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    Default Eternal Diversity Nullam

    credit to arceusvictini



    1. Code of Arceus (The Rules)
    2. Application
    3. Currency
    4. Rank System
    5. Rock Sector
    6. Flying Sector
    7. Fighting Sector
    8. Competitive Corner (War info/team, tournaments, and tutoring program)
    9. Various Shops

    Welcome to Eternal Diversity Nullam.

    You may remember our old clan, EDR. Due to an unfortunate chain of events that had absolutely nothing to do with me, I swear, they collapsed. Faith in Arceus was all but gone. All but three of the plates were shattered. However, three faithful people kept the legend of Arceus alive, barely. They knew that to bring him back in all of his former glory, they had to band together, And thus, Eternal Diversity Nullam was born.

    1. All regular SPPF and Clans rules apply here.
    2. Sector switching can only be authorized by your current sector leader and the leader of the sector that you want to switch to.
    3. Stay on topic. Part of the reason our faith all but collapsed was due to off-topicness. Look at the Clan rules to find out what's on and off-topic.
    4. You do not need to use your sector's type in your team, but there may be challenges involving the type in the future.
    5. When you earn Shards, tell your sector leader so that they can update the first post.
    6. Put the phrase 'Rebirth of the Light' in your application to show that you read the rules.

    Time Zone:
    Favorite Pokemon:
    How long are you on Serebii?:
    Pokemon Online name (optional):
    FC? (Specify which Gen, also optional):


    When the plates of Arceus shattered, the bits and pieces were scattered. These shards are what we use as our currency. For the shards that you get for completing a task, check here:

    Winning a clan battle against a

    Higher rank: 3 shards
    Same rank: 2 shards
    Lower rank: 1 shard

    Losing a battle: 1 shard

    Winning a war battle: 4 shards

    Losing a war battle: 2 shards

    Performing trade services: 1-5 shards (recipient decides)

    Making artwork for a clan member: 1-5 shards (recipient decides)

    1. Starter (0 shards)
    2. Learner (10 shards)
    3. Defender (30 shards)
    4. Warrior (60 shards)
    5. Master (100 shards)
    6. Myth (150 shards or co-leader)
    7. Leader (reserved for the leader of the sector)
    When you have enough shards to reach your next rank, PM your sector leader so you can buy your next rank!

    The next three posts shall be the Rock, Flying, and Fighting sectors, respectively.
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