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    Default Pokemon Translate Device (PG 15)

    Hello everyone This is my 1st pokemon story so i hope you like it

    Chapter 1 Young Shaymin

    The wind was cold, The sky was black, The moon was full and the wolves were holwling, In the tall grass there was a quiet crying,

    "Lavi, lavitar lavi, lavi lavitar"

    "Mew, mew mew"

    "Sni, Snivy sni,

    "I wish I could understand what you are talking about, Chaos laughed, But sadly thats just not possible"

    Mew started to giggle, "Mew Mew, Mew Mew

    There was a scream over in the grassland, "What was that, Mew, Snivy, Lavitar lets go check it out" They all ran towards the scream.

    "Were here but there's nothing here other than grass"

    A shaymin was on the floor faintly crying, she was bleeding and if nothing was done soon she would certainly die. There was a strange device on her.

    "Oh no what do we do?, there's nobody around, I'm going to have to take her to my house before she dies, Mew put her on your back".

    "Mew" Mew puts shaymin on her back and they rush back to Chaos's house, Chaos opens the door and Mew puts shaymin on the table,

    "Ok i get the healing potions, this should help her, but what is this device on her?, i better ring the Pokemon Center and get them to check the device".

    Chaos heals shaymin and rings up the Pokemon Center,

    "Hello, this is Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center, Whats your emergency"

    "I got a hurt Shaymin here am treating it now but theres a strange device on it I need you to look at".

    "Ok tell me where you live and we will be right over, also we cant do anything about the device, but officer jenny will be over and will look at it for you".

    "Thank you, I live at 67 Grass Cove"

    "Ok, We are on the way now keep the shaymin there until we get there".

    "Thank you bye" Chaos put down the phone and walked toward shaymin, She opened one eye to look around.

    "Shaymin your awake stay here until Nurse Joy, and Officer Jenny get here", Chaos started to walk away until he thought he heard her talk,

    "Ok thanks, I need to get to my master soon or else he wont pleasure me".

    "No, No way you just talked, but thats impossible, Its my imagination".

    suddenly there was a knock at the door Choaos opened it and nurse joy and jenny walked in.

    "Ok then lets see the shaymin", Jenny and Joy walked forward towards shaymin.

    Nurse Joy looked at shaymin first, She was still bleeding but wasn't in any danger of dying,

    "You done a good job, Shaymin will be fine".

    "Now for the device" Jenny walked toward shaymin to look at the strange drvice on her sholder, Shaymin stood high and smiled.

    "If you want to know what the device is on my sholder then i can simply explain it to you, Everyone was in shock, Shaymin was talking, "The device allows pokemon to talk english so that humans can understand us".

    Jenny fell to the chair and flung her hand over her head, "A device that allows pokemon to talk, incredible, who made this device".

    "My master, We allowed him to put this device on us as long as he pleasured us".

    Jenny,Joy and Chaos looked at each other, Jenny looked at shaymin, "What do you mean as long as he pleasure you".

    "You know what I mean Pleasure Us".

    Jenny looked at Shaymin with disgust "Ok so where is your master

    Shaymin jumped down, "Follow me, I'll show you".

    She took Jenny,Joy, Chaos and his pokemon, They went through the grass and came to a house.

    "Here it is, Shaymin smiled "and am just in time for my turn".

    Jenny ran in to see a dark haired man holding a whip,

    "Stop, Put the whip down" Shaymin walked in and jumped lay down on the bed,

    "Please dont stop him, We enjoy this, Dont think pokemon haven't got feeling's to, We all liked to be pleasured once in a while".

    The man walked to Jenny and smiled, "Its true I made those device's for my pokemon to talk, but they wanted to make a deal so i acpected it, My name is Dragoon by the way" Dragoon put three device's on Mew,Snivy and Lavitar.

    "Ok I guess i cant stop you if the pokemon want you to carry on what your doing, but i am still qute disgusted with it".

    Mew,Snivy and Lavitar and up to Chaos, "What about then Chaos, Can we make a deal with you, We know your dream is to talk to pokemon so we can make a deal right"? Mew's eyes lit up, Snivy was starting to rub against Chaos, and Lavitar was licking her lips.

    "Well if you feel that way, and I do want to be able to understand you better, Its not against the law, so i supose so,

    Jenny and joy started to walk out the door, "Ok we have to be going now but if we here any complants we will be coming back, be careful what you do now",

    Mew lay down on her back legs wide open, her tail on Choas's leg,
    "My turn first, Cmon now am looking forward to this".

    End of Chapter 1

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    Closing on author's request.

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