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Thread: PPL's Lyricious Lickie-Icon Lecture, nya~ (For Paint)

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    Default PPL's Lyricious Lickie-Icon Lecture, nya~ (For Paint)

    It's been months since peeps on Serebii've been bugging me for a Lecture for 'em Lickies and finally got my hopes up of making one!
    I mean, who in the world begs for a Lecture and exchange for 5 shiny event Pokemon?! What good does that do? XD! Its not like it'll make my tummy full xP

    Please excuse me if you cant understand.. I'm not a really reliable person to ask things that requires explaination stuff for answers xD;; But.. Ima try mah best


    Since I was bored out of my mind in my holidays waiting for college/university to start, I decided to open my own Art Shop!
    (I was so weird that I didn't bother making one earlier coz I thought only mods can make 'em ^^; )
    I just wanted my name on other peeps siggys coz I noticed Skiyomi name was everywhere...
    So I started off doing simple banners - I didn't get much attention so I lurked through Google Images for random stuff and found licking icons!
    At first I didn't know how the hell how to do them so I lurked everywhere for a Eevee lickie base! And found a base off another forum that I dunno the name off so I first made my first fail lickie:

    So yeah.. Thats my history! Now for the fun part, the lecture!

    Thingies yer gonna need!:
    Computer (obviously xD)
    PC-Paint program (I never used MS Paint or Paint Pro. Just normal Paint)
    Mouse, keyboard or a tablet (But i havent used one)
    Images of the character

    Optional Things:
    Gimp (I use 2.6)
    Photoshop (I use CS5)

        Spoiler:- nya:

        Spoiler:- nyanya:

        Spoiler:- nyanyanya:

        Spoiler:- nyanyanyanya:

        Spoiler:- nyanyanyanyanya:

        Spoiler:- nyanyanyanyanyanya:

    If ya dont understand something, leave a comment XD I dont think even me can understand this :/
    Im better at explaining when I draw XD not write! Atleast I tried okay? xD

    Youre welcome to post what youve learned from the lecture coz Im happy to see what ye learnt from it XD
    Also, if you spot a mistake or a image/link not working, please do tell me ASAP!

    Here some of the lickies I've done:!

        Spoiler:- Complicated Keyboard Shortcuts:

    alyssnreshiram: do you have a favorite something you made?
    PikaPal_Lyra: probly the first one - the one that started it all ^-^
    ~☆~☆~>> There's now a collection of my Pokemon lickies <<~☆~☆~

    ~PPL, nya~
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