~Munchlax OTK~
Trade Thread

RULES for MY thread(PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING, my rules can change at anytime, any day, and for any reason whatsoever;D)1. Follow all Serebii.net rules for everything
2. If i trade you a poke that is hacked, I will refund you a different poke
3. If you recieve a poke from my trade thread, and you want to put it in your trade thread, you have to give credit to me and I will do the same for you
4. Please leave a note on your poke that you dont want to be touched(change moveset, not to be cloned, not be traded to any other trainer, etc)
5. If no note is given, I can do anything to your poke that was listed above
6. All of my pokes have been checked
7. Please do not PM me for trades(it will be ignored)
8. Do not rush me for trades because I am very busy, esp. with school
9. Do not ask, "What gen this is for?" it is only 4TH GEN ONLY
10. If I find that your poke(s) are a HACK, you will be blacklisted and be informed to MODS unless you give me a refund;D
11. Please read the, " Point System" Spoiler for how to get free pokes/services by me...
12. The Events are for people that are in my point system....
13. Do not ask to be in my point system or else you will be ignored
14. Please have fun and be polite;D
15. Please check, "UPDATES" daily

16. I DO ACCEPT RNG'd Pokes and CLONES;D
17. I DONT ACCEPT HACKED, IV'd Pokes that were IV'd by another OT(SAME goes for RNG'd Pokes), and ANY EVENTS(unless I am looking for one)
18. All of my Pokes will be cloned(NO NEGOTIATIONS)
19. I have the RIGHTS to refuse/ ignore anyone that wants to trade with me.

    Spoiler:- UPDATES(check daily for updates):

    Spoiler:- Blacklist:
    Spoiler:- Whitelist:

    Spoiler:- Point System:

    Spoiler:- Mini Games:

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    Spoiler:- Services:

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    Spoiler:- WANTS:

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