"If you go off topic, I'll infract you."

I must say that made me lol...

You'd think we'd do Gallade and Gardevoir together, but I regress...

First off, Gallade obviously benefits from the Drain Punch power boost (especially due to resisting it itself). What makes him stand out over Medicham is pure bulk, so Gallade can charge up the Swords and theaten with DP very easily (Medicham obviously is a much more brash Pokemon, esp. with HJK).
Gallade is one of the more defensive Fighters out there, which is an advantage Gall must use to avoid overshadowing by the other new Fighters.

Key moves of Gallade's include Shadow Sneak and also the variety Psychic-Type brings, like another STAB and a plethora of TMs and Egg Moves like WOW and T-Wave.

Gallade also strongly benefits from Justified, as it is a Psychic-Type not weak to Dark. This is especially helpful on Psychic-mono teams. It also Gallade to appreciate switching into an attack such as Knock Off, and especially Beat Up in multi-battles. Otherwise, Gallade can use Skill Swap.

It is also notable how comfortably Gallade can combat Jellicent, with moves such as Leaf Blade, Magic Coat, Safeguard, Taunt, and pure SpDef.

In multibattles, Gallade's options broaden by much:
Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Hypnosis, Helping Hand, Heal Pulse, Encore, Disable, Ally Switch, Destiny Bond, Memento, Grudge.

Although use these moves at your discretion; Gardevoir's support options are identical to that of Gallade's, and Gardevoir has the Telepathy Ability to make use of.

I have the feeling we'll do Vanilluxe very soonish...