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Thread: Chandelure Non-Attacking deck

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    Default Chandelure Non-Attacking deck

    Pokemon: 30
    3 Chandelure NV
    3 Lampent NV
    4 Litwick Promo (with Call for Family)
    2 Vileplume UD
    2 Gloom UD
    3 Oddish UD
    2 Blissey Prime HGSS
    3 Chansey HGSS
    2 Dodrio UD
    3 Doduo UD
    2 Pichu HGSS
    1 Cleffa CL

    Trainers: 26
    4 Pokemon Collector
    4 Seeker
    2 Professor Oak's New Theory
    2 Cheren
    3 Twins
    4 N
    3 Rare Candy
    4 Pokemon Communication

    Energy: 4
    4 Double Colorless Energy

    This deck relies on keeping 60 damage coming to anything on the board without letting the opponent knock you out. Every third turn, you use Blissey to remove all damage counters on your Chandelure, assuming they aren't knocking them out in a single hit. You'll be eternally doing that awesome 60 damage unless somebody decks out~

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    hmm, I was gonna put up my chandelure deck (once I updated my stats shutdown deck), however I saw one run 2 kingdra, 3 chandelure and dodrio so he can deal 110 per turn, then there was the guy at cities who ran chandelure and bisharp (which is roughly my deck idea) for 100 to 160 per turn.
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