to a plot than how many pokemon show up yet that's all you ever talk about.
Except when we haven't seen a Pokemon that hasn't done anything for over 20 episodes, not even a measly cameo shot, unlike say Tranquill in the Scrafty episode.

Look I'm sure if the writers actually put effort into Ash's Pokemon, let's include Iris's and Cilan's Pokemon. I'm sure CoTD only episodes are perfectly fine. When they continue to deprive said Pokemon for other "more important" Pokemon or fill up episodes with crap that some people might not enjoy (Pokemon included or not), CoTD only episodes are really irritating.

It's like in order for the writers to focus on the non important Pokemon it can only be in a non-filler episode, and yet whenever it is a filler episode, instead of creating episodes similar to the episode Oshawott mastered Aqua Jet (excluding all the non-filler stuff) they decide to just decide to an episode just for the hell of it without any real consequence.

I'm sure this episode has its fans, and I'm sure some people like it but it doesn't have any value which would make people want to re-watch it again?

There's no way I would be like "Oh yes it's been years since I saw that Sawsbuck episode with that one photographer, I want to see it again." This episode is like candy, sure it might be interesting the first time, but afterwards its just a candy wrapper.

However if we were to inject a scene where Ash's Swadloon got to kick some rear end, or maybe Tranquill, <insert any other shafted Pokemon here> and I would rewatch this episode in a heartbeat just to see the scene where said Pokemon gets to have some awesome focus.

Just like Snivy and the Scraggy and Gothita episode, I might watch it for the Scraggy focus, but since Snivy was being a badass, I think I'd like to rewatch it just to see her kick Gothita's rear end.

This episode, just doesn't have that re-watch value that other episodes have. It isn't action enough, it isn't heartwarming enough, and it doesn't have very much comic relief in it, so why rewatch this episode.

This episode felt more like showcasing the Sawsbuck's forms just so they don't have to worry about the forms later on and showing that time is passing. Shame they couldn't throw the Deerling forms in there as well at least then it would've been more worth it.