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    Quote Originally Posted by BionicToaster View Post
    I'm thinking having psycho cut isn't such a good idea. Tyranitar (and any other dark type) is immune (and is safe if you're choiced) and is resisted by all the steels, especially metagross and jirachi, with the occassional bronzong. If you're running a stat boosting move, have shadow sneak over it, because it at least gives you priority. Psychic is not the best STAB in the world, as its really only useful for fighting types, who can easily switch out into a steel.
    But it's fighting attacks can handle T-tar and steel types.

    Skarmory, Bronzong and friends would wall it anyway. Though it can hit the most popular of them(ferrothorn) super-effectively with fighting STAB.

    The Psychic/Fighting combo is on only resisted by enemy psychics(and shedinja, but that doesn't count).
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