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    Welcome to the Warrior Cats Fanclub!

    This is a place where you can discuss Warriors in peace. Do you want to share your feelings on how one of the books was written, or how'd they do a movie? About how Firestar is the best in some people's opinions, but others hate him? You've come to the right place.

    1. Please follow all SPPF rules. Don't go and post one line posts. You put no effort into posts like that.
    2. I require that you have read at least one book before you join. This ensures that haters and spammers can't post bad things about the books. (Manga doesn't count, but you can still discuss it.)
    3. Even though you can't join if you haven't read a book, you can still ask questions. You can also ask for a review, but please ask politely.
    4. Please don't discuss Seeker Bears or any other animal series here. This isn't an Erin Hunter fanclub, this is a Warrior Cats fanclub.
    5. Do. Not. Bash. Warriors. This is a Fanclub, not a bashclub.
    The sign-up:

    Books read:
    Favorite cat/why?:

    Why is my signup the way it is?

    Username: Obvious
    Books read: So I know how far in the series you are. I don't want a user who's only read one book to talk to a user that's read them all. They might give something away.
    Favorite cat/why?: This is to ensure that you've read the books. People can lie about the number of books they've read, but if they can't produce an answer to this question, they can't join. Also, I want a good reason, not just "Just cause they're epic!"

    I have decided to get rid of this SU. You can still use it, if you want, but if you don't, you must still provide your favorite warrior. You must also provide why you like Warriors.

        Spoiler:- User Art!:

        Spoiler:- Leaders:

        Spoiler:- Members:
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    Current FanFictions:
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    Psyched latest chapter being Prologue

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    Scramble (SU currently up)
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