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    Great movie but..what happened with the tournament? Did Ash win it? He was the last to hold his necklace... and if so how did I miss it? Course there was a troop of little kids there taking up the last three rows for a birthdayparty thing, at time, they talked, that or me getting my chair bumped alot... I may have missed it...

    I absoultly loved the long movie version of the black and White theme.. didn't get to hear the "Follow your star" song much other then the chorus as when the credits hit, the troop behind us got noisy.. only reason i knew the name was because i saw the song name listed in the credits.

    Oh and During the end credits, the scene that shows team rocket in their hat trench coats hiding behind a newspaper in a resteraunt and you see Ash and company 's reflection on the window... I swore I saw after them Peg from the zoroark movie not far behind ash and crew.. please tell me I was not the only one who saw this?

    aove link is peg incase you need a refresher on who that is..
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