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    Pokémen: season 1

    Revised according to Psychic's pointers Any suggestions about what I've still missed are greatly appreciated.

    Hope it reads well.

    Character profiles

    -Prof. Kristof Ball: the creator of the capture device with the same name, as well as the Pokémon genes replicating machine. Kristof prefers to study any kind of data before anything, although he does occasionally invite people to take a look inside his lab and gaze at his inventions, and explain to them how everything works subsequently.
    - Fred 'Freddy' Timateus/ Kitchmeh: an experienced trainer who's known for his experiences with Pokémon evolutions. He wears a red and white cap and a sweatervest, and a long blue jeans; he has dark brown hair and blue eyes. (better known as Trainer Red from the Kanto region).
    - Benedict 'Benny' Timateus: a highly driven assistent/trainer who's most known for the enormous collection of Pokémon he gathered over the years. When arriving in the Kanto region, he gained a competitor in Freddy Kitchmeh, who turns out to be his half brother, this being the result of a fling his 'uptight' lab assistent dad had while travelling, with Fred's mom, Delinda... He wears a red and white baret and vest, and a blue jeans; he has dark blonde hair and blue eyes (better known as Lucas from the Sinnoh region).
    - Nicolas Draken: a strong tactical trainer who already has struck the fear in the hearts of many with his destructive teams. He wears a dark red sweater, a dark yellow cap with a black stripe, and a dark grey pants with many pockets; he has black hair and brown eyes (better known as trainer Gold from the Johto region).
    - Kai Manning: Nicolas' rival. Just with his hairdo alone he sends people running. He wears a dark blue buttoned sweater (at least it is thought, few people have ever come close enough to tell for sure) with red edges, and a dark grey pants. He has red mid-long hair with grey eyes (better known as Rival Silver from the Johto region).
    - Ben Birch: Professor Birch's son, who has traveled far and wide, and has seen a lot with his Pokémon. He wears three versions of the same outfit, changing from one to another when he feels like it: a green/blue/red and white headband with a green/blue/red and black sweater and pants. He has very white blond hair with blue eyes (better known as Brendan Birch from the Hoenn region).
    - Bianca?: A mysterious female trainer who was probably the one that, changing her hair colour and (hair)do and clothes along the way, stopped Team Aqua and Team Magma's evil plans as 'May', and the plot for world domination of Team Galactic as 'Dawn', although Benny doesn't recognize her (although this was quite difficult since she had blue long hair at the time and ehm, wore a quite alluring outfit...). It's unclear where she's originally from; Nicolas is convinced that she's his old childhood friend Lyra, when then again it's hinted that she's from the same home town as Fred. Johto and Kanto are part of the same land mass, so who knows... She wears a green vest with a white mini-skirt, and soft pink shoes. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes (has the same appearance as 'Bianca/Latias' from Pokémon Heroes; but is it her?).
    - Ruben&Leaf Kitchmeh: Fred's cousins, who in his legacy, also became famous Trainers, but in their case in the Sinnoh region, where they're from. They wear a dark red (Ruben)/ dark green (Leaf) T-shirt and a grey pants. They both have yellow to gold blonde hair and blue eyes (known as two times Rival Barry from the Sinnoh region).
    Experimental episode

    "Professor Kristof Ball, inventor of the capture device of the same name, has invited the most famous trainers for the proud presention of his latest breakthrough, the Pokémon genes replicating machine..."

    Start ep. 00

    As professor Kristof Ball walked around his awe-inspiring laboratory he continued his complicated explanations of the inner workings of his inventions: "... With this machine, we're composing a gargantuan database on the DNA of every known Pokémon, with which we'll also hopefully learn something about our own..."

    The Professor showed the trainers which Pokémon's DNA they were replicating and analysing at the moment... "Here we have for example Combee, Kricketot, Wurmple,... a whole line of simple bug Pokémon," saying that last bit without showing much interest in it.

    A group of four trainers were standing particularly close to the machine, curious as they were. Benny en Fred, two half brothers, had been bragging to each other about their extensive Pokémon collection, which have had the upmost importance for the gene project. The other two taking part in the conversation were Ben and Nicolas, the first one being an avid traveler, the other one being a nearly undefeated avid master trainer.

    As Benny said: "I had a couple o' shinies, but yeah, they differ from the normal kind, so they're gonna use them in other projects..."

    Fred, sputtering to top his half brother's remark said: "Hey, I have a shiny... Tentacool..."

    "Oh well, in the end it's all about a well trained Pokémon, like my shiny Gengar, hehe..." he said with his snobbish big nose firmly pointed in the air.

    Benny, Fred and Nicolas continue bickering.

    Suddenly Ben said: "Well I saw a couple of shinies on my travel, a shiny Bagon for example."

    "And what did you do then?" Benny said very curious all of a sudden, dito for the others.

    "Nothing, I was hungry so I went on my way," Ben said.

    Benny, Fred and Nicolas collective jaws dropped.

    Nicolas looked over at the girl with the green vest a couple of times, who was looking through a microscope that was part of the machine. Nicolas wanted to say or remark something, when Fred abruptly moved in front of the microscope; he came at Kricketot's 'sample'...

    The mysterious trainer named Kai came up to the professor and asked: "So doc, how does this thing work exactly?"

    "Well, the professor began and continued with a complicated explanation, which got Kai's brain all ached.

    In the meanwhile, Ruben and Leaf, Fred's nephews, were 'looking' at the equipment with their hands...

    'Ruben, Leaf, don't touch that!" Fred said.

    Prof. Kristof Ball, meanwhile, was speaking to a wall of air.

    "What is..." he said as he suddenly heared a strange noise.

    The lab monitoring system spoke out in its metallic voice: "Danger, danger! Machine, override!"

    "We didn't touch anything!" Ruben said in unison.

    The lab monitoring system spoke out again, almost high-pitched as if it were human: "Unauthorised procedure activated, please move yourself to a safe distance!"

    - Short black-out -




    "Piii... kachu."

    Benny had quite the headache and promptly asked: "What, just happened?"

    "Yeah, likewise..." Ben said. "Eh hey, doc?"

    "By triggering the sensitive equipment linked to the replicating machine, this happening because of external influences, an error likely occurred in the system," Prof. Ball said with his monotonous voice. "But no need to worry, it's probably a..."

    Suddenly, one of the male trainers let out a strangely girlish scream.

    Prof. Kristof Ball asked quite annoyed: "What's the m..."

    "You're a..." Benny began.

    "Porrrrr-ygon!" Fred added to it.

    "And you're a Kricketot!" Ben gasped.

    "You're a Pikachu!" the girl said.

    "A Ledyba!" Ruben said.

    "A Tyrogue!" Leaf said.

    "A Bonsly!" Benny said.

    "A Hoothoot!" Fred said.

    Before finally the girl asked: "And where's..."

    "Look dudes i can, fly-y-y!" Nicolas said as he suddenly saw the approaching wall, "Who-oh!" He went right through it and came back after rounding his corner. "I'm A-okay-y-y..." he replied, although it sounded ghost-like, like a Gastly.

    "What is happening here for Pete's sake?" Fred wanted to know.

    "I don't know, but that's," Ben said while instinctively taking a heroic pose, "what we, are going to find out..."

    To be continued...

    Episode 1: Let the adventure begin...

    Ben the Pikachu), at the head of the strange collection of petite Pokémon: "So doc, how far are ya?"

    Prof. Kristof Ball the Porygon replied: "I almost figured out what went wrong. But how the genes were manipulated into..." He paused as he looked at his big clumsy feet that had to typ in the absence of hands.

    Fred the Kricketot said: "Okay, let's see what moves we got, what level do you suppose we're on?"
    "I'll bet below 50 without a doubt," Nicolas the Gastly jeered.

    Prof. Kristof Ball the Porygon dryly remarked: "Lv. 5 according to the scanner," as he continued typing, slowly but steadily.

    Fred the Kricketot took a moment to recall the moves of his own Kricketot before he evolved it: "Wait so... I only know bide and growl! Gah!"

    "But I do know thundershock, yeah!" Ben said as he launched the aforementioned move into the air.

    "Not here in the lab if you please!" the professor angrily noted, like an elementary teacher.

    "Hehe, sorry," Ben replied.

    Nicolas the Gastly was getting quite impatient and said: "Well, I don't feel like standing around here, waiting until the doc has found a solution. I'll just take my Pokémon and..."

    But then the Gastly came to the conclusion that he didn't even have hands to pick up the Pokéballs...

    "Drah!" he called out.

    "Hehe, stings doesn't it?" Benny the Hoothoot said in irony. "Now, about your nephews, Freddy..."

    Leaf the Bonsly immediately said: "Hey, we didn't do anything!"

    "Right..." Benny said. "And you weren't pushing buttons just now?"

    Ruben the Tyrogue said with a pulled up eyebrow: "Say, how old d'ya think we are?"

    "Eh, ten?" Benny chilped.

    "Why you! ..." the twins said in unison.

    "Take it easy the three of you..." Fred said.

    Nicolas the Gastly jeered: "So they're the ones that turned us in these little squeaks!"

    "Nooo, it wasn't them..."

    The girl who had watched without saying much uptill now, floating in mid-air as a Ledyba, looked up just like the others and asked: "What do you mean, professor?"

    Prof. Kristof Ball the Porygon went on: "There was tampered with another part of the system, including for example the lasers, scanners, etcetera etcetera. And they were nowhere near them when the error expanded to the rest of the equipment."

    The girl promptly asked: "Then who did?"

    "Let's check the cameras..."

    "That won't be necessary cubehead," a voice said.

    "What is..." the professor blurted out in surprise.

    The unknown Meowth that had entered the lab out of thin air, pulled out his claws and said: "Step away very quickly from that glitter screen..."

    "I don't quite think so..." Nicolas said as he leaped at the Meowth, but passed right through. "Oh, yeah..." He said while overthinking his hasty attack, while floating with one half in the floor.

    Benny the Hoothoot stepped up to the plate and said: "I'll take care of this," and swfitly tackled the Meowth.

    "Hehe," the cat Pokémon said before scrambling to his feet, "You go back to your nest little bird," before scratching him back.

    "Pikaaa... Chu!" Ben shouted.

    Taking the thundershock hard, the mysterious Meowth replied: "Graah! Those annoying electro-rodents every time! Come and get me little trainer bunch!"

    "After the catgirl!" Ben mocked.

    The girl Ledyba, Nicolas the Gastly and Ruben the Tyrogue followed the 'leader'. And as far as Freddy and Leaf go...

    "Wait for us!" they said as they continued to scurry along on their little feet.


    'He went this way," Nicolas the Gastly said as he hovered along.

    "Hurry, we're losing sight of it!" Ben, glorious leader of the trainer bunch, said. As a Pikachu he was still adorable though when he shouted out orders.

    "Here I am," the Meowth said, smiling with a pur behind it. It stood on a rock, believing itself to be untouchable.

    Hesitantly, the girl said: "Oké, lessee, how did this go, eh..." as she held up her Ledyba's paws.

    Nicolas the Gastly said with a flick of his wet tongue: "Hypnosis, much?" and fired the hypnotic ray.

    The Meowth dodged it with ease and did a fake out on Ben, who got stuck in charging his attack as a result.

    "Drah!" he yelled.

    Ruben the Tyrogue rushed forward and tackled with all his strength, shouting: "Ha!"

    That seemed to do the trick and turned the cat Pokémon upside down. The Meowth laughed as it picked itself up.

    "Hehe, beaten! So sad..." it said.

    Ben squeaked annoyed: "Why are you laughing!" as he tapped the Meowth's jewel, "Spill it!"

    "... We gotta go back..." Nicolas remarked.

    Benny nodded in agreement, although that could be because Hoothoot nod from left to right naturally all the time.


    Fred and Leaf had remained behind in the lab, because they soon had lost sight of the others and gave up rather quickly.

    Fred the Kricketot said: "Quick, a move, Leaf!" before using useless bide himself.
    His joyous, but not too bright nephew Leaf the Bonsly used Copycat immediately and as a result, bide as well.

    "Gah, Professor do something!" Fred said.

    "Eh eh, tackle?" the Porygon brainiac said with zero battle experience as you could clearly tell.

    "Don't even waste a breath, I only need you to reach level 22, and then..." a mysterious second attacker said before using screech.

    Prof. Ball, Fred and Leaf got pushed back by it right up against the wall, before the attacker struck them with bite. The last they see of him the attacker runs of with something shiny.


    Soon, the others entered the darkened lab.

    "What happened?" Ben said as he squinted to see something.

    "Another Meowth broke in, I think it was the red-haired guy," Fred said.

    "Kai Manning, my rival..." Nicolas said, visibly worried, which was pretty strange-looking for a Gastly.

    "You know him?" the girl asked.

    "Yeah... If only for starters from him challenging me, multiple times..." Nicolas said.

    "Whoever it may be, you gotta go after him," the professor swiftly ordered.

    "How do you mean, we?" Benny said. "What is it that you're gonna do?"

    "I stay here to come up with a solution. So don't waste time, because he took something very important," the doc replied.

    "'Kay, let's go..." Ben, the glorious leader said.


    The Meowth that was supposedly Kai said to himself: "Hehehe, let the adventure begin..."

    The group of trainers were preparing to leave. Ben was talking about looking forward to the long trip and Fred looked hesitantly at his short feet as a Kricketot. Benny nodded at him, which assured him a bit. After a while they were ready; the doc would watch over the lab and the stuff, being assisted greatly by an all-proof security system, and not so much his 'moves', literally and figuratively speaking.

    "Let's..." Ben said.

    "Go!" Nicolas exclaimed, beating Ben to finishing the sentence.

    Annoyed, Ben let out a growl, which sounded extremely cute because of him being a Pikachu.

    Benny wasn't sure about the whole thing.

    "All right-right, but how are we gonna be able to fight the likes of Kai?" he said.

    Ruben agreed: "Yeah, Leaf an' Freddy said he'd be probably somewhere around level 22, as he claimed to be."

    A Caterpie appeared from a bush...

    The little bug Pokémon looked at the strange bunch with big beady eyes.

    "Well, we gotta start somewheeere..." Benny remarked.

    A few meters and seconds later...


    "Iii, gosh, I think I stepped on a Pidgey," Ruben said.

    "Yeah well, the ground's littered with them here... I'd think they'd go away if they fainted but eh..." Nicolas said as he hovered forward.

    "Not if you beat 'em three times or more than that..." Benny said with an imaginary pulled up eyebrow.

    "Is this one a..." Leaf paused as he looked at a half fried Weedle. "Never mind..."

    "So..." Ben said as he quickly changed the subject, "How do we find this guy?"

    "Myeah, that's kinda the question," Fred noted.

    "Prof. Kristof Ball here. Can you copy Bianca?" it echoed from somewhere.

    Bianca the Ledyba aka the mystery girl replied: "Loud and clear Professor," while speaking into a wrist band hanging on her top paw.

    Benny's Hoothoot head twisted and turned to get a better look as he said: "What in the... Whatcha got there?"

    The hologram of the doc as a Porygon in pink appeared out of the thingie, and said: "I gave Bianca, if that's her real name, a connection to keep in touch. To find Kai Manning, I figured a Porygon would be able to track technology and such."

    The hologram turned to a specific direction and the doc said: "Go that way."

    "You're called Bianca?" Nicolas simply asked, quite curious.

    And going on between the trees, the mini-Porygon twisted and turned like a compass' needle to the north west, kinda...

    "Meeeeeeeooowth!" it sounded.

    Ben quickly evaded the attack from the trees made by the wild Meowth, and hit it back with a thundershock, which the Meowth barely evaded.

    "Not one step further..." a Meowth ordered with a snarl.

    Ruben the Tyrogue put himself in front with a cool pose and one-lined: "I don't quite think so."

    "Hehe..." the Meowth said with a mischievous grin. "Attack!"

    Multiple Meowth leaped from the trees with their claws drawn, and our Kricketot, Fred, didn't have much confidence in his bide, but regardless of that, it began... "Biiiiiiiiiide..."

    Leaf on the other hand yelled in his cute Pokéspeak: "Bo-o-o-o-on, sly!" before dealing out a low kick against an overwhelmed Meowth.

    "What in the..." Fred called out.

    Nicolas the Gastly, the feared trainer with his cold reasoned strategies and devastating attacks, was hovering over the battlefield, with his only attacking move being lick, useless as a ghost attack against the normal type, Meowth...

    "... Gawd!"

    Bianca hit somewhat akward around her with her comet punch, not being used to the proportions of a Ledyba, while Ruben furiously tackled the Meowth their chests. Fred unleashed its bide attack, but it didn't do that much... One of the Meowth collapsed however, and this gave the little Kricketot enough power to...

    Imagine, violins that seem to cut through the grass and the trees themselves, with limegreen light gathering around Fred the Kricketot...

    "Kricke-tuuuune!" Fred chirped triumphantly.

    Fred quickly feeled the fury cutter in his long new blades, and cut his way through the Meowth. Nicolas the Gastly looked ahead and then shot a hypnosis at a Meowth that promptly back-flipped to evade it.
    "It's that one!" he yelled, pointing at the most grim looking Meowth. That was the leader, Kai.

    "Pikaaa..." Ben begun charging.

    Bianca the Ledyba quickly put her paw on his shoulder and said: "Don't hit 'im, he's got the electronic device."

    Ruben the impulsive Tyrogue immediately replied: "Then tackle away!" as he rushed up to him.

    Kai, the Meowth that triumphantly pulled up the corner of his mouth didn't say a word and used the faint attack from up close.

    As Ruben jerked his shoulder while pulling himself up, grinded his teeth before saying: "Why did it do that much?"

    Prof. Kristof Ball, in the form of a Porygon-hologram replied: "Be cautious, he has the technician ability. It heigthens all 60 base power or lower with 50 percent."

    "Hehe, that's right rookies," Kai said with the biggest smile a cat could ever produce, "be cautious, cause else... What the?!" as a fake out struck him, he yelped.

    As he stared down the hill he'd taken up position, he saw Leaf the puny, little feeted Bonsly hastily escaping with the apparent little piece of technology from Prof. Ball's lab...

    Benny yelled: "Quick, let's get out of here!"

    Fred jumped in front of the others, dealing out a couple of fury cutters, and then Benny flew in front of him and he kept Meowth that were a bit too itching for a fight at bay with hypnosis...

    Back in the lab the doc put back the chip...

    "Sooo... Doc, can you fix the machine now?" Ben said hopeful.

    "I don't know..." the doc said as he proceeded with fiddling with the machine.

    "But then why'd ya need that thing back?!" Ruben snapped.

    "There's many data on it, it can't be distributed just like that..." the doc simply said.

    "Gah!" Ruben said.

    "I can't be in this forever!" Leaf said. He stared at his new, little stubby-feeted Bonsly form.

    Fred studied his new long blades as a Kricketune: "Oh well, I dunno..."

    "As soon as I can fight... Perhaps..." Gastly said. The devastating power of his final form was interesting as he knew it all too well.

    "On the other hand..." the professor remarked with a very mysterious undertone.

    ... To be continued.

    Next time, the cliffhanger we expected, didn't expect, and never had expected at all...
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    Also, I've begun typing the second season and the events that happen before it, as the episodes that describe them, seem to be fun enough to read first instead of being recapped and swiftly forgotten. Of course, I could be very wrong and pointers are always greatly appreciated.

    Episode 2: The fighters of the mind

    This segment would go well with some epic music.

    Ben the Pikachu folded his paws in front of him, Leaf the Bonsly kept his head still tilted forward and to the left, waiting curiously for what was about to happen...

    The Professor pulled the switch, and whispered: "I hope this is gonna work..."

    "How do you mean you hope?!" Bianca said.

    Everything turned dark, oh so pitch black dark, but not as fast as before but still with such an overwhelming force, that most of the teenagers struggled for a moment, but then lost conscience like the others... Since this adventure is just beginning, it won't be a surprise to most that the trainers/Pokémon woke up alive and well, although not quite like themselves, not like their old selves, or their new selves.

    Fred the Kricketune looked at his blades in amazement, which split into multiple ends. You could even say, they were only the sides of his arms. Bianca the Ledyba folded her rounded wings behind her, and looked at herself from top to bottom. The others did something similar, while Nicolas the Gastly appeared out of a dark purple cloud of ghastly poison, while making a human body for himself out of dark parts of captured light. He looked closely at his just newly forming hand of gas and dust...

    Leaf the Bonslyboy curiously asked: "What is," while he looked at his semi-flat underdevelopped brown arms and lumpy body, but it wass still a human body on closer inspection, "this, doc?"

    With blue and pinkish purple crystals spread around him like a labcoat, the Professor came closer in all his shine, with a helm closely resembling the head of a Porygon sliding past his temples, revealing his pretty normal looking face.

    "Doc," Ben said as he shoved Ruben the Tyroguekid and Leaf out of the way, "what in heaven's name is this!?"

    Prof. Ball the PoryProf nodded, showing he would explain: "I was able to find an intermediate form which allows for us to have a more human shape; this shape however is, since it's more human like, weaker than our Pokémon form, and I wouldn't advise to attack while in it, at least that's what the statistics say."

    "So you're saying we..." Ruben said as he looked at his clenched fist, which he's actually able to relax in this form, "What are we anyway?"

    "I suppose..." Benny said.

    Fred, the Kricketuneguy with the fancy clothes and mustache, if it even were clothes, interrupted: "No wait..." as he held his finger in front of Benny's mouth, "I got one..."

    "No wait, I," Ben said as he struck a heroic pose, "will think of something."

    "Heey, and what about me?" Nicolas said, "I wanna think of..."

    "No me!" Benny said.

    "Me!" Fred said.

    "Okay guys hold it, hold it, hold it for a minute..." Ruben said as he went to stand in the middle, "what about meeeeee?"

    Fred, Ben, Ruben, Nicolas and Benny battled for the naming right by speaking up, and then quickly coming up with something atrociously bad.

    The Professor sighed, looked at Bianca for a moment and said with a superior tone: "There are more important things, may I remind you," which silenced the group, "we have to find out what Kai Manning wants to do as a Meowth, which made him take control of a little army of his kind, before all. Bring that troublemaker back here before he causes even more problems, understood?"

    Fred, Ben, Ruben, Nicolas and Benny replied in unison: "Understood."

    "Pokémen!" Leaf exclaimed after pondering over it longer then a bide attack, although the wait had certainly paid off.

    "Pokémen, why didn't I think of that?!" Fred said.
    "Ehe, do I really have to answer that?" Benny said, the words dripping with sarcasm.

    Bianca hovered along on her exceptionally rounded wings, while she was following Prof. Kristof Bal/Porygon's nose quite literally, to the nearest town to gather some intel on a Meowth gang causing some trouble, while Nicolas followed her, hovering and walking alternatively, very closely to her.

    She suddenly accelerated and Nicolas quickened his pace. Before he knew it, she'd turned around, stared in his dark brown eyes from one eye corner to the other, and pressed her lips on his, paralyzing him completely. She flew off quite some distance, smiling and grinning mysteriously, and Nicolas went after her like he was the water gun of a Squirtle. Without too much obstacles, the group, with Bianca and Nicolas up front, reached the outer limits of the next city.

    Nicolas didn't have much time to ask Bianca for an explanation, because the others caught up to them, while they looked up at the tall buildings, which now seemed so weird and unnatural to them. Bianca nodded to the others and said, almost commanding them: "We split up, and if you know something, we meet back here at the fountain with the sculptures, ok?"

    The trainers shrugged and figured there really wasn't a better plan for now, so each went their own way in their 'Pokéman'-form, (weeeee, i love that name), going around town and asking casually about a bossy Meowth people might have seen, which you of course come across a lot...

    So a random girl said: "So..." as she looked at Fred the Kricketuneguy from head to toe, "Are you all to a costumed ball, or a dress up party?" meaning Ruben and Benny who she'd seen running around already.

    Fred looked at his long coat and insect shell 'costume' as he uttered: "Ehj..."

    "Ah 'kay, thanks ma'am. Okay guys," Nicolas said as he was about to tell the others what he found out about Kai and his 'crew' as he arrived at the fountain.

    "Okay so, a feww girls told me," Ben said with a dashing flare and flick of his Pikachu hair.

    "G-ohwww..." Nicolas muttered underneath.

    "... that a couple of Meowth were being a pain to them a while ago and that you can usually find them doing nothing in the southern forests and then I made a bit of small talk. And thus I got," Ben said as he pulled something out of seemingly thin air, "a couple of exclusive phone numbers!"

    "And how exactly do you plan to er, go out with them as a guy dressed as a Pikachu?" Fred said.

    "What I wanna know is where he got those phone numbers as a Pikachu in the first place..." Benny said with a very straight face, causing Fred to put on a really disturbed face, his nephews Ruben and Leaf sporting the same twitch of the face.

    "I eh what? ..." Ben said clueless.

    And so they went towards the southern forests.

    "I could've got them out of my cheeks, couldn't I!" Ben said.

    Benny however remarked: "But then they would've been wet; and they looked a tad different from that..."

    "Aaanyway..." Nicolas said.

    Bianca, the Ledyba young woman looked at the wrist band on her short white glove and said: "We're almost there."

    Nicolas wanted to open his mouth to say something when as could be expected, he was rudely interrupted by...

    "Intruders! Weird-looking trainers!" a Meowth shouted.

    Ben being a Pikachudude was quite vulnerable for attacks and so he quickly dodged a screech: "Doc? Really in the mood for some back-up."

    Bianca looked at the professor and he nodded at Bianca from the hologram and the wrist band.

    A light wave emanated from the wrist band, which turned the group back in their Pokémon forms.
    Fred inspected his Kricketune blades and said with his 'cool voice': "Feels goooood."

    "Anyone a Ruben rumble?" Ruben said following along with the 'I'm turning Pokémon!'-intro's.

    A few Meowth lunged out, and were quickly struck back by Fred's fury cutter en Ben's new quick attack. The others attacked as well, while Nicolas... well...

    Bianca the Ledyba swinged around her with her comet punch, but didn't really hit much. However she hit just enough Meowth, to gain light screen as well as reflect for her to use, which she unexpectedly used in an offensive way to push multiple Meowth out of the way. A bigger Meowth appeared, very obviously Kai, who'd had grown even stronger since the last time and taunted Bianca very quickly.

    "Heey," she yelled.

    "Bombs away!" Benny exclaimed as he dived and used his peck on Kai while flying, but he simply shrugged it off as Benny was tossed aside.

    "Ey, watch the perm, will ya," he said, purring evily.

    "It's no use..." Benny sighed, "Not enough strength..."

    Ruben looked at Benny with permanently clenched fists, while Benny flew away a distance from Kai with his short wings, and quickly whispered something into Leaf's ear; where is it found on a Bonsly, anyway? Ruben lept at Kai, who dodged him elegantly and simply wiped him away with his tail. He however didn't see Leaf approaching because of that who gave him a low kick, powered up because of a last minute...

    "Helping hand, hehe..."
    From Ruben.

    "Ah, de-die, da!" Kai said.

    He rolled over the grond, down for the countdown, and the other Meowth gathered quickly around their fallen leader.

    "Quick, we gotta get him out of here!" a Meowth ordered.

    A couple Meowth grabbed him by two legs each, while the rest of them covered their retreat.

    "Hey, we aren't finished with you yet!" Ben yelled as he tried to jump through with a quick attack, but got knocked back hard, "Aah!" he squeaked in the highest pitched tone imaginable.

    Before the group is able to give in to the pursuit, the catlike creatures have already disappeared between the bushes and the many trees.

    "Well, then we should head back to the lab," Fred said.


    "Would you like another oran berry great leader?" a Meowth said.

    Visibly annoyed Kai waved him away and said: "Yes yes, you can stop it now..." Subsequently he turned to another Meowth, kinda his lieutenant, "So what is what you were saying? A wave that spread out, and they turned back into Pokémon?"

    "Yes, my leader something like that... The wave they say, came from the Ledyba..." the lieutenant said.

    "Mmm, I see..." Kai said as he pulled up the treacherous corner of his mouth while an idea started to brew in his head.

    Back on the plaza, the trainers were sitting on benches in their Pokéman-form, and Bianca in her Poké'woman'-form near the fountain with the beautiful sculptures...

    "Hehe, well that was quite the busy day..." Fred said.

    "Yeah, it was..." Nicolas said as he swiftly looked over at Bianca, whose eyes are aimed at the wrist band however.

    Through it they had a link established with the PoryProf, Kristof Ball.

    "Let's take a look at the levels; starting out on level 5, and now..." the professor said and went through his data, while you hear things like: "learned rock throw, evolved, high stats, average ones..."

    "Whatever he says, we make the best team," Ruben said.

    "Ooooh, yeaaah," Leaf agreed.

    Ben, mister Pikachucasanova himself said: "Well, I'd better be off now, got more then one girl I'd made arrangements with so..."

    Nicolas, Fred and Ruben immediately exclaimed in freakish unison: "Whaat?!?!"

    Curious and a bit naďve, Leaf asked: "More than 'one'?"

    "Oooh, Bennichu-u-u..." A girl said.

    To be continued...
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    Fics should not be in scripted format on this forum, as explained in the rules of the subforum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Psychic in the Fan Fiction Rules View Post
    9) Types of Writing.

    Scripts: The way plays and screenplays are written to instruct actors. No scripted fics are allowed unless they are properly written scripts. This means they include details on the setting, characters’ emotions/tone of voice, and stage direction.

    Scripts are generally discouraged here, as a lot of people write them to be lazy. These are one of the hardest types of stories to pull off well, as scripts are better when performed by actors than read alone. Fics can not be written half in script form and half normal - your format must be consistent. Do not write dialogue in script format out of laziness.
    You could easily make this into a regular prosaic fic by simply writing out the dialogue normally with the proper "he said/she asked" tags. Script format is completely unnecessary here and adds nothing to the story.

    Also, you should be skipped a line (pressing Enter twice) for every new paragraph, which begins each time a new person speaks, and using that many parenthesis becomes unnecessary and annoying. For instance, if you do a good job writing, you shouldn't constantly need to remind the reader which character is what Pokemon - they should know this by now. If they don't, just say "Benny the Hoothoot" and so on without the parenthesis. You also need to be consistent, and not, for example, switching between "the Kricketune" and "the Kricketuneguy" - use one and stick with it.

    Please read the Fan Fiction Rules and change the script formatting.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychic View Post
    Fics should not be in scripted format on this forum, as explained in the rules of the subforum.

    You could easily make this into a regular prosaic fic by simply writing out the dialogue normally with the proper "he said/she asked" tags. Script format is completely unnecessary here and adds nothing to the story.

    Also, you should be skipped a line (pressing Enter twice) for every new paragraph, which begins each time a new person speaks, and using that many parenthesis becomes unnecessary and annoying. For instance, if you do a good job writing, you shouldn't constantly need to remind the reader which character is what Pokemon - they should know this by now. If they don't, just say "Benny the Hoothoot" and so on without the parenthesis. You also need to be consistent, and not, for example, switching between "the Kricketune" and "the Kricketuneguy" - use one and stick with it.

    Please read the Fan Fiction Rules and change the script formatting.

    I have changed the first post according to these rules and tips as I take them to heart and will do so soon for the second one and subsequent ones before posting them.

    I do hope that the relatively large amount of characters is still followable and they're identifiable as it's the point to have a large team. There might be objections against so many characters all at once, which is understandable, but I hope the dialogue will be able to bear this and enrich the reading experience. Untill Episode 3 folks!

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    Let's see if this works... Adjusted the script stuff... So hope it's an enjoyable read... Don't know why the topic doesn't appear on the forum anymore though.

    Episode 3: The password is... Rawr...

    Nicolas, the Gastly apparition almost gagged as he said it: "Bennichu??!"

    "Yes, a bit strange indeed..." Fred dryly remarked.

    The trainers sat next to the fountain in their Pokéman form, while Ben was 'out'...

    "So, now what's the plan?" Fred said.

    "Well eh... I don't know," Biance the Ledyba girl said, "Now they don't have anything electrical anymore, we can't track 'em down, and I don't think they'll be hiding in the southern woods for long..."

    Ruben the Tyroguekid sniffed: "Not after we made them a visit..."

    Leaf as a wide-eyed Bonsly was however quick to remark: "But what would that Kai be upto?"


    "Mmm..." Kai said in the dark of wherever he was hiding. "The theory's flawless, everything's ready, so now... It will, begin..."

    Ben came running to them as a Pikachuguy, and didn't look as happy as you would've expected; at least if you thought about how he had spend the last two hours...

    "Pfffffft," he said between his teeth.

    "What's the matter Romeo?" Nicolas asked. "Unexpected troubles?"

    "Huh?" Ben said clueless to the sarcasm. "No it was quite fun, but then some pageant thing caught their eye, which they went to as soon as they saw the flyer..."

    Fred and Ruben immediately went: "Pageant?!"

    The two of them speeded away, with Leaf and Benny quickly following them, after which Nicolas, Bianca and Ben decided to follow them as well and Nicolas hovered along over the pavement with his ghastly steps. Step step.

    "Yeaah, can I have your attention ladies and, audience... For the first annual Miss Miloticia contest! The winner will receive a very special prize! Now, if all the young beautiful girls want to get up on stage?"

    A big stage was indeed put up in the large shopping street, with big spots directly aimed at its center front, while a large part of the passing shoppers had come to a halt to watch the contest; the quite large crowd had assembled itself in a half circle around the place-to-be, while the most attractive beauties in town and out of town climbed onto the stage, and showed of their eye appealing qualities... and most possibly their only qualities.

    "That looks like fun..." Bianca said looking dreamily.

    "Say but wait a minute!" Nicolas said.

    "What?" Ben said curiously, just like Bianca who turned to stare at Nicolas.

    "Ehhhrm..." Nicolas said, averting his eyes.

    Bianca then just jumped up on stage, and her big blue eyes flashed around while she saw how the audience looked at her and the other girls and were staring at her and them when you counted some of the boys present in the crowd.

    The voice of most likely the contest host resonated across the busy shopping street: "Good, then you can now join us in the make-uproom to make your debut. See you soon!" before the microphone got turned off.

    "Hmmm..." Fred said.

    The girls went into the warehouse behind the stage, Bianca as well, and gathered around a big thing that stood in the dark.

    "And-ehm, what's supposed to happen now?" some spoiled young girl said.

    In an instant a couple of Meowth jumped of the big object, so it turned out to be a machine, being operated by the biggest Meowth of them all...

    "Kai?" Bianca uttered as she realised something. "We gotta get out of here, quick," as she dived and pulled along the arm of one of the girls.
    "Say what are you doing?" the girl said who named arm belonged to. "Or do you want to be Miss Miloticia so bad that you're gonna cheat to accomplish that?"

    Bianca flew out of the warehouse, which nobody saw because they were all looking intrigued at the Meowth, just when Kai, activated the machine...

    "Noooo!" Bianca explained.

    The girls put their beautiful arm from in front of their eyes back to their waists, to see that Kai, 'the contest host' as they had thought at least, stood in front of them 'dressed' as a Meowth. That's quite the magic trick, they said to themselves.

    "Hello ladies. I'm looking for female assistents for a great adventure... So what'd ya say?" Kai said.

    Nicolas ran over to Bianca and helped her to her feet together with Fred...

    "What's happening in there?" Fred asked.

    "Good question," Bianca snarked.

    An explosion quickly followed her short commentary on the situation...

    "What in the..." Fred said.

    Out of nowhere a Flareon appeared and started spewing flames.

    Nicolas jumped in front of Bianca as a Ledyba plus fire equalled not good and yelled: "Watch out!"

    He took the brunt of the attack before Bianca replied: "Thanks. Now, you watch out!"

    An Umbreon jumped right at his throat with a vicious bite as Nicolas dived out of the way, while Bianca caught the impact of that attack, protected by her Insect-type. It still did quite some damage because they were in their Pokéhuman form. Bianca quickly activated her wrist band to change them back in Pokémon. Most of the terrified citizens had fled anyway.

    Nicolas reopened his eyes as a Gastly and shouted: "Action!"

    He dived at the Flareon with a slobbery lick.

    The Flareon shook off her red fur as it were, like dark red ashes, which made it turn back in an Eevee. That wasn't all, because the Eevee prepared itself to attack, and changed into an Umbreon, who quickly retaliated with bite. Nicolas' cloud shrunk for a moment, and he quickly regrouped with the others, that was having their own troubles with the army of Eevee...

    A Glaceon used an icy wind on Leaf the Bonsly, who quickly evaded it and did a low kick. The Glaceon changed into a Leafeon however, that did a razor leaf on Leaf, who sustained heavy damage as a result. Fred shielded him from more attacks, after which some Eevee turned into Flareon.

    "Oooohw..." Fred could only reply.

    Bianca and Nicolas alternated turns as a shield for the other, which started to take its toll.

    A Glaceon used another icy wind as Fred yelled to look out.

    Fred and Leaf dived aside, after which Ruben and Ben lunged at the Glaceon, and dealed out respectively a tackle and a thundershock to it. The Pokémen gathered together, while Kai proudly turned to face them in between his new good looking assistants...

    "This looks like a bit too much to handle..." Fred said.

    "No really?" Benny sarcastically remarked.

    "What do we do now?" Ruben said.

    With his chest proudly held up high, Ben said: "Tactical retreat, quick!"

    Kai didn't seem to be quite done with them, and attacked with a faint attack. Ruben put a stop to that, and caught the attack with a fake out, although it still did quite some damage. Leaf used a copying move through which he sent Kai flying back to his Eevee assistents with a faint attack. Leaf felt that he could still use faint attack, but that wasn't normally possible with copycat...

    The 'branch' on his head started spreading a blinding light, and before the others knew what was happening, multiple rocks rolled up to him, and attached themselves to him. Just below the level of his eyes sturdy long boulders linked together like arms. It seemed as if the rocks pushed him upwards, like an ever higher growing mountain, but in reality, they became part of his body, so he eventually exclaimed, in a kiddish yawn:


    "Ookay, very nice Leaf!" the others exclaimed.

    Kai: looked quite the bit worried as he ordered: "Eevee, Glaceon, Vaporeon and Leafeon, pronto!"

    The Eevee jumped right into action, but Fred and the others quickly hid behind Leaf, after which Fred, Benny, Bianca and Nicolas caught the razor leafs, Ben the water guns, and the icy winds... Whoops!
    Ruby quickly struck into the ice attacks that a few Glaceon launched at Leaf, but he couldn't count on a type resistance like the others...

    "Leaf, quick, copycat a razor leaf!" Fred ordered.

    "What? Okay," LEaf said as he obliged.

    "On those Vaporeon!" Fred yelled.

    Leaf did it in a blink of an eye, and the Vaporeon were completely taken by surprise. Ben also used a thundershock to take them down.

    "Then, copy icy wind!" Fred went on.

    Leaf then fired the icy winds on the Leafeon, all at once, which made Kai estimate his chances of winning far less than before.

    "Retreat," he whispered greatly annoyed, before ensuring their escape by letting some Espeon use their confusion attacks.

    "Grrr, come back!" Ben squeaked.

    "Leave them. Hey, what's happening over there?" Fred said.

    Bianca was floating around irregularly, before not landing quite that soft on the pavement.

    "W-what's happening?" she asked, while trying to grab for her wrist band.

    Her eyes glowed green... or was it blue... while she stumbled to her back white paws. A gust took off, in each of the four wind directions, and you could hear a similar sound like when Fred... evolved...

    Bianca's eyes grew far bigger, as well as blue, her white back paws became red and sturdier, and her body became darker yellow and thinner, while her wings spread out in the fresh outdoor air...

    "Ledi-ledian?" What am I, Bianca wondered, ironically already answering her own question. Even before the mysterious light around her had cleared up, she'd activated the wrist band, making everyone turn back in their Pokéman form her of course in her Poké-woman-vorm: her dark brown hair covered mostly by a red hood or helmet with short black antennae, with her being dressed in a slim yellow dress with a red vest with long, slightly bulging ladybug wings coming out of it, with red thin boots underneath, with her blue eyes almost as big as in her Pokémon form...

    Her Poké(wo)man form was gazed upon that hard, that Leaf's as a Sudowoodo was overlooked a little or better yet, rudely ignored.

    After a short, but ear deafening silence, Ruben went: "Why hello there..."

    Bedazzled by his young nephew's sudden 'move', Fred said: "Heey!" pushing Ruben's shoulder and in the process knocking over Ben and after that Nicolas as a result.

    Leaf put his Sudowoodo-arms over each other and whispered: "Tss, and then they call me naďve..."

    In the mean while, in Kai's new hideout...

    The master villain himself was deeply pondering in his mind on some sort of throne, while...

    "Hey cat nip, back off!" one of the Eevee saod to a Meowth that wanted to get to know them quite well...

    "Mmm, cat nip, you got some?" the Meowth said purring.

    "No!" the Eevee yelled as loud as possible. "Kai, K, you do something about it?"

    Kai looked up a bit annoyed, and activated something, which turned the Eevee and him back in their Pokéman form.

    "Oo-oo..." one of the Eevee girls said while studying her grown on fur coat, which prompted the others to study their hybrid form, were it as a Vaporeon, Flareon, Glaceon, or one of the other evolutions. "Glad we're rid of those hair balls for now," one of the girls said, with which another one agreed snobby.

    But not everyone had that opinion...
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    Guess it isn't good nor bad... I'll just have to post the next part and see how you like it.

    Episode 4: TM train! part 1

    "Great, so now he kidnapped a group of girls and following that, created an army of 'super'Eevee. And we don't even know what he's up to!" Ben said, obviously irritated, pacing around the length of the lab, while he tried to think up a plan of action. He looked at the doc with an 'And?!'-expression on his face.

    Professor Kristof kept working in his own pace however, and studied the newly evolved Leaf and Bianca...

    "Hmn," as he said, "the only ones who still need to evolve are, Nicolas, Benny, Ruben and Ben... For the first three it should happen within due time. For jitterbug on the other hand, it will be a bit more difficult..."

    Deeply insulted, Ben said: "Excuse me?!"

    "He's right, relax a bit; if we just think this over quietly..." Ruben said.

    Fred chuckled and said: "Sinds when do you quietly think about something?"

    "Since I..." Ruben said as he suddenly heared something. "What was that?"

    "Don't attack!" it said.

    From behind one of the lab machines, an Eevee-girl appeared, that Fred seemed to recognize as one of the girls that they had talked to to get information about Kai and his gang, aka 'Random girl'... Fred blocked her way so she couldn't get too close to the Professor and demanded, "What are you doing here? Out with it."

    The girl cringed, and said looking at him with her deep brown eyes: "Oh, please. I came here to ask the Professor to help me?"

    "To help with what?" Professor Kristof asked ignoring any suspicion whatsoever which was actually quite in order.

    "I would like to change back," the girl said, turning to him. "I never wanted this, and I don't want to help that Meowthman with whatever he's planning."

    "Well, I certainly would like to, but it isn't that simple and ..." the Professor began rather quickly lapsing into complex scientific language.

    "This smells like a treacherous trick," Fred said quite suspicious, wiggling his nose.

    The girl looked questioningly at Ben, then Bianca. "You tried to save us? Right? Can't you help?" while changing her fur coat to that of a Flareon.

    "Well uh uh," Bianca said, a bit overwhelmed, but she was also sympathizing with her. "What's your name?" she then asked.

    "Melody," the girl said nodding slightly.

    The Professor took his deformed foot out of his computer screen, like water making concentric circles around the now refilling place, before restoring, just like the PoryProf's digital body. He urged the attention to himself and what he had to say: "They've just received a message, a train has come to a complete halt."

    "And what about it?" Benny asked, who was shaken awake from his nap in his thick feathers.

    "The train had a big load of TM's on board, Technical Machines ..." the Professor almost sneered back.

    "Then we'll have to stop the alleged theft, by undoubtedly Kai's gang, before they succeed," Ben said as pompous as ever.

    "We will probably have to proceed more cunningly than a frontal team assault..." Ben said as he raised his beak as if he was still wearing glasses.

    Ben paused, then went: "Well then. Let's surprise them in teams of two..."

    "I'll take Leaf right away!" Ruben went, raising his hand and went to stand next to his cousin.

    "Aaaahw ... Unfair ..." Fred said with a smile though.

    "Well, then I and Bianca, Nicolas and Benny ... Umm wait..." Ben went and stopped to think.
    Nicolas didn't exactly agree with the classification, but still he snapped: "No switching now!"

    "Yeah but wait a minute, who's gonna work with Fred?" Ben said.

    "Eeehm..." Nicolas went as he turned his head/cloud to the others.

    "Don't look at me, I shall be trying to get more info, while remaining here..." Prof. Ball said even if nobody was looking at him in the first place.

    Fred slowly grasped who had to be the only one remaining: "Whoho, and how do we know we can trust her?!"

    Determinedly Melody looked up to him and said: "No, you can't, you, all of you just got to know me. But with this form, I have the ability to help you and I will. You can lock me up if that shouldn't be the case..."

    "Freddy, I'll use hypnosis if something should go 'wrong', 'kay?" Benny said with a warm smile. He almost never smiled.

    His half brother was rather assured by the gesture and so he said: "Kay. So Melody and me, and the others..."

    "Scouting, distraction, inventory monitoring. I propose Bianca and I do the scouting..." Benny said.

    "Ruben and Leaf are the strongest, so... Monitoring the stock?" Ben asked as he looked at them.

    "Oh yeah, you got it!" Ruben and Leaf chorused.

    "Nicolas, distraction?" Ben asked. "A ghost coming out of the wall could be handy, no?"

    "Hmn ..." Nicolas said as he thought about the screaming girls.

    "Myeah, I like it," he replied as he grinned, a little too evil.

    "Fred, you help the others when needed and Melody ... Help him. Kay, everyone's up to speed? " Ben said and he didn't plan to wait for an answer, "Let's go!"


    Ruben and Leaf stood staring at the stationary train from a hill while not attracting attention, because Ruben hid behind Leaf, who did what Sudowoodo could do like no other: standing still and pretending to be a tree.

    Once they saw an opportunity, they rolled down the hill, and hastily climbed aboard. Thanks to the doc's info, they instantly picked the right wagon, where stacks of the technical machines were well, stacked together.

    "Look at this, so many TMs ... What kinda moves would be in them?" Leaf asked himself aloud. Ruben instantly big-eyed the strong fighting moves, which he obviously could not learn naturally, at least not before he evolved.

    Meanwhile, Benny closely followed Bianca, who was thrilled to be able to float through the air ... Especially with this new Ledian form ...

    Ben and Nicolas had knowingly climbed aboard the wagon before that of the TM's to prepare their surprise...

    Fred and Melody had managed to come aboard as well, and hid a little way from Leaf and Ruben: Ruben was thoughtfully stepping around the TM's, circling around them like a hungry Staraptor ...


    "Now that we've disabled the engine," Kai said licking his paws, "it's time to lighten this train from its load..."

    The Jolteon followed him, among them the most hautain up front, and they arrived at the wagon, at which Kai lifted his paw and then most Jolteon while passing by their Eevee form, changed into Flareon, who slowly made the metal bend with a combined ember.
    Kai couldn't wait until the TM's gave him some serious flamethrowers.

    The hole in the wall grew larger and so Leaf and Ruben came face to face with a very evil looking Kai.

    "Hey chickies..." Ruben went, winked and pointed ogling to the reddening Flareon. Or were they already red?

    "I'll take care of this myself, you make sure they don't get in our way," Kai said.

    "Good," the Flareon said as he turned into an Espeon first, with the others following.

    An Espeon started focusing: "Confusion..."

    "Grraaah!" Kai growled as he jumped at Ruben, with Leaf quickly waving his arms to whack him off. Kai avoided it way too easily and said defiantly: "Curl up on the floor already, because you're going down!" and he laughed in quite the sinister way.

    Bianca flew over very low, and gave Kai a mach punch slash big thump behind his ears, making him do a backflip flying in that same direction, at which she answered: "You first!"

    Benny came after her, paused fluttering in the air, thinking hard, then said: "What she said," and fluttered away.

    "Pika-chuuu!" Ben squeaked and hit one of the Espeon, who losing her concentration, promptly dropped a pallet of the TM's she was carrying with her mind...

    "Bennichu?" the Espeon next to it said stunned.

    The Pikachu Pokéman moved his ear a little surprised, since he hadn't thought of it that those two girls he had spoken to now were also part of the Eevee...

    "Hehe, ghostly Gen ... Gastly time," said Nicolas smiling very creepy. He immediately touched one of the Espeon who was the most snobby of the group with a long lick...

    "Eeeeeew, keep those French kisses to yourself!" the above mentioned Espeon said, and rubbed her paw over her head, before throwing sand in Nicolas' eyes.

    "Gah!" Nicolas yelped. "Of all ground attacks..."

    Leaf turned to Ruben, who was bending over a remaining package, and asked: "Shouldn't we help them?"

    Ruben eyed a brick break copy, and figured it would surely do the job...

    "Ruben!" Leaf yelled, as he narrowly dodged an attack by Kai. Ruben leapt into action and tackled Kai out of the way. Who didn't quite like the little troublemaker, and blew him back against the wall with a screech.

    "We gotta help them, come on!" Fred said, but Melody stopped him for a second: "No wait," she said as she turned into a Vaporeon, "If I join you now, they know that I am on your side, and they'll run with the TM's to a new shelter, but when I 'help' them, they won't know and I can continue working with you in secret."

    "With us you mean?" Fred said.


    Benny used a hypnosis on a couple of Glaceon, who were trying to get him down with icy winds, rhen he lashed out with a peck, and while flying bright white circles began to float all around him, looking a bit like gears of a clock, with red or pink rings, coming from Benny's eyes it seemed, on waving across his chubby body... Everything became bigger, but most of all his wingspan, so with a modest pleasure he echoed over the battlefield: "Noct-ooowl!"

    Although he didn't have a new attack, Benny still channeled all the power of his new shape to attack the Eevee. If that beret kid could do it, Ruben could pull it off with ease! An orange glow took off from his skin like a load of pin missile spikes, and he said, declaring, "Need a helping hand?" at which Leaf smiled when he gave Kai a low kick, who becoming particularly angry, threw the Sudowoodo against a pile with some well-aimed fury swipes. Some Vaporeon including Melody, which made Ruben look puzzled at Fred who reassured him, took up around Kai to shield him off, of which one Ruben knocked out with his strongest tackle, but not Melody. Now he really felt the adrenaline flow, gallons of it, tons... Or was it something else?

    The PoryProf rapidly studied the statistics of Ruben as a Tyrogue, so he saw that...

    Ruben clenched his fist, opened his eyes wide, and stretched out his arms and legs... His battle cry was louder, as his body became bigger and heavier. "Hitmonlee!" he said just like your regular kung fu actor.

    "I don't feel any new moves..." Ruben said.

    "Just a moment Ruben," the professor said, "I'll let Bianca forward the 'relearning' app, prepare yourself for it!"

    To be continued...

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    Episode 5: TM train! part 2

    "Re-learning moves, running..." Bianca said as she twisted her wristband.

    "Don't just stand there! Do what we came for!" Kai said.

    Ruben as a Hitmonlee quickly made a rolling kick on some Vaporeon who scribbling right back, swiftly turn into Espeon.

    "Ai-iii..." Ruben responded.

    Fred quickly jumped to beside him, and hit the Espeon with fury cutter, which became stronger and stronger after each hit. The other team members joined them as well, though along different directions and drove the Eevee into a corner. An Espeon her red jewel lit up, focusing on Kai when he grinned, and he paved the road by a faint attack on the exhausted Leaf who then collapsed as a result.

    "Leaaf!" Ruben said, and ran up to him.

    Kai and his assistants quickly used it to get away. Fred had his eyes focused on Melody, who turned into a Flareon and shot an ember at him, supposedly to cover their retreat. Fred pretended that he was badly hit, while Melody nodded and then took off like the others.

    Ben growled especially hard. Nevertheless it continued to sound Pika-cute: "What was that all about?! And why is Melody suddenly back on their side!"

    "She's going along as a spy, briefs us about everything we need to know, she saw the theft of some TM's inevitable..." Fred said as quietly as possible. "Now, most are still here..."

    "Yes," Benny said while he flew low over the heads of the others and landed at the edge of the wagon now half destroyed, "but what they're gonna do with those copies that they did managed to obtain ..."

    "Yeah, don't like that one bit..." Ruben said.

    "We could also use some extra help..." Nicolas said as he looked eagerly at some strong TM's.

    "Whoho we can't just do that..." Bianca said.

    "Pfft, they don't know how many TM's were taken by Kai and co.; so we can still..." Nicolas said.

    "I also have an idea..." Ben said.


    Two young police agents, rather interns or the like, one with orange long hair in a curly tail and with gray eyes, the other with dark green eyes and shoulder-high purple wavy hair, both in tight dark blue with light blue uniforms, were interrogating Ben and nicolas about the 'robbery'...

    "Thank you for your help in stopping those reckless thieves. Stopping the train with Jolteon and burning open the wall with Flareon, unbelievable!" the orange-haired one said.

    Ben smiled: "You're welcome."

    "Hmmm, yeah yeah..." Nicolas said squeamish.

    "Obviously it would be a privilege for the city to help you with all possible means to stop these villains," the purple haired one said.

    Nicolas was suddenly very interested.

    "What did you have in mind ... Phew!" he said when he was oh so subtly silenced by Ben with his elbow.

    "We do our best," Ben nodded.

    "May I ask why the Pokémon outfits?" the orange-haired girl said.

    "Yes, why..." the purple-haired said as she laughed out loud in the cutest way.

    "Well, um ..." Nicolas said as he put on his most charismatic look. "That's ..." he paused as he saw the warning glance from Ben. "... A secret not just anyone may know."

    "Ah? And what would the conditions be for example?" the purple-haired girl said quite curious.

    Ben pulled Nicolas along on his shadowy collar saying: "Let's go Casanova..."

    "Hey!" Nicolas said as he slipped through Ben's hand.


    High in the mountains, the Meowth had carried the last TM palettes into the cave hideout, with the help of Espeon their confusion of course. From the shadows a feline Pokemon approached silently, with the red jewel on his forehead glistening in the daylight shining through a hole in the ceiling...

    The black pointed ears of the Persian with the rest being a full beige coat, stood upright and expressed the authority of a strong Pokemon that had just become even stronger. With the build of a mountain lion, you had to take things everything but light...

    With a simple push of a button, all Eevee and Kai, changed back in their Pokeman form, with Kai having adopted a more streamlined, yet also stronger look. A Meowth asked Kai something and translated it so that the Eevee girls could understand it, as "what should we do now?" before explaining:

    "Okay good. Now that we've been able to obtain these TM's, although it's less than I would've wanted, we won't let it gather piles of dust either. But I also won't think lightly about giving them to just the first best princess wanting to try out a sparkling new move." Some of the Eevee girls were slightly offended.

    "The best amongst you will each have two or even three TM's used to perform that task even more adequately. To be able to use these attacks you will, however, really have to evolve in only one of the appropriate forms. Let us immediately get the whole set taken care off, and choose a top leader for each group. Espeon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Flareon, Glaceon, Vaporeon and Umbreon." The girls began chatting busily. "And before you start fighting among yourselves, I and my deputy Mauser here will decide. And don't monkey around, that's what the other Meowth are for."

    The Meowth grinned a bit too much for having been assigned guard duty, which made some Eevee girls raise an eyebrow.

    The first 'chosen one' was soon decided upon; the haughty Espeon that had been 'overwhelmed' by Nicolas. Her name was Ariadne, and was pretty vain and snobbish... She proudly followed one of the Meowth for her TM upgrade. An equally pompous Glaceon and Leafeon were selected shortly after her.

    "'Let's see ..." Kai said and looked up, "Melody ..."

    Melody came forward from the group and asked hesitantly, "Yes?"

    "You have proven yourself as a Flareon as well as a Vaporeon ... So the choice is up to you..." Kai said.


    "Oh yeah!" Nicolas said, clearly delighted as he felt the strength welling up from the shadow ball he had just learned.

    "A boy and his new toy ..." Benny sighed as he turned his head 180 degrees and closed his eyes.

    "Indeed," Fred added nodding.

    "Let's just hope he behaves himself a bit with that police officer," said Bianca, sounding not interested at all.

    "Some people just have all the luck," Ruben said.

    "Yes..." Leaf said as he bumped into Ruben and beckoned with its main branch in Fred's direction. He was still recovering but he remained as eerily observant as ever.

    "So ... doc, what do we do now? Wait until they rob another train?" Ben said, his teeth dripping with sarcasm.

    The Professor wass fully unaware of the undercurrent tone and formally explained: "No, I don't think they will do so for the time being. The problem is that we know little or nothing of what Kai is planning. But we know the following: he has been experimenting with Eevee's genetic code as well as the database, though I have no idea how he has become so adept in it and that army of local beauties ... is not exactly good news either... "

    The Professor turned to Fred and Ben, and said: "You have told me that that Eevee girl that came here, Melody, has taken it upon herself to function as a spy for our... mission .... But how was she going to inform us or you, may I ask?"

    "Well ..." Fred said, not so sure of himself anymore.

    Ben shrugged, and just chatted with Bianca and soon Leaf and Ruben were standing there too. Benny had just dozed off, barely noticing, partially because of his normal type, Nicolas' randomly threw around shadow balls. Bianca looked quizzical with her big blue eyes as Leaf and Ruben practiced their usual antics and Fred, who had also joined the conversation, told some unusual things about Pokémon... Ben was also very good with jokes about his dubious leadership.

    ... Not much later...

    Benny was tapping his head along with his innate rhythm, when he suddenly woke up, "Nico, memo, date with Minami, Nico, memo, date with ..."

    Note: Minami; named for the cool new female character in the new Ranger game the US name is a bit too generic... :O

    Nicolas put away the shadow ball he created as it was an apple for later and said: "Ah, my alarm clock. Memo received."

    Benny's eyes became less misty and said: "Who does what, what happened?"

    "What the..." Fred said.

    "Okay, see you guys later. Peace out," Nicolas said as he disappeared through the wall... Then swiftly came back. "Um, wristband."

    Absently, Bianca pressed her wristband for Nicolas to change into his Pokeman form.

    "Kay, ty," Nicolas said as he disappeared back through the wall.

    Not much later, the members of the group suddenly heard something.

    "Fred?" a familiar voice whispered, though it seemed different than before.

    "Melody?" Bianca asked and flew to the door while Professor. Kristof unlocked it.


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    Episode 6: The quest for power

    The door slid open and a Vaporeon jumped into the lab while gracefully dodging the machines and eventually got to the middle of the room. Bianca followed the Eeveelution.

    "Melody?" Fred asked.

    "Yes, that's me," the Vaporeon said.

    "And do you have something to report to us?" Benny said acting like a know-it-all.

    "Well, if it is important that Kai has named seven girls as leaders of each group of unspecialized Eevee, those leaders receiving move sets so that they do specialize in a certain Eeveelution and that we were given some TM gifts to accomplish that. And that Kai has evolved into a Persian. Yeah that might be sorta important. Oh, and as you can see, I am therefore the Vaporeon leader. Did you have something like that in mind?" Melody said.

    "It's a start," Benny replied laconic.

    "Aha and may I ask where the stolen TM's are now? Are there any left?" Ben said.

    "Yes, some, just in case," Melody said.

    "And their base, your base, where may it be?" Ben said.

    "I think you will agree with me that if I share with you the location of the new hideout, they'll soon suspect me and find out I betrayed them. Moreover, I only have a vague idea of where it is: it being the the issue that Kai doesn't yet completely trust his new leaders," Melody said.

    Ben paused, then said: "Well then. What's our plan then?"

    "Well," Fred said, while standing next to Melody, still as Vaporeon and Bianca stood up, "so far we have mainly tried to find out what Kai's plan is and then try to hinder it, with little to moderate success up till now."

    "Well do you have a better idea," Ben said slightly challenging him.

    "First of all, Bianca, Pokewoman form for Melody, if you will," Fred said, pointing at Bianca's wrist which she activated and Melody grew larger and became a beautiful girl, with a pleated soft yellow collar spread over her shoulders and the lower part of her neck and under it she wore a light blue T-shirt and dark blue skirt with a matching colored ridges on it. In her long dark brown (wavy) hair hung yellow with dark blue ribbons or delineated clips, which looked a lot like a Vaporeon's ears where the form was based on. She wore light blue small beach shoes under the skirt it seemed. A thin, long dark blue delineated fin ran from her head down her back. If you looked closely, you could see the finned tail semi appear in the skirt, although you had to tilt your head a bit.

    The Pokemen hadn't seen her often in her human form; they saw her once in her Eevee form, and although one time briefly in a Jolteon form and the like, Fred briefly when she was fully human, but this was the first time you also could better see her human side, now it was clear she began to form a part of the team.

    "Yeah ... What now?" Ben said.

    "And why. exactly?" Bianca said.

    "Oh, for no reason. Now, we know, well, Benny and I know that a Meowth evolves quite late compared to most of us. If I'm not mistaken ... Professor Ball?" Fred said.

    Prof. Kristof Ball summoned it onto his screen: "Level 28."

    "Right. That means that we are in serious trouble right now if we again wished to attack him, even if we all tried together. Especially with his many assistants with multiple TM's, we have to watch that we are still able to escape after we all have succumbed to quite powerful attacks. Our first objective must be to get stronger, much stronger if possible," Fred said.

    As Ruben joined the discussion he said: "I propose to head to a more northern area, because the bug Pokemon that live here, won't cut it, but that's just me."

    "Well, then it's settled. We'll move our training zone to ever more northern locations, while meanwhile, still being able to help some people," Fred said.

    "Oh yeah, I like that plan," Leaf said.

    "Uh, shouldn't we inform Nicolas or something?" Ruben said.

    "Yes. How about a few of us will wait for him to explain everything to him when he gets back, and in the mean while the rest of the group will go up ahead," Fred said.

    "Okay, then I'm already going ahead. Those who can't fly or something like might also have to go with the first group, unless someone wants to carry them," Ben said.

    "Say, I'll tag along," Ruben said.

    "Then I'm also coming," Leaf nodded.

    "I'll fly and scout ahead," Bianca said.

    "Fred, what about you?" Ben asked.

    "I'll explain the plan if that's okay," Fred said.

    "And Melody has the information..." Ben said.

    "Then I'll stay here to fly over Fred," Benny said.

    "Okay, but I hope you are not hungry for beetles during flight, because then I'll have to pass," Fred replied.

    "Well, then we'll go now, and we'll pass on our position to Professor Ball," Ben said.

    "All right. Now all we can do is wait for our little ghost boy..." Fred said.

    Nicolas' appointment with the female officer/trainee took longer than expected... Fred proposed to take a seat for a while. This enabled Benny to check out his new Noctowlman form. With a light brown gentleman's pants and a dark jacket with long wing-like sleeves, underneath a jacket in a strong brown tint, with dark brown triangles on it, he looked very classy under a dark brown hat with a beige kind of horns on it to finish it off.

    While the Professor busily typed on and stared at the screen, the three trainers sat in a row side by side with Melody in the middle as she studied the details of her skirt. Benny stretched his wings as he'd been changed back into his Pokémon form and flew to a place to feel warm nested in his jacket. Melody and Fred exchanged a few confident glances before they tried to build a simple conversation.

    "So, you, Benny, and Nicolas, I think, will go further to the north and then you'll go to the shelter of Ben and the others for the night," Melody said.

    "Um, yes, yes, I think so," Fred said.

    "But will you then go with the whole group to look for opponents, or will it be in smaller groups again like the train?" Melody said.

    "Uh, yes I hadn't thought of that. Ben will probably... We'll figure something out," Fred said.

    "Then I'll play spy in the meanwhile..." Melody asked.

    "Oh yeah, what I wanted to ask you, what moveset do you have now?" Fred said.

    "Um, yeah," Melody said as she regained her posture. "What about if I show it to you. Okay, first ...

    "Not in here if possible," Prof. Ball declared loud and clear.

    "Hehe, okay then. As a Vaporeon leader I got a complete package of TM's. I suppose the other leaders received the same. Let's go outside for it," Melody said.

    "Well, but wait. What if the lab is being watched ... How did you come this far without being noticed anyway?" Fred said.

    Melody laughed girlishly and said: "As a Vaporeon I know a trick or two in order to move unnoticed."

    Once outside, and changed back into a Vaporeon, Melody turned her deep blue eyes to the sky, and called out a rain dance. Then she shot a pulse of water on a rock as she turned around her axis while still in the air. Before it hit the rock, however, she froze the water pulse with an ice beam, after which it burst into icicles. She landed with a graceful movement back on the ground, and turned to Fred.

    "Wow," he said, "Uh, what's your fourth TM?"

    "A TM found to have been taken en masse, which Kai put to good use," Melody said.

    Curiously Fred asked: "Which one then?"

    Melody came very close looked at Fred as a Kricketune, when she saw Benny arriving while flying.

    "Nicolas is here," he said, "so if we hurry, we could still get to the others' shelter before it gets dark."

    "Well," Melody said and nodded to Fred.

    "Ah hello guys, what's up?" Nicolas asked casually as he walked through the wall.

    Fred and Melody explained everything to him and the foursome left right away.

    While Nicolas hovered in front of them and Benny flew next to him, Fred and Melody walked along the ground. After having thought hard and long about it Professor Ball had given Melody a second wristband, which she would give to one of the others when she had to return to the hideout of Kai and his henchmen. Melody studied the wristband on foot, and thought it looked kinda neat, looking a bit advanced, although it still had a simple but stylish design...

    Fred looked at his black cape-like wings for a moment, and then figured to lift off and fly like Benny and Nicolas. Melody looked saddened at how he flew up and suggested then to go back to Kai and co. to go get some more information. Fred and Benny just landed for a moment to say goodbye. She turned to them for a moment before she disappeared into the bushes. Fred temporarily took over the wristband.

    It was night and around the three trainers they could hear the sound of many species of Pokémon, among other things Kricketune and Noctowl as well, hiding in the woods.

    "Ah, yes, how did it go with the agent, Minami, wasn't it?" Fred said suddenly, recalling it just now.

    "Ah yes, very good; she'd done her hair and dress and all, and she laughed at all my jokes, so that's definitely a good sign," said Nicolas and indeed seemed to be delighted about the date with the handsome trainee with wavy purple hair.

    They finally arrived at the camp which Ben and the others had made, and Ruben and Leaf were the enthusiastic if somewhat sleepy welcoming committee.

    "They're here! Give me an H..." Ruben said.

    "Give me an R..." Leaf said and yawned out loud.

    "You get..." Ruben said.

    "Here," Leaf said.

    "Ha, my nephews," Fred said with a grin.

    "It's incredible that they're quiet for a change. I think it's bedtime for the little kids," Benny said.

    "What you..." Ruben said as he yawned very unsubtle.

    "Good to see you," Ben said as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "We need to change the guard. Bianca is already crashed, and those two, well..."

    Nicolas however felt fit as a fiddle and said: "I'll take it."

    "Dito," Benny added.

    "You guys go ahead then, I'll stay awake for now, but then it'll be enough. It's been a long day," Fred said.

    Bianca, as a Ledian, had apparently dozed off even before the onset of night, and so Ben, Leaf and Ruben had been on guard permanently untill the others came, so they were now pretty much exhausted and went to lay down on their homemade resting place. Freddy quickly cut some leaves and branches off a bush with his knife-like arms, and layed down as well.

    The next morning, Bianca was the first one up, while Nicolas and Benny were still reasonably sharp. The others however, were still sleeping. There had been no threat all night long and Nicolas pulled out his shadow ball which he had put away out of boredom. He looked for a random rock, and fired the ball upon it, after which the rock very angrily revealed itself to be a strong Geodude, who began throwing stones at Nicolas. While trying to make them go through him, he thought about as how it was that a spirit could be hit by stone attacks.

    "Do you take me for a rock!" the Geodude yelled, "I will take you for a cloud then, here!" as he threw more stones he picked up from the slope on which he'd been sleeping.

    "Hey," Nicolas said as he dodged a rock, "I didn't intend to do that, man, but now we're at it, let's make this into a fight!" he went on as he used a confuse ray.

    The Geodude was hit in the full and that made him even angrier which made him catapult the rocks through the air landing just besides some of the others, making Ruben and Leaf jump up confused and say: "Who wha what, what's happening?"

    The Geodude launched a magnitude of a relatively small strength, which of course didn't do anything to Nicolas as a Gastly, but which more than shook Ben and thoroughly damaged him as well.

    "What in thunder's name is going on here?!" Ben said.

    "Wait wait, I'll handle it," Nicolas said as he used a sucker punch on the Geodude.

    The Geodude had enough of the whole ordeal, and used self-destruct, after which he disappeared among the rocks. Nicolas obviously hadn't noticed, but the same thing couldn't be said for Leaf, who'd caught most of the blow for the others.

    "Sudo... woodooo..." Leaf uttered.

    "Eehw ... Can the morning bell next morning be a little more sweet words and a little less ground shaking?" Fred said.

    "Uh, sorry..." Nicolas said as he looked at Bianca facing down, although she wasn't hit as a Ledian, then sighed, "I'll go look around the neighborhood."

    Somewhat feeling down, he hovered high in the sky over the rocky hills that were a large part of the surrounding area, not really looking for something. He suddenly noticed a group of Machop and he promptly took up the idea to challenge them. The Machop looked up, confused, but always felt like fighting, and they tried to defeat him one by one. They all failed, but thanked him for a good fight.

    Back at the camp, Melody as a Vaporeon seemed to come out of thin air, with important information.

    "Kai is back up to something, and it seems that he doesn't want to gather starting stuff or anything, but is planning something big and far more dangerous. But, besides for his lieutenant Mauser, he's upholding upmost secrecy," Melody said.

    "Well, then we got to get Mauser. Is it a Pokeman or..." Fred said.

    "No, just an ordinary Meowth, but stronger than most of his gang. I think he also received one or two TM's," Melody said.

    "Ah, okay. Uh, what should we do then?" Ben asked.

    While the others were discussing, Fred asked Melody what her fourth move was again when she interrupted him to tell the others: "We don't have time for this, you have to 'find out' what his next operation is as quickly as possible," whereby she referred to her spy status and gave them directions to get there, so as not to give the impression that they already know too much about a normally top-secret mission ... Nicolas arrived back in the camp and asked, "Sooo, what did I miss?"
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    Episode 7: The evil's clutches

    The Pokemen were heading for an abandoned mine deeper into the mountains where Kai was reportedly planning something ... Melody had already returned there to avoid suspicion and thus the seven trainers were climbing up the mountain to reach the hard to access entrance of the mine. Bianca, Benny, Fred and Nicolas of course didn't experience a lot of trouble flying or floating up, but it was lot harder for Ben, Leaf and Ruben.

    "And, quick attack!" Ben said as he quickly leaped up the mountain wall, but soon lost his momentum. "Can't just some of you guys carry us up?"

    "Sure, if you just slightly forgot I can barely fly myself up with these little wings, as can Bianca..." Fred said.

    "Hey, what exactly are you supposing I weigh?!" Bianca said.

    "Eh eh, nothing, nothing, it's just, with bugs..." Fred said as he quickly focused on what he was trying to say, "if you just forgot that Nicolas has no hands, and Leaf weighs a ton, yeah, then we can help all of you up."

    "Maybe we," Ruben said as he was still panting as he continued climbing up, "should've taken the rock climb TM."

    "No way, that move is completely useless." Ben said.

    Ruben raised his eyebrow and looked at the almost vertical rock wall they were trying to cling onto.

    "Oh yeah?" he said.

    Ben growled: "Pikaa..."

    "You guys go on ahead, I'll be fine," Leaf said.

    "No Leaf, if we go, we all go. Come to think of it, if I just give you a little push..." Ruben said as he laughed a bit too evily.

    "With a brick break probably... No thanks," Leaf said.

    "Or..." Ruben said, as he looked up the rocky wall. He suddenly kicked into it with his foot and created a little crevace.

    "What are you doing?" Ben asked in surprise. Then Ruben made another hole in the wall and stuck his foot in the first.

    "Leaf, use copycat on my double kick to dig out my holes in the rock so you can stand in them too."

    "Wh-okay," the Sudowoodo said and followed after Ruben with said double kick. Ben jumped from one hole into the other, untill Benny offered: "Need a lift?"

    Once everyone got up to the entrance they teamed up again and went inside. Benny and Nicolas already noticed however, that there were already Pokémon standing guard just inside the mine.

    "Ah, finally my singing talents can come in handy," Fred said and did warn: "Maybe you want to cover your ears."

    The others did so and went to stand behind him. While he had his knifelike arms held folded over his chest, he used sing and the song resembled beautiful violins, safe for a few false notes.

    Soon some Meowth and Eevee fell out of dark spaces hidden in the wall. Ruben glanced around the corner and signaled the coast was clear. As they descended into the mine, they saw several Eevee and Meowth in the gaps that were still snoring and some Meowth purring as they layed on the heads of the Eevee. Those wouldn't be that happy when they woke up ... The Eevee that is...

    While Nicolas went ahead and continued looking for guards hidden in the walls, the tunnel began to split into several more shafts, at which the PoryProf's hologram suddenly appeared to be quite helpful, by consistently pointing out one of the corridors. Being a bit surprised about it, but like always trusting the nose again literally and figuratively of the Professor, they descended deeper and deeper into the mountain...

    A shock wave surprised them, and they began walking quicker to find out where it came from. They arrived in a much larger area than first with a giant solitary column placed in the center where nearly all the other Eevee and Meowth were busy digging in the rocks. But digging for what and why?

    "Be very careful if you touch something 'wrong', the change will be permanent, remember that," the snobby Espeon leader said.

    Fred looked for Melody as a Vaporeon, but his eye fell on a Persian who was standing in front of a Rhyhorn. He motioned to the others, and they crept as close as possible to pick up the conversation...

    "... not again. We don't follow orders from a small cat Pokémon. If you need more digging power, I suggest you first grow a little," the Rhyhorn's leader said as he let out a roaring laugh.

    "I only offer you a chance to join a strong might, a strong herd. But if you need to be convinced of that, I'll beat you in a fight," Kai said.

    "Hmph, try all you want," the Rhyhorn leader replied.

    The Rhyhorn stormed forward to step Kai flat with a stomp, at which he however sent the Rhyhorn rearing up with a dark pulse, so he could quickly dodge the bulldozer feet and then hit hard with a shadow claw against the rhino-like Pokemon's head, which forced it back. Kai jumped to just behind his neck and then used his power gem from that position on the top plate of the Rhyhorn, after which it quickly surrendered itself.

    The Rhyhorn leader shook his head wildly but exhausted and asked: "W, why didn't you floor me, strange Persian?"

    Kai chuckled: "Because I still need you for our mining operation, as I said earlier. So?"

    The Rhyhorn leader shook his head, but his humble pose gave away his admittance of his opponent's strength. Kai pointed to the Espeon leader which urged the Rhyhorn to start digging their heads and horns in the walls, replacing the Eevee who had tried to weaken it as Glaceon, with average success.

    Ruben still wondered what they were digging for and what made it so important that Melody had sent them here. One of the Rhyhorn suddenly pointed his horn to a red earth layer, which glistened in the light of a few Flareon's flames. The Espeon shook her head, and called for further digging.

    "Do you know what it is?" Ruben asked Fred.

    "Let's see..." Fred said as he closely observed the red layer, "Could it be, a sun stone layer?"

    "For Bellosom or the like?" Ben asked.

    Benny nodded: "Indeed."

    "But it's not exactly the thing they are looking for. But then what is?" Bianca said.

    "Hmn..." Fred said.

    "Whatever it is, we should stop Kai from finding it if I understood Melody correctly. So, we need a plan," Ben said.

    A Leafeon quickly came running into the mining site, and yelled out, forgetting all caution: "Kai! Master Kai! All Meowth and Eevee who were standing guard at the entrance are sleeping like Snorlax!"

    "What!" Kai said and grinded his teeth at the same time, "then we got tresspassers! Find them, hunt 'em down, bring them to me so I can personally lock them in a shaft and bring it down on them! Go!"

    The Eevee and Meowth scattered immediately and right then Fred noticed Melody who tried to be the first to check every hole or rock, to ensure the Pokémen would have a safe spot. In the meanwhile they also tried to find a solution themselves.

    Nicolas prepared his hypnosis and confuse ray, and Fred his sing attack, while Benny came up with his own hypnosis. But that was only to delay them a bit as soon as they were discovered and because a bunch of Eevee and Meowth all falling asleep at a certain place would quickly draw suspicion. Nicolas leaped into the rock wall without making a sound, and popped out somewhere else, to neutralize the Eeveelution leaders one by one and also confusing the other mooks about where the Pokémen were hiding.

    Kai discovered his little trick and hit the rock with a shadow claw, after which Nicolas leaped out of the rock and returned with a sucker punch. The others used the distraction, which prompted most mooks to abandon their search tasks and group together around Nicolas, as Ben led the group away from the fight. Melody looked behind her as one of the few, and saw how he ran towards the Rhyhorn.

    "Quick, run away, Kai can't do anything anymore to you," Ben said.

    "We were born and raised in these caves, we can't just leave it. Although we're going to take your offer to seek other places," the Rhyhorn leader said as he bowed his head in gratitude. "We'll go deeper into the ground, and they'll never find us. Thank your ghost friend from the others and me, and I hope he survives that crowd. Goodbye."

    Rhyhorn gestured to the others, and led them to a small corridor, which he just made.

    "Hmm, aah!" Kai shouted as he fired a dark pulse at Nicolas, which he easily dodged because of the confuse ray he'd already confused him with. Kai growled furiously, and let out a screech in rage at Nicolas, who felt absolutely nothing from it.

    "Hehehe, frustrating, isn't it?" Nicolas said before he saw the Espeon leader, craving for revenge. Nicolas reacted quickly, and fired a shadow ball at her, before using another sucker punch to... It seemed as if the light flickered in the 'room' for a moment, although nothing was wrong with the Flareon at wich the shadows of everyone changed into more pointed and unearthly distorted versions of themselves for a moment.

    Nicolas blinked, as the mist from which he was made was suspended in front of him, and darkened with the milliseconds. His eyes became longer and more angular, and his mouth formed into an insidious, more predatory grin and for the first time he squeezed his four-pointed claws

    Or was it three?

    which were floating in thin air in front of him, dark as the shadows from which they were born.

    "Hahaha-Haunter, Haun'!" Nicolas said, already darkly smiling with the pins on the side of his head moving sinisterly up and down and he used multiple shadow punches an attack he had just received as he 'd evolved at the Glaceon, Jolteon, Vaporeon standing around him, who quickly changed back into Eevee to render ghost attacks useless.

    One of them squeezed her eyes for a bit as she turned back and bent her leg for a moment...

    Nicolas the Haunter quickly ducked back into the wall, while Kai ran to him with a shadow claw. The attack revealed a gold mine, but not so much nuggets, as more of a turquoise layer, of which a rich vein was exposed.

    "Water Stone," Kai said and called, "Vamp ... Melody, come over here!"

    Melody pushed back some Glaceon and Espeon, and Kai took out a fragment from the vein which he placed on her forehead. There was a white and brown glow about her and when the light was cleared the stone had fell into small pieces, desintegrated.

    Melody looked at Kai in surprise, who said: "For your good work. Now, find other veins and make sure others stay away from them, understand?"

    "Uh, yes, sir Kai," Melody said, while Kai leaped over her towards the Pokémen. "And whatever concerns the seven of you," he said as Nicolas came from the wall and returned besides the others while floating, "just show them the exit, immediately."

    The Meowth leaped forward first, closely followed by Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon, at which Ben wisely said: "We'll come back later."

    They flew, walked, floated out of the cave in a blinding speed through the many corridors and ran into even more problems when they approached the entrance. "What you, get off of me you mutt!" one of the Eevee who had just woken up cried and whom had thrown off the Meowth that had been lying on her/them.

    "Hey, there're the trainers, stop them!" another Meowth shouted, and the teens couldn't be fast enough to get out of there. Once they were outside of Kais' gang's range, they panted against some rocks, exhausted, on higher ground.

    "Well, that went smooth as butter," Fred snarked.

    Leaf answered delighted: "Have you brought sandwiches?"

    "... ... ..." Ben could only respond. "In any case, we have to stop them before they reveal even more veins, because uh, well..."

    "I would leave it, see what happens," Nicolas said.

    "Yes, I agree," Fred said.

    "Eh yeah, well, then, we'll set up camp here, but we'd like to keep an eye on them. Nicolas?" Ben said.
    Nicolas posed as a pseudo bodybuilder and said: "Oh and that I will."

    The bodybuilder pose looked rather odd, not only because of the total lack of muscles, but also how the floating severed hands were floating on both sides of his head. He then took off for his mission, while Bianca eyed after him.

    Night fell, and the mine was more successful, with thunder rocks layers, leaf stones accumulations, and fire rock veins. Both the Flareon- and Jolteon leader their evolution was made permanent. Kai managed to escape through a secret passage with all of his gang unnoticed, so the Pokémen could, through the help of Nicolas study the now empty mine.

    They could clearly see where the five layers had been discovered and excavated, but found no traces of any other operations they might have been working on. Ben looked up to the thunder stone layer and clearly seemed conflicted. The others were preparing to move along, when Ben beckoned for Bianca to come closer. He asked her to smash out some pieces from the vein for safekeeping, which she did with an array of comet punches.

    Once back outside the trainers didn't quite know where to go next, and they decided to just head back to their camp. They made plans for an intensive training. Now the last of their members had undergone their level-type evolution, they were stronger than ever, and they had to make themselves even stronger. First they had to see who were the best training partners, so as to become stronger even quicker. Ruben immediately suggested to practice his kicks with rock slides from Leaf, a move as a gift from the city for stopping the train robbery and immediately went into it. Benny offered to train with Fred, and Ben was interested in practicing his attacks in between the others as a sort of obstacle course.

    "Wait, then only Nicolas and Bianca are left. Okay, that's quite good actually; then you can defend and attack with light screen and reflect," Fred said.

    "Yes, well..." Bianca said.

    The next morning...

    Ruben and Leaf were up early with Leaf throwing a barrage of rocks, while Ruben let loose a rolling kick, a double kick, a brick break and even a revenge on it. The Professor had also arranged a relearning wave for Leaf and Benny, respectively, and now they tried their wood hammer and sky attack. The latter proved Benny especially harder to handle for Fred than the day before and on top of that he had the steel wing of the TM train at his disposal.

    Fred gradually began thinking of getting a TM of his own. What he was more worried about, was that he... they hadn't heard anything from Melody yet.

    Nicolas aimed a few sucker punches at Bianca which she gracefully dodged, and made the third fail by conjuring up a reflect through which Nicolas drove a shadow ball without a problem, at which Bianca quickly made a light screen. She hit his side with a newly learned silver wind, which hit hard and then he hit her with plenty of hypnosises, so she descended to the ground and decided a nice nap would do.

    Nicolas chuckled when Ben suddenly did a quick attack over his head, did a double team tricking both Robin and Leaf and Fred and Benny, before he countered Ruben's brick break with a slam.

    "Oh yeah," Ben said as eh touched the ground again, "That's what I call a workout!"

    Prof. Kristof Bal appeared as a hologram and said: "May I have your attention?"

    Everyone looked at the white wristband on Bianca's top paw...

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    Episode 8: The Slugma man and the ghastly business

    "What's up doc?" Fred asked.

    "That, was my line..." Ben said.

    Prof. Kristof Ball continued: "There've been reports of exceptionally strong human-sized Pokémon in multiple locations, pretty far from where you are. You have to investigate immediately and I'll sent the locations to you later."

    Just like that, the Professor broke off the link and the trainers looked at each other for a moment, before Ben took charge: "Well, we should do everything to help the people."

    "And how will we do that? We can't take them on one by one; they could be long gone before we reach the next one," Fred said.

    "Well how about we split in groups of two? Just to mash it up, how about Bianca and me team up, Ruben and Nicolas, Leaf and Benny and... Fred and Melody?" Ben said.

    The others nodded in agreement, although Leaf and Ruben felt a bit mixed about joining someone other than each other or Fred... Just then, Bianca received the coordinates of three currently known locations and Ben quickly assigned his duo, Nicolas's and Benny's to them. Fred was told to wait for Melody to report and join him for a possible fourth or fifth location.

    He silently obliged...


    Bianca and Ben headed out to a hot spring, where one of the human-like Pokémon had been reported, which they found almost immediately; it was pretty close and only a bit higher up in the mountains.

    "Ah, look at this! Isn't this a pleasant mission? This makes me remember the time I went to Lavaridge to enjoy the spa's there, oh and when I went to Three Island, or was it One Island? I don't remember. Anyways..." Ben rattled on enthusiastically.

    Bianca was usually quiet when they were gathered as a group and preferred to remain mysterious.

    But Ben's unmistakable charm made even her light up and listen to his many adventures...

    "I didn't go there as much to heal my Pokémon, all and all with all the Pokémon centers nearby and my trusty Fearow on my belt, but more for the local beauties attending it..." Ben said with a mischievous grin.

    Local beauties... That made Bianca remember that pageant Kai set up to create his Eevee girl army, greatly putting them in an disadvantage in the process. Particularly Fred and Nicolas had helped her get up after she narrowly escaped a second transformation. She wondered if...

    "So are you joining?" the Pikachu dude asked, already relaxing in a small pit filled up with rain water and then connected to the main 'bath'. Small clouds of steam were wafting over the natural jacuzzi, perfectly fitted for two...

    "Eh well I dunno, will our Pokémon halves be able to cope with the heat?" Bianca asked nervously.

    "Relaaax, we'll only rest for a little while and besides, I know you want to come in," Ben said which made Bianca forget her worries, at least for a while. She'd already changed into her Pokéwoman form, probably because Ben already had taken the liberty of changing it for the both of them on her wristband. She descended into the water and instantly felt a warm feeling going through her, soothing her troubled mind.

    "Well, you see what a hot spa and a hot g..." Ben said, before looking up, hearing something rumble...

    "Well well well, look how the top-class Pokémen are taking a nice little break... I'm afraid I'll have to interrupt you, quite, BRUTELY!" a mysterious voice yelled before hitting Ben with a boiling jet of water seemingly coming out of the blue, or better yet, the fog...

    "Agh, my arm, that's way too hot!" Ben yelled, holding his other arm on the burned spot.

    "Are you alright..." Bianca asked, before calling out, "Show yourself!" after which she let loose a silver wind. It blew off the steam above the hot springs, revealing an orange blob, although it had yellow eyes and blue-colored pieces added in, not looking like the cooled magma it should be made of. It was a Slugma, who was smiling quite evily.

    "I take it you're the human-like Pokémon we're looking for?" Bianca asked, while Ben tended to his arm.

    "Right you are; your search ends here, in more than one way..." the Slugma said, while concentrating on the smooth bed rock of the springs.

    In less than the blink of an eye, he made huge stones jump out of it and fly towards the twosome, who struggled to get out of the 'jacuzzi'. Bianca narrowly dodged it, while Ben used a weak quick attack to evade one, before it delved itself into a wall. Bianca very well knew her skirt-part of her yellow 'dress' was more insectoid than really some type of clothes, but she still looked strangely at it being all wet, before turning her and Ben back into their Pokémon forms. She tried to take off into the air, but struggled as her wings had been under water along with her 'jacket'.

    "Hey boil-baron, you think you can trump us? Think again," Ben said, holding up his paw in a very heroic manner and subsequently let loose a newly-learned thunderbolt. The strongly powered ball of electricity rapidly charged into the Slugma (no pun intended), which did quite some damage. The Slugma however made a golden glow emanate from his eyes, surging through his steaming hot body and healing any damage he'd taken.

    "Cheater," Ben said to which Bianca shook her head.

    The Slugma let loose yet another trick and shot out a flame burst, its heat alone evaporating all the water in the baths as it raced across the springs. Ben quick attacked over to the target: Bianca. Being a bug type...

    "You'll be scorched!" the Slugma roared while continuing his huge blast of flames.

    Ben jumped in front of her and took a huge part of the blow only being able to defend himself with a thunderbolt that he made to shield himself. He fell to the ground, experiencing the pains of the burn the boiled water had caused.

    The flare burst also caused a small heat dispersion affecting Bianca. She could possibly hit the Slugma slightly with her mach punch, but it would get her eye to eye with the strangely patterned fire Pokémon... She erected a small wall of light screens and reflects to weaken the blows from another ancient power attack the Slugma launched while she checked Ben and his wounds. She quickly checked for any potions, but as a Pokémon, she couldn't count on that... But wait a minute, the healing hot springs...

    While the Slugma crept closer, Bianca slowly pushed Ben into the hot pit, him growling out in pain as she did, being subjected to yet another rush of hot water, but he was too weak to protest. The Slugma suddenly immersed itself into a white light as Bianca's shields began to weaken and she held up her guard, quickly trying to renew her reflects and light screens.

    From the white light the Slugma appeared as the human-like appearance people had noticed around the hot springs, resembling the original Pokémen almost perfectly, safe for the orange tough skin that covered his face. He wore a seemingly normal orange robe with blue spots and lines as well as dark blue shoulder pads, adding as a flaming crown, almost combed back as slightly spiky hair. His big yellow eyes menacingly eyed at Bianca when he suddenly chuckled: "Giving up little bug?"

    "Don't quite think so," Bianca said while hiding Ben from him. She lunged forward with a mach punch, at which the Slugma man quickly changed back into his normal form. The attack made contact but as Bianca feared, the Slugma struck back with another flame burst which crisped one of Bianca's wings, dropping her onto the ground.

    "Boil-baron, you're toast!" Ben yelled, quick attacking over Bianca and slamming himself into the Slugma.

    It angrily summoned an ancient power, to which Ben double-teamed up on him. In a flash, he'd appeared from his doubles and struck Slugma with a thunderbolt, narrowly avoiding his flame body. The Slugma angrily dived into a small hole in a spring pit and shaped itself up untill it could get through...

    "I'll be back," it muttered, his threatening voice echoing in the caverns...

    Ben turned to check Bianca.

    "Are you okay?" he asked.

    "Yeah sure, I'm alright... But we should report to Prof. Ball and the others, fast..." Bianca said, while touching her severely singed wing...

    The twosome hurried themselves to report back...


    At the same time, the others were fighting as well against strong new opponents, but they had no idea what Kai was exactly up to...

    "The Pokémen will soon reach the test subjects. The other Meowth will report back their activities this evening..." lieutenant Mauser told Kai.

    "Very well very well, we'll see how they'll do... Soon, my plan will come to full fruition... And then... Nhahahahaaa!!" Kai exclaimed maniacally.

    "Forgive me your greatness for interrupting you but... What is our plan? What will we do when the Pokémen are out of the way?" Mauser hesitantly asked.

    "Patience my trusted top cat, our army's gathering, under your strong command and it will be unbeatable, certainly with my modifications..." Kai assured his second in command. "Now please leave me alone to think for a moment... You handle the permanent transformations, if you will..."

    "Very well sir..."

    "Are you sure we're going the right way?" Ruben wanted to know.

    "Of course I do, I'm a ghost remember," Nicolas said proudly.

    What do all ghosts have GPS suddenly, Ruben muttered under his breath. He twisted the wristband on his hand for a moment, of which there were now four for each duo so they would be able to switch forms while still being far apart... He checked the coordinates again with where they were headed and surprisingly came to the conclusion the annoying Haunter was going in the right direction after all... Would ghosts be able to trace some hot chicks as well, he wondered...

    Well we can read minds if we get inside our victims' heads... Wait what?

    "Get out of my head!" Ruben yelled and struggled to free himself. He tried to use a revenge, but that didn't do anything to the ghost Pokémon.

    "Alright alright, I'll leave you alone, just trying to have some fun you know," Nicolas chuckled and suddenly declared, "I found it."

    "Found what? Are we there already?" Ruben asked.

    "Yeah, that as well," Nicolas muttered.

    From the bushes a dark pink-haired girl dressed in a beautiful green kimono with two yellow lines on the skirt, with white sleeves with purple and black stripes at the tips, as well as on her shoulders, with pink thigh-high stockings in the her hair's same shade, turning completely black up to the highest points. Under it she wore a same-green colored shirt with a black top, with white small shoes to top it off. All in all, she looked like a normal girl about Nicolas' age, besides the green and pink lines running down her cheeks for some odd reason... Ruben brushed his hair, which was its normal blonde color and style while in his Pokéman form, as much as he could and said: "Why hello there, milady..."

    Her dark brown eyes focused on the young boy, while her blacklined eyelashes went down and back up and in the blink of an eye, she changed into her true Pokémon form, a Xatu, before using a tailwind to knock Ruben of his feet.

    Nicolas chuckled as the wind only spread out his back hairs, being more solid than in his Gastly form. He prepared a shadow ball to finish off the psychic type quick and swiftly. However, a strange gust wipped up and envelopped the female Xatu, at which she created a blue-white sphere in front of her, which flashed on and off and changed into a bigger and stronger shadow ball, crossing paths with Nicolas' attack, cancelling it out and still hitting him with the resultant waves, the attack being stronger because of the me first. Nicolas felt the damage of the attack quite hard, being weak to it.

    "You little pinkhead!" he yelled in anger and used a hypnosis, after which the Xatu smiled quite girlishly and consequently disappeared into thin air.

    "Where did she go?" Ruben said, looking around cautiously, being weak to any flying or psychic attack the 'hot' Xatu chick could deal out.

    "She's a teleporter. Great..." Nicolas said, thinking back of how a teleportingAlakazam had given his Gengar quite the hard time, despite it being at a serious advantage...

    "Come on, attack us and get it over with!" Nicolas snarled, preparing an attack.

    The female Xatu, still not having said a word, lunged and used me first, with the blue-white sphere lighting up under her wing while she hid in a tree. She trust forward, only to realise Nicolas hadn't used his shadow punch or anything like that. The blue-white sphere shrunk, which took Ruben's attention.

    "Up there!" he yelled and pointed with his foot.

    Nicolas eyed the Xatu and froze her in place, just for an instant, as his hypnosis hit its target and put the Xatu to sleep, making it fall on the floor as a result... Nicolas and Ruben moved in to be the first to faint her, but she came with a nasty surprise... Slower than normal, she teleported away and after a few seconds, she emerged from the other side of the woods hitting Ruben hard with a Psychic, severely weakening him.

    Nicolas tried to hit first with a shadow punch, disappearing in an instant and knocking the girl of her feet, or well, paws or something. She hurriedly got up and hit back with a psychic, which Nicolas only narrowly avoided. Ruben was pretty much out cold; if he'd attack now, there was no way they could escape... But the female Xatu was low on health too... So was Nicolas... If he attacked first, she'd hit him back almost twice as hard. But if she attacked first, he could only deflect her attack... It was a stand-off with seemingly no conclusion as to who would win.

    The Xatu girl launched another psychic, her dark brown eyes glowing dark threatening blue. Nicolas created an unusually large shadow ball in front of him and prepared for the impact. A flash of blue passed past him, before he realized he wasn't the target, but...

    Ruben became envelopped by the attack, being tossed around a bit, before succumbing to the mental pressures and fainting...
    "Ruben!!!" Nicolas called out, before the Xatu created a star-shaped object in front of her...

    To be continued...

    Many thanks to photobucket and whoever made that Xatu girl first, because there seem to be a lot in everyone's albums... I thought she was so extraordinary, as well as the Pokémon clothes and styles, I thought I'd honor her, sorta. That being said, all the humans dressed like Pokémon have been a prime inspiration for me. No, I didn't come up with the idea first sadly

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    Episode 9: More ghastly business and the yellow hero

    "What kind of a Pokéwoman are you?!" Nicolas exclaimed in frustration.

    "We are former Pokémon, transformed the other way around, in order to create more powerful modified Pokémen. I guess you could call us, the Retroments," the Xatu replied, letting out an ear-piercing squawk.
    "So what, you can you use some competitive moves. I've been the all-time champion for years. Nobody can defeat me!" Nicolas yelled proudly.
    "That's not one of my modifications..." the Xatu said mysteriously.
    "What is?" Nicolas asked.
    "You'll learn soon enough, but for now, I'll just pound you now my newly-learned wish has healed me!" the female Xatu said as the star descended bacl onto her and brought back her health, as she'd claimed.

    She hit him with a psychic, which he avoided by escaping into a shadow punch. When he reached the place she'd been proudly defying him, she'd vanished...
    "Wrrrrh..." Nicolas growled ghostly.

    He checked up on Ruben, who was still unconscious. Grrrr, he had to get him out of here, as well as chase that Xatu but... He turned on the wristband and called: "Professor, doc, are you there?"
    "Yes Mr. Draken, how is your mission going?" Prof. Ball asked.
    "Bad, Ruben's fainted and I'm not doing that well myself. What now?" Nicolas asked, gasping for air, despite being a ghost.
    "Hmn... Just a moment; I'll attempt a double trade..." Prof. Ball said, Nicolas thinking the doc's already distracted, at a time like this.
    "A what, wait doc?" Nicolas said, confused.
    A white light, almost as bright as the initial transformation that started all this, took the two Pokémon in and transported them across the digital link. They crossed paths with a Ledian and a Pikachu and then Nicolas realised they weren't travelling to the lab: they were switching places!

    They landed right in some hot springs, where the Retroment had fled it seemed. Nicolas nudged Ruben to slide into the hot pit and followed after him. But if they were now here, that ment Bianca and Ben...

    "I feel healed and pretty much okay, but I don't know how long we can take this up. We already took a heavy beating..." Ben said, rolling his shoulder to see how fit he was. He wasn't really fit it turned out.
    "Same here," Bianca said, as she touched her charred wing, as if it was her arm having large burn marks across it...
    "Know, Prof. Ball said the human Pokémon should still be around: Teleport is usually only used to transport oneself to a safe distance. So, if we can track it, we can catch it," Ben reasoned.
    "Okay, I'll try to contact Ruben and ehm, Nicolas to get some intel on it..." Bianca said and checked her wristband.
    "Be on your guard, you got company. This duo already drove off Kilcs. Prove your worth by doing what he couldn't," a voice said through the white wristband the Xatu girl had on her thin elegant wrist.
    "Very well sir," the Xatu said with a sugary voice, sweet as cotton candy, quite the opposite of her barking before.

    "Ben, look at this," Bianca said, gesturing to come look.

    Her wristband showed the possible moves the 'Xatu girl' knew and how it had fared against Nicolas with serious tactics, but above all sheer power...
    "Well, let's see how well it fares against my thunderbolt, hmpf," Ben proclaimed, as fired up as above normal.
    "Yeah, but my wing, not to mention my type..." Bianca worried.
    "Then we'll switch you, no prob'," Ben said, with a bit of harsh tone.
    "Jee thanks. Anyway, let's go," Bianca said.

    She pulled up the Professor's Porygon hologram, which pointed them to the west, indicating the presence of a Pokéman's wristband... A gust took off and steadily blew in their direction. Bianca could float a little bit in it with one and a half 'a wing, but not that much really. Nighttime was beginning to set in and she felt herself growing tired, her heavy daily dealings getting the best of her and messing up her internal clock...
    "Come out little bird. We'll be nice if you behave," Ben said, cutely winking like only Pikachu's could.

    A girl with a ravishing green kimono and dark pink stockings appeared from a treetop and calmly walked to Ben, who warily approached her, still in his Pikachu form. Her beautiful pink hair waved around her in the air like feathers and just barely could hide her astonishing beauty. She gracefully came eye to eye with him.
    "Oh thank you strong Pikachu. If I go with you peacefully, will you not harm me?" she asked, winking cutely as well.
    "Eh why sure..." Ben said and gestured for Bianca to change him back. She obliged, although angrily eyeing the Xatu girl... In his Pokéman form, his natural good looks and unsurpassable charms made such an impression on her that the Xatu girl couldn't help but giggle. Ben held her hand, making Bianca blow up with jealousy. But as Ben turned around, the Xatu girl hit him hard in his back with her dark pink stockings and above all her small white shoes, knocking him over. She quickly changed back to her Pokémon form and used her psychic abilities to quickly toss the casanova or don juan out of the way to face the all-bloated up Ledian who was barely succeeding in hovering in the air.
    "I guess it's a girl fight, isn't it?" the Xatu yelped, teasing her opponent.
    "Fine. But before we battle, you know you're at a disadvantage with your moveset; you don't have flying attacks and I'm more than prepared for your silly little psychic," Bianca jabbed back.
    "Contrary to your bubblehead, I've been given an extraordinary mind, amplified through my pyschic abilities. You could call me, A.A., Above Alakazam level. Which means I can remember every move I've ever learned simply because of my memory... For example," the Xatu said and before Bianca had time to react, Xatu sent out a thunder wave, paralyzing every part of Bianca's body, including her wings, dropping her on the ground as a result.
    "With that mind, I can develop strategies and being a Xatu, I can predict your next move... and turn it against you. But anyway, if you'd lie still for a moment, I'm gonna take your picture..." the female A.A. Xatu continued.

    She released a flash, temporarily blinding Bianca, before launching a hyper beam, without any room for her to move. Bianca widened her big blue eyes and got hit full on, feeling weaker and weaker. If she could've just gotten a break, than she wouldn't be so tired when the night was falling in... The A.A. Xatu had to recharge, but her paralysis worked against her. She struggled, but she got up and used a silver wind, but it narrowly missed, although the Xatu was only ten feet away.
    "I can see your future as well as mine, but that doesn't I'm taking risks with it. You can thank TM 70 (Flash) for your inaccuracy. Now, let's fire up another hyper beam..." the A.A. Xatu said cruelly, determined to continue the ruthless attack.
    Bianca twitched as the paralysis tried to stop her from moving, but she bit through and quickly rolled to the side, into a ditch, barely avoiding the attack. She didn't see that coming now did she... Bianca glanced Ben, who'd gotten up, with a glimmer in his eyes, destined to end this. She got hope again, but carefully eyed the Xatu. Her foe crept closer and picked up a gust to attain flight, thanks to the tailwind without a doubt. It prepared an aerial ace and launched it at the little bug Pokémon. It quickly used reflects and lightscreens to weaken the blow, at which Bianca distanced herself with the speed of a mach punch: time for a yellow surprise. Ben flung a thunderbolt towards A.A., who was too busy to notice as she eyed Bianca.
    Suddenly, Bianca got lifted up in the air, flapping her wings in distress but doing pretty much nothing as she was flung towards the especially evil looking Xatu, who used her as a living shield for the thunderbolt. Bianca yelled out, more in anger than in pain, after which the psychic bird carelessly dropped her.
    "Bianca!" Ben yelled out after he'd shaken his head in utter confusion. "Quickly make the switch with Nicolas!"
    "But..." Bianca said as her head made a stir because of the now complete paralysis, surging across her chest. A.A., who made her bragging become a horrifying reality, had done what she stuck around for and even changed back into her drop-dead gorgeous self. Pun intended.
    "I'll go after her, hurry!" Ben yelled.
    Bianca flicked the wristband, wasted no time asking Nicolas' permission and made the 'trade'. As she passed by him, she thought she saw... His stats, his HP he had... She instantly flew by his image and landed in the hot spa, for the second time that day, right next to Ruben, who was happily napping, tired from the long day. Little fellow, she thought, although his Pokémon form was actually larger...

    "A man's job is never done... before his nap. I was napping Ben, couldn't you at least..." Nicolas said, before realizing he wasn't there. He had Ruben's wristband strapped around his claw, so Prof. Ball could help him track Ben as well as the Xatu girl... And thus, he contacted the doc.

    The little hologram was steadily pointing to one direction, when Prof. Ball suddenly said, "Stop."
    "What's the matter Professor?" Nicolas asked.
    "We lost him. We'll just have to wait till he returns..." Prof. Ball sighed.
    "So, I'll join Bianca and Ruben?" Nicolas proposed.
    "Very well, you do that. I'll send you the coordinates..." the doc said.


    "Melody, have you returned from your escorting mission?" lieutenant Mauser asked.
    "Eh yes lieutenant Mauser," Melody said nodding.
    "No problems with Miss Vaniya's permanent Glaceon evolution?" Mauser replied.
    "Eh no, everything went smoothly. It seems those pesky Pokémen got the message," Melody buttered up.
    "Perhaps. But they're getting stronger. That's why we've decided, sir Kai and myself, to keep training in the base instead of exposing our army to any risks," Mauser said, like he was reading an announcement.
    "But (I have to)... Yes lieutenant Mauser. Of course. But what about the permanent evolution missions? Farely and Brianna still have to go, at least they told me..." Melody asked.
    "Brianna will handle hers tonight and as for Farely... That's another matter. Now if you excuse me, I have to go report back..."

    Melody nodded once more and let the Meowth pass. He and Kai had been working in closed quarters since the TM train and the mine expedition. If they weren't suspecting there was a mole, they were trying to ensure one wouldn't be able to leak a thing. That could be a real problem if Kai was carrying out the grand plan he had been seeming to scheme... But wait who was...

    "I'd like to speak to master Kai," a Xatu declared to a Meowth standing on guard in front of the cavern that was Kai's private quarters.
    "Well I don't know if... What is a Xatu doing here anyway? Guards!" the Meowth yelled.
    "Bring her in," it echoed through the cave... "And her visitor..."
    "Very well," the Meowth replied and gestured to go on through.

    The Xatu approached Kai, who was in discussion with his lieutenant, at which the Meowth said: "What is your business here?"
    "I bring a visitor, a guest if you will," the Xatu said, as she touched her wristband. She changed into her slender human appearance and stepped aside to let her guest have a word...
    "As you might know, I'm Ben Birch, traveller of regions and places, as well as Professor Birch's son..." Ben said, with a very sad expression, as if he gravely knew the coming impact of what he was about to do...
    "I might know... and I might not know at all. As I remember your charmer boy's face amongst the other Pokémen, I figure you are one as well?" Kai asked.
    "I was one, untill I realised how the only thing that separates us, is me believing Prof. Ball's word about you wanting to take over the world... But is that the real story? The whole story... I'm willing to switch sides to find out, as well as prove my loyalty to the stronger side... For the moment, I'm broken, A.A. showed me that..." Ben said, almost whispering.
    "A.A.? You mean my second Retroment? Yes yes well... We'll put you to test to see if your words have any worth..." Kai said, talking a bit to himself as he went on.
    "I have interesting information that will give you the edge. My team's movesets, their fears, as well as their most likely positions," Ben said.
    "Very well. First spill it, if you will," Kai said wryly.

    The Xatu girl, nicknamed A.A., grinned as she saw this strange alliance forming and couldn't help but throw her hair back at summing up her efforts in her head, which would certainly be rewarded by her creator...


    "Professor, have you received word from Leaf and Benny?" Bianca said.
    "I'm afraid not..." Prof. Ball answered and was starting to worry as well.


    Ben had been assigned an insignificant duty of passing out the food Kai had made specially for his Eevee girls, as well as the present Retroments, including 'A.A.' and Kilcs, who was still mulling over his defeat at the hands of that Pikachu, who not quite uncoincidentally, came sit right in front of him... He angrily hissed at him, but Xatu calmed him down. Her reputation having spred not logn after her arrival, that convinced him.

    The Xatu laid Ben's hand in hers and instantly he lit up a bit, lookin somewhat between confused and bedazzled by her... As night fell, a lot would have changed for the following day...

    To be continued...
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    Episode 10: Past and future troubles

    Leaf and Benny had been sent out to the third location, unaware of what troubles would befall the others as well as them personally...
    "Is it really that smart to leave Fred behind? We could be a lot stronger with him on our side..." Leaf asked with a high-pitched voice. It was a quirk of Leaf's, revealing his naďve and innocent personality, being quite the opposite of Ruben's stubborn and straightforward attitude.
    "It was Ben's call, making himself our leader in the blink of an eye and passing out the locations," Benny replied, steadily hovering up the steep mountain in his Noctowl form. "Besides, he and Melody will get another location as soon as she returns."
    "When will she return?" Leaf asked further.
    "Don't know. We haven't heard from her in quite some time. We'll just have to wait and see..." Benny said calmly. He glanced over his wing. "The location of the human Pokémon should be only a little bit further..."
    "Okay cousin," Leaf said.

    That remark surprised Benny. He'd figured since he was Fred's half brother he was sorta related to the twins as well, but to be called 'cousin'... It was only a few years ago when he'd found out Fred was his half-brother and after he only got to meet his 'cousins' a few times before they met up at the lab...
    "Cousin?" Benny repeated.
    "Yeah, we are so, I guess I could call you like me and Ruben usually call Fred. Fred's great, don't you think so?" Leaf rambled, expressing his admiration for Fred without holding any praise back.
    "You really look up to him don't you?" Benny asked.
    "Well yeah, he learned us everything we know about Pokémon. Although that yellow guy's the leader, I think Fred's better," Leaf replied, nodding heavily as a shaky Sudowoodo.
    "Hehe, I can imagine you're a bit prejudiced..." Benny said, as he certainly thought of himself to be much more knowledgeable about Pokémon than Fred. But being a leader, wasn't really in his nature, more as a silent advisor... "Here we are."

    They'd arrived at a small plateau sticking out of the mountain range, which had been pretty bare as they'd climbed it, but now they could see the plateau was growing with lush bushes and trees, the ground covered in grass surrounding a small crystal blue pond... But they weren't here for the scenery, they came here for a dangerous, horrible hybrid... Or so they thought...

    "Squaaaaawk!" it sounded.
    The shadow of a large bird flashed across the grass and disappeared near a tree.
    "Take them out; they're the weakest," the bird's wristband whispered.
    "Be on your guard Leaf, I have a feeling this one doesn't mess around," Benny said.
    "Shall I mimic one of your attacks?" Leaf said.
    "Not yet..." Benny said.

    Without warning, Leaf got hit in the side. He quickly stood still, as his natural instinct took over.
    "Leaf this is not the time to act like a tre... Wait, Leaf, tree, leaves... Never noticed that before..." Benny pondered.
    "Toxic attack..." Leaf grumbled in pain, trying to prevent the poison from spreading.
    "But how..." Benny said, more to himself than to Leaf. "Okay, I'm not gonna wait around for you to show yourself. Let's try this new move of mine..."

    Benny opened up his beak and let out a deafening call. Benny blasted it into the trees, the only hiding spot for their attacker and the echo voice strengthened with each attack. It grew louder and louder, rustling the leaves, the echo becoming echoed throughout the mountain range, right back at the tree that stood noticably still amongst the others... Lime green light shone through from within the tree's crown, which made Benny wonder... As the echo voice built up its power, he could see a Pidgeotto hiding itself in a protect... So, that's how it wanted to handle things? Benny said to himself. If my internal clock is correct, it should fail about... Now!

    As soon as the protect dissapated, the Pidgeotto vanished as well. Benny kept on using the attack to keep up its maximizing power, throwing it around himself. Suddenly, he caught the Pidgeotto and called for Leaf, still playing statue behind him... "Mimic and finish it!" he yelled over the echo voice as Leaf crunched and held his belly, his green orbs on the end of his branch arms glowed golden yellow and he let out an echo voice of his own, boosting the barrior of sound to its full strength and driving the Pidgeotto into the mountain wall...
    "That's that, hmpf," Benny decided.
    "Cousin..." Leaf called out in anguish, as he collapsed on the ground.
    "This is my chance..." the Pidgeotto thought as it vanished once more.
    "A rock slide should... She's gone..." Leaf said, severely deepening his voice as he grew more ill by the second and more frustrated as he'd been little help.
    "I'll take of her but first we gotta get you to safety..." Benny said, stressing over what to do. He wasn't that quick when it came to urgent problems like this one...
    "Prof. Ball, we need to heal Sudowoodo, he's been intoxicated and it's taking its toll," he said as he turned on his wristband.
    "We'll transport him to our lab. But we'll need someone to switch him for... But who to trade..." Prof. Ball said, pondering.
    "Let's dance owl boy!" the Pidgeotto snarled and hit him hard with an aerial ace, knocking him away from Leaf, prompting him to scream in aguish, reactivating the echo voice.

    The Pidgeotto disappeared yet again and Benny figured she'd been using agility to its fullest and beyond, as well as a quick attack. But wait, something didn't add up... Toxic, protect, aerial ace... What kind of a Pokémon was...

    A vicious twister left him no time to come up with an attack plan so Benny resorted to blasting the echo voice all around him, shielding him from any further wind based attacks. He'd left the wristband with Leaf, before a flash of light surrounded him. Okay, so now he was on his own. Well, better give it his all! With a steel wing he held in front of him, he managed to block an incoming aerial ace, Benny having predicted what the Pidgeotto would do instead of trying to counter the blinding fast attacks.
    Benny focused his psychic powers and sensed the Pidgeotto stealthily circling around him. Anticipating, he charged up a sky attack, waited, then charged almost opposite of where the Pidgeotto. It mocked the foolish human's attempt, but then got caught in the blast as she'd forgot to stop her run that had him one-man army surrounded. It quickly used another twister, knocking Benny back. They exchanged their respective winglike attacks, before the Pidgeotto disappeared again.
    Where'd she go, he said to himself. He looked around when he suddenly saw...
    "Professor?" Benny said in utter surprise.
    A Porygon, without doubt the Professor, was shakingly mumbling in himself.
    "Arrogant assistent... Sending me in a battle..."
    Yep it was definitely the Professor.
    "Professor what are you doing here? And where's Leaf?" Benny wanted to know, while keeping his mind eye open for the Pidgeotto.
    "For a trade to occur two Pokémon must be switched, hence, the only available Pokémon, was me..." Prof. Ball formly stated as always. "Don't look at me like that, my assistent... tricked me."
    "You have an assistent?" Benny uttered in surprise, for the second time in a row in that particular minute. "Wait, the Pidgeotto..."
    In a flash, Benny was hit in the neck with a jolt of toxic, making him collapse for just a split second. Then, he angrily looked up at his attacker.
    "Lost your guard there didn't you feathers?" the Pidgeotto sneered.
    "Prof. Ball..." Benny said, weakening with the second. "We gotta defeat her..."
    "We? But, how..." Prof. Ball said, shaking his head heavily in disagreement.
    "You're going down!" the Pidgeotto sneered, as it conjured up a twister. Benny jabbed with a steel wing, but the Pidgeotto evaded him with ease.
    The twister sounded like a thunderstorm, rumbling clouds gathering to strike...
    "Gaaah!" the Professor exclaimed, shuddering as he felt the thrill trainers experienced and Pokémon even stronger, when they get hit with a powerful attack...
    "Pr, Professor?" Benny gasped, jolting as the poison further seeped in.
    "Activate conversion 2..." Prof. Ball said, like it was a voice-controlled video game or something.
    The Pidgeotto shrugged its shoulders and while still in the air, it launched another twister, which Prof. Ball took full on. He shined a strange metallic: he counterconverted into being a steel type!
    That Professor was really getting on the Pidgeotto's nerves. It lunged forward with an aerial ace, but it didn't do much on the solid steel layer.
    "Recover," Prof. Ball ordered himself(?). He gained renewed strength as white lights shone over his polygon body and repaired his blunted edges.
    "Pfeh, pitiful manmade fake poke... I'll leave you for now, but I will get you!" the Pidgeotto said as it flew up and disappeared into the clouds of the night...
    "We gotta, go after it... Aargh..." Benny gasped.
    "We'll take care of that later. Now," Prof. Ball said, as he made the wristband appear from its cyberbody, from its side, "we have to return..."
    Benny made the switch with Leaf and landed in the lab, in front of a beautiful girl in a lab coat, holding an antidote in her hand.
    "Hello?" Benny said, exhausted and yet still with a slightly surprised look on his face.
    "Introductions will follow later, after the treatment?" the lab coat girl said with a small gesture with her free hand.
    "Sounds fine to me..." Benny sighed, as he started to fall asleep from the exhaustion...
    It had been a long day...

    The Pokémen team gathered late in the evening, after having travelled back to the lab, recounting what had happened to each of them with the 'Retro's' as they had decided to dub the overpowered human Pokémon they had failed to truly defeat...
    "So wait, you completely swamped that Slugma guy? ... That's awesome!" Leaf said.
    "But you and Benny, echoed voicing that lightning fast Pidgeotto, how's that for awesome!" Ruben chimed in.
    "Yes, but my biggest hero this day was Prof. Ball. He would've surely pummeled it if it hadn't fled with its tail between its legs," Benny proclaimed with sincere praise.
    "Well I'm relieved it left before it found out how my only attacking move, a low-level psybeam, hardly would've touched her," Prof. Ball shrugged, before checking his stats. They hadn't changed really, but the battle had sparked an interest in the heroic struggles he'd sent all his Pokémen into...
    "And that barrier Bianca made to shield, Ben..." Nicolas said, before pausing.
    When he'd arrived at the hot spot, he had felt pure darkness emerging from his eyes and mouth, tangling around his ear-like points and underbody and compressing the already dense gases that formed his being. His eyes reddened and his mischievous smile was twisted into a crooked, sinister grin, instilling fear in his frightened victims... But he was most interested in his sturdy legs and powerful, fully-evolved body, with spikes running across his body, colored in a darker hue of purple...
    Finally... He'd said to himself, before attending to Ruben. When he flashed by Bianca, she'd looked surprised and he felt a little bit warmer inside, for just two seconds. When he'd arrived and he'd gloated about his manly power, he'd found Ben to have disappeared, with their chance for finding him slimming soon after...
    Did they take him captive, or did they... No, no that wasn't possible. Nicolas didn't particularly like the guy, taking the leadership two seconds after the team's conception; but if there was a true hero amongst them, it was Ben the Pikachu...
    Benny was a collector in its purest form, having spent days after days hunting down every last Pokémon species, but not a battler. He wanted to know things, not waste his time battling. Nicolas on the other hand was a very competitive battler, priding himself on his victories against the most powerful and most tactical opponents. The Xatu girl practically irked him in defying that status however....
    "Now, who's the hot assistent?" Ruben said as he pointed to the brown-haired girl that had just finished talking to Professor Ball. The assistent threw him a freezing cold look, after which she introduced herself.
    "I'm Professor Evelyne Ivy, Professor Ball's former assistent. I worked with him on the Pokémon genes project, which is why I was targeted by Kai to be kidnapped. Thankfully, I was rescued by Jamies team..." Prof. Ivy said. "And sorry to disappoint you, I'm the real Professor Ivy."
    "A second team?" Bianca asked curiously.
    "Yes, ehm, Team Beta," Prof. Ivy kindly replied.
    "There are more teams?" Ruben asked even more curious.
    "Meh," Nicolas said. Prof. Ivy gave him a cold stare as well. Part of his inner gases seemed to be suspended for a brief second.
    Fred had only spoken a few words with her so far and had tried to avoid those kind of questions. She seemed to particularly jump at the link with the madly attractive Prof. Ivy that had overdrawn certain, features. Although she had a somewhat nerdish appearance with thick black glasses to hide most of her face, she had a slender build, a slight tan, with smooth cheeks and a pleasant smile, with long brown hair and deep brown eyes.
    She had to leave soon though, for the Southern Sea, where 'Team Beta' was training to become stronger... Everyone greeted her before she left, Nicolas and Ruben the most and Ruben the least subtle...
    "Bye babe," he said, waving.
    A cold glare naturally followed.
    "She likes me," Ruben said confidently.
    "Aaaanyway, what's the plan?" Fred wanted to know.
    "Ehm, yeah," Ruben said.
    "It was usually Ben who decided what to do and how to do it," Bianca admitted.
    "Or Professor Ball, don't forget him," Benny said, heavily nodding.
    They looked at the Porygon, hovering in front of his computer screen, but he replied laconic: "Awaiting data."
    "Well, I will gladly take the role," Nicolas said, raising his eyebrows in an effort to make him seem more, herolike. "We can't do much now after all our battles, so I suggest we get a good night sleep. Tomorrow we 'll see if Professor Ball has located more Retro's, agreed?"
    "Eh yeah..."
    "Okay, it's settled then," Nicolas said and went to find a suitable sleeping spot.
    The others just shrugged their shoulders and decided a little sleep was everything they all heavily needed.
    Fred couldn't sleep, as all he had done all day was running errants for Prof. Ball. While he was out getting supplies to try and repair the prototypes, the Professor had been forced to take Leaf's place besides Benny, so he wasn't tired, at all. He looked up at the night sky, filled with stars, twinkling like... Yes, he remembered Ledian where known to get strength from the stars, gathering in large numbers, gazing upon them with their beautiful large blue eyes... Sad Bianca had been so tired from two battles with the Retro's, that during her normal time her species was active, she'd grown so tired... He'd practiced with his knifelike arms and hollow body and played a soothing piece of violin music, forcing the team's troubling thoughts into their dreams...
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    Things are getting interested, although this story was typed earlier than my other works and thus might be no good. Perhaps going onto season 2, it will reach considerable quality.

    Episode 11: Attack of the vicious venom of the doubts
    (Can you spot the pun? It's really, really subtle...)

    "I, I have to save her. I cannot fail... Must... succeed... With this power, I can... Urggh..."

    That morning, Fred had woken up to find Prof. Ball pacing around the room, mumbling as he did.
    "Professor Ball, is everything alright?" Fred asked.
    "What? Hm, no. The Retroments are spreading across the Reminisce region. Soon, there will be too many to handle..." the Professor said, shaking his head out of disbelief.
    "What, how did this happen, when?"
    "Overnight, at least I guess. Early in the morning, the number of sightings increased dramatically... They're appearing in groups of three, robbing warehouses, factories and no one knows how they take all those materials and what they're for. He's building an attack force that will not only trump us in numbers, but in sheer power per individual as well. I don't know if training will be enough..."
    "Can't we, try to assault the hideout?" Fred asked.
    "Do what?" Prof. Ball said, freezing at the spot and just staring at Fred with glacy eyes.
    "We go to Kai's hideout and stop him before he can act..."
    "What kind of a plan is... If we do, how? We haven't heard from Melody for quite some time..." the Professor reminded Fred.
    A beeping sound suddenly came from the Professor's computer screen and he went to look.
    "The location of a lone Retroment, discovered by Team Delta. And now they've been taken out..." Prof. Ball said dryly.
    "Already?" Fred said, slightly shocked. "Send us, we'll handle it."
    "I can't send all of you; most haven't recovered from yesterday yet..."
    "I'll go," a brave Sudowoodo boy said.
    "Leaf?" Fred said.
    "I'll go with you; poison can't keep me down forever," Leaf said firmly.
    "Very well," the Professor said. He gave Leaf his wristband and off they went.

    Some time after that, the others woke up and gathered at the lab. There they learned...
    "They already left?" Bianca said curiously.
    "What! Without my permission! I'm the leader of this team, who decided this?" Nicolas angrily snarled.
    "Fred did, seeing as the Retroments are spreading..." Prof. Ball said.
    "So what, we're supposed to sit around doing nothing?" Nicolas wanted to know.
    "There will be plenty to do, as I've just received: they're on their way to Lovend, where Prof. Ivy's lab is located..." the Professor said.
    "They?" Benny asked.
    "All the Retroments you encountered so far, plus back-up."
    "Alright! Owww..." Ruben said.

    "We're heading east, towards the low tropical forests... But it's getting chillier by the minute..." Fred pondered.
    "Should've packed our winter coats right?" Leaf joked.
    "Don't think they would've fitted, although... Ah here we are, Valleyfound rainforest..."

    They ventured through the thick bushes that lined the outside of the forest, but as soon as they ventured deeper, only the giant trees remained, making it easy to move deeper and deeper... Along the way they got a lot of curious looks from the local wildlife, while noticing many kinds of berry's and apricorns as well as some fruits they'd never seen before... They had heard things rustling in the trees before, but now it had lessened and lessened, untill there was an eerie silence... It was also colder, much colder... In a tropical forest? Something wasn't right...
    "Leaf, change us back into Pokémon form please," Fred said.
    "Sure thing," Leaf said and initiated the transformation.
    Fred focused his energy, as he knew his form was weak no matter what moves he had learned... If they were to come across a powerful opponent like the Xatu, Pidgeotto and Slugma, he would have a problem... He'd have to count on Leaf to be the powerhouse of the team...
    "Rock type... Bug and flying... Hmn... Let's take out the threat first..."
    A green light shone between the trees, before it went flying, aimed straight at Leaf's shoulder.
    "Aagh!" Leaf said as the energy ball made contact with his rock skin.
    "I'll take care of this!" Fred said, moving in front of Leaf and using sing in an instant. He heard some trees rustling and moved himself accordingly. Suddenly, a flash of light struck his eyes, wiggling to its mind untill his sing attacked lessened and lessened and finally he couldn't utter a single pure note.
    "Now that your terrible singing's disabled, let's dance pretty boy!" a voice said, before a cold as ice wind took up and pummeled Fred, although he could resist it.
    A shadow fell from the forest roof and moved in for the kill. Fred dived out of the way, Leaf looking up in surprise, before a light blue Venomoth almost crashed into him, completely breaking of its aerial ace attack.
    It quickly took some distance and called out: "Howk did you k'know?"
    It was a girl by the sound of it, although it was pretty hard to tell because of the insectoid clicking in its sentences.
    "I suspected trickery was involved, although I hadn't suspected such a risky move up front. Leaf, it's time to strot with other people's feathers," Fred said nodding to Leaf.
    "... What?" Leaf asked cluelessly.
    " *sigh* Mimic..."
    "Oh yeah," Leaf said, before launching an aerial ace of its own, knocking the Venomoth almost down to the ground, but it flew right back up.
    "Aaakh, you k'little brat!" she said as she launched a larger energy ball towards the mimicker. Fred quickly moved in front of him, but then right before he took it, he saw the ball flashing to light purple just for a split second, before it hit him harder than he would've thought. It wasn't a side effect from a move, but an ability... Tinted lens? Well, she sure wouldn't beat them with those kinda tricks.
    "I got many more up my sleeve, believe me..." the Venomoth sneered at Fred and while she was eyeing the Kricketune, the temperature started to drop dramatically. That blue hue, wasn't just shinyness, it was...
    "Raaah!" the Venomoth yelled as it launched an icy wind from its wings covering the trees and ground in solid, ravaging ice, as it crept along everything it could sap heat from...
    Leaf started to shake heavily and Fred tried to calm him: "Don't worry Leaf, it can't do us much."
    "I-I-I-I know-w, but it's so-o-o cold!" Leaf said as his crossed his arms in front of him.
    "Keep moving and hit it hard with a rock slide. That'll teach it. I'll distract with my... Slash!" Fred exclaimed as it lunged at the Venomoth. It directed the full force of her icy winds on him, which Fred then desperately tried to dodge. Coincidentally, it kept him a little bit warm.
    Leaf was hesitant for a second, but he kept faith in Fred's instructions, making a hill arise from the ground and consequently climbed onto it, shaking the hill to release large boulders, rolling alongside the steepest side and catching the Venomoth in its wake...
    A green light emerged from the rubble and blasted away medium-sized stones in every direction, knocking some back up what was left of the hill and hitting Leaf's left temple.
    "Leaf, stay there! I'll handle this..." Fred said as he struck the Venomoth with a slash, before it countered with an aerial ace from its wing. It blocked and blocked and blocked it, before making its eyes glow eerily blue. Fred felt that numbing flash of light coarsing through his eye nerves, with his sing attack being locked out of the battle once again.
    "You little..." Fred said, before the Venomoth unleashed another icy wind, temporarily blinding him.
    His 'mustache' whiskers twitched as he charged at the Venomoth with another slash attack.
    Leaf had to do something... But another rock slide, with Fred being so close... Think Leaf think... Dark energy started to surround Leaf... "Get away from my cousin!" he said, just as he rushed through the shadows and faint attacked the Venomoth from the side and a giant green blast surrounded the threesome...

    "They're coming!" Benny called from the air.
    "Okay, everybody ready?" Nicolas asked the others. They nodded decisively. "Okay, Benny, how many are there?"
    "Okay this is how, wait what eight?!" Nicolas exclaimed.
    "You heard me," Benny slyly said.
    "Okay this won't be pretty, Ruben, prepare for a sneak attack, Bianca, you go with me."
    "Me with you?" Bianca said surprised.
    "Yeah, come on!" Nicolas said, in a way only sergeants talk.
    He hadn't changed a bit, not for all those... Bianca said, before checking her wristband.
    "We need help, the Venomoth's attacking us and /////" Fred said as something disturbed the link. Icy winds flew right by them, Fred and the unconscious Leaf being largely shielded from it behind what was left of the hill.
    "Anybody!" Fred uttered.
    "Professor, you got a psybeam, right?" Nicolas said through the wristband.
    "Here they come!" Benny echoed.
    "Mr. Draken, I'm still level 19! A Venomoth is at least level 31!" Prof. Ball squeaked.
    "I'll go," Bianca said, which earned her a dumbfound expression/look from Nicolas, a rare sight to behold on a Gengar's sinister features.
    "k'Huh?" the Venomoth clicked as a white light shone from behind the hill. Was he giving himself up? Good, then she could greet him in her human form as well... She transformed into a well-defined girl with long hazel hair, strongly curving in front of her towards her abdomen. Her white leg warmers had the same pattern as her true form's thorax, going all the way up under her long light blue coat, with her wings accentuating her build. A horned head piece curved into her hair to top it off. She had big brown eyes with black lining to accentuate on that, which looked carefully, waiting for Fred to appear...
    Great was her surprise when a Ledian flew up and attacked with a silver wind. Her slightly tanned skin getting al red, the Venomoth girl snarled: "You little sneak!"
    The Ledian changed into a thinly build girl with a slim yellow dress with a red vest, red thin boots underneath and big blue eyes... "You're giving yourself up?" she asked.
    In a long black and red coat Fred followed and gazed upon the sight of the Venomoth girl he had just been battling...
    "No I thought you would," the girl angrily stated, quickly changing back into her Pokémon form.
    "Oh boy," Fred said, before Bianca quickly switched them back. The Venomoth struck with an icy wind, which Bianca quickly slowed with a barrier of reflects and light screens.
    "What are you doing here anyway? We need flying, rock, fire, psychic attacks; did Professor Ball give you a TM or something?" Fred wanted to know.
    "I'm afraid not. So what's the plan?" Bianca said, in an attempt to make him flinch. However, he'd already begun doing just that now he had a new fighting partner...
    "It's bug and poison but it also has an ice move... Your silver wind only does halve the damage, so... We need to distract her and sing to her," Fred figured.
    "Seriously? Sing to her?" Bianca said, just barely not raising a sarcastic eyebrow.
    'Jealous are we? Now, use a mach punch to stay ahead of her and counter her icy winds with your silver version; I'll practice my voice," Fred said, with not a hint of sarcasm in his tone.
    "Fine mister tenor," Bianca said and thrusted her white mitton forward, rushing to the Venomoth. It immediately initiated a barrage of icy winds. Bianca fluttered to release equally strong silver winds.
    The blasts of air collided mid-way, with frozen pollen dropping down and shattering, the bits amplifying the light around them.
    "Don't think you can trap me, we were modified to be uncatchable," the Venomoth said decisively. "And now, I must take my leave fluttergirl. Hah!"
    With a blast of green energy the Venomoth fled into the rainforest...
    "Where'd she go?" Fred wanted to know, as he approached Bianca.
    "Back to her web," Bianca said as she looked into his tiny blue eyes, their mysterious hue having been retained even in his Kricketune form...
    "You know Venomoth don't make webs right?" Fred said as she was pondering over something and thus she didn't notice.
    She remembered how a long time ago, before she became a trainer, her parents had split. As her father was from Newbark Town and her mother was from Pallet Town, so she'd be travelling constantly between regions because of shared custody. It wasn't a happy time, with her parents constantly squabbling of getting her so they wouldn't need to see each other anymore, but her cheerful personality made her see everything in a more positive light. Or perhaps she developped one to do so...
    She met a boy in Newbark town and...
    "How's everyone else doing?" Fred suddenly asked.
    "Ehm, wait, they're fighting the Retroments, a whole bunch of them, we gotta get back!" Bianca said, snapping out of her deep train of thoughts...
    "Okay let's go," Fred said as he opened up his wings.

    They quickly made their way to the borders of the Valleyfound rainforest...

    A Magmar and a Graveler were heading for the lab, but were stopped by Ruben and Leaf.
    "Tell me brother, should we slice, or dice them?" Ruben asked.
    "Wait, there isn't a clubbing option?" Leaf said.
    "You're the ones going down..." the Magmar said, glowing with dark energy. The next instant he met eye to eye with Leaf using his own faint attack, while Ruben lunged out with a brick break at the Graveler.

    "Nicolas, heads up!" Benny said.
    Nicolas dived out of the way and saw Benny dropping a Slugma onto the Rampardos he was fighting. The Rampardos roared, pushed the odd orange hat off of him and tried to squash Nicolas, who smoothly moved around the attack and hit with a shadow ball...

    Fred and Bianca were racing to get to Lovend, but they had to skid across the ground due to the damage they'd taken. Fred, careless as he was, hit a rock and suddenly turned to take a closer look...
    "Fred what are you doing we don't have time to practice geology!" Bianca said, hovering over to the dark red rock with peculiar white-ringed holes in it...
    "What's that smell, coming from..." Bianca said, before she suddenly collapsed, Fred following right after...
    "Perfectly according to plan," a mysterious voice said, seemingly coming from the rock...

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    Episode 12: Death ahead: part 1

    "We can't keep this up," Ruben yelled through his wristband to Nicolas.
    "Sure we can, all you have to do is try..." Nicolas hummed.
    "This is not the time for jokes dustcloud," Ruben sneered.
    "Evooolved dustcloud, thank you very much," Nicolas responded, as he quickly disappeared when the Rampardos was just about to hit him.
    "Grrrr, stand still purple blob!" it roared.
    "Sorry, no can do," Nicolas said with a grin.
    "Staaaand stiiiiiill!" the Rampardos roared and projected its gaze on Nicolas.

    Nicolas' eyes turned to the Rampardos and he snortingly commented: "Do you really think a scary face is going to do that much to me, a Gengar? W-why... Why can't I move?"
    Why did he feel so, cold? As if he'd be frozen in place, a ghost Pokémon of all things... That cold stare in that dumb Rampardos' eyes... Could it be...
    "Now this is gonna huuurt," it said, as he flung floating rocks at Nicolas, using ancient power.
    Who-oh, frail defenses, not, good! Nicolas yelped in his mind.

    Noctowl dived in front of Nicolas while slicing the biggest rock in half with a steel wing.
    "Thought I'd, drop in," Benny joked. That was a rare thing to happen...
    "No wait Benny, it's a trap," Nicolas said, just before Benny got frozen in place as well.
    "Never mind," the Gengar Pokéman said, slapping his forehead in his mind.
    "Well done Rageron," the Slugma said as it slittered besides him, "now I'll rock that Noctowl and you'll finish off that Gengar..."
    "Yes Kilcs," Rageron said, although he wished he had come up with the strategy himself instead of being told to do so...
    "Confusion confusion confusion," Benny muttered, as he tried to break the Rampardos' concentration. No matter how much it had been experimented on, it still had a small brain so...
    "Stop it!" Kilcs said as it raised rocks from the ground to stop his attempt...

    "Haja!" Ruben yelled as he tried to hit the Graveler again, with a brick break.
    "You can't hide behind that protect forever you know," our Hitmonlee Pokéman said.
    "Don't have to. Furnace, higher up!" the Graveler said.
    "Got it," the Magmar said and flung Leaf towards Ruben before climbing onto the lab...
    "Wait what, no!" Ruben said as the Graveler jumped up in the air, made a somersault, then came crashing down, the resulting tremor or earthquake throwing both Pokémen off their feet and Leaf being hurt badly...
    "We'll show you!" Ruben said. "Leaf?"
    "Yep, mimic and EQ on you!" Leaf said as he jumped up and made the effort to crash down even harder.

    The Magmar or 'Furnace' struggled to hold onto the building, as the Golem tried to protect itself but failed. It wasn't down yet though.

    Both of them had been clueless about her...
    It would soon become very clear why Bianca's father had taken her to Hoenn: he'd met his new wife there. She was a typical housewife to both Norman and Bianca and her stepmother could be so motherly to her that once Bianca turned ten, she immediately packed her things and starter her journey, thus receiving her starter and well, saving the world from Groudon and Kyogre and Team Aqua and Team Magma's plans...
    During that time, she met Ben, the Professor's kid. Initially not in the slightest interested in him, he began to grow on her as they came across one another and camped together on their journey through Hoenn...
    Not long after that however, about three years after her father had taken her away, her mother gained custody of her for the next three years. But as soon as she arrived in Sinnoh, her mother had run off, dyed her hair red and calling herself Mars, or Venus or something. She vied to gain some cold blue-haired guy's love, whatever.
    In defiance, or just because she just liked reinventing herself, she dyed her hair dark blue and wore it down, Bianca put on a black vest with a pink miniskirt and donned herself a white tuque, or beanie, swapping it for her red bandana, red sleeved top, white skirt and black biker shorts she'd worn in Hoenn... She'd soon found out that her mother's crush was trying to reshape the world with Dialga and Palkia, but she stopped him, with a little help from a local pointdexter. Then she'd grown old enough to go and stand wherever she wanted to go whatever her parents said. And where she wanted to travel to was the region of Reminisce, to Professor Ball's lab...
    Bianca woke up. She recalled her dream about her past exciting life and something else... But that was her little secret. As she opened her eyes she saw lush green hills of grass, some rocks and other Pokémon walking around peacefully...
    Ugh, she had to get out of here. But what was that smell... Wait, where was Fred?
    She quickly looked around and saw Fred studying the same rock where they had lost consciousness. However, both them and the rock had been moved...
    "Fred, what's happening here?" Bianca wanted to know.
    "Well I checked around and it seems we are in some daycare," Fred noted, as he continued studying the white markings...
    "A daycare? You mean they think we're wild Pokémon!" Bianca said.
    "Yes and if my assumptions are correct, they're gonna keep us here, for quite a while," Fred said...
    "But why?" Bianca wanted to know.

    "Ah Jonathan, good to see you again!" the jolly old daycare man said, "come in, come in, your Pokémon are doing fine."
    "Thanks Julian," Jonathan said.

    They sat down as Emily, Julian's wife brought them some tea.
    "It seems your baiting technique works like a charm," Emily remarked as she filled the cups.
    "It seems it does," Jonathan said with a smile. "But they don't seem to like each other very much."
    "I wouldn't worry about it. It'll come," Julian said.

    "Wait, what's that!" Rageron roared. Even when he asked something it sounded like a string of words which you should each individually fear... But he was right: in the distance a strange collection of Pokémon arrived, almost each of them being a different species and the humanlike ones on the ground being...
    "Other Pokémen? What the heck is going on here?!" Kilcs demanded to know.
    "Need some help?" Prof. Ball's voice asked through the wristband.
    "Sure, why not?" Ruben joked.
    "Incoming!" a Pidgeot called as it dived down and knocked Rampardos off balance, his large head smashing into the pavement.
    "Grrrrr," it roared.
    "Hey cutie," Ruben said as he recognized Professor Ivy following behind a particular group of Pokémen. Luckily she didn't hear him say that.
    Maybe we could win this... Yeah, we could win this! Ruben thought to himself, which spurred him into action.
    "Professor I got a protect Graveler here. Didn't I get the chance to learn feint before?" he said.
    "Correct. I'll send the relearning wave right away," the Professor responded.
    "Good," Ruben said with a mischievous grin. "Oh, mister Graveler..."
    "Time to bake some marshmallows," Furnace said as its body started to massively overheat. His name suddenly started to make much sense. Well, he was a fire Pokémon, but not, that strong you know... Anyway...
    The wave of fire swamped the battlefield, as the Magmar hung onto Professor Ivy's lab and swung around like an extremely twisted version of a lighthouse beam. It wouldn't damage Leaf to the full extent, but with the damage he had received. Ruben quickly pulled Leaf out of sight, while he tried to think of something... If they fainted, the Pokémen teams could be in trouble if there really were that many Pokémon in Kai's army as Professor Ball had claimed...
    "Well here goes nothing..." Ruben said, before jumping right in the path of the flames.
    "Seriously? Fighting Pokémon are ever dumber than I thought," Magmar said haughtily.
    A dark stream of energy began circling around Ruben, who waited untill the last possible second before... An orb of dark purple-colored energy was forced through his right hand, hitting Furnace dead on.
    "Revenge of the Hit'," Ruben joked, before lowering his hand from the revenge attack.
    "Forgot about me?" the Graveler said, before knocking Ruben out with a weak stone edge shooting out the pavement.

    "Bwaaaah!" Kilcs the Slugma said as it launched a boiling water attack on the Pidgeot that had saved Nicolas and Benny's behinds.
    "Sorry guys, the rest is up to you," the Pidgeot said, before narrowly dodging a spearlike being that attacked it in the air. It was a Pidgeotto.
    The same one that attacked us, Benny thought to himself, angered at the sight of his rival. The freeze had been broken after Rampardos had lost his concentration and so Benny flew up to the Pidgeot and Pidgeotto, leaving Nicolas to deal with Kilcs and Rageron...
    "Oh not this time," Nicolas said with a grin and stared into Kilcs' eyes, making it feel sleepy as the hypnosis did its work... Right after that, the Gengar Pokéman ate the Slugma's dream and he enjoyed inflicting the sheer damage a bit too much...

    In the mean while, Benny struck at the Pidgeotto with a steel wing, which it quickly countered with an aerial ace. The Pidgeot that was on the Pokémen's side evened out the battle and countered with a twister, to which the Pidgeotto quickly took off.
    "We'll meet again, feathers," she assured Benny before disappearing.
    "I'll be waiting," Benny squawked...

    "What's that smell? It's, similar to when we suddenly lost consciousness, but we don't now so... It has more of a strawberry smell to it..." Bianca said.
    "It seems to come from this thing," Fred said as he pointed to the rock.
    "Strange..." Bianca said, "But Fred, could we think about a way out of here? They seem to have taken my wristband... We have to get it back as well."
    "Oh, yeah sorry, forgot about that... Shouldn't be too hard though," Fred said confidently.
    "First though, ehm..." Bianca said hesitantly, "I have to tell you something..."
    "What do you wanna tell me?" Fred wanted to know.

    Bianca told him the same thing she'd dreamed while she was passed out, but with a startling introduction: She remembered how a long time ago, before she became a trainer, her parents had split. As her father was from Newbark Town and her mother was from Pallet Town, she'd be travelling constantly between regions because of shared custody. It wasn't a happy time, with her parents constantly squabbling over getting her completely so they wouldn't need to see each other anymore, but her cheerful personality made her see everything in a more positive light. Or perhaps she developped one to do so...
    She had met a boy in Newbark Town and another one in Pallet Town, whom she'd become friends with. Neither of them knew about the other one's existance and she liked to keep it that way, just for fun. As she soon would grow old enough to receive her first Pokémon, something happened: both her mom and dad had decided to move away, each to a far-off region, which made it impossible for her to constantly travel between them and thus, her father Norman took her with him to the region of Hoenn... Before she left, she'd said goodbye to the boy in Pallet Town, while wearing a blue top, red skirt and a cute white broad hat, while as she was packing in Newbark Town she thanked the other boy for helping her gather all her things, she wore a red sweater, a white hat with a pink bow, a blue jumper with no top part except for the suspenders and white stockings. Both boys received a kiss on their cheek and a promise that they would meet again someday...
    After that Bianca told Fred her exciting history and how she'd already met Benny and Ben before she'd come to the lab...
    She'd been good friends with Ben on top of that, him having been the only friend she could really count on, before her mother made her come over to Sinnoh... She'd now taken up the name of Bianca, being inspired by a girl she saw in a movie or whatever, but her real name was...
    "Lyra?" Fred uttered in amazement.
    "Lyra Green, your childhood friend, yes, as well as Nicolas'," Bianca/Lyra said.
    "So what Nicolas and Benny both thought was true, as well as the rumors you came from Pallet Town, well, sort of," Fred said, amazed at how he could draw those conclusions while still being in quite a shock. "But why didn't you tell us before?"
    "I wanted to go and stand wherever I wanted to, without being held back by the past... But lately..." Bianca/Lyra said.

    She looked at his Kricketune head and his big blue eyes that he retained subtly even in his Pokémon form and noticed they looked a lot like her own. Fred was an honest, nice and smart person, just like she remembered him from when they were growing up together in Pallet Town. He always did was best for people and the team was no exception, nevertheless that he wasn't much help as a Kricketune...
    "I think I know a way to get out..." Fred said, although he was interrupted by the soothing smells coming from the sweet rock, if you could call it that.

    "Mr. Draken, we haven't just come here to help you, but also to save you," Prof. Ball said through the wristband.
    "Eh doc isn't that pretty much the same thing?" Nicolas asked.
    "I'm afraid not... Team Beta brought in two experiments by Mr. Manning, which show signs of deteriorating as their level rises. Basically, when either of Kai's experiments, which includes us as well, reaches level 45, it'll break itself apart. Neither of Team Alpha is far from that happening to them..."
    "Eh Nicolas," Benny said.
    The Gengar Pokéman turned around to see a Rampardos standing over him.
    "Aah!" Nicolas yelped, "I mean eh, wanna piece o' me?!" he corrected himself as he menacingly held up his deadly shadow ball forming hands.
    "We, will be broken apart?" Rageron the Rampardos said, with a much softer tone. You could even hear his distinctive roar with which he normally communicated. It switched to its humanoid form which tried not to cry. It was dressed in dark grey and blue baggy clothes, with red rings around his eyes, emphasized by how sad he'd suddenly become. His blue pointy 'helmet' was adjusted to its smaller, but still pretty thick head...
    "Our leader must know!" he said as he turned on his own wristband.
    "Lietenant Mauser, tell our leader that if any of us reach level 45, we... We won't make it!" he said.
    The Meowth second-in-command consulted with Kai as Rageron switched back into his Pokémon form.
    "All troops move out immediately," Lt. Mauser said, "Mr. Manning will visit Professor Ball to investigate this and help."
    "Help?!" Nicolas said.

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    Episode 13: Death ahead: part 2

    As Kai's army retreated and they disappeared out of sight one by one so they couldn't be followed, Nicolas demanded an explanation from the Professor.
    "I'm sorry Mr. Draken, but I don't have the slightest idea what Mr. Manning is up to," the Professor said. "We'll just have to wait and see. For now, join the other teams and us at the lab. We have to be prepared."

    And so soon, Team Alpha met up with the other teams that were helping the team, although they didn't show much interest in chatting with the sub-alpha teams... The quite attractive Professor Ivy had also returned to aid in the research. But there was more...
    Standing right besides Professor Ball was a athletic built girl, wearing a small yellow soft hat over her curved blue hair, much the same hue as the Professor's. Her spiky dark blue locks formed into two broad tails sticking sideways, with bangs lying sideways on her forehead, partially covering her stern looking eyebrows.
    She wore a red tight top under a white thin jacket, as well as knee-high yellow and black shorts, with a determined look in her dark blue eyes as she appeared to be in quite the discussion with Prof. Ivy and Prof. Ball.
    "Ey doc," Nicolas said.
    "Welcome Mr. Draken, Team Alpha. I'd like you to meet my daughter, Crystal Ball," Prof. Ball said, formal as always.
    Crystal shook hands with everyone and said: "Just call me Crys. And if I hear anyone making fortune telling jokes, they'd better run. Fast."
    "Is flying also allowed?" Benny joked, earning him a slight glare from Crystal.

    "She will help me and Professor Ivy with the research, as well as handling things around here. It's hard to say what role Kai will play in this," Prof. Ball said.
    "I don't like this one bit I'll tell ya that," Ruben said, without waiting for someone to ask him his opinion. It was silently ignored.
    "Well, whatever he's up too, we can easily stop him," Nicolas said, more referring to Team Alpha than to all the other teams. Also heavily referring to his own skills and wit rather than to the team as a whole.
    "Excuse me," Prof. Ivy said as she suddenly left, leaving it up to Crys to take charge.
    "Now, as I've heard we've been missing two members, Fred Kitchmeh and a girl named Bianca, am I right?" Prof. Ball's daughter said, as she exchanged her white long jacket for an even longer white lab coat. She looked quite good in it, Benny thought.
    "Eh, yes," Nicolas said, having troubling thoughts about their whereabouts.
    "Since we need as many Pokémen as possible to stand guard here in case Kai tries to sabotage us again, I suggest we send some minor members to check their last known location?" Crys suggested.
    "Well I don't really know..." Nicolas said, before being interrupted by Benny.
    "I heard there are some Magnemite from Team Beta that haven't seen much use, so how about them?" Benny said.
    "Excellent suggestion," Prof. Ball said.
    "Yes, excellent," a voice said.
    "Who was that?" Leaf said curiously.
    From the roof a humanoid figure dropped, seemingly shapeshifting from a very mountain lion like form to the beige feline humanoid that stood up in front of them.
    "Kai," Nicolas said with an ironic undertone in his voice.
    "Well hello old chap, long time no see. I'd love to battle you, but it seems there are more important things to do right now..." Kai said.
    "Give us one good reason why we all shouldn't swamp you into submission right now," Benny said as he reached for his wristband.
    "It's quite simple really: I've come to stop every Pokéman from succumbing to painful internal injuries, like for example organ failures, which would happen when they reach about level 45..." Kai said and there wasn't as much as a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
    "How can we trust you?" Ruben wanted to know as he raised his knuckles threateningly.
    "You can trust I'll do anything to save my experiments, but more certain than that, saving my own hide, as you recall I was also made a hybrid because of my prototype," Kai said.
    "We don't have a choice, Pokémen," Prof. Ball said. "I have no information on how you managed to obtain such knowledge about Pokémon genes, but it seems it is quite Profound even compared to our own. So..."
    Just then, Prof. Ivy walked in, earning her a look from Kai, before Kai answered: "I can assure you that I have the most to win with the success of this... hybrid form..."

    An unlikely alliance was formed as Kai began working on repairing the Pokémon genes replicating machine, but everybody was wary for when the fragile cooperation would break under the pressure.
    Its consequences would affect everyone present like glass shards flying around in a car accident...

    Nicolas had noticed one of the teams seemingly had left and wondered where they could've gone to. Professor Ivy hadn't gone with them...

    Meanwhile, other stories started to unravel...

    In Lovend, two female police officers, still in training but that didn't matter that much, were gathering information about the strange Pokémon attacks that had occurred. Most people had hidden themselves inside their houses' basements so they couldn't tell them much.
    "Strange... Let me check my notebook... Someone told me he might've seen a tall muscled man dressed as a Rampardos, but I'm thinking that someone was the town's fool..." one of the officers said.
    "All these well coordinated attacks with many varieties of Pokémon involved, but not a single trainer, except for the dressed up ones..." the other one said.
    "Do you think it has to do something with Nicolas?" the first one said, a slender girl with orange hair and big brown eyes.
    "I don't know Shirley," the purple-haired girl said, who was called Minami, aka Nicolas' date a while back, "but I'm going to find him as well as find out what he's up to..."

    While in the daycare, other interesting things where happening...

    "So how much does Prof. Ball know?" Fred asked.
    "A lot, probably. I was hired for a job in his lab and arrived before all the other trainers," Lyra said. "Although he referred to me as Bianca, I'm certain he played along for some reason."
    "Hmm, strange Professor Ball... But now, if I could only force open this lock... Don't have night slash and my X-scissor's too weak... If I aim it right..." Fred said, before hitting the lock with a subdued 'clonk'.
    "Well whadya know, it worked!" Fred said.
    "It sounded a bit like metal on metal, strange..." Lyra said.
    "Dunno, but we gotta go before they realize we've broken in the building," Fred said as he opened the door and reached out to Lyra.
    Lyra grabbed hold instantly as Fred pulled her inside.
    "If we split up and fly we can find the wristband in no time..." Fred said as his Kricketune senses heard something in the hallway. "They're coming, we gotta hurry!"
    Lyra searched through the strange items on the desk, before catching a glint in the metal section, which contained mostly useless scraps that people had tossed away, with some Pokémon picking it up. She dived in and found a strange looking box covered in a caked pile of dust. Fred noticed her being fascinated and more importantly distracted by something she held, as the steps in the hallway grew louder.
    "Bianca, err, Lyra, we gotta get out of here, fast," Fred said as he felt his arm straining from the nerves.
    "Chill jitterbug, I found the wristband as well. It's here in the scrap. If we just press the button..." Lyra said as she reached out for it to put it on and establish the transforming link...
    "Wait, how are we going to justify our presence here as humans dressed as Pokémon!" Fred whispered in distress, as yelling would blow their cover even faster. Two people approached the door of the room the two Pokémen were in.
    "I don't got any moves that can help, you?" Fred said.
    "No, but wait, if they..." Lyra said.

    Minor seconds after she started her sentence, the elderly couple stepped in to find... an empty room.
    "A female Ledian has shorter antennae, I'm sure of it..." the elderly lady said.
    "Hm, I thought I heard some bug cries," the daycare man, Julian, said to his wife Emily.
    "Oh well, clearly your hearing aid isn't working," Emily joked.
    "Hej watch it, my ears work just fine," Julian said, sounding insulted, although it was clear he went along with the joke.
    The door closed again, as the air rippled at about five or six feet high. Fred and Lyra became visible again, as their Pokéman forms seemed to be locked in a tight embrace, Lyra having locked her lips as well with Fred. She released only a little while after the elderly couple had walked somewhere further, as she said: "My antennae aren't that small..." before she stopped being scatterbrained and asked: "What was that all about? Why didn't they see us? I couldn't even see us... Did you see us?"
    "That's a lot of us'es," Fred remarked, while still coming to from Lyra's 'move'.
    "Why did you do that anyway? Cause it seems you do that a lot..." Fred said.
    "Are you concluding something Freddy, because I wouldn't be too quick if I were you. And how do Kricketune turn invisible?" Lyra sneered.
    "I don't know actually," Fred admitted.
    "Something strange is going on but for now, we have to get out of here," Lyra said as she turned the both of them back into Pokémon and immediately thrusted forward through the wall with a mach punch.
    "Agreed," Fred said.

    Prof. Ball had issued for Team Gamma and lower teams to get as many supplies as they could buy, as Crys had taken charge of operations, most notably Team Alpha's, which Nicolas wasn't particularly pleased about. Prof. Ball's daughter had come up with the idea to give every Pokéman a 'kit' of some sort, that contained antidotes, burn heals, super potions and many more things as to support future missions. Kai wasn't supposed to know what they were up to of course, so it had to be real subtle, while Team Alpha played watchmen to look out for ways Kai could double-cross them.
    So far, not a single Retroment had come into their sight, nor a Meowth or an Eevee girl...

    With Kai's engineering skills and without a doubt thanks to his knowledge of how he modified the Pokémon genes replicating machine in the first place, he, Prof. Ball and his assistents were getting close to a solution, as a procedure was developped to stabilize the hybrid form.
    "But if you could help in making a reverse procedure that would turn the trainers, you and me back to normal..." Prof. Ball tried to convince Kai, but the evil mastermind stubbornly refused...
    "Professor Ball, the Magnemite have located Fred and Bianca and they are approaching Sky City as we speak," Prof. Ivy reported.
    "Good, that's very good news," Prof. Ball said, while at the same time he tried to concentrate on removing the gene modifications to bypass Kai's unwillingness. It failed.
    "So eh Crys, what made you decide to come here?" Benny said, sounding strangely interested and eager, as he came closer to her and the replicating machine.
    "Well if you must know, my father had told me about the situation and I decided to come help out, seeing as you guys have made a mess of things," Crystal said bluntly.
    "Hey, we didn't make a mess! We kicked Kai's minions' butts quite a few times, only lately..." Benny said as he was momentarily distracted as he took in Crystal's appearance, as she bent over to work on the machine...
    "Lately, you've been making a bigger mess, so that's why I'll lead the team," Crys said, simply deciding it all by herself.
    "Wait a minute..." Benny said as he looked up and down this bashful girl while he tried to think of a response to that last sentence.
    "I'd be more worried about getting your eyes checked out butt boy," Crystal sneered as she returned to her work, "if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."
    Benny sighed. This girl was so smart and the daughter of his newfound idol Prof. Ball and yet, so... snappy, with all off its three meanings: rapid talking, irritable... and sharp, well-dressed... Sigh...

    It wasn't long before a Kricketune guy and a Ledian girl walked through the doors, amazed at all the Pokémen that were gathered in the lab, although they had been somewhat briefed about the situation.
    "Hey guys," Lyra, though still known to them as Bianca, said.
    "Cousin!" Leaf yelped as he stumbled towards Fred and jumped to hug him.
    "Hello to you too Leaf," Fred said smiling.
    Ruben acted cool and said: "Hey cous'," punching his knuckle. Nevertheless you could see he was quite happy to see his big cousin again. They'd been gone for days...
    "So we've heard that Kai's been working on a cure for our ehm, impending death. Did I get everything?"
    "Well actually," Nicolas said but was once again interrupted by Benny.
    "We need to get organized again, know what to do, things like that, because now, Professor Ball's daughter is bossing us around," Benny said quietly, although Crys probably wouldn't hear it as she was working on the stabilisation procedure.
    "Well I put my faith in Fred. He got us out of the daycare you now," Lyra/Bianca said.
    "The daycare?!" Ruben said, bursting into high-pitched laughter.
    All the others suddenly saw the joke as well.
    "It sounded a bit more difficult before it came out of my mouth," Lyra/Bianca remarked.
    "No worries," Fred said, as he silenced the others and told them the story. Lyra/Bianca joined in, but prevented Fred from revealing what she had told him...
    Or about their embracing kiss...
    "I suggest Fred becomes our leader," Benny said.
    "But..." Nicolas tried.
    "Yeey!" Leaf exclaimed smiling.
    "He's got my vote," Ruben added to that.
    "Well then I guess it's obvious," Benny said.
    "... what about," Nicolas tried again.
    "Fred, you're the new leader," Bianca decided, acting as the opinion of the whole team, except... "Me?" Nicolas said.
    "It's finished!" Prof. Ball said as he turned on the machine impulsively, not giving anyone any chance to prepare themselves.
    A bright white flash emanated through the air, as ripples of it touched every Pokéman as well, including the newly returned Team Beta, as jolts of electricity sparked over the hybrid's bodies.
    "Did it work?" Benny asked.
    "Of course it did," Crystal said as she turned to the computer. On the keyboard, a snarling Persian sat, with a data storage device around its neck...
    "Kai, you can't do that," Prof. Ball said calmly, knowing he'd stored the whole procedure on there.
    "Doc, I have no choice... You can't get in the way of my plan," Kai said as dark energy started to form around him.
    "He's doing a...!" Benny yelled as Persian skyrocketed towards the roof window with a faint attack, quickly escaping.
    All of the Pokémen immediately went after him, only to be met with the whole of Kai's army, who had silently approached the lab while the last preparations were being executed. Just as quick as they'd appeared, they vanished, escaping to their still so secret base...

    "So now we're stabilized. But we still don't have a clue where his secret base is or how we are going to stop him," Nicolas said angrily.
    "Quite the contrary," a Pelipper girl said as she approached them with Team Beta following her.
    "What's this?" Benny asked.

    Back at the daycare...
    "Why, what is this egg doing here? How did it get here... Hmm..." Julian said, as he picked up a reddish colored egg...

    To be continued...

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    Episode 14: Come full water circle

    The Pelipper girl reminded Nicolas of someone. Brown hair in a ponytail, that soft but determined face... As soon as she spoke, it started to dawn on him...
    "Thanks to Team Beta, who spent the last three days locating Kai's base, we now have interesting pieces of information," Prof. Ivy said as her white labcoat, looking more akin to a Pelipper's feathers, twirled around her shoulders and waist.
    "Let me see," a brown-feathered girl said as she stepped in front of Benny and the rest of Team Alpha, reaching her hand out for the information. She almost seemed to demand it.
    'And who do you think...' popped up in Benny's head as he was about to say something about it, when he noticed the girl's blue hair and more notably her build. It was Crystal... But how had she and Prof. Ivy suddenly turned into Pokémen...
    "Well, if you let me..." Prof. Ivy said as a Pelipper girl, before Benny cut in.
    "Professor, how did Crystal and Professor Ivy suddenly become like... this?" the Noctowl guy said.
    "Well, along with the stabilisation program, Crystal, Professor Ivy and myself managed to build in another Pokémanizing wave, through which all normal humans in the world were turned into Pokémen at the level we just managed to stabilize," Prof. Ball neatly explained.
    "I see..." Benny said, Fred slightly nodding as indicating he had the same understanding.
    "What?!" Ruben could only utter.
    "Now if I can get all of your attention, Team Beta has managed to locate Kai's base. Not only that, they also found this..." Prof. Ivy said as she inserted an information disk in the professor's computer and with all of its memory erased, the advanced machine quickly loaded the data.
    As Professor Ivy explained, a 3D image of two large and strong Pokémon appeared. One of them looked like a blue whale with a white underbelly, blue flaps reminiscent of wings, yellow eyes and red lines, although it was broader than it was long. The other looked like a white pleiosaur with a blue underside, but a strangely flying kind, with white feathers shaped like hands, having a stern dragonlike head with blue triangles around its eyes.
    "Mister Manning managed to obtain legendary DNA, as I feared. He's trying to create Kyogre and Lugia Pokémen," Prof. Ball said and he had never sounded so worrisome...
    "So, what do we do now?" Benny asked.
    "We attack his base, before he manages to get to us with those things," Fred firmly decided, with the others backing him up.
    "And with all the teams gathered here, including some new members, we can't lose," Bianca/Lyra said. "We really, can't lose this..."
    "Let's make a plan..." Benny said, not even giving Nicolas a chance to cut in.

    Atop a tree branch somewhere between Sky City and the professor's lab, Lyra and Fred were overlooking the forest, reminiscing the group's adventure.
    It's been more than a week since they'd first took up arms, or paws, against Kai's evil plan, whatever it was...
    "You should probably tell the others your real name and past, at least, Nicolas," Fred said as he was comparing himself to Nicolas in relation to Lyra...
    "I think I can't do that," Lyra said. "It's all in the past and I don't care much for what has been."
    "So, it really was as I thought..." Fred said.
    "I was suspecting something during the last three days, but it was only when I saw your and my respetive species name in a file in the storage room that I found out," Fred explained, "the sweet rock that had made us fall asleep as well as effect our mood, was a Shuckle with its fermenting fluids, although a rare kind with his varied effects."
    "You mean that's why, we..." Lyra said, as she shook her head. "Fred, even so, you see..."
    "Fred, is that you?" a voice said that sounded vaguely familiar.

    Fred looked down and immediately as he recognized a Vaporeon's shape, he transformed into his human form as he landed on the ground, having received his personal wristband. The Vaporeon transformed as well, into a girl with long wavy brown hair and a light blue attire... Melody.
    "Long time no see stud," Melody said winking.
    "Ehm, yeah... How've you been?" Fred said.
    "Well, Kai was keeping a tight ship on us, so nobody was able to do something without him knowing. Same went for when I helped Team Beta acquire the data... I barely escaped alive after blowing my cover..."
    "That was you, well, glad you're back and saf... Hey, say, what was that fourth move of yours?" Fred said, while blatantly ignoring the fact that Lyra had come to stand besides him in her Pokéwoman form, as well making a weird jump in his train of thoughts.
    Melody let out a girlish giggle. "Haven't you guessed already?" she asked.
    "Wait, attract?" Fred said, as something started to dawn on Lyra... She quickly cut in.
    "Did you by any chance see Ben? We, well I think he was captured," Bianca/Lyra said.
    "He's been assigned to be a minor aide to the Xatu girl, by Kai," Melody said, as she avoided eye contact with an increasingly angry looking Ledian Pokéwoman.
    "So, hmn..." Fred said as he tried to decide what to do with this information, "anyway, we're gonna have to prepare if we want to defeat Kai before he has a chance to know we've entered his base.
    "Well that's gonna be hard, since the security's been upped even more since Beta broke in, but you can count on me for help," Melody said with another sly wink.
    "Why yes, Freddy's been appointed our leader unanimously, with me as his second-in-command," Bianca/Lyra boasted.
    Both Fred and Melody seemed to be a bit surprised. "Well yeah, Kai's been building a ranked organisation so why not," the self-appointed second-in-command said. "Anyway we should head back."
    To that Melody and Fred nodded, but as they started to head back, the Kricketune Pokéman collapsed on the ground.
    "Fred, what's happening?" Melody yelled in distress.
    "Aah... Aaaaaaaaaaaaawh!" Fred screamed, as his lower half started to boil it seemed, turning red and at the same time pitchblack, as his small feet started to lengthen. He roared as no Kricketune had ever done.
    "We have to contain him, we have to get to Professor Ball!" Lyra/Bianca urged.
    White horns started to curve from the back of Fred's skull. Did the stabilisation do this? Could it also happen... to them? Fred had now completely turned black, safe for an orange underbelly and dito mouth. Oh and the eerily looking horns. The creature roared as it sniffed around, looking for prey...
    "Oh no you won't," Bianca/Lyra said as she formed a dome of light screens and reflects around the beast called Fred.
    "I'm a Houndoom?" the thing suddenly said, making Lyra lose her concentration on the dome. Come to think of it, he did, although some of his details were, kinda off...
    Fred lifted up his paw to check his wristband and after checking something on it, he quickly shifted into a perfect copy of the species he had unknowingly began transforming into...
    "It seems we've found why I managed to break us out with a metal claw in the daycare..." Fred said, as he took on his true standard form, a formless pink blob... A Ditto.

    "It seems when mister Kitchmeh was transformed by the accident, his Ditto form that he got fused with his DNA, took on the form of the last thing he could remember: a Kricketot, which he believed also evolved in his Kricketune form. This is very, very interesting..." Prof. Ball remarked.
    "Yes, very interesting indeed..." Melody said as she budged Fred's shoulder, who'd transformed back into his Kricketune form for the time being. Lyra ignored it and handed a shiny piece of metal over to Prof. Ball...
    "Where did you find this?" the professor asked astounded.
    "Found it in the garbage," Lyra said.
    "No, really seriously, where did you find it?" Prof. Ball said as he continued, "this is an Up-Grade to evolve... Well, me."
    "Well, we can use any help we can get professor," Lyra said smiling slightly.
    "Now, I'll think we've waited long enough for our 'plan' to destroy Kai?" Nicolas said.
    "Ya think?" it sounded in the background. Must be one of the sub-Alpha teams...
    "Our plan is to infiltrate Kai's base before he can complete his research and before he detects us and figures out what we're up to. Melody will lead us there. As soon as his security system does discover our presence, we'll have mad sure that our entire group of teams will be able to storm in and overpower him. But we need the element of surprise," Fred explained.
    "Mister Kitchmeh will lead the attack, with my daughter as a Dodrio, Bianca as a Ledian, mister Draken as a Gengar, mister Timateus as a Noctowl, miss Ivy as a Pelipper and miss Ceryean as a Vaporeon will be the subleaders or advisors as Team Alpha takes charge of the operation. Good luck everyone."
    Ruben and Leaf immediately wanted to discuss them not being named subleaders, but had little use: they were still younger. They were not happy.
    At all.

    "Okay, Nicolas, I have to tell you something..." Bianca said.
    "I knew it! It's about freakin' time, since that first day we..." Nicolas said, before Bianca silencing him.
    "I haven't been completely honest with you; I have been quite a tease, because I remember how..." And so Lyra did her story. The others listened in as well, and to possibly negate the meaning of her kissing Nicolas, Lyra also told everyone what had happened in the daycare. Close to everything at least.
    "So you're fancying Frederic 'ay?" Ruben said.
    "What?!" Nicolas exclaimed.
    "Ruben, stop the fake accent, it fails," Leaf commented.
    "What?!" Ruben yelped.
    "Your name is Frederic?" Lyra wanted to know.
    "Lyra, I'll tell you that ever since you left Johto I..." Nicolas said.
    "Let's just follow our brave leader Frederic 'kay?" Lyra said as she giggled about that name.
    "I agree with miss Green," prof. Ball said as he quickly adapted to her big reveal, as he went on, "miss Ceryean (Melody) has located the base. It is time."
    "Time to end this!" Ruben said heroically.

    Just like Ben, Bianca thought...

    High up in the mountains, hidden behind a seemingly inpenetrable rock, Kai's base lied, where he was busy on his ultimate creation...
    Two kinds of ultimate in fact.

    "Are they ready?" Kai asked as he checked the parameters on his upgraded Pokémanizing machine.
    "Yes sir, they're ready, but are you sure you want to..." lieutenant Mauser said.
    "Yes yes, I want to fuse them with Kyogre and Lugia DNA, that has been my final answer for the last two days, now get everyone ready! Not even Prof. Ball and his trainer bunch will stand in my way..."
    "Yes sir..." Mauser said. "You heard him, get working!"
    "Watch it cat," one of the Eevee leaders said, as the others muddled along and did what they were assigned to do.

    "You go first?" Fred suggested to Melody.
    "You'd follow me anywhere wouldn't you Frederic?" Melody said giggling.
    'Frederic' blushed for a moment, as the other members of Team Alpha followed close behind. Lyra stayed the closest, or possibly Nicolas following behind her.

    What they found inside...

    "You have returned my liege," lieutenant Mauser said as he made a catly bow for his master Kai.

    "Thank you for your service Mauser," Kai said, "However, it seems we have a problem..."

    Kai looked up at the utter ruin that'd been caused by unknown assailants, although could guess Prof. Ball had outwitted him as well while working on the 'cure'. A Team Beta he'd heard off...

    "We can't delay our plans, we have to succeed before they get to us... Our location has been compromised," Kai said.

    "Can't we move to another..." Mauser asked, but Kai interrupted him.

    "There is no time and most of the material is here. Do anything you can to stop them," Kai said.

    "Yes, sir," Mauser said and went on his way to rile up the Eevee girls and Retroments.

    You will not stop me professor, Kai thought. Not when I'm this close to victory...

    "Stealth seemed to be the way to go, even to get to Kai's lab. So first, send out the inconspicuous Pokémen," Melody said.

    "Okay," Fred said and gestured for a few teams to scatter over the base. Not an Eevee girl in sight, strange... "Lyra... Huh?"

    The Ledian girl had suddenly backed away from him, quite the opposite from her clingy behavior as they'd travelled to the base and ventured through the entrance.

    Lyra had frozen completely. Ben was here, he had to be. After he'd betrayed the team and her in particular, she'd tried her best to forget about him and move on. She'd learned as much after the strange misadventures with her parents and all. That blue-haired guy, she could've...

    But now she remembered, he had to be here in Kai's base and she would have to fight him or even take him out. He...

    "Lyra, you alright?" Fred asked. Of course he knew she wasn't alright, but what could he say? She'd seemed to... idolize that Pikachu casanova. Now let's not get emo, he had to straighten this out swift and painlessly.

    "We will worry about things when they present themselves. Right now we need your shields and wings to get to the sinister lab which Kai undoubtedly has and stop him from making those... weapons. We may need to take drastic..." Fred said, but he couldn't continue.

    "Nicolas, you wanna head the ghost subsquad? I think it'll be very handy," Fred eventually said.

    "Why suuuure," Nicolas said as he flew down the eerie unlit tunnel up ahead.

    "Right... Now I just got the feeling that stealth won't take us as f(ar)..." Fred said before he heard something robotic moving.

    "I was right," Fred noted before pushing Melody out of the way before a turret electrocuted... the ground.

    "We shouldn't fall like dominoes you know," Melody said with a delicate smile.

    Fred smiled as well before Lyra the Ledian yelled: "Look out!"

    Hehe, L.L. ... To be continued.

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    The final two-parter.

    Episode 15: The beginning of the beginning

    "To save the world from devastation, to unite all people within our nation!" Mauser cried out in his native Pokémon tongue to the other Meowth.

    They stormed and clashed with the sub-alpha teams, standing their ground. One Salamence Pokéman thought he could be smart and take out the lieutenant, before Mauser countered with a massive thunderbolt attack blasting the entire Pokémen team away.

    "H-how did you get so strong?! Why didn't you evolve into a Persian yet?" the Salamence Pokéman yelped.

    "That honor... is preserved for my master," Mauser said before knocking the hybrid out with a shadow claw to the head.

    Hurry master, Mauser thought. One does wonder how human some Pokémon become... without becoming a hybrid of course.

    "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" A Golem Retroment yelled as it sent his enemies flying with a very accurate stone edge.

    Fred gestured for the others to listen in as they sat behind a wall.

    "We have to get past that arsenal type, but if it can fling anything back at us..." Fred said.

    "Well would you look at the coincidence. I'll stay behind to counter it, while you, Lyra and the others go on ahead, don't you?" Melody said.

    "What?" Fred said obliviously. "I didn't mean that... But you're the only one that can, Melody I didn't mean to... Aargh, we'll talk about this when it's all over, come on guys."

    "Oh, we'll talk," Melody sneered as she went up in front and transformed into her Vaporeon form. She was all tensed up to kick some behind.

    "No time for introductions," Melody said as she spat out a water pulse at the Golem.

    "Pfft, sub-alpha's," the Golem said as it used its custom Arsenal ability to redirect the attack... Melody got hit full on by the amplified attack... and shook her head with her beautiful fins brushing off every single droplet.

    She had her own ability, Water Absorb.

    "Oh-oh," the Golem replied dumbfounded.

    "Exactly," Melody snapped and jumped at him like a vicious cat ready to squash its prey.

    Its very rocky and extremely inedible prey.

    "Which ones did they have left? Fred looked behind him and counted: himself, Lyra, growing ever closer; Ruben, Leaf, Benny... That's all?! Nicolas headed the ghost subsquad, he'd be fine but... Fred looked up at the bird Pokémon that was approaching and he knew they were all in trouble.

    From the depths of the caves that made up Kai's HQ came a dark pink-haired girl dressed in a beautiful green kimono with two yellow lines on the skirt, with white sleeves with purple and black stripes at the tips, as well as on her shoulders, with pink thigh-high stockings in the her hair's same shade, turning completely black up to the highest points... Under it she wore a same-green colored shirt with a black top, with white small shoes to top it off. All in all, she looked like a normal girl about Fred's age, besides the green and pink lines running down her cheeks for some odd reason... He knew what that reason was and he should stop drowning in the details of her... wholesomeness.

    "I figure you've heard of me and you well... you know me all the better, don't you?" the Xatu Pokéwoman said as she nodded to Ruben and Lyra. That last one she granted a sadistic grin.

    "I am above anyone of you their intelligence combined, so allow me to let someone else take a shot at your winning streak. I'll tell you now: it's over," A.A. (Above Alakazam in terms of intelligence so she claims) said. The Retroment that could use any move she ever learned.

    "Hey girl, seems like you can use some help," a Jolteon Pokéwoman said. Fevrier. From Team Beta...

    "Ready to beat some Retroments?" Jamie asked.

    "Always," Melody said.

    So I can join up with Fred... and the others.

    From the shadows came Team Alpha's challenger, an orange creature that had been slowly and dimly lighting up in the darkness from its gathered electricity: bloated, with yellow ears lined with black, a very recognisable tail that could slice you in the blink of an eye, a white underbelly and twinkling beady eyes that showed no remorse for what he had done.

    "Ben!" Lyra yelled.

    It seemed he had evolved without the Thunderstone fragments she collected.

    The former Pikachu Pokéman was ready to fry what was left of the Pokémen... One side wouldn't live to see the day.

    "Ben, I don't want to fight you!" Lyra exclaimed near-tears.

    "Raaaaaaaaaaaaai..." the beast that could no longer be called a man yelled.

    "Attack," A.A. the Xatu Retroment said with please.

    "Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" Raichu cried out as multiple thunderbolts started bouncing off the cave ceiling and into the Pokémen.

    Lyra dived in front of them and took a first hit, completely forgetting that she could make shields to block it. Somehow, this was all her fault she believed...

    Fred turned dark pink, his Kricketune features began to mold together and loose shape untill he was nothing but a towering pink blob absorbing Lyra through him, throwing her next to Benny and his nephews. His cells began replicating himself and who knows where he got the extra mass needed to complete his perfect transformation: Rhyperior.

    "Leave... her... alone... monster!" the enraged Pokéman said, while he didn't look that handsome himself at the moment.

    He bashed the damp floor sending a shockwave aimed directly at Ben who sent himself flying to dodge most of the crippling ground attack. Luckily, Benny and Lyra had picked up Ruben and Leaf just in time for them not to faint from their own team mate's attack.

    A.A. the Xatu girl just laughed.

    "You humans are all so emotional, it's not about trust, it's about joining the strongest side. So... Ben, care to cut this little Ditto in half?" she said and gestured for the Rhyperior that towered above him.

    Ben nodded.

    Why didn't he say anything? Besides 'Raaaaaaaaai, chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!' that is.

    "Answer to Lyra, little rat! Why did you do it?!" Fred roared as he quickly changed in something else as Ben struck with an Iron Tail.

    Fred had to think real quick to come up with a counter for a steel move and so he dropped down and changed into... a Pikachu?

    Fred looked at himself in slight surprise, but quickly regained his composure and started quick attacking around Ben.

    "We gotta help him, we can't have him do all the work," Ruben said pouting. He was about to step in when Benny stopped him.

    "Hold on, look," Benny said as he gestured.

    'A.A.' was just standing there, not grinning as when she ordered an attack but quietly following Ben's movements with her eyes.

    Lyra seemed to come to. "B... Fred?"

    She saw A.A. smirking and she lunged, more jumping utter rage than simply flying and propelled herself further with a mach punch followed by a silver wind.

    "This is... your fault!" she screamed and hit her mark: her ugly, sickeningly good looks on the Xatu hybrid's face.

    A.A. stumbled, not having suffered that much from the attack, but for a brief moment, Ben also paused to see what was happening, allowing Fred to escape from a death grip he'd been under: Raichu's, when properly trained, were actually faster than Pikachu... Even Fred had to learn it the hard way.

    "Now?" Ruben asked.

    "Now!" Benny said, striking out first with a steel wing.

    Leaf's inevitable faint attack and Ruben's revenge soon followed suit.

    "And that's for... Fred!" Ruben yelled.

    "This, this isn't over..." A.A. said as she fell down on all fours from the attacks, especially the faint attack, grabbed Ben and teleported in a white light.

    "Push-over," Ruben said with a sniff of disdain, holding his nose up in the air.

    "Let's go on ahead," Leaf said as he began to shine a white light from within his abdomen.

    "Leaf, what in heaven's name..." Ruben said.

    "I mimicked the mockingbird," Leaf said simply.

    They all stood close together, preparing to be teleported... where exactly?

    "Eh Leaf, have you ever tried one of these, transportation moves?" Benny asked.

    "No, not really," Leaf said, before they disappeared...

    "I'm so close now..." Kai said.

    He had his best experiments work on it till two hours ago and now the lab was completely repared, largely thanks to a Magnezone or two he let mind control... He wasn't that proud of such a heinous act, but he had no choice...

    The two 'test subjects' as they were known to everyone else in his organisation lay on the metal tables, restrained for their own safety.

    "Finally, you will be free, when you are hybridized with this enormous power... I'll see you soon," Kai said as made the final preparations.

    "It seems your plans will fail, Kai..." a voice echoed.

    "What... You?!" Kai said. "I warn you, you won't stop me, ever!"

    "I'm afraid I can't have that happen, you see..." as the being draw near. "I have my own plans for your little freakshow."

    "I'll lay you down with one finger," Kai said, as he summoned a tech suit that attached to his feline, Persian form.

    "Oh," the being said.

    "Exactly. Bring it on!" Kai said.

    To be concluded?

    Join us next time to read the epic conclusion... But not all questions will be answered...

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    Episode 16: The end of the end

    They'd teleported a few times now, each attempt getting them farther away than the last...

    "Leaf!" Ruben yelled.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'll get better I promise," Leaf said.

    "We don't have time for this," Ruben said as he engaged into a slap fight with Leaf, with neither of them hitting anything at all besides each other's slapping hands.

    "I can help," an Alakazam Pokéwoman said. "I noticed your white light appearing and it made me remember how I teleported as an Abra out of fear back when that other white light shone in the lab... I didn't need it anymore, but I do remember that it can teleport you to a specific place if you home in on it.

    "So if we have a map..." Jamie said as Leaf already started to shine. Literally and figuratively.

    They appeared in front of the metal gates of Kai's lab that had been securely repaired from Team Beta's attacks and closed again after they'd left. Now how were they going to get in?

    They called Melody on the wristband and told her their situation. She said strong but brief: "I'll show you."

    It was clearly directed at Fred. Boy, was he in trouble right about now... Somehow, he felt someone else had the exact same problem.

    They heard a water stream, the sound coming out of nowhere. Had it suddenly began to rush through the caves because of an explosion or something? Just then, a whirl of foaming water rushed around the corner, aimed directly at Fred. In the aqua jet, was Melody.

    "W-what, I didn't mean to hurt anybody, I... Aaaaah!" he yelled as he transformed into a Pikachu and everyone else dived out of the way. A white light shone once again as the Eeveelution tackled Fred the Pikachu. He was way too instinctive with that transformation he figured.

    But the Eeveelution that had him down on the ground wasn't Melody... But a Jolteon...

    "Hey wait, you're mighty cute! I didn't know I had compatibility to someone! I paid attention in school you know, egg groups, blablabla..." the girl Jolteon rattled on as Fred found it difficult to keep breathing. "Oh hold on..."

    The girl flicked her wristband with her other front paw to allow both her and Fred to change into their Pokéman and Pokéwoman forms. Fred looked eerily similar to Ben with what he was wearing as Lyra briefly turned away her eyes, while the girl had a short yellow dress with split ruffles at the end and more spikes at her back, as was with her Pokémon form. The dress ended with a top without bands. The white Jolteon collar stood as spiky as the girl seemed to feel ditzy. Her blond, wavy hair was adorned with the real Jolteon's big yellow ears sticking through.

    "You really are cute. Sadly I was sent here to break the lock than switch back. Don't worry, it'll take a while Mr. Pikachu," the girl said.

    She swiftly changed back into her Jolteon form and as she started zapping the electronic mechanisms of the gate, Fred asked: "And your name is?"

    "Fevrier, short but not simple to pronounce," Fevrier said with a smile.

    Ruben opened his mouth to say something as he also widely grinned, before Leaf said: "Don't even think about it."

    "Prepare to bash the door in, or are you only the smart guy of the group?" Fevrier said with a giggle.

    "We'll muster some up before dinner," Ruben said as he flexed his muscles. Fevrier let out another giggle, although kept sparkling out Thunderwaves.

    "Hurry along will you," Lyra said offhandedly, as she thought about how Kai held Ben and all of his Retroments in check and would soon be unstoppable and inescapable when those experiments succeeded. Who were the subjects he was trying it out on anyway?

    "Don't waste a heart blob girl, I'm... finished," Fevrier said as she looked up at Fred, still in good-looking Pikachu Pokéman form. Shiver.

    "Bye bye now," Fevrier said as she flicked her wristband and a bright light replaced her with Melody.

    "W-what took you guys so long," she said as she shrugged off a chip on her shoulder, looking at Fred with a near-death glare. No really, a real chip of ice that had been latched on to her shoulder.

    "If even bugs can control winter, I'm going to get a lot of mosquito bites," she muttered to herself, before demanding, "So? What's the deal? Are we gonna pass through or what?"

    Fred swiftly nodded as he took on the size of a Slaking, with its strength following soon after.

    "Better open it from the first time, before my ability kicks in," Fred the Slaking said.

    Ruben struck the gate hard with multiple Brick Breaks barely not blending together and Leaf hitting the steel doors with a mighty Wood Hammer. Melody kicked in with an Aqua Jet barrage and Lyra followed close behind with a Reflect Light Screen shield turned into a battering ram attack. Benny summoned his greatest steel wing of justice.

    "Everyone out of the way! If I remember this correctly..." Fred said as he was engulfed by a purple ball with white streaming lines. The ball moved from a standstill to maximum speed in seconds, transforming the Slaking into a very powerful, very fast cannonball. It quickly changed back into a Kricketune, collapsing on the ground.

    "Fred!" Melody and Lyra cried out in unison as Benny, albeit worried remembered their mission.

    "We have to go on! You two take care of him, we go on ahead," the brave Noctowl said.

    They heard explosions that accompanied every 'good' Pokémon battle.

    "There's a fight going on! Let's roll!" Ruben said as he flipped on his back and to everyone's surprise, used a rolling kick to catch momentum.

    "What in the..." Leaf said in awe, before yelling, "Wait for me!"

    He launched a series of faint attacks that gave him a shortcut, as if it were that he leapt through space and time... Benny flew ahead with a horizontal sky attack and picked up speed in the artificial cave to the lab.

    "Fred, are you okay?" Lyra asked as she and Melody supported him.

    "I'm fine, it's just the recoil and the truant... I didn't change back quickly enough to cheat my way out of it. We should go," Fred decided.

    "Seems we have to work together this time. To stop Kai?" Melody said.

    "To stop Kai," Lyra nodded in agreement.

    Melody the Vaporeon pulled Fred on her back and launched herself with an Aqua Jet, with Fred flying off of it, but not before Lyra caught him in the air, carried along a Silver Wind. So they exchanged him like a volleyball as he gathered up strength for the final fight.

    But things were about to get messy...

    "Here it is, the lab as Team Beta described. I see machines, I see the tables the test subjects should be on, I see... Who's this?" Ruben said as Leaf arrived.

    On the floor, near the entrance to the lab they'd wanted to pass through with big explosions and flexing their muscles, shouting 'Who wants a piece of me?!!!' they saw a Pokéman lying on the ground with strange gear on his limbs and mouth... It was Kai.

    Melody, Fred and Lyra heard the confused cries of Ruben as a Hitmonlee and they sped up even more, if that was even possible. Fred took in a deep breath and became the fastest puny bug alive... Ninjask.

    "Tag along," he said.

    They quickly grabbed hold as they blurred into thin air.

    "What... the h... re you doing... This... be happening..." they heard right before they landed... in front of a seriously knocked out Kai.

    What, did he fail because he couldn't defeat us so some random space villain can steal his thunder? Hold on...

    Out of the fog came a guy of average height, slim build and dressed in dark purple... something. His pale face reflected in the lights of the eerie laboratory.

    As the fog cleared, it became clear who stood in front of Team Alpha: Nicolas Draken the Gengar Pokéman.

    "Wait a minute... He's on our side and defeated Kai, so why is he smiling so sinisterly?" Ruben said.

    "The machines are still running, the danger isn't over..." Leaf said.

    The temperature had also dropped by approximately 10 degrees F according to the monitor Leaf had eyed the moment he entered... Couldn't be that good for the test subjects, or at least a bit chilly...

    "Quite correct little tagalong kids," Nicolas responded with a ghastly echo in his voice. He was doing it on purpose no doubt. "You see, as I got pushed aside as being superior in every way in competitive Pokémon battling and leading Team Alpha, I started to realise something: Someone had to be e-du-cated."

    Fred gestured to the others to start preparing their most devastating attacks for both the lab and their former team mate. The second one, Lyra said to herself.

    Explanations and boring speeches would have to come later.

    "Always quick on the trigger finger when you see an opening, come come now Fred, that's no way to be polite. You sneaky little b... Yeah, let's leave it at that. No matter how much you tried to take the lead through friendship and naďve insecurities, that all stops here. I should've been the leader of this team and any group for that matter would have to been happy to have me. So that got me thinking... It seemed Kai was also too inept for the job of running this glorious operation. Sure, I don't know anything about genetic research, but I do know how to use it."

    No one in the group seemed to be able to move. Had Nicolas really become this powerful, furthermore in his Pokéman form? Wait, he was using tricks and technology! If only one of them could reach for Kai and his gear...

    Then it begun.

    Two large machines shaped like Prof. Ball's machine's tip but heavily modified and improved to serve their new cause: the production of legendaries. In his hand, Nicolas held a remote. He'd been spying on Kai to steal his creations and he'd seemed powerless to stand up to the ghost Pokéman even with his strange gear. It wasn't entirely busted, maybe Fred could...

    The two subjects yelled as the white concentrated beams hit them and gales of wind and spouts of steam whirled around, drilling themselves into the wall untill they ran out of concussive energy. They'd been launched by girls hybridizing violently as Ruben and the others could hear from their screams. Two Eevee girls Kai'd summoned for his evil desire? Even if they looked okay and were powerful, it was still heartbreaking to do to them, after they'd transformed already and now went through that same pain, but worse.

    He had to break free, but the ghostly powers were the heaviest on him. If he could get Fred to change into something that scruffed off the ghost type... But how?

    Think Ruben, think. What wasn't bothered so much by the ghost type, preferably nothing at all.

    Shedinja, with the Wonder Guard ability? If it could somehow appear out of Fred's Ninjask body, it could... But wait, Ghost can hurt Ghost. Still gives some interesting possibilities to achieve true doubling of himself. Ah, the possibilities.

    Gah, focus... Dark and Steel, he'd heard about a Pokémon that has both. If only he could remember its name and tell Fred... That would make him near impenetrable for the ghost attacks. His fighting attacks would be useless against that traitor. Hold on... Useless against ghost?

    "Just be yourself," Ruben said as he fell to the floor.

    Is he kidding around, Leaf thought. Why is he twitching?

    "You'll pay for breaking my control on you. Curse you!" Nicolas yelled as he waved his hand with delight. He changed into his Pokémon form to make it have its fullest effect.

    Slowly, Ruben's life was slipping away. It'd took him nearly all of his sanity to get past Nicolas' ghastly control along with his type disadvantage.

    Fred didn't have time to numb himself over the head. He'd been so stupid, why didn't he think of it... But now, Nicolas was busy. He changed into a pink creature, rapidly drawing Nicolas' attention.

    "What? I'm coming for your head this time, Frederik!" he yelled launching a shadow punch at exactly that.

    He blanked out for a moment after he came across a wall.

    "What in the... Raaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" he roared as he cursed the gods, your mother, and everything in between a thousand times. "Stupid normal type!"

    Fred had changed into his true self: a harmless Ditto. Normal type.

    "You think you're smart, huh? Think you can take me on rookie mistakes? Well I got news for you, I defeated Kai the Persian just as easily as I'll beat you. Sucker!"

    With a dark force surrounding his hand, he rocketed towards Fred before tumbling over in mid-air and landing back in front of all his former team mates. He threw an especially vicious glare at Lyra.

    The pink blob hadn't thought of any attacking move. It could've been his strategy all along, or just pure extreme luck, but Fred had begun transforming into... a Dusknoir. He had a strange type of gear around him... Kai's gear.

    Not like he needed it at the moment.

    "Seems I wasn't under your control while you were attacking me... Neither were the others..." Fred said as Benny and Leaf gathered to pick Ruben back up. "You lose, Nicolas. This ends here."

    Rain drops started to fall from the ceiling... This was a sad time indeed.

    "Always being the bigger man, huh? Unfortunately, it's too late. Every good battler knows that when you play competitively... You have to be 'in sync' with your team," Nicolas said as he flicked his modified wristband. With added new features like minion mission control.

    From the tables behind him two girls stood up as they were changed into a Lugia and a Kyogre with special hover units, respectively. They cried out, as fellow monsters of the sea... and it seemed their underlying personalities were lost.

    Nicolas gestured in the style of Mewtwo mentally commanding his clones as Lugia rapdily charged up a Shadow Ball and released it at Fred, knocking him to an inch of his life instantly. It had been improved as well, Fred thought as he looked sideways to Kai, who seemed trying to wake up. He looked like he had a particularly bad dream...

    Leaf rushed forward with a nasty faint attack before being hit full on with a hydro pump. Benny had to think, if he could just... Nicolas had just directed his attention to Benny, thinking about what he should do...

    "Wait, is a Noctowl psychic, or can he only use those moves? I keep forgetting with such sub-standard Pokémon. Just wreck all of them, all of the Pokémen with your devastating powers!" Nicolas yelled as he slashed his grim claws through the air as if it were their collective necks.

    The Lugia and Kyogre corrupted Pokéwomen brushed the others aside with a sweep of their powerful torso's and went inside the tunnel complex, blasting everything and everyone in their path.

    Team Beta, all the other Pokémen... They had to get out, now...

    "We have to teleport!" Lyra yelled as she gestured for Melody to take a hold of Leaf. "Think you can do it?"

    Leaf shivered, but nodded yes. Maybe...

    Fred got dragged onto Leaf by Benny, all of them gathering around Ruben, who still didn't get up. Fred transformed into a blob that was indeterminate in terms what it exactly was, but it was created to blast them away with a powered-up teleport. Fred looked to Kai and milliseconds before the white light covered them completely, he dragged him along into the sphere.

    "Noooooooooooo!" Nicolas yelled.

    Things would get difficult, but he'd won and commanded two legendaries. Eventually, he'd...

    "Win," he thought as he grinned widely with those Gengar teeth.

    After CHA-05, the prequel, than Pokémon season 1, this story of the Reminisce region... will continue?

    Untill then,
    Professor Kristoff Ball.

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    And so season 1 ends...

    Any closing comments will be much appreciated as soon season 2 will begin

    Having said that, I do wonder how this story was enjoyed or liked, even though it was more a light and comedic adventure.

    I'll try not to lose the humor in the second season, but up the adventure and tension considerably^^ Soon,
    I will request for this topic to be closed and moved to the completed fanfics, so please feel free to post a closing comment as mentioned before, before this topic is moved preferably

    Scriptor Scorpio.

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