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Hum, is there any need for a reason to a pokemon trainer to fight each other?

Gothita was pissed at Snivy and asked her trainer to battle it, Satoshi and Snivy accepted the challenge, the episode hinted at a confrontation, so it made sense lol.

I don't mean her as a direct rival like Belle or Shooti, something Kenyan a minor rivalry but she has a pokemon with a nice personality to make her appear again, has two badges so she is going for the league and actually got a not to bland design(even though it was kinda bland).

So I definetly can see her appearing atleast in the league.

Hum, so who wrote that on Bulbapedia? someone who actually translated it or someone who though it was like that and wrote it there(like people do it sometimes) if that is true I'm fine either way lol.

She still asked to specifically fight Snivy due to their confrontation.

Exactly she is still a brat that is why I see her and her trainer coming back, besides the badges.
Well yes, you wouldn't just wake up in the morning and then have a battle because Pokemon from two different people don't sort of like each other because one thinks the other one is a brat.

One of the main editors edited that. So, it looks like Gothita wanted to battle Snivy and so they battled, but it still meant to be apart of the battles that they were going to have to see if Scraggy would be traded, if not, there was no reason for Gothita or Koharu so stay.