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    Red face ~ Art, by Est ~

    I draw things. Almost always people, but I'm going to try to get good at scenery/bgs, too. Example of my stuff:

    It's so fruity.. There are a ton of things wrong with it, but it's my first finished digital picture ever, and for that I am proud. It's Yuna.

    So hey, do any of you guys have some tips on how to make a cool banner? I have this 'fic I'm working on and I'd love to make a banner for it. Everyone has such cool ones here so I figured I'd ask. Gosh, I don't even know what to draw for it...

    In return for your generosity, I'll post whatever you guys want to see [barring things that will get me banned]. Sketches, maybe fanart (ironically, I SUCK at drawing Pokemon. Srsly, ask someone else. BAD.), WIPs. I don't care. But bear in mind that I don't have the internet at home, I have a job, and I'll have to ride my bike over to the coffee shop to read/post responses, and hardly anything will be high quality.

    Also, happy Thanksgiving~!
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