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Thread: ~Legendary Pokémon Fanclub~

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    Celebimasters_93,since I did not strikethrough the old sign-up form...(which I just did now.) What mascot do you want for the club Gen 1,Gen 2,3,4 or 5???

    Credits to master2738 for the userbar


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    Username - supersmew
    Why do you want to join - I like legendary Pokémon :3
    Will you be active - Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe... most likely.
    Legendary - Keldeo
    Partner - Pidgey
    Do you want a nickname for your Partner (then what)? Foilbird
    Topic - What Pokémon should be Legendary?
    Answer - Phione
    My Answer for Poll - Gen 1

    Hope I did that right...
    Quote Originally Posted by AWildMew
    Will you join me, DizzyCobraMew and Supersmew in Conquering The World! Mwahahahaha! being Mew Fans in a Mew Fan Club?
    Proud owner of the Clemont Fan Club!
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    This text is FABULOUS.

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    Username - Cear
    Why do you want to join - Legendary are Cool!Isn't it Latias ?
    Will you be active -Yes ( Not Usually, Due to School Days)
    Legendary Partner -Shiny Latias
    Do you want a nickname for your Partner (then what)?Aria
    Topic - What Real Animal should have the term for Legendary?
    Answer - White Tiger's
    My Answer for Poll - Articuno
    Wanted: Shiny Speed or Attack Nature.
    Many Pokemon to Offer and Trade.

    TRU Arceus (Can Activate SS HG Event in Sinjoh Ruins)
    Birth Island Deoxys UT
    MYSTRY Mew
    And Many More. (Too Lazy to Put it Here.)

    My Friend Code Here:
    [SPOILER=My Pokemon Teams]    Spoiler:- -My ThunderStorm Team:

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