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Thread: Gengar discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemom View Post
    tweaked it a bit to


    -Focus Blast
    -Energy Ball
    -Sludge Bomb

    otherwise unchanged...with sub on 2 other teammates it just not working as well here. Yes it's still lacking Ghost STAB, but thoughts otherwise? (issues with 4th gen so no GD either, though I did like that idea with Sub-lefties/BS)
    I'd still throw in Ghost STAB. Reuniclis, Cressalia, Latios, Chandelure, and Jellicent are fairly popular in VCGs (source source). Ghosts/Psychics are also commonly used for setting up Trick Room, which would tear Gengar apart.

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    Why do you need to know


    I just looked at those usage stats, and I'm loling that Gastrodon is #38 (Rain is a big threat, obv.) and Gastrodon-East is #208.

    So, the big reason to use SubDisable Gengar is it's typing.

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    ^Lol. East-Gastro is way better. Energy ball>hp fire and t-bolt for the gastrodons.

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    Have Weavile, Focus Blast SA Dnite, and Brick Break Rhyperior on the team to help nail any uppity Darks, have Ice moves for Lat (and other dragons), electric moves (and Stallicute) for jelli..

    doubt Chande will be on a rain team, though it might see action in weather block, neutral, or sun....Rock Slide and Hydropump should do nicely. Cresselia might cause problems, but I have a Trick for Trick Rooms.

    All valid concerns, but I think she'll be OK (Yup! THIS spook got hatched out as Female O_O)

    edit: modding Tbolt might be an option...I do have lightningrod on the team, though...
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    Love this guy. Though you should have Sludge Wave as an option too.

    Shadow ball
    Sludge wave
    Destiny bond/Thunder/Focus blast

    Immune to fake out, explosion, and all normal, fighting, and ground type moves, now with sludge wave, a poison type mix of surf and sludge bomb. He is scary as he was before in R/B/Y.
    For doubles, he can now be an even better threat. Sludge wave can be useful, and it is ignored by steels, most of which will not chance the field because of earthquake. Thunder is good on a rain team, plus 30% chance paralysis. Seriously though, the foe's entire team will be threatened by side effect statuses. This guy is full of them. Exploding... Was always there, but hey, it was always good with Gengar, because he could already threaten and eliminate other ghosts.

    This guy makes the return, of one of the top doubles threats.
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    Explosion got nerved so it sucks, even more because of gengar's attack stats.

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    Love Mai.


    sub disable gengar is definitely the best set in normal teams,it trolls choice users and can scout perfectly

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