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Thread: The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck (715)

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    Default The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck!

    This was a decent BW episode in my opinion. it was more of an adventure-themed episode than a comedic episode, which is a nice change.

    Robert was a good COTD, he reminded me of Pokémon photographer Todd Snap from the Kanto saga. I liked how this episode was focused on the mystery of the four seasons of Sawsbuck. I also liked how Only Ash and Robert got to see the four seasons of Sawsbuck together at the same time, but Iris and Cilan didn't. It's odd that Ash and Robert spent a whole night after seperating from Iris and Cilan.....but in reality they got seperated from Iris and Cilan for only Ten miniutes. I guess somehow the time slowed down for Ash and Robert when they entered the fog.
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    When Ash was all "Pokemon photographer?" I thought he was going to say "I met this Pokemon photographer once back in the Kanto region!", what with him briefly pausing for a second.

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    An episode of Pokemon where we see none of the group's Pokemon? Seems a little unusual, but it was an alright episode nonetheless.

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