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Thread: My Black 2 teams backstory

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    Default My Black 2 teams backstory

    Hi everybody. I hope im doing this on the right forum, if not, then I whould appreciate it if someone chould close this thread and link the right one. Anyway, as a long time Pokemon fan, i always become connected to the pokemon on my team for some reason. So i like to make-up backstories for them. So what I want to do is share my made-up backstories for them. (Team should be in my signature.) I'll also tell the real story.

    Samurott and Lucario: When I first started out as a trainer, i saw a wild Oshawott and Riolu playing in a field, when all of a sudden, a flock of Tranquill attacked! From reflex, i scared the Tranquill away. Both the Oshawott and the Riolu were badly hurt. Calling for help was'nt an option, so I carried both of them on my back and brought them to the nearest Pokemon center. Later, Oshawott and Riolu wanted to come with me on my journey. I didn't have any Pokeballs, so for a while they walked with me untill a shopkeeper noticed that they were'nt in there pokeballs and gave me 6 free pokeballs. The rest is history.

    Real story (Samurott and Lucario): Oshawott as my starter and Riolu was my first catch.

    Eelektross and Excadrill: While exploring Chargestone Cave with Oshawott, now Dewott, and Riolu, now Lucario, I noticed a Drilbur trying to attack a Tynamo. It was a stalemate, Drilbur's ground type moves had no effect against Tynamo because Tynamo's ability was Levitate. But Tynamos electric type moves didn't effect Drilbur because Drilbur is a ground type. Both looked really annoyed. Both noticed me and looked like they wanted to have a double battle agaisnt me. I brought out Dewott and Lucario. Ever since the day i caught them, Lucario and Dewott learned to work as a team. Lucario defending Dewott from Tynamo's electric moves and Dewott stopping Drilbur's ground moves from reaching Lucario. At the end of it, all four of the Pokemon looked like they had fun. Drilbur decided to come with me and Tynamo got jealous, so decided to come as well. To this day, Excadrill and Eelektross still work together in battles.

    Real story (Eelektross and Excadrill): Caught a Drilbur and a Tynamo at Chargestone cave. I take advatage of Excadrill's earthquake will Eelektross's ability, Levitate.

    Volcarona: After getting my 6th Gym Badge, i decided to head back to the Desert Resort. There were rumors of a rare Pokemon deep inside Relic Castle. Me, Dewott, now a Samurott, Lucario, Drilbur, now a Excadrill, and Tynamo, now a Elektrik, went to Relic castle to find this rare Pokemon. After fighting a Cofagrigus, we eventually reached a dead-end. I heard something behind us and turned around. There.. the rare pokemon Volcarona stared at us.. I sent out Samurott, hoping that his water moves whould give me an edge. Didn't work out as well as I hoped. Volcarona used quiver dance then immeditaly used Silver Wing. Samurott fainted but not without getting a good hit of a Hydro Pump on Volcarona. It seemed weak now, so I used Excadrill, hoping it can resist the Fire type moves. A Rock Slide left Volcarona vulnerable for a capture, but Excadrill fainted from Volcaronas Flamethrower. I only had one shot before it escaped! So i threw the pokeball, crossing my fingers... 1... 2... 3! Volcarona was mine! I later learned that Volvarona chould have easily escaped at any time, but saw potential in me, so she let me catch her (My Volcarona is a girl) Today she proves to be a asset on my team and was extreme help in the Elite Four.

    Real story (Volcarona): Caught her in Relic Castle.

    Archeops: As I was exiting Relic Castle, with my new Volcarona in hand, i found a strange fossil. I had no idea what it was, but i held on to it. My mom wanted me to deliver something to Nuvema town, so i did. When I was passing through Nacrene City, i noticd that there was a Museum. What was the harm in visiting? As I entered, I was greeted by Leanora, a former gym leader. When she asked if I saw any fossils in my Journey, i told her about the strange fossil i had. She got excited and told me to give it to the lady at the counter. She took my fossil and told me to wait outside for a bit. When I came back, she said she revived a pokemon out of the fossil. It was called Archen. She said I better hold onto it, because its not yet familar with the modern world and they don't need any damage done to there Museum. I made the mistake of bringing it out so it can meet the members of my team. It attacked, in vicious like ways. We tried everything to calm it down. Finally, my newly evolved Eelektross used thunderbolt to keep it still. After weeks of training it to battle, etc. It evolved into Archeops! Despite its awful ability, Archeops is a really good member of my team that does well if things are going south for the rest of my team.

    Real story: I revived a fossil at Nacrene Citys museum.

    Well there you have it! I hope you liked it and hope everyone has had a good day!

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    I also do this haha, it adds a little adventure/fun into playing in my opinion. I follow the anime so i can envision it fairly easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmist View Post
    Hi everybody. I hope im doing this on the right forum
    A blog would be a better place for this or the fan fiction section, providing you expand on the story but in the style of a Journal.

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    You heard it hear first, folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blaze boy View Post
    A blog would be a better place for this or the fan fiction section, providing you expand on the story but in the style of a Journal.
    Hate to say this, but Blaze boy is right here.


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