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    Default Thunderstrike Graphics Shop

    Welcome to Thunderstrike Graphics Shop! Run by both Millarc3005 and I. Millarc specializes in Banners, Avvy's and other Signature/Profile Related Stuff. I specialize in 'Sprite Manipulation' (other than Fusions and Recolours (I Dislike doing recolours)) Meaning that I do a load of stuff involving Sprites and Xat Chats. That being said, here are the rules for our Art Shop.

    Shop Status:

        Spoiler:- YOU MUST READ THIS:

        Spoiler:- Strikes:

    Now, let's step away from the rules and head into what you entered this shop for in the first place, THE ART

        Spoiler:- Avatars/Icons:

        Spoiler:- Banners:

        Spoiler:- Battle Scenes:

        Spoiler:- Dress Up:

        Spoiler:- Teampose:

        Spoiler:- Userbars:

        Spoiler:- Xat Chats:

        Spoiler:- Support:

    Thanks for Visiting our shop, please come back again!

    NB: Shop Post is best viewed
    in the Pichu Brothers Theme.
    Themes are found in the
    Dropdown menu in the lower
    left of Serebii
    (scroll ALL the way down).
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