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    So after long consideration I have decided to create this. My disclaimer: I have never written something like this. This is, in all reality, my take on the League of Heroes/NCTH mk III fic. It is probably mostly a Sequel to Xman's Professor X, since this is when it takes place. As far as ratings go, it should stay either G or PG. New chapters will come up (hopefully) every week with the occasional one that I take off.

    There's now a prequel for this story! Read Maelstrom today!

    Part 1:
    1. A New Lead
    2. Welcome to the Jungle
    3. Regirock and Roll
    4. The Cold Shoulder
    5. Stark, the First Frontier

    Part 2:
    1. The Inside Story
    2. Julius and Juliet
    3. Unhappy Reunion
    4. A Swashbuckling Adventure
    5. Uno
    6. Dos
    7. Tres
    8. Slowking's Day Off

    Part 3:
    1. Back to the Abandoned Area!
    2. Redshirts
    3. Painful Memories
    4. The Battle on the Mount
    5. A Not-So Turnback Cave
    6. The Last Battle, Maybe...

    Epilogue. Goodbye, For Now...

    A New Lead

    Compiled in the headquarters for the Journeymen League, known as the Tower of Ancients, is a room holding secrets from the past only now being revealed. These secrets are files of all of the evil doers the world has seen in contemporary times, including Team Magma and Aqua in their combined efforts to take over the world, to Team Omega’s run at the beginning of the league, to the last one, Team Galactic and their latest projects in the Sinnoh region. Here are the documents from this event, straight from the heroes who saved the day.


    After the Aqua and Magma War six months prior a monument, travelers’ lodge, and ranch popped up on Mt. Chimney. The leader of the project was a trainer by the name of Dave. He and his Pokémon built this where they used to camp out, which is where he met Xander, the Pokémon professor who specializes in Shiny Pokémon and the Fighting Elite Four member. Dave made this to commemorate the heroes of that war as well as a way to help the trainers learn to fend for themselves should a similar crisis take place.

    We join our hero in the Gym Leader battle simulator room, where he battles other trainers who need help preparing for a gym. Basically a trainer school for those who are more experienced.

    “Ok, um, Bobby, is it, you’re training for Lavaridge’s Fire Gym for your first badge. I’ll use this Slugma of mine.” said Dave as he sent out a fire snail.

    “I’ll win this time for sure! I choose you Silcoon!” shouted the rookie trainer Bobby

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa’ if that Silcoon STILL only has harden it’ll never defeat Flannery or her father. Silcoon is a BUG Pokémon who is weak to Slugma, so the only thing you can do is slow down your loss if you can’t downright ATTACK your opponent. Get-“

    “Sir, you have a phone call.” said Philip, Dave’s best helper in keeping the property running.

    “Did you see who it is?”

    “No, I came as soon as I put the call on hold for-“

    Philip didn’t even get to finish as the trainer of medium height sprinted to his research room, where he answered the call.

    “Well it’s been a while.” Dave said as he began talking to his friend Xander.

    “I just got a lead. If you’re interested in helping me out and being my assistant for a while, them come out to the island north-east of Sinnoh. I’ll meet you there.” Xander explained.

    “IF? That’s like asking if I’ll be taking Speedy or a Wurmple I catch from the Petalburg Forest. Of course I’ll be there. Give me a few days to settle everything.”

    The next few days for Dave flew by. He taught Tor, his first Pokemon, who’s now a Blaziken, to use the transfer machine should something come up. He also asked Flannery of the closest gym to watch over his Pokemon in case Tor couldn’t handle it. The trainer then left for Sinnoh.

    “Will you be leaving for an adventure, Sir? What about little Bobby?” asked Philip

    “Tell him to get a better Pokémon and we’ll talk, and how many times have I told you NOT to call be sir?”

    “Nine, and I’ll go do that now si- Dave.”

    Two days later Dave landed on the island with Evergrande City and hopped on a boat to the Battle Zone in Sinnoh in the East.

    -Fight Area, Sinnoh-

    Ok, so I’m finally here, now where’s Xander? Dave thought as he got off of the boat. There was an air of dread over the town and the population was about a quarter of the typical one. You always know something is bad when even the Battle Frontier is closed. Locked. Then he looked to the sky. It was dark but it was still day but it wasn’t nighttime dark, but smoky/ashy dark. It was coming from Stark Mountain.

    “If you’re looking for a man on a green Salamence, he went in the direction of the Survival Area.” said a man in a trench coat and hat.

    “Umm, who are you and how did you-“ Dave asked.

    “Just go! There isn’t much time. Also, don’t fly, no matter what.” said the mystery man as he pushed Dave in the way as he also leapt across the fence into the water, only the reemerge skimming across the water on a jet ski.

    Too weird. It’s gonna be one of those crazy days. Though not even Dave could understand what was to come.

    -Route 225-

    As Dave went north on route 225, he saw more and more people going back to town. By the looks on their faces something really strange must have happened. That’s when he saw the statue. Not just any statue, but one of Registeel, if the metal pokemon was 12 feet tall, easily blocking the road. The statue was taller than any Registeel Dave had ever seen, easily towering above anything in sight.

    Well that’s not cool. Halfway to the Survival Area and this happens. Ok, so I can’t fly, or so says a mystery guy, but they’re usually fairly reliable. Looks like it’s time to knock Registeel down.

    “Speedy and Hydra, help me out” Dave exclaimed as he held his Pokeballs to call them out instead of throwing them. A Blaziken and Hydreigon answered the call. “Speedy, use Hi Jump Kick and Flare Blitz and Hydra use Dragon Pulse and Flamethrower. Let’s knock down a statue.” After a relatively long time, both Pokemon became worn out; this left Dave out of options.

    So if this statue won’t go down, I guess it’s time to fly, no matter what that random mind reader said.

    “Cuddles, let’s take to the sky!”

    -The Sky-

    Silly mystery dude, I’ll get there in no time at this rate! Dave thought as Cuddles his Togekiss flew him through the air. Then the ashy clouds came around them. As the trainer went, he lost track of all direction. Soon, too, came the fiery chunks of rock and magma. Eventually, the magma chunks hit Cuddles so hard they started falling from the sky, Cuddles fell to one side of the island and Dave to the other in the pelting sooty debris.

    He then blacked out.

    ~Meanwhile on other parts of that same island~

    -Survival Area-

    Xander kept waiting patiently and Dave never showed up. Day after day, there was no sign of his temporary assistant. Soon I’ll just have to go on. I’m afraid time’s running out.


    The mystery cloaked man kept peering out into the sky, just waiting to see his advice disregarded by the younger trainer. Maybe this time it’ll teach him to obey. It usually only takes one time to plummet to the Earth to begin listening.
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