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    A wish is free
    Its execution isn't


    Three years, six months and three days ago, I started posting a fic here called Stars. I really loved the experience of writing that fic - it made me sorta-kinda familiar with the nature of fan fiction, it was my first semi-serious attempt at writing fantasy, and it introduced me to some of the most awesome people I've ever met here in SppF. I enjoyed writing about the eight Stars so much that I thought, hey, why stop there?

    Which brings me to Wishes, set roughly three years after the events of Stars, and what so happens to be my project for NaNoWriMo 2011. As a sequel, of course, it would incorporate several elements from its predecessor, but rest assured that you don't need to read Stars in order to take a stab at reading this (although if you do, I'll really appreciate it). That being said, if I do incorporate important plot points from Stars that won't be mentioned in the text, I'll be sure to explain it as an author's note.

    Wishes is rated PG-13 due to repeated use of foul language, semi-violent scenes, mature themes,
    and many other elements that I'm sure will disturb you if you were under 13


        Spoiler:- Chapter List:

    So without further ado, here's the Prologue!

    Prologue - Conversational


    “Master! It’s been far too long!”

    “Ah, my dear friend. How are you doing?”

    “I am fine, master. But shouldn’t I be asking you that very same question?”

    “What’s there to ask about me, my dear friend?”

    “What’s there not to?”


    “Master, your awakening is within hours. I assume you are ready for your visit?”

    “Oh, yes, yes. In fact, I have already made contact with my receivers three years ago, albeit a very subtle one.”

    “As I saw, master, as I saw. I foresee a very interesting seven days ahead.”

    “Would you care to elaborate on that statement, my dear friend?”

    “Am I not forbidden to do so?”

    “Ah, but it is me you’re talking to.”

    “Should that make a difference?”


    “Very well, very well, but what I tell you can only reach so far. You will meet with your receivers soon after you wake up, but someone else will be watching you.”

    “Ah, an obstacle?’



    “These next seven days will be very…peculiar, to say the least.”

    “Peculiarity isn’t enough to describe these individuals, don’t you think?”

    “I agree. Why, if you had seen what had happened three years ago between them, I can guarantee that you’d want to rethink even making contact with these individuals. If I’m being honest, they take the term ‘sibling rivalry’ to a very ridiculous level.”

    “Why do you think I chose them?”

    “Surely you know that you are the only being capable of answering that question.”

    “Surely you know that question was rhetoric.”

    “Ah, master, how I missed our conversations!”

    “Indeed. I’m truly sorry I haven’t been talking with you lately. I have been slowly preparing for my arrival as best as I possibly could.”

    “And what an exciting arrival it would be!”

    “I appreciate your enthusiasm.”

    “You mustn’t misinterpret it, master. I truly fear for your safety these next seven days. If only I could tell you!”

    “Arceus forbid you do such a thing!”

    “Yes, yes, I know.”

    “But what else can you tell me?”

    “Several things I am forbidden to.”

    “That’s it? But will I be able to see you, my dear friend? How long has it been?”

    “Around fifty years, master.”

    “Fifty years! And I certainly do not want to waste my only opportunity of meeting you in person!”

    “Why, you will have to wait, master. You said so yourself – Arceus forbid I do such a thing.”

    “Ah, my dear friend, you haven’t changed a bit.”

    “Neither have you, master. Neither have you.”


    “The time draws near, master. I shall await your awakening. But for now, master, I must bid farewell.”

    “Why such haste? Or is this your indication that we will meet in the next few days?”

    “We shall see, master. We shall see.”

    “Goodbye, my dear friend.”

    “Goodbye, master.”

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