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Chapter 5: Stark, the First Frontier


-Rugged Mountain Road-

As the professor and trainer closed in on Stark Mountain, the volcano roared a challenge to anyone trying to tame it. Professor X, though usually confident in his abilities, became jumpy the closer the two got. Every time he saw a red and white object he ran to claim it, hoping it to be a Pokeball, though now he had no such luck, having been blasted by Explosions by three angry Electrodes, Spored twice by Amoongusses, and received twenty-four Potions and five Escape Ropes.

If I just find the Pokeball, Xander thought, I could probably save the island. Dave, though, stuck to the path, not understanding why he was going out of the way to get attacked.

As the duo entered the cave, no words were uttered, not that they would be able to communicate over the restlessness of the wild Pokemon. They sensed what was wrong and were in a panic, so the two trainers sprang into action.

"Come on out everyone! Help us get to the door!" exclaimed Xander as his five available Pokemon sprang into action. "Salamence, take me up so I can move around the battle quickly. Latias, use Psychic and Draco Meteor. Scolipede, bulldoze down your opponents and hit them with Toxic as you go. Heracross, let initial enemies hit you until you're weak, and hit them with Reversal. Oh, and Rotom. Possess an object and use it to attack. Ok everyone, let's go!"

Dave took the opportunity to take his team out too, along with the blue Rapidash. "Hey Xander, why do you only have five Pokemon with you?" asked Dave, just putting it to thought himself.

"Oh, um, haha, no reason. Why do you ask? Let's just focus on the battle for now." The Professor replied, poorly attempting to cover something up.

"Ok team." Dave started, "Speedy and Rapidash, team up. Hit and protect each other's back. Nightmare and Hydra, team up and do like you always do. Oh, and Electivire and Julius, go far away from any allies who can't fly. Electivire, create an earthquake if anything is digging, then Julius, hit them with a water spout. BREAK!"

The battle was draining on everyone. For every one member of the trainers' teams there was fifteen aggressive, panicked wild Pokemon. Everyone felt outmatched. The Rapidash and Speedy the Blaziken tag teamed but were fighting through Ground types who just came up to the ground to attack. Rapidash kept using Blast Burn and right afterwards running from the front to find a new one, as Speedy Protected him in the process, keeping up with the horse due to his speed being continually boosted. Hydra the Hydreigon and Nightmare the Espeon kept taking out hordes of Zubats and Golbats with their combination of Psychic to hold the bats down and Flamethrower to exterminate them. After many successes, though, the bats found kinks in the armor, and exposed it with U-Turns and Leech Lifes. The only team of Dave's gaining any ground was the one of Electivire and Julius the Jellicent. As the ground types went underground the Motor Pokemon would shake the earth and the octopus would blast the wild Pokemon with a high-powered spout of water when they returned to the surface.

Xander's team was faring almost worse. The duo of Latias and Salamence brought forth meteors of Draconic energy, which the rock Pokemon would counter with giant, equally powerful rocks. The Rotom, feeling exposed since it couldn't find anything to possess, was met by the same ground type Pokemon as Speedy and Rapidash, and could barely do a thing. Heracross kept buzzing around the cave in a sort of rage similar to Shadow Pokemon, hitting anything that came in sight with Reversal, barely avoiding his allies. Finally there was poor Scolipede, who was hitting its enemies with Toxic to no avail, as his opponents were mostly part steel.

The two trainers were fighting too. Professor X zipped around the battle on his dragon and was using the Potions he received to keep his allies healthy. Dave decided to pull out his dusty ranger gear, from his time in Oblivia, from his pack and began "capturing" Pokemon.

As the attackers made it to the door to the chamber of the Magma Stone, they hustled in, except for Xander, who began rock climbing for the red and white object that had his attention. As he made it to the object, he realized it was his, though when he went to retrieve it a Skarmory grabbed it and flew away. Xander, dumbfounded and depressed, made his way to join the others.

When the Professor made it in, he learned how doomed this mission was, as neither Heatran nor the Magma Stone were in the room. Xander then just slumped down next to the others and decided to break the silence.

"Hey dude, I have some confessing to do. When I flew to the Flight Area to part take in the Battle Frontier here, I dropped a Pokeball, my Heatran's Pokeball, right here by the volcano. I wasn't gonna make a mountain out of a molehill and I flew to the Survival Area instead. Then, the next day the mountain began smoking and I decided I might need help, so I called you on a fake mission, to help me get Heatran back, but I was gonna call you in a few weeks anyway, since the theory really is legit. So that's it, I'm a liar. I'll pay for your flight if we still have time to get the heck out of here."

Dave sat, now fully realizing how deceived he had been, so he began his way towards the exit. As he did this, he tripped on the podium that once held the Magma Stone. The podium fell too, and under that a trap door. The trainers instantly went to check it out. Inside was a pool of lava with an island in the middle. On it were two Heatran dueling to the death; each time they clashed the volcano trembled. Also, by some stroke of luck sat a Skarmory on the same side of the island with a red and white object in its mouth. It tried eating it but when that did not work, the bird flew away without the pokeball.

The two then scaled down to the island on Xander's Salamence and Xander sprinted to his missing Pokeball. It was getting hot on the island and the Professor's Heatran looked like one more move would be the end of it.

"Heatran, RETURN!" Xander yelled as a red laser hit Heatran as a storm of molten lava hit. "Ok Salance, Dave, let's get OUT."

The three were halfway up the side of the room that went outside when Salamence tipped a bit too far back, and Dave fell, right down to the angry Heatran and the molten lava.

Wow this is a REALLY bad week for him, falling twice. Wait, I guess I need to catch him.

"Salamence, turn back. We need to rescue him."

"Haha, no, just leave it to me. Cuddles?" said a mystery man in a trench coat, flying with a jet pack with eyes. Just as he talked, he sent the Togekiss Xander just noticed was just next to the him to fetch the falling trainer.

The Heatran below roared, swam in the lava, and began scaling the side of the volcano, right to Cuddles.


Just then a great blast of light hit the Heatran, who immediately fell into the lava. Standing at the top of the volcano was the Regis. They then jumped down, onto the island. Then the lava Pokemon emerged from the lava onto the island, seeking revenge on the new arrivals. Seeing no other way to calm the enemy, and that they had completed their mission from Regigigas, the three began to glow. As the three trainers got on land on the top of the mountain, the inside erupted in a flash of light, but died down. Little chunks of metal, stone, and ice then came down on the Battle Zone island. The two conscious trainers peered over the volcano, just to see shattered pieces of the three Regis and a Magma Stone, which was relatively undisturbed.

-Two Days Later, the Abandoned Area-

"WHAAAAAA, WHAAAAAA. I'M FALLING. I'M FALLING. HELP MEEE." Dave yelled in his sleep, which woke him up for the first time. "Uhgggg. Where, where am I?"

"Stupid idiot trainer. You're back in my hospital." said the familiar voice of Sage Stewey.

"How did I get back here?"

"We brought you. Glover and I." said Xander, who was standing with his back against the wall. Next to him was the man with the trench coat.

"But how'd you have enough hands?"

"Oh, that was the lucky part." Glover said. "As you fell to a certain doom for the second time I came in with Cuddles, who caught you."

"AWESOME! Where is he? And where’s Ralph? "

"Oh, Cuddles is with the rest of the Pokémon, who are outside, and Ralph, that's the bad news. He joined the PETP."

"How is that bad news?" asked Xander. "Who doesn't like eating tasty Pokemon!?"


Cyrus, Cyrus. That name sounds familiar. thought Xander. It’s not from the Omega Crisis, not from the Magma conflict, or the Aqua and Magma War. Hmm OH, he led Team Galactic! He was that wack-job who had those weird looking uniforms! Wow, now I can see why Stewey seems so crazy too!

"Wait, wait. Hold on. You're in no condition to run out there and find Ralph, but I am. I have some unfinished business with him." said Glover. "Don't worry; I'll bring him back safe and sound."

"So," Dave started trying to change the topic, "what all have I missed?"

Xander then took that cue and began. "We found the Magma Stone is actually just a Heatran egg, and the Heatran is special. It has it's hidden ability Flame Body. I just sent it to my lab. Oh, and the Regis died in an explosion. It turns out they had their hidden abilities too. The Abandoned Area residents felt that they owed the three so much they began building a shrine with a Regigigas statue made from the pieces of the other three Regis.”

“Anyway,” said Stewey. “Let us not get sidetracked like the fools you all are. Now, Glove, wasn’t it. I-“

“Actually sir, my name is Glover, and I thought that was a reason-.”

“As I was saying, I want YOU to bring back Ralph and I’ll give you some help. I put a tracking chip in his head when he was a baby so where ever he is, I can find him. See, it says interdimensional, so even if he finds a way to go to the Reverse World then I can still find him.” said the Sage, who pulled out a device about the size of a cell phone, which kept beeping, apparently tracking the young novice.

Wow, he really does fit that family. Why would he put a chip in his grandson’s head. I wonder what the parents of Cyrus and Kira are like. Hmm, I think they’re in Sunyshore. I might as well figure out. Xander thought as Glover voiced his thoughts.

“Why do you have a chip in Ralph’s head?”

“Look here, Mr. 20 Questions, I regret never taking Cyrus in, I never even saw Kira before she was part of Team Galactic and came to me to get the secret to the elemental moves I teach Pokémon. Ralph reminds me of how Cyrus wasas a youth, and I’m trying my hardest not to FAIL MY FAMILY TWICE. GOT IT!?” said the angry Sage as he pushed the tracker on Glover. After that Glover left to find Ralph, giving the chance for Xander and Dave to talk privately.

“Look, I know you probably don’t want to help my research anymore, but if you’re still up for it, I’m going to be in Sunyshore City in a few days. I’ll get your answer there. If you show up within a week I’ll know that you are coming but if you don’t show up then I’ll be on the tip of Route 224. Take it or leave it.” Xander explained as he mounted on his Salamence, waved good bye, and headed south.

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