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Thread: 'Speedrunning' Colosseum Tips

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    Default 'Speedrunning' Colosseum Tips

    Now, I don't want to actually speedrun Colosseum, I just want to get it done in the fastest way possible, including purifying every Pokémon. So, has anyone got any tips?

    To just blast through the game, I've heard using Croconaw is effective, tagged with Espeon. But would this then add more time to purifying Pokémon afterwards?

    I don't know if it's possible, but I'm not too keen on ending up just having to walk around for a long time like I did on XD to purify my Pokémon, and I know that purification actually happens faster in XD than Colosseum.

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    Purification in Colosseum is going to be extremely tedious no matter how you go about doing it. It will take many hours battling and grinding money for scents.

    If you plan on blasting through the game with Espeon and Croconaw, have four other Shadow Pokemon in your party and switch them in whenever necessary. A good time to do this is during your second move when attempting to catch a shadow Pokemon instead of doing something unnecessary such as calling.

    Also make sure you save your time flutes for the most difficult to purify Pokemon such as Tyranitar, Metagross, and the legendaries.

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    For reference, here is an actual speedrun of colo:
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    Well, I've never done a speed run, but I know Colosseum so well, so I think these ideas might help:
    - Make sure you catch every Shadow Pokemon the first time you encounter it! Otherwise, you need to go back later.
    - Use two Pokemon as main Pokemon for a real speed run. That way, they will be at higher levels than the opponents, because they get all the exp. points.
    - When using just two main Pokemon instead of building a team, pick two offensively good Pokemon. Espeon is a good choice for this. I've seen Feraligatr is in the video in the post above mine, that could be an option. Typhlosion has high SAtk, that might work too. Flygon and the Legendary Dogs/Beasts would be good as well, but you get them quite late in the game, and the legendaries level up slowly, so it's better to not go with those.
    - Purification will take time, you can't purify each and every Pokemon in a super short amount of time.
    - Be sure to have plenty of recovery items. You'll need them if one of your Pokemon gets defeated. When having a team of six equally strong Pokemon, you have multiple Pokemon left when one gets defeated. When one gets defeated while you have only two strong Pokemon, you have to revive the defeated one to have sufficient chances to win battles.

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    To actually get through the game, I'm not too sure on which Pokes would be best. Make sure to use the Masterball glitch-- it's up to you as to whether or not you want to purposely come back to Shadow Pokes because when you do, after the 'end' of the game, you'll have the Master Ball and will be able to catch them all easily. Just be careful if you do this, and make sure that there is in fact a second chance to catch it later.

    Purification actually isn't that bad. Well, it will take some time, but it's 100% AFK. At the end of the game waste all of your money on scents and use them. Then put the max amount of Pokes in the daycare, and follow this video:

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