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    GAH! I told him to fix that...
    Yeah, I guess when I went to fix the stuffI didn't see that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaziken10285 View Post
    Yeah, I guess when I went to fix the stuffI didn't see that.
    No worries, just griefing ya!
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    Unhappy Reunion


    Glover was riding on his jet ski the S.S. Ditto. After a while on the water, Glover decided to stop where the water was shallow. "Ok Gizmo, return," he said as he overheard a conversation around a large rock.

    "Xander has to be somewhere around here. We have to find him!"

    "Exactly why do we need to find him? We have barely seen any of the other Journeymen since, ummmm, maybe a year after the Omega War."

    "For one, that's exactly the reason we need to find him. It would be fun to reunite with him. There should also be a reason he decided to take our boat for a joyride, so he might be in trouble."said one of the people as a Rotom's laugh came from the boat. "and that, my brother, is the last reason. When he left the boat on the beach he must have forgotten his Rotom too."

    Glover came in and found two young adults. One had jet black, spiky hair and piercing red eyes. The other, who looked younger and sounded more rash in his speech, had jet black hair but blue eyes. They were talking from two seats of a motorboat, neither seeming to know where to go next to try to find the professor.

    "I may have some valuable information on the whereabouts of Xander," said Glover, chiming into the stranger's conversation. The two could also, he realized, help him find Ralph's current location, which was close by the look on the locating device.

    "Ok dude," said the younger man, "get in and take us there!"



    Dave and Xander traveled all day, and finally came to Route 224's main landmark, a rock. A shiny rock, one with more of the qualities of a mirror.

    "Ok," Xander said while shuffling around his pack, "Oak gave me this. It's a letter that will tell us the steps for getting to the legendary Seabreak Path." The professor promptly opened the envelope and a carving pen dropped. He began reading the letter.


    Here I have listed the steps for getting to Seabreak Path. First, arrive at the reflective rock. Next, take the stencil and carve the thing that you are most grateful for. I have attached a list of the allowed words and phrases that you should use. After you finish writing the word or phrase, a land bridge should appear. It will show the way to Shaymin, but you may have to take on the guardian of Shaymin, but I do not know what it would be.


    "So we need that." Xander said as he reached down for the carving tool. Just as he found it in the grass, a Beautifly swooped down and grabbed the tool. It flutter to a close-by trainer, who was in a group.

    "Hey Dave, remember me?" the boy with the Beautifly asked.

    "Ummm, if we ever met then I don't recall." The newcomer, realizing something that would tip the trainer's memory. He took off his blue wig. "Wait wait wait! BOBBY!? How?Why did you come here!?" asked the astonished Dave.

    "I was mad, I still am. Let me battle you. I'll win."

    "I call that guy." said an older man with a similar blue wig. Must be how all grunts have the same hair style. Xander remarked.

    "So I'm guessing you know that him," Dave said.

    “Yeah, but I haven’t seen him in forever. I can’t remember the circumstances, though.” said the professor. All at once, Xander slumped to the ground in a trance as memories came flooding back.

“Yes, Bidoof, and he is the best pokemon in the entire force! And he can take on any Salamence.”


    “What do you mean, I’ve been here the whole time that was going on!”

“Ah, but if a trainer’s pokemon commits a crime, then its trainer is held responsible.” Jerry sidestepped Prof. Rowan, and undid his hand cuffs, “You have the right-“

“Hang on a sec, can I see that warrant?” interrupted the past’s Xander.

“Huh? Oh, a, sure,” He said as he handed over the crumpled piece of paper. Xander took a moment to look over the official looking document. It sure did look like the real deal, except for the bottom of it, “Uh, at the bottom of this “warrant” it says that it was printed off of www.”

“Of course it was, that’s where I get all of my warrants.”

Prof. Rowan’s and Xander’s mouths were wide open. After he recovered from his shock, Rowan asked, “Jerry, does Officer Jenny know you’re here?”

“Why no she does not!” He said proudly, “She said that I needed to take initiative, and do better, so that’s what I’m doing by arresting this criminal,”

Xander’s left eye began to twitch, “Jerry, get out.”

“But I need to arrest-hey!” He exclaimed as Xander’s Dragonite picked him up and threw him out.


    Xander had a migraine now, and was finally coming around. When he did so he realized Dave was trying to nurse him back to health and fight against Bobby, Jerry, and... Ralph. Neither was going well, though, as Dave was definitely good at nursing and Jerry had destroyed every single one of his Pokemon.

    "There's no way that's a Bidoof." said Dave as the three grunts handcuffed them and took them to a motorboat. The prisoners were tied to the mast and the grunts steered toward the Resort Area.

    Thanks to Glover for Beta-Reading. The flashback is a condensed version of what you could find in Xman's Shiny Expert Xander. Please review. Blaziken, out!
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    I'm pulling a Feralninja and add a song to this one. I just learned of this song and thing it fits the feel of this chapter. (Click to play Swashbuckler by Julie Giroux[the song is only 0:00 to 6:08])

    A Swashbuckling Adventure


    -Route 223-

    Glover and his new friends Phoenix and Zephyr were in hot pursuit. They drove up as their friends were being taken onto Team Galactic's ship. Glover and Zephyr were ready to battle as Phoenix drove.

    "Hey Glover, if we want to finish this we'll have to find a way onto their boat, fast." Zephyr stated, as the two boats faced a narrow channel with sharp rocks on both sides.

    "Yeah, I know. Wait, you have a Salamence, correct?"

    "Yeah, but how, oh, ok, I know what you want to do." said the younger trainer who next released his dragon from its pokeball. "Hop on!"

    The two safely landed on the other ship and Glover called out his Ditto, Gizmo and his Rotom, Ace. "Ok Gizmo, hold this rope and transform into an anchor. Ace, find the motor, help stop it." the veteran trainer commanded as he sank his transformed Pokemon into the water. At the same time Glover's Rotom found a passage into the engine, stopping the boat.

    "Who are you!?" asked a man with a Bibarel. "We'll see you don't make it further with our cool uniforms." Glover and Zephyr began laughing hysterically.

    "Ok Xander, if you say so. Zephyr, you go for the younger grunt over there with the Beautifly and I'll go for Bibarel boy. Moonlight, take out the beaver!" Glover commander as he held a pokeball out, and an Umbreon materialized. "Keep moving to wear it out, then hit."

    "Bibarel, I'll give you back-up! Leave, It, To, and Beaver, come on out! All of you, Super Fang!" the grunt yelled. His Bibarel was then joined by four Bidoof, who together reminded Glover of some old television sitcom. All of a sudden, Moonlight was pounced on by the four Bidoofs.

    "Woah, Moonlight, quick attack to get away, then use confuse ray! Sunbeam, come on out to help Moonlight; use psychic to knock away the pesky rodents!"

    "How dare you call my Pokemon pests, they're the best Pokemon in Team Galactic!"

    Meanwhile the two cat Pokemon nimbly avoided the fangs on death as they attacked too. Sunbeam was battling Leave and To while Moonlight fought It and Beaver. Jerry's Bibarel would occasionally jump into one of the battles, charging the felines with powerful charges of water.

    "GAHHHH, Ferriday, I need you too!" Glover commanded as he brought out his Galvantula. "Stop the Bibarel!"

    The spider instantly went into action, and shot strings of its web at the Bidoofs, and when the Bibarel charged to break the web, the Galvantula shot electricity into the web. Bibarel charged, knocked the Bidoofs down like bowling pins, and got stuck in the web as the spider snickered. Glover's Pokemon finished the Bidoofs.

    "Hey Zephyr, how're you holding up?" Glover asked, examining the boat as he rewarded his Pokemon for their victories.

    "Oh, I beat this guy, Bobby, quickly. Turns out he only has this Beautifly. Ralph, I think that's his name, just gave me this note and went under the deck. Then Phoenix and I released Xander and Dave. They're in our boat, now let's go."



    Don't worry about me, I'm fine. I learned quickly Kira's and the P.E.T.P.'s real motives and I can only guess that Stewey is freaking out. I'm not gunna do as Team Galactic asks. I'm trying to defeat them from the inside. I'll reveal more when I see you again.

    One more thing: no matter what, save Shaymin. I included the chisel too, so you'll have no problem getting to the Seabreak Path.

    Good Luck,


    "So Ralph isn't bad, and we have an ally on the inside. Now we just need to think of what to do next," said Glover.

    "That's easy, we find Shaymin like we were going to originally," Dave said.

    "Ok, Phoenix, can you take us there?"

    "Sure can. So Dave, Xander, how have you two been, aside from the whole 'captured and almost destroyed by Team Galactic'?" asked the driver.

    "Oh, Professor Asparagus and I, by the way, Xander's new name is Professor Asparagus, are great! We had a great battle, I got a new team member, and we're closer than ever to find the answer to Pokemon with hidden abilities." Dave explained as Glover and the others besides Xander fell over laughing at the Professor's new nickname.

    "Ahahahahaha. Priceless!" laughed Glover as he thought, Now we just need to get a crazy plant nickname for Crane., as he longed to be back in Orre with his wife and daughter.

    At that time the group of five made their way back to Route 224 and the pearly white rock. "So," said Asparagus, "it says in Oak's letter that we're supposed to pick something from this list and find the thing that we're most thankful for." the Professor then handed around the list and chisel.

    Dave was the first, and quickly wrote 'Blaziken' on the slab. Phoenix was next, writing 'Hydreigon’. Zephyr wrote ‘Porygon-Z’. Glover wrote ‘Janie’, hoping she was doing well on her own journey. Finally, Xander wrote ‘Christy’ in honor of his wife.

    As soon as all of the men had something on the rock, the ground started to shake, ending with three pillars erected around the strait. They all had land bridges connecting to them, but it did not show Shaymin.

    So the legend of the guardians is true. thought Glover as he tried remembering the story of Shaymin’s guardians. All he could remember, though, is that it had something to do with birds...

    So Part 2 is in full swing, and just a few chapters away to the final one. As always, read and review.
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    So this begins a sort of trilogy of chapters. These three will end the 2nd part too. The happy days for this arch is almost over my friends, as part 3 shall push everything to the limits. Anyway, this trio will play somewhat on the Pokemon the Movie 2000. Thanks to Glover for beta reading this and I hope you enjoy:



    Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice, or Lightning,
    Or the land's Great Guardian shall arise.
    O, Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all three.
    Their treasures combined, tame the Beast of the sky.
    From the trio of towers, ancient spheres shall you take,
    For between life and death, all the difference you'll make.
    O, Chosen One, put the spheres around the mystical rock,
    Go where the flowers lie,
    And find the flower that shall help the gracious one fly.

    "This must be part of the Shaymin myth, how Arceus, after seeing how people were flocking to take the Gratitude Pokemon to capture it, decided to give it guardians to protect it. The only question is, what kind of Pokemon are they? I only remember they're flying Pokemon, in recognition of Shaymin's Sky Form." Glover explained to the other four. "Does anyone have any ideas? Since there are three pillars, that should be a clue."

    "Thunderus, Tornadus, and Landorus?" Xander replied, having been saturated lately with Unovan legends.

    "Latios and Latias?" Dave suggested.

    "Definitely Ho-oh and and Lugia," replied Phoenix.

    "NO, wait, it must be a Starly, Staravia, and Staraptor!" Zephyr said enthusiastically, getting strange looks in return.

    "Look," Dave started, "there's only a few ways to do this. We'll split up. Xander and I will go to the one farthest east, you three go to the one farthest west, and we'll meet back here in one day's time and take on the pillar to the south."


    After saying some goodbyes, the group split up. Glover, Phoenix, and Zephyr headed to the tower with a bluish hue.

    "Hey," Zephyr shouted as they found an entrance, "feel how cold it is in here!" The other two followed, finding it was almost a portal, as the trio were thrown the middle of a blizzard.



    "Umm, Phoenix, Zephyr, was that you?" asked Glover.



    "Then who was it?"

    "It was me," a silhouette in the distance said.

    "Then if you don't mind my asking," Phoenix started, "who are you?"

    "YAHHHHHHHHH," the figure, yawned, as he came into view, "I am Slowking, the one appointed to the Arctic Tribe's trial. First, let me explain myself. I am the knowledgable guide to the trial chambers of Seabreak Path. Slowkings like me are located all over the world to explain these trials. My family in particular deals with the legendary bird trio Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. (YAHHHHHHHWWWWWWNNNNNN). My brother is the guide to the bird legend at the heart of the Isles of Orange or whatever you people call it. Anywho, this tower is designed to pit your skills on the ice bird. Get the pretty and shiny jewel before it gets you. What's that?" the Slowking said, to the voices in his head, Glover believed, "Wow, we have people in ALL of the trial chambers? I need a raise. (YAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNN). Ok, I will get there as fast as I can." the Slowking, seemingly done talking with the trio, walked off in another direction, talking to the voices only he could hear, dealing for a pay raise.

    Ah, schizophrenia at its finest. The hero of Orre thought as he and the brothers began plowing through the raging blizzard. After a couple of minutes they came to what looked like an ice sculpture of the bird. Right in front of it was their treasure. Glover, who was the unquestioned leader for the group at the moment went to claim his prize.

    "WAIT!" Zephyr said, "have you never seen half of the adventure movies!? Once you reach and pick up the amulet, you'll see the platform go down, and then a boulder will come to flatten you, or maybe Articuno will come and destroy us with ice. One of the two, or both."

    "Zephyr, are you sure the problem doesn't just lie in your movie fanaticness?" retorted Phoenix as he went to the jewel's podium. "Now I'll just pick it up." he said to himself as he picked the ornament up. Just as he did it Zephyr sprinted and put a piece of ice on the pedestal.

    "What? The ice? I saw it in some movie. Don't quite remember the ending though, now lets go!"

    As they turned around the group could hear the ice cracking and a huge squeal. When they looked around, the sculpture was just some shattered ice on the floor, with the bird flying above them.

    "Articuno." passed through each mouth as the bird circled above them. It seemed to not even see or feel the blizzard, as if an illusion.

    "Ok, I'll take it on!" Phoenix said, "Infernape and Eelectross, help us out!" the Infernape went into action immediately, just letting out a howl and the arena flickered. It howled again and the whole place became a great cylindrical room and along with it the Infernape was changed to a Zoroark, who began snickering.

    "Wait," Glover began, "all of that snow and hail was an illusion!? Anyway, I'll help Phoenix. Zephyr, find a way out. Let's not deal with Articuno more than possible. We're just trying to slow it down."

    "Cool, come out Porygon-Z and Jolteon. Help us find a way out!" Zephyr called as he threw two Pokeballs, which in white light revealed the Virtual and Electric Pokemon and went searching.

    "Gizmo and Dreadnaught, your turn!" Glover commanded as his Ditto and Magnezone entered the battle. "Gizmo, take Articuno into your ally's range, then Dreadnaught, help out Phoenix's Pokemon."

    When Glover finished all of the Pokemon took positions, with the bigger ones following the great ice bird's shadow. Meanwhile Gizmo transformed into a super bouncy ball and bounced to the altitude even to Articuno and pursued it as a little remote controlled helicopter. When it arrived just above Articuno, who was too focused on the enemies below, was slammed when the Ditto transformed into an Anvil. When the bird was put into range of the others, Gizmo went to Glover and returned to its Ditto form. The other three then came to keep Articuno from regaining too much power. The Magnezone sent a Tri-Attack, focussing mostly on the elements of fire and electricity. The two of Phoenix's Pokemon played to Dreadnaught's attack. The Zoroark helped with its own Flamethrower. Eelectross levitated around the site and kept firing thunderbolts.

    "Hey Zephyr," Phoenix yelled, "found any way out yet?"

    "Yeah, plenty. They're all just sealed shut. I'm working on one now." Zephyr said between commands. Eventually he had called out the rest of his team, and they were all having trouble.

    "Ditto Dit"

    "You can think of a way to get the door open? Do it then!" Glover told his gelatinous companion as it grew giant, becoming a tank. The Ditto locked in the form of a lock-on, loaded, and fired what looked like an Egg Bomb at the door.

    "Well I guess that's one way to do it." Phoenix said admiring the hole left from the bomb. "Let's go!"

    The three did not hesitate for fear of Articuno waking. With the Ice Diamond in tow, Glover could only hope Dave and Xander were faring well too.
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    The grunts were sailing back to the Seabreak Path with instructions again to ambush the major threats. They were riding on the S.S. Bid. This was named by Jerry, who came up with it from the first three letters of both Bidoof and Bibarel. Ralph was in the captain's quarters, talking to the other undercover rebels.

    "So where are you being sent?" asked one of the other operatives.

    "Seabreak Path. The Inner Party wants us to capture the three birds and Shaymin. They also want us to take some guys in to be terminated."

    "Haha, good luck in ruining that. It seems that'll be the final mission before Team Galactic before they try conquest. Do you know what they're planning?"

    "I don't know the entire plan, but I do know the plans was in a stack of papers along with a copy of Orwell's 1984. It can't be good for the normal person then."

    "Bzzzzt," the intercom said, "we are now at your destination."

    Ralph began fumbling for his stuff, hoping this would be Team Galactic's last battle. "Hey, I need to go. While I do this look for information on Bobby and Jerry." Ralph then turned his C-Gear off of video chat and went to join his team.


    "So which tower do we explore?" Bobby asked.

    Ralph, hoping not to intrude on his friends, began towards the tower that there was no entrance busted into it. "Follow me to a free winning mission!"

    The team made their way into the middle tower. When they got in, the three noticed it was storming. Inside. It was a hurricane and in about the middle of the room was a podium with a jewel on it. Next to it, though, was a Pokemon.

    "(Yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn) I am Slowking, the one appointed to the Storm Tribe's trial. First, let me explain myself. I am the knowledgable guide to the trial chambers of Seabreak Path. Slowkings like me are located all over the world to explain these trials. My family in particular deals with the legendary bird trio Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. (YAHHHHHHHWWWWWWNNNNNN). My brother is the guide to the bird legend at the heart of the Isles of Orange or whatever you people call it. Anywho, this tower is designed to pit your skills on the thunder bird. Get the pretty and shiny jewel before it gets you. Do you have any questions, because I have one more group to talk to."

    "Yeah," Bobby said as he grinned mischievously, "Is it possible to catch you?"

    "I guess. No one has ever..." Slowking never finished that sentence, because Bobby threw a pokeball and after a couple of shakes the talking Pokemon was caught."

    "YES! My second Pokemon, and it can talk!" Bobby said as he reached down. Meanwhile, Ralph made his way to grab the jewel.

    "Cool, so I guess we're done here." Ralph said. The three turned to leave when a squeal was echoed and a lightning bolt crashed. Above the bolt was Zapdos, circling around the team.

    "Wow," Jerry stated, "Leave, It, To, Beaver, and Bibarel, take down Zapdos!"

    Bobby called out his two team members. Slowking just looked at Zapdos and said, "No one has to know about this. (Yyyyyyaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn). Can you, maybe, GET ME OUT OF THIS!?" The Zapdos went to free his comrade, sending a bolt of lightning straight at Bobby and, more specifically, Slowking's pokeball.

    "Ok, let's get into positions." Ralph commanded to his teammates. "I'll analyze Zapdos. Jerry and Bobby, you two attack and capture it."

    "Ok gang," Jerry called, "CHARGE!!" Zapdos did not see anything coming, as all of a sudden four Bidoofs and a Bibarel ran, the Bibarel leading the charge in a Giga Impact. The two Bidoof in the middle began a Rollout and the others prepared for a Super Fang. The group went inside out, putting the Super Fang against the great bird first. All the while Zapdos brought forth great discharges of electricity. When the attacks collided, smoke covered the field. After a minute's wait, it appeared all Pokemon were still battle-ready.

    Let's see what this Zapdos's secret is. Ralph thought as he researched the bird through his iDex. Wait, what!? Is that Lightningrod!? Haha, that might just work.

    "Jerry, if your Pokemon can, then get them to fire an electric-typed attack on Zapdos!"

    "Wouldn't that not do much?" Jerry questioned. "Just because I payed ten pokedollars on doesn't mean I'm stupid."

    "No, it would do a lot!" Ralph lied, "The scientists abandoned that theory."

    "What scientists?"

    "The ones, you know, at that lab, in that region. Anyway, shouldn't you be paying attention to Zapdos?"

    "Eh, fair enough. Bibarel, use Thunder!"

    Hmm, stupidity is nice, isn't it. Ralph pondered, watching as Zapdos was about to be defeated, maybe. Bibarel sent a bolt of lightning, but it began to far away. However, to the others' amazement, it curved to hit Zapdos. It would have hit the bird, if Bobby's Beautifly, who was sending aerial attacks, had not been in the way. Instead, the butterfly was hit by the electricity. Bobby ran to help his Pokemon as Slowking used a psychic to steal his Pokeball. He and Zapdos then came together with the Pokeball and destroyed it.

    "NO!" Bobby yelled as his Pokemon fell to the ground and the other released himself.

    Slowking ran into the distance as fast as a slow Pokemon could as Zapdos went to finish the job. It swooped in and picked Bobby up, pulsing electricity into the boy as they went. It then dropped him by the door and went back for the other two. The other two went to the boy's side to see if he was ok before they ended up like him. Bobby finally regained consciousness just to see Zapdos was charging to blast them with electricity.

    "Hey," Bobby said, shaking from the near-death experience, "Let-let's ge-get out of he-he-here."

    "Agreed." the other two said unanimously as the saw Zapdos above them. The three, with the jewel in Ralph's hand, then sprinted out of the hole they had made earlier to meet their next set of challenges.

    Thanks to Glover again for being my beta reader. We are two parts down in the three part finale of this part of the story. I hoped you enjoyed and please take the time to leave a comment below and I'll upload the final chapter in a week.
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    Great chapter I love Jerry and his Bidoof squad taking on Zapdos.
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    The duo ran into their challenge room. Instantly they were in a completely different environment.

    Great, Dave thought, I came here from a volcano, to help calm a volcano, and I'm in a volcano now. On the bright side, I don't see any obstacles, we just need to walk across the narrow rocky bridge over a pool of lava to that podium with a jewel. Piece of cake!

    The two began on the narrow rock bridge to the rock island in the middle. The jewel was right there for the taking. Dave reached for the scarlet colored, flame shaped jewel. Right when the two went towards the bridge, though, the volcano shook. Dave recognized this from just a week ago. The volcano was erupting.

    A few seconds later, the rumbling stopped and was replaced by a geyser of lava where the podium was. From the spout of lava flew Moltres.


    "Hey Xander," Dave said, terrified by his latest challenge, "do you understand what that is saying?"


    "Umm, yeah, but I don't use that kind of language." Xander replied. "Something about 'Leave without the emblem or face my wrath!' with a lot of foul language. No pun intended."

    "Well, I guess we'll have to fight! Electivire and Hydra, go!" Dave yelled as he called out his Electivire and Hydreigon. The electric Pokemon stood and sized up Moltres, shouting insults right back. The dragon, however, shifted the black glasses it was wearing, judging from three perspectives the best way to attack.


    "Hey dude," Xander warned as he researched the bird through his Pokedex, "Moltres is different. Don't hit physically. Moltres has his Hidden Ability Flame Body. I'll help you. Heatran and Latias, help me out!"

    Dave's two Pokemon were then joined by Xande's duo. The shiny Latias and Hydreigon lifted off to pursue Moltres from the air. Heatran jumped into the lava to boost his power. Electivire, on the other hand, just stood there, waiting to attack.

    Xander began the attacks. "Heatran, use Magma Storm. Latias, use Psychic to compact the Magma Storm to trap Moltres."

    "Ok Hydra and Electivire, aerial attack!"

    Hydra and Electivire went to help their allies. Electivire stood where he was, aimed, and fired a blast of lightning from the sky with a snap of his fingers and watched as it collided with the Magma Storm. Hydreigon shifted her three pairs of black glasses. The three heads then focused their dark energy and blasted it in pulses towards Moltres. With all of the elemental energies clouded around the phoenix, it fell to the ground exhausted.

    "Ok Dave, let's go." Xander said as he recalled his legends. He began walking across the bridge again.

    "Alright, return Hydra and Electivire. Great job." Dave said as he turned towards the fire bird who just lay on the ground. The trainer then rummaged through his bag and pulled out five Oran Berries. "Here you go." he said as he put it on the ground by the bird's beak. Dave then turned and ran to the door where Xander waited.


    Xander and Dave walked out, admiring the cool sea breeze. At the same time they saw their friends Glover, Phoenix, and Zephyr exiting their tower.

    "Hey guys!" Zephyr yelled, "How was your challenge?"

    "It was quite reminiscent, just with Moltres." Xander replied.

    "So," Glover replied, "if you two battled Moltres and we fought Articuno, then we'll battle Zapdos next."

    "Hahaha," someone laughed from the final tower, "We beat you to it though. Ralph, show them the Thunder Jewel."

    The five turned and saw it was a battered Bobby who was speaking. The team of Jerry, Ralph, and Bobby had the third jewel.

    "Yeah, about that." Ralph said as he walked to Dave and the rest of his friends. "I'll just bring the gem over here and help my friends. I've been playing you two like a fiddle since we met. I would suggest you two join us too. Team Galactic will be defeated once and for all, by me and my friends."

    "You five might beat us, but Ralph, I'm sure you know the final phase has already begun. There's no way you'll beat the two Ultimate Commanders and their legends." Bobby retorted. "Hey Beautifly, show them who's boss." the boy said as he called out his team of one.

    "Yeah, Bobby, let's go team!" Jerry said as he called his team out too.

    So we have one Beautifly, four Bidoofs, and a Bibarel to take down. Where's the challenge!? Dave thought as he called out Nightmare his Espeon and Hydra the Hydreigon. "Hydra, use a Draco Meteor and Nightmare, use Psychic!"

    "Bidoofs," Jerry called, "use Super Fang and Bibarel, Giga Impact!"

    "NO," Bobby yelled, "stop your attack. Dave, battle me and whoever wins leaves. I'll use Beautifly and you use your precious Slugma. We'll see who's better now."

    Dave let out a laugh. "Why, why would I use a wimpy slug or for that bring it all the way here!? I'll give you some leeway, as I can tell your butterfly is still quite weak. Nightmare, would you like to battle?" Nightmare just flicked his tail as a sign of arrogance. He walked in front of the Beautifly and let it have the first chance to attack.

    "Big mistake. Beautifly, use Whirlwind to win the battle fast." Bobby said to his Pokemon. The insect flapped its wings and sent huge gusts of wind towards the Espeon. Nightmare just there and growled, which sent to wind back toward Beautifly. This time the winds worked, and Bobby's only Pokemon was recalled, ending the battle abruptly.

    "Wha, what happened!? That was my winning strategy!" Bobby said, getting angry.

    "Nightmare has this fantastic ability called Magic Bounce, which makes stuff like that bounce back to whatever Pokemon issued the attack. So I think the deal was that you two would leave us alone when I won."

    "No, that was just with Slugma. I'M NOT DONE HERE."

    "Look," Jerry said, interrupting the feud, "as much as I love destroying Xander and all of the others, there are practically one of us and six of them. We'll leave today, but sometime soon we'll get revenge."

    "Alright," Bobby conceded, "but Dave, I'll destroy you one day." At that the younger grunt threw a Smoke Ball at the ground. When it cleared the two were flying off in jet packs toward the Resort Area.

    "Well on that note, let's finish this." Dave said as he pulled out the Flame Jewel. Ralph and Glover did the same. The five walked towards the Mirror Rock.

    "(YYYYYAAAAAAWWWWNNNNNNN)" went a figure on the other side of the rock. It came around to greet them, revealing a Slowking. "Welcome back. You five are the chosen ones. Dave, Xander, Glover, Phoenix, Zephyr, and Ralph, you are all pure in your ambitions and of gratefulness. (YYYYAAAAAWWWWNNNN) Dave, Glover, and Ralph, please place the pretty shiny things on the stones on the respective sides of the big pretty rock. After that you'll see what to do next."

    The three did as the Pokemon told. Ralph placed the Lightning Jewel towards Zapdos's Tower. Glover put his on the stone facing Articuno's Realm. Dave finished the job, placing the Flame Jewel on the side closest towards the challenge room of Moltres. Right then the ground shook again. A new strip of land emerged from the ocean. It was a garden of sorts, with flowers everywhere.

    "Wow." was all you could hear from the six friends. Slowking just walked forward, looked back to get the humans to follow him, yawned, and turned back to the new bridge of land. The others then ran to join the slow royal Pokemon.


    "Are we there yet!? This is where the land ends." Zephyr asked again after five minutes of walking.

    "Shut up Zephyr." Phoenix said.

    Haha, you can feel the brothers' love towards each other. Dave thought as he watched the brothers argue. Right in front of him was one flower that caught his eye. It was different from the others. Instead of the blue and yellow flowers everywhere else, this one was red, and there were a couple. It was almost like the plant was telling him to pick it. However, when he tried, Dave found fur, and with the fur a Pokemon.

    Hello, I'm Shaymin.

    "WHOA!" Dave yelled as he heard that voice, accidentally dropping the Gratitude Pokemon. It landed on its feet as all six people looked at it, their mouths open.

    "Hello boss, so have you decided to give me that raise?" Slowking asked as the Shaymin found a flower, touched it, and transformed into its Sky Form.

    Look, Shaymin said to Dave in his mind. You have a great power inside that will possibly save the world one day. Not any time soon, as you still have much to learn. A LOT. I'm but the first of many stops on your future quest and will set you on your way. Slowking, do you have the jewels? The Royal Pokemon, who had tuned out his legendary boss, just shook his head. Help these days, anyway, since someone forgot the gems, follow me. The Sky Shaymin flew towards the rock where the jewels were located. Dave wondered what to do, looking at his friends for advice. They just looked at him, apparently not knowing what was going on. So the trainer began to run, following the legendary Pokemon while the other five people and Slowking stayed there.


    Dave arrived at the Mirror Rock with Shaymin sitting there. Well that took you long enough. Look at this. Shaymin said as it lift off of the ground. The stones where the jewels sat got taller too until all three were five feet high. The Shaymin then let loose a beam of plant energy. When the light died away, Dave saw Shaymin, who was holding a pair of crystal lenses in one of its paws.

    Here, Shaymin said as it held the lenses out to Dave. A crystal ball has been used by psychics for centuries, so crystal lenses should help focus your own psychic powers. I understand you have a pair of frames.

    The trainer handed a frame for the lenses as he grasped what the grass "Yeah, I do from where some Wise Glasses broke, but NO. There is NO way I have that kind of powers. I'm just an ordinary guy!" Dave yelled as he turned to walk back to his friends. Shaymin flew to where it was right between Dave and the land bridge.

    Take it with you at least, and when you decide to believe me you can come back. Shaymin just tossed it to Dave who just threw it on the ground, and seeing as the human would not change his mind, turned, grabbed glasses, and flew off.


    "What was that about?" Xander asked as Dave walked up.

    "Ummm nothing that's really important." Dave replied.

    Glover replied, deciding to change the subject. "Hey Ralph, tell Dave about our next plan of action."

    "Ok, so Team Galactic is planning on creating a form of dystopia. They're probably planning on bringing Cyrus back too. If he's in the Distortion World then Giratina is once again in danger. That also corresponds with what Xander wants to accomplish, since his final step was to research the three Sinnoh deities. I need to go back to the Abandoned Area first to tell Great-granddad that I'm safe. I think, though, that we should all go. Safety in numbers and I feel like if we go then we must be able to get some lead. First, though, we'll rest for a day or two in Sunyshore at Phoenix and Zephyr's house. I apparently have to testify in my grandparents' trails and I think we all deserve a break."

    So the six called out flying types to travel to the Sunyshore and their next adventure.


    Slowking and Shaymin sat relishing in the sunset. It would be one of the last before the start of a fierce Sinnoh Civil War. Shaymin shuddered, as it reminisced on the time it was sucked into the Distortion World.

    “So,” Slowking began, breaking the silence, “do I get that raise?”

    “Slowking, for the last time, we don’t even pay you, so no, you do not get a raise.”

    “(YYYYAAAAAWWWWNNNNN). Why can I not get a raise?”

    “Slowking, just, just shut up.” Shaymin said. It decided it would be a better time to pursue Dave than dealing with Slowking more. The Gratitude Pokemon found the trainer's scent, picked a Gracidea Flower to transform into Sky Form, and began its pursuit. Slowking just waved a goodbye and went to his bed.

    So that's the end of Part 2 action-wise. There'll be one more special chapter just because before the beginning of the final third part. I hoped you enjoyed and Please take the time to leave a comment below.
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    Well, after creating a Pokemon 2000 feel through the last few chapters, I saw this as a fitting end, so please enjoy!

    Slowking's Day Off


    Shaymin had been gone for a day and Slowking was just waking up. His den is eight Slowking units beneath the mirror-like rock. After sleeping until dawn his stomach began to rumble, forcing him to get out of his Slowking sized bed and walk to the ocean to find food.

    The royal Pokemon walked slowly down to the water and when he got there he sat down and admired the scenery. The sun made the water all sparkly as fish jumped and went around in their schools.

    Isn't this nice Shellder? The Magikarp are in Physics, learning the Science of Splashes. Soon they'll be motivated to evolve and become solitary... Gyaradoses? Gyaradi? Gyaran? Anywho, then the Luvdisc are learning psychology, learning the strange things humans think they are able to do. Create a lasting love? Funny when they all hate each other. So what do you think? Slowking said to his Shellder.

    I think I'm stuck in the mind of an idiot. Remember my pawn, I'm only here until we get a raise, I can afford that separation tool, and finally execute my plan for world domination. The shellfish Pokemon linked to Slowking said.

    Ok. I'm hungry. Slowking said as he walked down the beach and found a coconut tree. He shook the tree until four large coconuts fell down. The Royal Pokemon, before eating his own he went to deliver one to each of the bird guardians.

    "Articuno, where are you?" Slowking called, "I have a yummy coconut for you!" As he said this the giant ice bird swooped down from its perch.

    "Skrallll" (What?! Coconuts? This is the eleven thousand eight hundred and fifty-third day in a row you have brought me the same thing.)

    "I'm keeping everyone here regular. I hear it's the new craze." Slowking jollily added.

    "Screal. Cuno." (That is not even what that term means. Never mind, just put the fruit in the pile.) Articuno said as it flew off, possibly to get a decent meal. Slowking just threw it on top of a mound of the fruit and walked through a trap entrance to Zapdos's chambers.

    Slowking suddenly went from a freezing blizzard to a tropical thunderstorm. The trees were swaying in the wind and occasionally hit by lightning controlled by the thunder bird itself.

    "SKREEEEELLLLLL" (Welcome, let me guess, you have either been caught again or brought me a coconut." Zapdos greeted as it flew to be face-to-face with the Royal Pokemon.

    "COCONUT! Yum. Enjoy!" Slowking replied, licking his lips in hunger.

    "ZZZZZZAAAAPPP. DOS, SQUAK." (Just lay it down. I guess it is time for target practice.) Zapdos climbed to the top of its tower. Slowking just lay it down, went to a fallen tree he had made into bleachers, and waited for the bird's target practice to begin.

    The electric bird gained altitude until it was level with the storm clouds. It then willed the storm's electric current to surround it. The bird looked down to see Slowking on his tree-bleachers and the coconut a few yards away. For a few seconds the legendary thought about firing at Slowking, but resisted the urge when remembering the last time one did that: a few thousand angry Slowking, Slowbro, and Slowpoke attacking the legendary. It took Arceus itself to take the slow creatures off of the legend. Remembering this Zapdos targeted the coconut. In one strike the fruit was no more, just a burnt smell and a black place on the ground.

    "Yay! Same time tomorrow?" Slowking said with a childish grin, clapping like a child at a magic show.

    "SQUA." (I does not matter what I say, as you will enter at the same time tomorrow with another coconut.) Zapdos said as it landed one of the trees, rolled its eyes, and preened its feathers.

    "Ok, see you tomorrow!" Slowking waved and found his other door to enter the third tower.

    Again the climate was changed to another extreme, this time going from the jungle to a volcano. He found the final bird was at the top of the volcano.

    "SQUAK MOL TRES KEEL." (Slowking you #%^* why do you insist on coming back every $&@ day!? Maybe this will teach you." the fire bird yelled as it squawked something the room understood and the lava began rising. Slowking saw but one escape route, running on the small edge on the side of the volcano. Running.

    Slowking hobble-ran on the sides, hoping to evade any burns. Along the way one coconut was lost in the fiery liquid. At this point Moltres just fell over in laughter. Slowking did not hesitate when he got to the door.


    The Slowking did not slow down until he was back in his burrow, where he fell asleep for a midday nap. Two hours later he ate his coconut and went to go for a swim.

    "Hey Slowking!" a Luvdisc said happily.

    "Slowking, what's new?" a few Builzel asked as they swam.

    "Nothing, just going on my swim." Slowking replied as he floated in the ocean. The current took him to the end of Seabreak Path just as it always did. He would usually would have then talked to Shaymin, but decided to take a nap instead.

    It was evening when Slowking woke up again. He was taken in by the prettiness of the flowers and decided to pick a few to make a welcome back gift for Shaymin, but there were more important matters at the moment.

    World Domination. Shellder said, but no. That was not anywhere close to what the Royal Pokemon had in mind.

    Slowking, tired, decided to go back to his burrow beneath the pretty rock, settle down in his bed, and go to sleep.

    Well, in a week or two I'll post the first chapter of part 3. Please take the time to review. Please?
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    Part 3 is HERE! This is the finale part and will hopefully be the best yet. Credit goes to Glover for taking the time to beta read it. Anyway, on that note, let's begin.

    Back to the Abandoned Area!


    Ralph and his friends landed in town square of the Resort Area. They had one more hope to destroy Team Galactic before everything would get out of hand.

    "You all know the plan." Ralph said. "We go in, put the explosives in the designated areas, and get out. If you see anything that would benefit them, destroy it. Other than that, put these on. We'll meet at the Abandoned Area tomorrow, and cover whatever trail you take." Ralph passed the uniforms and wigs out. The six then split into three groups of two to hit the main parts of the building. Ralph would also assemble the rest of the Rebels.


    Ralph and Glover gathered the rest of the rebels and finished planting their explosives in their designated area. When they were returning the group went by Mistress Kira's room and Ralph overheard some familiar voices.

    "you two have failed, but we will give you one more chance." the voice of Kira said. "You will actually be with Team Galactic's other boss, it is-"

    "Me." said another voice who must have gone in through the other door. The voice sounded familiar, like it was a distant memory. A dream. "I will be the head of your group, and we will destroy anyone who stands in our way."

    "RALPH," Glover yelled, but just loudly enough to get the boy's attention. "We need to go. NOW." Ralph, understanding what that meant, ran to join up with the small alliance.


    Two hours later the headquarters were destroyed. Ralph, as he landed in the Abandoned Area, hoped the evil was destroyed, but he feared the worst. He breathed the air, a freshness and reminiscent feeling flooded over him. At the same time his Great-grandfather went outside to see what the commotion outside was.


    "Love you too. I quit by the way, and helped Dave, Glover, Xander, Phoenix, and Zephyr find Shaymin."

    "Who the heck are Zephyr and Phoenix?" the sage asked.

    "Oh, just a couple of brothers Xander knew from his league." as if on cue, the other four trainers flew down.

    "Wait, THEY ARE THE OTHER TWO!? ANOTHER thing I was keeping you away from." Stewey became upset.

    "What's wrong? Did I do it?"

    "No, no. It is just me. I have neglected to tell you of our family's history, and they are a big part of it, and unfortunately not in a good way."


    The six got comfortable in the Sage's dwelling. They were all focused on Stewey himself who was rummaging through his stuff, and eventually pulled out a small case.

    "Ralph, take this." he said as the Sage handed the case to his descendant. "This will help you in your upcoming battles." Ralph opened it, just to reveal a ring. The jewel on it though was not the traditional diamond, but was pure black. "This is a piece of the Griseous Orb. It has been passed down since the last Time of Trials. It all began with three brothers. The oldest represented time and was shrouded in a red aura. There was then the middle child was engulfed in a blue aura and controlled Space. There was then a third child. He was always in the shadows, and was always the outcast. This was back when there were four Areas, as ours was on the map. Then one day the brothers began arguing. The two who represented Space and Time ganged up on the youngest. The third just sank into the shadows, and was never sen again along with the Abandoned Area that supported him. The main story goes that each of the guardians of space and time called upon their respective legendary Pokemon and attacked. Then, many years later those two families merged, and they had three children. Phoenix, Zephyr, Gindo was it? The thing is: the other boy survived. He had gone to the Distortion World and willed Giratina to help him. Ever since then the two oldest of the Space/Time family and the one of the Rockets have the power to control their respective elements. That can be done easiest with the rings. Phoenix and Zephyr, do you two have them too?"

    "Ye-Ye-yea-yeah. We got them when we were little. Phoenix got the red one and I took the blue one." Zephyr explained as he and Phoenix showed their rings.

    "The thing is," Stewey said, "we the great power much responsibility is required. We tried training Cyrus but he just went to kill the other two and Kira is about to destroy the world. Their parents turned out just as bad, as Xander can attest to."

    "Yeah. Legit." Xander said, returning to the conversation.

    "So what now?" Ralph asked, fearing that the P.E.T.P. and Team Galactic were already looking to destroy him.

    "I will have to give you a condensed version and hope it works. I don't think, though, that I have that amount of time." Stewey said with a melancholy tone.

    "You can't," Glover said as all eyes looked at him for an upcoming plan. "You won't have enough time, unless we split up. Sage, you and Ralph go to some more secure location to train. Phoenix and Zephyr, you two go with Xander and find Dialga and Palkia. Even if we don't find Giratina or run into trouble it'll be good to have those legendaries as allies, and that will probably give Xander a lead on his studies. Meanwhile, Dave and I will take on Galactic. We'll serve as a distraction with the troops and hopefully make it to the Turnback Cave."

    "NO!" Phoenix began, "that's SUICIDE. Battling all of Team Galactic's strongest section with just approximately thirty under-trained soldiers. You'll all be KILLED."

    "Though it will let you five live, and that's the important thing." Dave said, "I'm in."

    "I am too." Ralph said, "But please promise that you'll try to stay alive."

    "As much as I hate it," Xander said, "if Glover and Dave accept the probable fate, I'm in."

    "Agreed." Zephyr and Phoenix said grimly in unison.

    "ARE YOU ALL CRAZY!?" Stewey yelled, "Glover, even if you and Dave make it to Turnback Cave, it is called that for a reason. Only Descendants of the Third know how to navigate it. Wait…" the man took his cane and went to a dresser on the other side of the room. He then pulled something out and gave it to Glover. "This is your only hope."

    Glover examined it, "Thanks for the yoyo, but all that I can do is drop it and let the weight hang by the string."

    "If you make it through Turnback to Giratina's room you will find a portal. From there it is hard to tell which way it up. That will be your guide." Stewey taught.

    "Ok, so I'm guessing you're in too. If so, then let's begin!" At that the seven left the house. Zephyr, Phoenix, and Xander went southwest in the direction of My. Coronet. Glover and Dave went to rally the troops. Stewey and Ralph, though, went back into the hut.

    "We will leave from the inside." Stewey said as he found a mirror, stood in front of it, whacked it with his cane. The mirror, though, did not get smashed to pieces. Instead, it showed a ripple. Stewey suddenly pushed Ralph in and followed him, right through the mirror.

    Please leave a review and I'll be back in a week.
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    Well, read that latest chapter and I enjoyed it. I should probably read it from the beginning. Very enthralling. One thing though;

    "Ye-Ye-yea-yeah. We got them when we were little. Phoenix got the red one and I took the blue one." Phoenix explained as he and Zephyr showed their rings.
    Unless you messed up a name there, Phoenix spoke in first and third person to say that he got both rings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mug View Post
    Well, read that latest chapter and I enjoyed it. I should probably read it from the beginning. Very enthralling. One thing though;

    Unless you messed up a name there, Phoenix spoke in first and third person to say that he got both rings?
    Haha, oops! I'll go fix that... I would recommend reading from the top, but each part can be counted as a minific that all has a common main story to them, like movements in a piece of music. And please go easy on mainly the entire part 1, as that was when I basically just posted the chapters with no guidance as Glover has given since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaziken10285 View Post
    Haha, oops! I'll go fix that... I would recommend reading from the top, but each part can be counted as a minific that all has a common main story to them, like movements in a piece of music. And please go easy on mainly the entire part 1, as that was when I basically just posted the chapters with no guidance as Glover has given since.
    Technically I start from the bottom, as I have the posts flipped, but sure, I definitely will!

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    So I might get used to updating this on Saturday... I guess just expect something on either Wednesday or Saturday. Anyway, here it is.



    "QUIET!" Dave yelled to quiet the troops. "Thank you. As I was saying, we have a job to do. We need to cover for the others' trails. We're-"

    "the distraction?" said one of the masses.

    "going to die?"

    "get taken prisoners, tortured, and then executed?"

    "NO. Let me finish. This will be a simple mission. We may not even see battle, but the odds are not in our favor. We are the distraction to get the others to safety, though if we do engage, we're not going to retreat at the first sight of blood. We aren't going to lose though." just as Dave finished his though, everything came to life. The resistance was under attack.

    The troops gathered their weapons and called out their Pokemon. Dave could see Glover in the distance, but only for a flash, as he was then surrounded.

    "Hey guys, how 'bout some help?" Dave said as six pokeballs were flung in the air. As the boy told his team to attack, he noticed something on the ground. The glasses that he rejected from Shaymin. He did not know how they got there or how he knew they were the ones from Shaymin, but his senses knew it. So he picked them up, put them on, and went to war.

    "Cuddles, lets go!" Dave said as he mounted his Togekiss to view to whole battle. Speedy and a Blissey were working together, as when the Blaziken would charge Blissey would rush in and heal the blaze Pokemon. Nightmare the Espeon and Electivire were working together. The thunder Pokemon would stomp on the ground, sending an earthquake coursing through the ground, and with Psychic the purple feline would create a perimeter so the earthquake would not hurt any allies. Dave, fearing a confrontation, had called for Juliet, to see how powerful she was. The female Jellicent had allied with her fellow female Hydra. The two combined their powers and incapacitated their foes. Juliet would poison the enemies as Hydra would swoop in and send blasts of dark, fire, and draconic energy from her three heads as a new-and-improved tri-attack.

    Dave saw that the battle was going well when a second more powerful wave rushed in. This was headed by a man the boy had never seen before. He wore all black, from head to toe. His head was covered in a mask the surrounded the entire cranium. He had an aura of power and when he entered the skirmish it basically ended. He conjured up from a distorted energy two glowing sabers that, upon contact, would make the victim disappear in the same energy the sabers were conjured up by.

    Dave recalled his Pokemon except Cuddles before they were hit by the masked man like so many others' and went to warn Glover.

    He found Glover just as he knocked another grunt unconscious and shoved them backward Ferriday's electric web, which finished them. The Galvantula would shortly afterward prod them, and when he deemed the grunts dead would treat them as other insects that would get tangled in. Dave, who witnessed it once, turned away before the realization of it all settled in.

    "Glover, return your Pokemon," Dave said as he landed and recalled Cuddles, "there's this guy who, well, I don't know what he's doing exactly, but he's taking no prisoners." Glover looked and saw what the younger man was talking about. He did what was required and stood to face the masked man with Dave.

    Many kept falling, or disappearing, as the man made it closer, forcing Dave to call a retreat. People fell back but people were continually hit. But still, a group made it back to the Abandoned Area alive.


    "I count ten. You?"

    "Yeah." Glover replied. "Not good, as there are only five bodies of our own on the ground. That means fifteen were caught by that guy's sabers."

    "Yup, that guy is merciless." Dave said. He, Glover, and the ten remaining troops were huddled in one of the huts. The group had taken up a white flag and were about to send a delegate group of he and Glover to settle a price for their freedom.

    Five minutes later the delegates were making their way, stopping halfway between the camps waiting for a signal for a safe passage onward. When it was given, the duo was beckoned to a tent far into the Galactic camp. Inside was Bobby, Jerry, and the mysterious masked man.

    "Here to surrender, I presume." the man said. He had a deep voice, and through the mask you could hear him breathe.

    "Yes and no." Glover reasoned, "We want You to allow us to go free."

    "No." the man said frankly, "unless, if we do then you have to take us to the old man and boy."

    "What authority do you have to make those terms!?"

    "You must not know who I am. Allow me to introduce myself. I, along with Kira, are the two Supreme Commanders of Team Galactic. Now back to my earlier option. You take us, Team Galactic, to where the rest of your vermin are hiding."

    "YOU DARE CALL US VERMIN!?" Dave exploded. He had tried remaining silent and collected, but this man had pushed him too far.

    "Ah, I would not do that if I were you. You see, I have your whole precious Area at my explosive's disposal. One more outbreak and your allies are blasted." the Supreme Commander threatened. "Oh, and if you do not agree to our terms you can also expect to be blown up."

    "You're joking. How could you do that?" Dave retorted.

    "Allow me to show you an example." the man snapped his fingers and an explosion could be heard. It came from near where it seemed the diplomats' allies were housed. "That was the house next to your group's, but I can do the same to that one."

    "Then how do we keep from that happening?" Dave queried.

    "Tell me the location of the rest of your group."

    "We don't know." Dave said.

    "Three chances or you friends get blasted."

    "We still don't know."


    "If we didn't know a second ago then how would we now!?"

    "Actually-" Glover tried, remembering Ralph's tracker that he had never given back.


    "JUST LET US GO!" Dave shouted angrily.

    "Zero." the man said as he snapped his fingers again, with an explosion a few seconds later in reply. "Oh, you two, please take the heretics to the jail." Bobby and Jerry suddenly snapped into position and took Dave and Glover away.

    "Why are you doing this? Where are you taking us?" Dave asked while whining.

    "First, I'm doing this for the awesome uniform." Jerry said as he was slapped by Bobby. "And for the cause." he added, though it sounded more like a question.

    "And we're taking you to where the rest of your pathetic troops are. Traitors..." Bobby said.

    Dave all of a sudden noticed how different he was from the kid in Hoenn. It's sad, really, how people can be consumed with revenge on such a small matter.

    "You both have a one way ticket to our camp." Bobby said with a sort of evil joy.

    Not if I have anything to do with it! A voice said as Bobby and Jerry's grips loosened and a BOOM! was heard. When Dave turned he saw none other than Shaymin, who was flying around blasting anyone with a grass energy if they got too close.

    Don't just stand there with your mouths open, fly away! Dave heard.

    "Ummm, Glover? Let's go."


    An hour after the duo escaped Shaymin returned, apparently having followed the group since they left. Glover was leading, as he explained he could track, find, and warn Stewey and Glover of the impending threat.

    Shaymin explained that after he left the commander was using words that have only before came from a sailor's mouth. Jerry ran into the woods and apparently would be fired if he should ever return. Bobby, who was now without any partners, was let go on the spot.

    Dave took the information in and shook his head. This could not be allowed to continue, an he would be the one to make sure of it.

    Thanks goes to Glover for beta-reading this as he has done for most of the chapters. I hope you enjoyed it and please leave a review below.
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    This is a chapter that I have been wanting to write for a while. It finally bridges a few questions you might have been wondering. Thanks goes to Glover for beta reading this chapter.

    Painful Memories


    "Good, good! Now do that five more times." Stewey said. After leaving through the mirrors the duo escaped to the Hearthome Amity Square. As Stewey explained it to Ralph, it was one place Team Galactic probably would not look.

    Ralph was performing a trick that Stewey had taught him. It was a way to conjure up weapons from just Distorted Energy. He had chosen a dagger for close-range battles and a bow and arrow for long-range. The young boy could also tap a portal to the Distortion World at will.

    After conjuring a bow and arrow and firing five shots he turned to his mentor for further guidance. "So what do we do now? Are far in the training am I?"

    "Well, compared to my past recruits, you have picked everything up the fastest, but it is still not fast enough. As for what to do now, pull up a chair, I have a story to tell. My three failures." the sage replied.


    I had a son. He studied almost exclusively in crafting objects of distortion energy. He was good and made almost everything I've had you train with. Even that bow and those arrows. It was a sunny day in Sunnyshore City, and we were continuing training on the roof on my house.

    "Ok Herald, one more time. Craft a club." I instructed.

    "Isn't that too easy Dad?" Herald retorted.

    "Just do it." I retorted, so he did.

    He formed it in less than thirty seconds, a new record. It probably weighed less than one pound and was about a yard in length.

    "Now let's try it out." I smiled wryly and lifted the club. He conjured his weapon of choice, a pair of glowing sabers that he conjured to teleport his opponent anywhere he chose.

    We took positions, him twirling his sabers, looking comfortable and confident. I stood in front of him and test-swung the club a couple of times.

    "Great job on this. The only thing that might hurt is the club centralizes on its weight to hurt the opponent. With this it might hurt the opponent about as much as a beach ball."

    "Ah but Dad that's the joy of this. I conjured it to only be heavy on the side where it would hit the opponent. Try it!" Herald explained. I tried it on a table, which broke on a first weak strike.

    "Impressive! Enough words, let's go."

    We look each other in the eye and begin. He uses the sabers defensively at first to deflect the club. I swung it down again and again, and eventually Herald was close to the ledge. He made a move and thrust one of the sabers onto my side, transporting me so I was facing the other way and I went on defense. He thrust his blades in motions that were in every way predictable, but that ended when I saw him prepare to hit me from above. He saw that I predicted his next move and changed it, but did not catch it, and Herald was hit with the club's full power on the head.

    That hit changed him forever, as he became mentally unstable, and from then on had no memory. He eventually married to a woman much like him and had two children, Cyrus and Kira.


    My next failure was barely even my fault. Cyrus lived in Sunnyshore with his parents in the house Herald and I lived in. I had moved to Route 228 to get me away from the guilt I had about Herald. Little did I know how much of a mistake that was.

    Cyrus developed his powers as a warrior. He gained the sabers from Herald and taught himself. He based the distortion power off of anger and from that point on went on his way to make the world a better place in his image. He created Team Galactic in what he would call a noble cause. After he went into the portal he trained under Giratina, who was or is under his control. I know he is still alive, but if he is even in this universe I would not know.


    Kira was my final failure. After Cyrus turned out the way he did I resolved to make a point to be in Kira's life. I had her come live with me.

    She wanted to study the psychological and intellectual side of distortion energy. She had a knack for using the energy to change someone's mind or emotional state.

    Using her power I had a genius idea: bringing the family back. We would find Cyrus and Kira would make him turn back to be good. After that we would help Herald regain some psychological security. All of that went wrong.

    We found Cyrus in Spear Pillar.

    "Brother!" Kira yelled when she caught glimpse of him.

    "Oh hello Kira. Who's that?" the boy asked.

    "I am Stewey, your grandfather. I am here to take you home." I told him.

    "Grandfather huh? Where were you when we needed you. Kira don't listen to this poser."

    I tried reasoning with him, but I eventually couldn't take it any longer. Kira said nothing, assessing the coming situation. "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? I'LL SHOW YOU POSER." I yelled. That is when I started doing that so much. I summoned my weapon of choice, a katana sword and a Wakizashi sword, a smaller companion sword for the katana. He, much to my horror, summoned the sabers.

    We ran into combat instantly. He seemed to know everything about his weapons, and I almost instantly realized I was outclassed. After two strikes I was on the ground, nearly unconscious. After studying healing techniques for years my skills with a blade left something to be desired.

    "See Kira," Cyrus said, "don't follow him, you'll only end up like that. Join me, and together we will be invincible."

    Kira, who should have been doing the convincing, joined Cyrus in crime. The two left me on Spear Pillar to die. I limped away and moved from my house to get away from the memories. Later I learned that that house mysteriously went up in flames. Years after that I moved into the Abandoned Area and years after that a baby found his way to my doorstep. You.


    Ralph took the information in. He was shocked at everything his great-grandfather had experienced throughout his lifetime.

    "A storm is coming." the sage said. Ralph looked outside and saw a dark storm cloud heading their way. As he looked he saw figures flying right before the storm.

    "Do you see the people?" Ralph asked.

    "Yes. They are coming here." Stewey saw this as the duo began a downward descent. It was revealed to be Glover, Dave, and a Shaymin.

    "Y-yo-you need to run. Team Galactic co-com-coming." Dave said.

    Seeing as the two did not understand, Glover clarified. "One of the Supreme Commanders wants to kill you two. We need to get to safety. They are probably following us."

    "YOU BROUGHT TEAM GALACTIC TO US!? Come with me, I think I know a place where we can hide. Ralph, open the portal." Stewey instructed. Ralph concentrated and a portal to the Distortion World opened. Stewey went in first and Ralph motioned for the others to follow. Ralph was the last to go in and when he looked back the boy saw a man jump down seemingly from the sky. It was the masked man. Ralph, remembering him from the Galactic Base, ran into the portal as the man summoned a pair of glowing sabers. The storm began.


    I hope you enjoyed this chapter and please leave a review below!
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    Ooh, ominous. It was cool to look into the backstory a bit and learn more about Stewey.

    One thing though is word usage is a little limited. You used 'retorted' twice in a row and 'conjured' a good few times as well. Versatility is important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mug View Post
    Ooh, ominous. It was cool to look into the backstory a bit and learn more about Stewey.

    One thing though is word usage is a little limited. You used 'retorted' twice in a row and 'conjured' a good few times as well. Versatility is important.
    Ok, thanks for reading. I'll remember that on the next chapter. And I'M FINALLY AT 3 PAGES! Random freak out over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mug View Post
    Ooh, ominous. It was cool to look into the backstory a bit and learn more about Stewey.

    One thing though is word usage is a little limited. You used 'retorted' twice in a row and 'conjured' a good few times as well. Versatility is important.
    This comment liked for truth.
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    Well, it has been way too long since I added a new chapter, so here. Thanks goes to Glover for beta reading like always.

    The Battle on the Mount


    Xander, Phoenix, and Zephyr were in Mt. Coronet. The three were almost to Spear Pillar when they were attacked by a horde of Zubat.

    "Dang," Zephyr remarked, "there aren't many things that are infinite, but the number of Zubats here is one of them."

    "Yeah, but at least they're relatively weak." Phoenix said.

    "Hey, there's the exit!" Xander yelled. The three, excited to finally get out of the damp cave, ran to the exit. The sudden difference in light would have hurt, had there not been a storm raging. And in the midst of the downpour, Galactic was hard at work

    "Oh no." passed through Phoenix's mouth. There were similar sentiments coming from the others.

    "Phoenix, Zephyr, follow me." Xander whispered as he crouched behind one of the fallen pillars.

    Kira walked down to the middle of the camp and raised her hand. "Friends, followers of Team Galactic, behold as we begin our new world where this one stands. A world of rights, where emotions do not get in the way. As you may see we have exact replicas of the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs." the Supreme Commander said as she motioned for two crystals. They were a foggy off-colored version of the orbs, but radiated power. "These not only summon the two dragons but also enslave them. The only thing stronger are the actual gems. Not even the Red Chain is as powerful.

    You might also be wondering if we learned from our last failure. If you did not hear of it, we got here and as we summoned the dragons of time and space, Giratina interceded and stopped us, and we then had to deal with those pesky Lucas and Dawn. This time, though, we can not fail, as Giratina has been dealt with. Now watch and see as a new world order begins!"

    Kira walked to Charon, who was typing on the massive super computer. The pedestal where the orbs lay began to raise and lightning flashed in the distance. The three were frozen in awe at what they were experiencing. The orbs gained altitude and the air changed. Two rifts came from midair and Dialga and Palkia emerged in what looked like a trancelike state. A bolt of electricity bolted down from the heavens at that exact moment, and the whole area became thick with the scent of ozone. Most of the grunts gave a grunt of awe. They were standing in front of the beings they had worshipped!

    Xander pulled out his Pokedex and registered the two legends.

    Dialga, the Temporal Pokemon. It has the power to control time. It appears in Sinnoh Region mythology as an ancient deity. The ability is Telepathy.

    Palkia, the Spatial Pokemon. It is said to live in a gap in a spatial dimension parallel to ours. It appears in mythology. The ability is Telepathy.

    "That can't be right." Xander remarked. "They're supposed to have Pressure. That must mean those are Pokemon with Hidden Abilities! We have save them. Rotom, Scolipede, Heatran, Latias, Salamence, and Heracross, help me!" Xander issued duties and rushed to confront the enemies. Phoenix and Zephyr were snapped out of their awe and prepared to help the professor.

    "Infernape, Eelectross, Sceptile, Hydreigon, Jellicent, and Zoroark, come out!" Phoenix called.

    Taking cues from his brother and Xander, Zephyr flung his six Pokeballs and yelled "Swampert, Serperior, Chandelure, Porygon-Z, Jolteon, and Salamence, help us out!"

    The three faced an uphill battle ahead of them. Xander noted that the average number of Pokemon owned by the grunts was two, and they were all relatively weak. Still, the three and their Pokemon face odds of ten grunts to one of them.

    Xander glimpsed at how his team was doing. Scolipede gave an insect-like roar and summoned a pool of poison, intoxicating all foes within the range. He then sent a poison shockwave through the incapacitated grunts and various Pokemon. The grunts who were lucky narrowly escaped and pulled out a gun or sword and went to defend themselves. When this happened or should a Croagunk or Toxicroak be in the mess Latias would peer down and send Psychic blasts into the other poison types. Heatran was working with Phoenix's Infernape and Zephyr's Swampert. The three were insulting the grunts' teams and when man, woman, and Pokemon came within distance they were speared by Stealth Rocks. If the foes were not down by then the trio would barrage them with their elemental prowess. Heatran would unleash a maelstrom of magma while Infernape would send an intense blast of flames and Swampert would send a beam of icy-cold energy upon his foes. The rest were out of his line of sight.

    Xander noticed the progress of Phoenix and Zephyr each was making a diagonal path towards Palkia and Dialga, respectively. He could also see the orbs on each of the brothers' neck glow brighter as they made way toward the dragons. The being of Time and the one of Space seemed to break free from the artificial gems for the shards of the actual gems.

    That was when the professor noticed where some of the rest of his team was. Zephyr's Jolteon and Porygon-Z, Phoenix's blue Sceptile and Eelectross and his Rotom were dealing with the computer and pedestal where the manmade gems lay.

    Rotom and Porygon-Z were deep in the hardware of the computer, each tackling their own obstacles. With them on different planes, the two never intermingled. Jolteon and Eelectross were overcharging the unit with massive jolts of electricity. Meanwhile Sceptile was sending a barrage of blasts at his foes as he dodged their attacks in a flurry of stars. Any Galactic grunt or Pokemon were blasted within seconds. Then there was Charon, who ran off at the moment the Rotom and Porygon evolution arrived on the scene.

    Xander arrived to the computer about the time. He gripped a dagger that he found on one of the grunts. Zephyr and Phoenix got there with Dialga and Palkia behind them. They scanned the losses. Some of their teammates had been hurt, but not anything fatal. That was when Kira made herself seen again, almost out of nowhere.

    "Well, I thought Cyrus would have dealt with you idiots by now, but I guess I'll have to take matters into my own hands." Kira stood as a powerful force swept over the three friends. "Now put the weapons down and command the two dragons to create our new world." After saying so the two brothers turned toward their respective deity and obediently followed the Supreme Commander's order.

    So now we only have about three or four more chapters until this story will be over, but don't fret! I am working on a new fic that will serve to be a prequel to this. Please leave a review if you have read it and I'll be back in the coming week (hopefully) with another chapter.
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    Oh no! Why, Dialga and Palkia?? Don't listen to her! D:

    I felt like listing all the Pokemon was kind of cumbersome. I would have just said that they sent out their Pokemon. The battle description was good, though, saying how each Pokemon did their part. When they were working on the computer, I would have shortened it. I'd have done something more like:

    Charon had run off at the moment Rotom and Porygon-Z arrived on the scene. The two Pokemon were deep inside the hardware, crossing planes and dealing with their own issues. Jolteon and Eelektross tried to override the unit with massive blasts of electricity. The blue Sceptile covered for the team by chasing off Galactic grunts and Pokemon, shoud they ever draw near.

    I feel like this way, it's more straightforward and describes what the Pokemon were doing with less confusion.

    Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mug View Post
    Oh no! Why, Dialga and Palkia?? Don't listen to her! D:

    I felt like listing all the Pokemon was kind of cumbersome. I would have just said that they sent out their Pokemon. The battle description was good, though, saying how each Pokemon did their part. When they were working on the computer, I would have shortened it. I'd have done something more like:

    Charon had run off at the moment Rotom and Porygon-Z arrived on the scene. The two Pokemon were deep inside the hardware, crossing planes and dealing with their own issues. Jolteon and Eelektross tried to override the unit with massive blasts of electricity. The blue Sceptile covered for the team by chasing off Galactic grunts and Pokemon, shoud they ever draw near.

    I feel like this way, it's more straightforward and describes what the Pokemon were doing with less confusion.

    Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
    If I have my way then it will be posted on Wednesday. If not then it will probably be over the next weekend. It's great to hear The Galactic Files has a reader!
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    Well, it has been WAY too long. I promise it won't take as long for the next. Oh well, here it is now!

    A not-so Turnback Cave


    The group of four emerged from the portal by the water at Turnback Cave. The storm was at the moment on Mt. Coronet, where Ralph felt powerful forces were in battle.

    "Ralph, this is your final test with me." Stewey began, breaking the silence, "Tomorrow we will enter the cave. If you can go through without getting lost I will know you can use your powers fully. Though today it is late. We will camp here for the night."

    Ralph had a hard time going to sleep that night. He was somewhere he had never been. It was a place he seemed to know though. He began to walk around, feeling at home when he went upside down and happy when he walked up waterfalls and jumped from bits of the ground. He eventually got to a cliff with a deep abyss where the he could tell it was not possible to go any farther.

    "Young one, release me." said a voice that echoed from the pit. "I will guide you through the cave to my chamber where I have been disturbed. It is there that I will help you realize your full potential."

    "What? Who are you? How do you know me?" Ralph asked the being.

    The creature chuckled and went on, "You will know soon enough, young one."


    The next day the four and Shaymin woke before the sun went up. Stewey led the way to the bridge that overlooked the fourth Sinnoh lake and Turnback Cave.

    "Ok Ralph, here is your first trial: take us from here to the other side of the lake, to the entrance of the cave without opening a portal to transport you. This is will not be timed."

    Use my power and summon my faithful Pelipper. He will give all of you a ride if you tell him you are sent by me.

    How am I supposed to tell him that I am aligned with you when I don't even know who you are? Who are you?

    So many questions. Show him your family's ring.

    Ralph did as the voice said. He closed his eyes and focused on summoning the water bird. As he did so the water rippled and a whole flock of Pelipper flew out. Ralph showed them the sample of the Griseous Orb on his ring and the group did a sort of salute.

    "Hey, ummm, Pelipper, could you take us to the entrance to Turnback Cave?" When Ralph finished this the birds divided into a pair for each person and began their flight across the lake. The people had the privilege of guiding the seagulls across. They had to guide them away from the patches of fog that would slow them down.

    Eventually the group landed to the bank of the cave's entrance. The Pelipper, exhausted from the flight, did a rain dance, which brought a nice rainy mist. The water types rejoiced in the rain, so Dave checked his Pokedex.

    Pelipper, the Water Bird Pokemon. It is a messenger of the skies, carrying Pokemon and Eggs to safety. The ability is Rain Dish.

    "I've seen a lot of Pelipper, but just as I thought, these are different. They have their hidden ability. How did they get here Ralph?" Dave asked.

    "Some voice told me to use his Pelipper to get across. It told me to show them the ring and they would help us." Ralph replied. The flock, knowing their mission was over, saluted again to Ralph and flew into the water, from where they came.

    "Good job Ralph." The Sage said, "Your next trial is much harder. We are about to enter Turnback Cave. At the end is Giratina's Chamber. This is one place in our world that the being is allowed to inhabit. Your task is to go through the cave and get to Giratina's Chamber in less than thirty minutes. We will follow behind. Now begin!" Ralph walked into the cave. As he did the feeling from his dream came back to him.

    Now, here is how to get to my chamber. First you must pass the three pillars. The three have what you humans call magnetism, but a form that is between the columns and my orb. Use the ring.

    Ralph nodded, taking in the information. He walked down to the center of the room and tossed the ring straight up. It went just a couple of inches toward the room to right. The boy picked it up and pointed.

    "We're going there." Ralph stated as he walked through. The other three followed. When Stewey, Dave, and Glover arrived they saw Ralph in the middle by the pillar as he tossed the shard up again. All it did was stick to the column four feet above the boy's head.

    "Awwww! Skarmory and Banette, get the Griseous ring!" Ralph called as he threw two of his Pokeballs up, releasing his metal bird and ghost. The two grabbed the piece of jewelry and were rewarded by going back into their Pokeballs.

    You will not be able to do it the same way as the last, young one. You must think of a different way. I regret to inform you that I cannot help you much, except for one more shard of information. Distortion energy is magnetized to be attracted to the pillars.

    “So I have to use my powers now.” Ralph said to himself.

    “Only fifteen minutes left.” Stewey informed.

    “Ok, thanks.” The boy replied as he went to work. He conjured three his bow and arrows and two distortion people, hoping his new idea would work. Each one was given a bow and told to go to an entrance. All three fired at once. A clang of when two objects being pulled together follow the sound of two arrows hitting the ground. Ralph pointed to the room the clang came from and the four entered the room with the second column. This process was repeated to get to the final pillar.

    “Good job Ralph, and with ten minutes pick the chamber’s entrance.” Stewey instructed.

    Do not send an arrow into the next set. There will be nothing to catch it. I will send off a stronger aura to help you.

    Ralph nodded as the duplicates vanished, as well as their weapons. All of a sudden a powerful force swept over him. It seemed to come from the door ahead of them.

    “There, that is Giratina’s Chamber.” The three ran after Ralph, who had taken off after finishing his sentence. What the four found upon arrival, though, was worse than words.

    There, in front of them, was Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn and their underlings who had Giratina tied to a machine. The great dragon seemed to be unconscious.

    “Well, well,” Saturn began, “it looks like we have company. Too bad you’re late. Toxicroak, show them what we do to late arrivers.”

    “Purugly,” Mars began, “help Toxicroak out.”

    Jupiter called her Pokemon out, “Skuntank, you know what to do.”

    Dave and Glover walked next to Ralph. “How ‘bout we even the odds.” Dave asked, “I’ll take on Mars, Glover, you battle Jupiter, and Ralph, it’s just you and Saturn.”

    The three took their places. Dave called out Cuddles, while Glover sent out Gizmo the Ditto, and Ralph sent out Skarmory again.

    “Skarmory, let Toxicroak hit you, then Air Slash.” Ralph commanded. The Toxicroak played right into his trap too. After hitting the bird with a brick break, it became faster. “Now don’t let it hit you again!” The Skarmory nearly danced around the battlefield after being hit, sending blades of compact air at the poison Pokémon. The Toxicroak could not stand more than a couple and went down.

    Ralph scanned the field. Dave had quickly disposed of the Purugly through Cuddles’s speed and blasts of aura. Glover was still working on Skuntank though. He had tried at first to daze him by having Gizmo turn into a fan and blow the stench right into the skunk, but when that proved ineffective he resorted to his second strategy. The Ditto was at the moment bouncing around Skuntank and when he got over the Pokemon would become an anvil and do something similar to a body slam or earthquake. After a few minutes Jupiter’s Pokemon was down too, which is when the three commanders ran into a portal with their grunts in tow. This left the three to see what Stewey had been doing.

    So far Giratina was out of the machine but still unconscious. The sage, who was a master distortion power healer, was hard at work. Shaymin had skipped the battle this time to help the elder and the dragon.

    “I have done all I can.” Stewey said after an hour. “You three go on. Find the others and take down Galactic. I’ll stay here with Giratina.”

    “But what if Galactic comes back? We won’t be here to protect you.” Ralph said, not wanting to leave his only sane family member.

    “Shaymin will be staying too.” Dave replied. “He told me a few minutes ago.”

    “And when Giratina is back in health we will join you.” Stewey further explained. “But there is a world out there that needs a savior, and you six will be them. Just believe in your abilities.”

    With that Ralph agreed and formed a portal. The three left the Sage, Shaymin, and Giratina in the cave for the coming war.

    We're nearing the end everybody! Please take the time to comment, as even the smallest review is appreciated.
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    The Last Battle... Maybe


    The three exited the portal in a horror zone. They were deposited behind a pillar and were watching as the men finished their commando act. In front of them were bodies of Galactic grunts with Xander, Phoenix, and Zephyr doing whatever Kira willed. So far they had given Dialga and Palkia up and were about to let their Pokemon go to the Supreme Commander.

    "Hey Glover," Dave whispered as he formed an idea, "do you want to help make a big entrance?"

    "What kind of 'big entrance'?" Glover asked.

    "One that will distract Kira so Ralph can snap the others out of their condition."

    "And I ask again, what kind of big entrance?"

    "Just follow my lead, you'll pick up."

    "What about me?" Ralph asked.

    "You help Xander, Phoenix, and Zephyr and in the end say that we're right." Dave instructed.

    Dave and Glover walked from behind the pillar and to Kira, who had her back to the duo.

    "Prepare for Trouble!" Dave began, and Glover had to stifle a laugh.

    "And make it double!" Glover added and Kira turned and looked confused.

    "To protect the world from devastation!" Ralph arrived to the other three and began talking and directing them to safety.

    "To unite all people within our nation!"

    "We blast off at the speed of light!"

    "Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!"

    "That's right!" Ralph added. Kira turned to confront the younger Distorter.

    "That was a nice show, but you were leaving." the woman said as Ralph became dazed, but shook it off.

    "Nice try, but you don't control me."

    "Oh but Ralph, you can trust me. I'm here for you." Ralph did not hesitate to reject that. The boy then held his hand out, and a navy blue sword formed.

    "Let's finish what we started."

    "Oh, do you really think that is a good idea?" Kira asked as she drew a similarly colored whip. Dave and Glover took this chance to regroup with the other three. Dashing down worn, limestone stairs with a fight on their heels, the two found the brothers and Xander close to Mt. Coronet's cave entrance with Dialga and Palkia.

    "Hey, so what did we miss here?" Dave asked.

    "Oh, we have just almost been killed multiple times and nearly enslaved, but we helped Dialga and Palkia get away from Galactic, so it's all good." Zephyr replied.

    "Where's Ralph?" Phoenix asked.

    "Over there fighting Kira." Dave pointed as a scream was heard from that direction. Ralph had been taken down.

    "Come on, we need to go help him!" Xander yelled.

    "But how, he's the only one who had a weapon." Phoenix said as Palkia spoke to him. "Oh, Zephyr, we might be able to do something similar."

    The two along with their patron deities spent the minutes later saving Ralph. Palkia twisted space and sent Kira and the Galactic grunts far away and Dialga used time to renew the group's strength. Ralph took the longest to heal, but after a while he too was ready to push on. The young distorter and his friends walked to the place where Cyrus had failed before and opened a portal to the Distortion World.

    Inside the other dimension was a great tower with a Team Galactic "G" insignia on the front. All around were guard towers protecting on the off chance of invaders.

    "So we have two legendary Pokemon and six of us. How are we supposed to get into that without being caught?" Dave asked.

    "I think Dialga and I can deal with them," Zephyr said as he laughed and whispered a command to the Temporal Pokemon. It roared, and the guards seemed to shrink and within a matter of seconds the six thought they heard babies crying. They climbed the guard towers and found the guards were infants, and to make infiltrating the headquarters easier, they put on the uniforms.

    "Is it wrong to take clothing from babies?" Zephyr asked, as the group borrowed the uniforms to sneak in.

    "Only if it has candy in it." Glover replied.

    "Ooh! Mine has money in it!"

    One hour later the six were almost in Cyrus's quarters on the sixth floor. Dialga and Palkia had retreated to their dimensions, but could be called at a moment's notice. They scheduled an appointment with Cyrus and were awaiting their call to go in.

    "You six, guards, Cyrus can see you now," the assistant said.

    "Let's go boys," Glover commanded. The lair of the Supreme Commander was basically a grand throne room, with the masked man on the throne.

    "What is so important that you must meet with me? You have an important duty," Cyrus stated.

    "But sir, we're in a complete other dimension, no one is coming this time," Phoenix lied.

    "Still, one must take precautions. Luckily Kira has probably finished exterminating the only pests that could possibly get in our way." Cyrus said confidently.

    "Exterminate. Good ole Aunt Kira." Ralph muttered.

    "What was that, guard?" Cyrus asked. He scowled like he had heard, but wanted to make sure.

    "Well, let me just say Auntie didn't quite finish the job." Ralph brought forth his bow and arrows and aimed at Cyrus, "I'm Ralph, you're son and the one that will end your life."

    Cyrus grimaced, "You six have come far, too bad it was all in vain. GUARDS!"

    Within seconds guards were filing in. "Nice job Glover, we were almost home free," Dave growled.

    "Oh, don't worry. I have an Ace up my sleeve for this battle."


    Glover chuckled, "You'll see."

    "Hey, you two need to focus. If you haven't noticed we're kinda surrounded," Xander interrupted.

    "Alright, then let's get started!" Dave said as he and his friends released the Pokemon for battle. For the first time Dave noticed how Glover only used five Pokemon. The grunts also released their Pokemon, revealing a multitude of the Zubat line along with the Glameow and Croagunk lines. "Hey, my team, come here! Group up, just don't go into battle solo, and if you need any help I'll be going around with my Capture Styler and some healing equipment. If any of you become weak I'll be around shortly. We can win this!"

    In the span of time it took for Dave to give those instructions, Xander had mounted Salamence, the brothers had called for Dialga and Palkia, Ralph had started trying to call for Giratina, Stewey, and Shaymin, to no avail, and Glover had begun talking to a Pokeball.

    Oh, joy. We're about to be killed and Glover is talking to a ball. I fear for humanity right now.

    Just a moment later an attack was fired and the battle began. Dave, hoping for more aerial support began capturing Crobats with the styler he obtained when his family moved to Almia and he climbed the ranks as a Ranger. The bats lashed out, creating tornadoes of wind that killed the styler's path upon contact. Once captured he would turn them on their former allies, all seven at once. The bats would make a dent in the enemy's lines before leaving the battle. Dialga and Palkia were being ridden by the brothers, who were commanding them to use their attacks like they did earlier, and enemies either disappeared or became too young to fight. Ralph had conjured the club for this occasion, and went around sneaking up on the foes, concealing himself in energy and sacking them when he got close.

    Glover fought alongside his Pokemon. Gizmo had become a bazooka and shooting something that resembled a flash cannon. The grunts who were not shot just kept getting closer, and they found themselves dealing with the rest of Glover's team. Next to him was Sunbeam and Moonlight, who were quietly guiding anyone who came close or making them run into Ferriday's net. Electricity was being pumped into it by Moto and Dreadnaught, which would stun the grunts and their Pokemon. Ferriday was making a pile of twitching, electrified enemies.

    Even with the efforts put up by the six and their teams, Team Galactic was slowly gaining the upper hand, by numbers. Cuddles and Latias, who were flying around blasting aerial foes, found themselves facing two more Crobats for each one that they knocked down. On the ground, Xander's Heracross and Dave's Electabuzz were faced with Puruglies and Toxicroaks that would not fall quickly. That was when reinforcement came in.

    "Ace, we need your help!" Glover called as he tossed one final Heal Ball into the air. A great purple swarm of energy materialized into a Deoxys. Then, the roof exploded and in came Stewey, Giratina, and Shaymin.

    No time to be distracted, Dave thought, but with the extra extremely powerful hands helping their cause it gave the group a morale boost. Ralph got together with Giratina and Stewey and began to disappear, only to reappear by the largest congregations of enemies, knocking them down. Shaymin found itself with Latias and Togekiss, and together they began making progress. Dave, alone, found himself running out of Pokemon to capture, and then the grunts began to run away, only to be taken away by Palkia and Phoenix.

    The seven recalled their Pokemon and the legendary dragons of Sinnoh left for their homes, far away. The men gathered together.

    "Where's Cyrus?" Stewey asked. The others looked around; none of them had seen him since the battle began! "YOU LET HIM GET AWAY!?"

    Suddenly, a wall of energy hit them, and they were all knocked down. Cyrus appeared back to the chamber. "On the contrary, I never left. I'm just biding my time, and I have waited long enough. And now I will get a few grunts to put you in my dungeon."

    The Supreme Commander left, as three grunts entered.

    "Get up and come with us, we know a way out." the closest one said.

    "W-w-we're not going with you!" Ralph stated.

    "Well, it's either us or the real grunts. We're from the International Police. I'm Looker..."

    "I'm Listener..."

    "And I'm Steve."

    "Sure, International Police. You do look like Looker, but so I'm sure show us your badges." Xander commanded. The three did, and Xander affirmed that they were telling the truth.

    "BUT WHAT ABOUT CYRUS!?" Stewey screamed.

    "Look, we either rescue you or attempt to find him. We decided on this. We really need to go." Listener replied. And they did, with no opposition because there was not a single Team Galactic agent still in the building.

    Well, it sure has been a great time for me to take on this project. There is an epilogue which I'll post next week, and it will then be over. If you've read the chapter please take the time to leave your feedback. Thanks to Glover for beta-reading!
    I've gotten into IV Breeding. I'll breed any Pokemon that can, just ask and I'll see what I can do!

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    This really is the end for The Galactic Files. Thanks to Glover for beta reading!

    Goodbye, For Now...

    The seven and the International Police slept in the Snowpoint City Pokemon Center and arrived back to the Abandoned Area the next day. The police had Cynthia meet them there to head the ceremony.

    "We would like to thank these seven people for their extraordinary bravery in bringing Team Galactic to justice. Kira and all of the grunts who appeared in the Orre region will find themselves in prisons worldwide for their acts. And finally, we have gifts for each of these men. First, Sage Stewey, we know it is your dream to have this place back on the map, so by decree of the laws of Sinnoh I hereby name this the Victory Area! Phoenix and Zephyr, we would like to offer you two gyms here in your home region!"

    "No thank you," the two said unanimously.

    "Really?" Cynthia asked.

    "I can't speak for Zephyr, but I would rather continue traveling the world without being trapped to a gym for one region."

    "Couldn't have said it better bro!"

    "Alright," Cynthia said, "the offer is always open should either of you change your minds. Xander and Glover, the league would like to apologize for their stubbornness in the War against Team Aqua and Magma. I still hate both of you so don't expect any forgiveness from me. Dave-"

    "What?" Xander interrupted, "that's it?"

    "Don't push it professor, you're lucky to get this much."

    The others, not wanting to get on the volatile champion's bad side, stood there, admiring the local scenery. "I like that tree." Zephyr said.

    "Yeah, that's a nice tree." Phoenix admired.

    Anyway, where was I?" Cynthia said, "Oh, right, Dave, we know how you have been assisting Professor Xander in his research and the Castelia Institute would like to give you a full scholarship to obtain your own professor and researcher degree."

    "Thank you! That's amazing!" Dave exclaimed.

    "And finally, Ralph. The International Police would like to offer you a job in tracking down Cyrus. It will entail training in their boot camp in an undisclosed location where you will learn the basics of espionage and public safety."

    "Sweet!" Ralph beamed.

    An hour later the seven were talking in Stewey's hut.

    "Ok, just so everyone knows, the results were positive! Pokemon with their 'Hidden Abilities' come from the Distortion World." Xander said.

    "But you can't go around saying 'if you go to the Distortion World you can get special Pokemon'. We have come up with some kind of double truth." Ralph said.

    "Of course! Ummm, does anyone know what we can call this?"

    "The alternate dimension?" Zephyr suggested.

    "No, let's have the initials be the same at least," Phoenix retorted.

    "OH, what about the Dream World?" Dave asked.

    "Good with me," Xander replied, "does anyone have another name?" silence "No? Ok, we have a name!"

    The rest of the day the seven talked and enjoyed time when the world was not in dire need of a hero. None of them surrendered into stating the fact that they would have to go eventually so they spent one more night as a team.

    "Well, it has been fun, but I Orre and my family need me, so I hope to see you all soon." Glover said the next morning. He left and called out his Ditto, Gizmo, who turned into a jet pack. The man turned toward the mainland of Sinnoh to catch the next train going to Orre.

    "Yeah, I should go too. It's a long boat ride to Unova and I should get back to my wife too. And if any of you are ever in Unova, don't hesitate to come by the P2 Lab!" Xander said and walked out, hesitated, and walked back in. "Dave, can I see you for a moment?"

    "Uhhmm, sure." Dave said and turned to the others, "I might as well go on. If you need me I'll be on Mt. Chimney."

    "Don't slip while flying this time: none of us will be here to catch you." Stewey joked.

    Dave glared and turned to leave, "Everyone is a comedian."

    The two walked to the edge of town and the Journeyman began to speak. "I've talked with Raj and with a lot of the leaders not even responding we would like to offer you a position."

    "What? Really?" the younger trainer asked, amazed by the offer.

    "Yeah. Phoenix has already been involved with the league and Glover was asked about the same time he was asked to come here to investigate the Regi Statues."

    "Sweet! Can we still challenge the league? I was planning on doing that when I had a break from classes."

    "Probably, I don't know why not. Just contact Raj and start setting up your gym." Xander released his Salamence and got on the dragon, "Well, see you later. Maybe next time we meet the world won't be in jeopardy."

    Dave saw him leave the same way Glover did, but to get a plane instead. The trainer wandered around the Victory Area. He saw the Regigigas statue, made of the giant Regice, Registeel, and Regirock statues that saved them in the volcano. Shaymin had gone back to the Seabreak Path, to make sure Slowking had not broken everything. He saw out of the corner of his eye Phoenix and Zephyr leave, but did not say anything, as he wanted to stay alone.

    "Dave, what are you still doing here? Are your Pokemon ok? Sage can look at them if you need." said the familiar voice of Ralph.

    "Oh, I was just thinking about all that we have gone through these last couple of weeks. I can't believe it's over."

    "Yup, it has been really amazing getting to know you and Xander and Glover and Phoenix and Zephyr. And soon I'm gonna by chasing down daddy Cyrus to kill him and you're gonna be studying in Unova!"

    "Basically. So where are you going now?"

    "Canalave City's library," Ralph said and his face lit up, "You can come with me! I'm trying to figure out how to decipher the International Police's base camp from their super cryptic instructions. You'll probably need some books, and where is a better place for books than a library!?"

    "Alright, then I guess I'm going to leave from Canalave now!" Dave said, happy to have someone to travel with for at least a few more days. The duo called out their flying Pokemon, hopped on them, flew to Canalave, and a few days later parted to go their separate ways.

    Ok, so this story has come to a close, but Dave's tale is not over! I have begun my second Fan Fic Maelstrom as a prequel to this, so please read, subscribe, etc. to this exciting, and wet, new tale!
    I've gotten into IV Breeding. I'll breed any Pokemon that can, just ask and I'll see what I can do!

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    Well, I guess... That's it. It was a great fic, but alas, it is over.
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