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Second, I am extremely glad that they didn't give Victini telepathy. I am quite sick of every small featured Pokemon having the voice and attitude of a six year-old girl. Voices for Zekrom and Reshiram were not bad, I suppose. I actually sort of enjoyed Zekrom's line at the beginning, about how "Beyond hope, you will find your ideals" or however he said it.
Yes I agree with these points so much. Looks at Shaymin, Zorua, Manaphy, Jirachi....

Zekrom and Reshirams voices were fine, it suits the more larger legendaries with telepathy more.

Third, this plot was marginally better, imo, than many of the recent ones. Once again, we had Ash in a unique position to save the whole world; that's much more enjoyable than Ash being a heroic but expendable bystander while Bad Guy #2756 tries to take advantage of Legendary Pokemon #27 which will pretty much just knock out a single town or a special building/person. Forgive me, I like Poke-drama on a grander scale. And we saw Ash in very believably real danger, namely, being stranded alone on the cusp of Earth's atmosphere, running out of heat and oxygen while even Legendary Pokemon trying their hardest couldn't save him. There's something about being lost alone in space that strikes me as profoundly tragic, so maybe that's why I took to it so well.
These are my exact same opinions on this movie and the movies in general, weird haha.

It's always nice to see Ash as the hero to save the world which unfotunately has only ever properly been shown in Movie 2.

The fact Ash nearly dies brings the drama it's needed again in a long time just like in the first movie (which is ultimately the best no matter what anybody says).

The only thing is, except for some pretty purple lines tracing across a few dozen acres of land, the whole "destroying the whole world" aspect wasn't expressed. The best cinematic world-destroying expression in this franchise is and always has been the oceanic and climatic turmoil of the 2nd movie, so there's quite a standard to measure the others by.
Agree, I wish they had shown this better but eh it was still a big crisis with Ash travelling into space nearly dying.

A final note: It bothered me how little everyone seemed to care about Golurk. The poor thing took on Zekrom all by itself thousands of feet in the air not once, but twice, and when it dropped out of the sky like dead weight both times, no one so much as shed a tear. When it came back after that second time, its owner didn't even ask if it was okay, she just returned it to its Pokeball and said it did fine. I felt so bad for Golurk. =/
And once again, I thought this too.

It fell out of the sky at one point through the clouds and nobody AT ALL shouted 'no!' or whined in sympathy, did nobody care?