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Thread: AgencyShipping~ (Black x White)

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    Black and White so far is my favorite manga series, this pairing is just awesome, too bad they haven't released much in a while.

    what is your favorite hint in the series?

    What makes agencyshipping so plausible

    hope you all enjoy the questions
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    Ahaha agreed!xD It's a great series, I really need to catch up eh?

    What is your favourite hint in the series?:
    Hmmm, sort of hard to remember to be honest.xD As I said, I need a lot of catching up to do! I guess one of my favs would be when Black gave White his Pokemon? That was so adorable and was obvious that he trusts her. Way to cute!~

    What makes agencyshipping so plausible?:
    Meh, I usually don't like answering questions like these cause I always feel like I'm bashing on other ships.xD LOL. But, I guess I could answer WHY I like it.
    Hmmm, well, from the little bits that I remember, I liked it a lot because of how much they trusted each other mainly? I thought that was really cute!!
    It's just like, gfrdhejrgfrhdjeskwghfjurdek they're sooooooooooooo perfect for one another it's just fbhdeswjfrgbhdjeswk I can't describe it!!xD


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    Check Luo-Quin in deviantart, she draws agencyshipping comics.
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    Gonna have to go ahead and close this since it was bumped after over a month of inactivity.

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