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    Default Forbidden Empires!

    Tale of 3 empires

    Long ago, there were 3 great empires that were such amazing battlers and negotiators (through force most likely) that they eventually took all the other cities and countries by storm and ruled the Earth. The 3 Empires were unaware of each others existence until they decided to expand past their land and into the others territory, and so they began to go to war…

    They fought and fought, but their skill were all so evenly matched that the war never seemed to end and the fighting never ceased. This continued for 100 years, until the legendary Pokemon, Darkrai, was tired of all the conflict, came in and destroyed all three empires and sent them into the void. And they remained there for what was to be forever…

    Until now...
    The 3 forbidden empires were trying to find a way out of the void when they noticed Darkrai going around the void. They got Darkrai’s attention and begged and pleaded for him to let them go, and eventually, he agreed. But he agreed on the terms that the 3 empires never fight a never ending war again and that he will be watching over the empires just too make sure. So the Warrior, Inferno, and Mythical Empires were released back into the real world and continued their dominance...

    Welcome to the Forbidden Empires!

    Here, you can choose between the 3 empires to decide which one you like the best, each one has a specialty type and though you don’t have to use that type, you are encouraged to as their might be challenges regarding that type.


    1. Follow standard SPPf forum rules: What applies everywhere else also applies here.

    2. Respect you leaders: If something isn’t what you wanted (poll outcome for example) don’t troll or yell at the leader about it.

    3. Keep all spamming/trolling off the clan thread: I’m aware of this being a rule already; it’s just not very commonly enforced so I’m repeating it here.

    4. To join this clan, you must put the phrase “Forbidden Empires forever!” in your sign up post.

    5. Keep all posts on the thread Pokemon-related and keep conversations between members in the chat.

    6. Breaking these rules continuously WILL get you punishment.

    7. Have Fun!

    Did you read the rules carefully? There is a secret phrase you must enter to get in!

    Sign-up Form
        Spoiler:- Form:


    Battles in the Empires are quite common and though they will never have a never ending battle again, they have small fights within each empire.

    -Won, 6-0 --- 50 points
    -Won, 4-0/5-0 --- 40 points
    -Won, 2-0/3-0 --- 30 points
    -Won, 1-0 --- 20 points
    -Draw --- 10 points
    - Lost --- 5 points


    HTML Code:
    [B]Opponents Serebii Name:[/B]

    The Empires Article!

    Our news and Announcements!

        Spoiler:- News and Announcements:

    As with most empires, there are specific jobs to be done that keep the empires running.

    Clan Jobs:

    Clan Artists:

    Clan EV Trainers:
    None Yet,

    Clan Breeders: Yet

    Do you feel like you need to learn about team building? Do you keep losing battle you might have otherwise won? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may very well be interested in a tutor! Our tutors will teach you about the basic components of a team, and help you build your own!

    Clan Tutors:
    Dark-Tyranitar, Garch0mp0utrage, Ultimatevictini

    The Clan Shop!

    When a common enemy does rise to face the empires, you can count on our war team to help defeat the enemy!

    War Team!:




    Here you can buy some of our prestigious Pokemon with the points you've earned
        Spoiler:- The Shop Pokemon:

    Credit to:Neo_Pikachu for the banner and Mew_ for the UBs
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