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    hello this is a fan fiction about the pokemon mew and how its being hunted down. Enjoy. Please comment and review chapter and tell me how I can improve. Thanks.


    Three men walked through a dense jungle. One was bare-chested native of the island, with some leather trousers and a feathered tribal headdress. His skin was dark and his brown eyes flicked restlessly through the jungle, as if expecting an ambush any second.

    One of his two companions was a white man, sixty years old. He had a large moustache that went down to the bottom of his jaw. He wore a large, dark green hat, which kept the sun of his face. He also wore a camouflage army shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and army trousers. He looked calm and his Hazel coloured eyes showed relaxation.

    The final man was the youngest, aged thirty-five. He wore no hat, revealing his ear length, swept over dark brown hair. He was a spitting image of his father, the sixty year old, with a smaller moustache and less wrinkles. His skin was heavily tanned, more then his father. He sweated heavily. He wore the same clothes as his father. He opened his canteen, and drank. No cold refreshing water went into his mouth. ‘Empty.’ He thought. ‘Isn’t that just great.’ A rustling in a push made all three of them turn around, but it was a Nidorino.

    The older of the two white men drew his machete and cut some vines down which had stood in their path. “From now on, we be the first men ever here.” Said the native guide, his English not being perfect. “Well isn’t that historic, right Sam?” Said the oldest man, turning to his son. “Yeah, historic…” Sam replied unenthusiastically. He wanted to get out, but no helicopter could get through the thick canopy. He couldn’t go anywhere without their guide.

    Suddenly the native took a wary tone. “Are you sure you want to do this, Mr Dorson?” He asked his companions. Suddenly a Chatot landed on his shoulder.
    “Talkeria” He said happily. It was his friend. This Chatot was incredibly smart, but only spoke the native language of the guide’s tribe. It said something to him. He frowned. “Lots of hard walk a head. You still sure?”

    “We’re sure.” Said Mr Dorson.
    “Speak for yourself.” Sam said under his breath. The three moved into the jungle. They kept on walking; Sam’s legs were weak and tired. “Can we rest please?” Moaned Sam. Their guide turned around.
    “Very well, we sit by big tree there.” He said, pointing at a large tree. The three sat down. Sam’s father drank what was left of his water.
    “We have got to find water soon.” Mr Dorson said.
    “I agree” Sam said, nodding.

    Then he saw a pink tail through the trees, with a large oval bit at the end. ‘Could it be?’ Sam thought as he picked himself up from the floor, a newfound energy entering him. ‘Could it be a legendary?’ He ran through the jungle. He ran in the direction until he found it. It floated slowly away from him. It looked worn out, as if it had a long journey. Right before Sam’s eyes, there was Mew.

    “DAD, UMBUKA, GET OVER HERE!” He yelled. Mew was startled by his voice and tried to speed up but couldn’t. The two men and Talkeria appeared by Sam’s side. All three were speechless. ‘This is incredible.’ Sam thought. ‘It looks injured. Maybe I could capture it.’ Sam reached into his pocket and pulled out a pokeball. He pressed the button and the pokeball grew in size. He threw it at the legendary Mew. However there was still some fight left in it, and with its psychic powers, it threw the ball back at its owner. “You’re tougher then you seem mew.” He said. He pulled out another pokeball. “Got Slick!” He yelled. His Scizor appeared out of the pokeball. “Sci-zor! Called out the pokemon.

    “Slick, use X-Scissor attack!” Commanded Sam. The Scizor flew right at Mew, who seemed to have used all its energy to defend itself from the pokeball.

    Suddenly the jungle came alive. The vines tangled them selves around Slick and threw him back, then proceeded to whip him. “Leave him alone!” Shouted Sam. More vines came and started attacking the three men.
    “We must run!” Yelled Umbuka. The others nodded in agreement.
    “Slick, return!” Ordered Sam, and the pokemon was retracted back to its pokeball. The trio pulled themselves free, turned and ran for it.

    Sam didn’t know how long they ran for. It seemed every second, every stride, seemed to be vital. Eventually they reached a small jungle pond. They stopped to drink. “What happened back there?” Mr Dorson asked no one in particular.
    “Maybe the jungle protect Mew.” Umbuka suggested. “Maybe… maybe…” Sam said thoughtfully. After their break, Sam asked Umbuka were they were. Umbuka looked at the trees, ground and tasted the water a little more carefully.
    “Halfway between coast and centre of island.” He said eventually.
    “Very well then. Lets go.” And so the three men set off.

    One day later and they eventually reached the coast. The beautiful golden sand and clear sea was a beautiful sight to behold. They could see a large boat in the distance, heading towards the island. “We be halfway between village and hotel resort.” Said Umbuka after looking at the boat. So the three walked along the coast, towards the native village.

    After about four hours of walking, the three made it to the village. The sun was setting and the costal village looked beautiful. Everyone was about to go inside for the night when they saw the three men. A Native about the age of Umbuka ran up and said something in their language. Umbuka replied and the men shared a friendly hug. Everyone was gathering around them now. Umbuka’s father, the chief of the island hobbled along. Hey said something to Umbuka before turning to the two Dorson’s. Leaning on his walking stick, he talked to them in perfect English. “What happened out there?” he asked. Mr Dorson took off his hat, revealing his bald patch, wiped his brow and began to tell them the story. Then he paused when they reached the large tree, about three-quarters into the island. “Then what?” Asked the chief.
    “We found… A Mew.” Dorson said slowly. The chief gasped.
    “Mew? Even we know that it’s legendary. My god this is huge!” He said, his expression of pure shock. He swallowed, and then his expression became more serious. “No one must know. No one must know this island has a Mew.” Sam looked at him, puzzled.
    “Why?” He asked.
    “Because the hotel resort,’ the chief spat on the ground in disgust, ‘would use the new found publicity to get the deed to all of this island, and make it one big city with a massive hotel and a new safari zone and kick us out of the village.” The chief said solemnly. “That’s awful…” Dorson said, for he often supported small villages like this.”
    “Indeed it is. So now you know why you must not tell anyone.”
    “Don’t worry chief, you have our word.”

    The next morning a small boat arrived in the village’s port. Sam’s friend, Ernest Turham, walked off it. “Hey buddy!” he said enthusiastically as he saw Sam. The two grabbed hands and did a shoulder bump. “You ready to get off this island?”
    “Sure. Dad will be here in a minute.” And, as Sam said, a few minutes later Mr Dorson appeared. The three got on the boat and headed out to sea.

    It was about midday when the boat arrived at Vermillion, and Sam had told Ernest everything, except for the sighting of Mew. “Sound pretty cool to me.” Ernest said after he was told the lengthily tale. The three stepped off the boat to be met by news reporters. Their adventure had gathered lots of press attention. Suddenly all the reporters started asking questions.
    “What happened on the island?”
    “Was is frightening? Amazing?”
    “Where did you go exactly?”
    “Why have you returned early?”
    The last question was the one that really stuck in Sam’s head. ‘Because a jungle attacked us after we saw a Mew’ he thought. But he didn’t answer any questions. His dad got into his car and drove off to Cerulean City, where he lived, while Sam got a taxi back to his house, in the northwest of the city. He got inside, ran upstairs and had a nice long hot bath.

    The next day when he went out shopping for more food he found more mews reporters outside his house. It happened the next day. And the next. And the next. After a week of this he finally cracked. “WE SAW A MEW, OK! AND THE ******* PLANTS ATTACKED US! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?” He yelled at the reporters. Realising what he said, he stepped back, horrified that he could of just doomed Umbuka and the other villagers.

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    Default New Chapter

    heres chapter 1

    Chapter One: Adventure

    “So Fetcher the Farfetch’d will have a good time at the bird pokemon contest. We will see you at 10 for the 10 o’clock news.” The news reporter finished. Jake Hilden had stopped listening after the report on the possibility on mew being actually on Gerbindom Island. That was the most hotly discussed topic these days. Jake was twenty-three years old, and had settled down from his pokemon journey.

    He had short, spiky light brown hair, with a shade of fair hair. He had a clean-shaven face. His eyes were an emerald green. He had a slightly small nose. His ears were a normal size and pointed out slightly. He was rather good looking, but not a drop dead gorgeous. He wore a purple shirt and light blue jeans with blue-and-white trainers. It was a Saturday afternoon, 2:10 to be accurate. Today was Jake’s day off work. He sat on his sofa in front of the TV with his laptop on his lap. He was searching up on Mew and previous sightings. He was really interested in the whole Mew sighting thing. Ever since he was young, he imagined having a legendary pokemon. He closed his eyes, leaned his head back and began to imagine.

    He was in the pokemon league, against Lance. It was a double battle. Lance had a Dragonite and a Rayquaza. Jake sent out his two last pokemon. A Charizard and Mew appeared. Rayquaza used a powerful Hyper Beam! Mew made a psychic wall between them and the blast. Charizard opened his mouth and a Dragon Pulse shot from his mouth at the Dragonite, who fell down defeated. Mew threw Rayquaza back with a Psychic attack! The legendary pokemon fell down, fainted. Jake heard cheering from the crowd. He bowed and received roses from his adorers. When suddenly something caught his eye, back in the real world.

    “Come with us, as we delve deep into Gerbindom Island, and catch Mew on camera! For the first time in history, Suzan Risen will hunt down Mew and get it all down on camera. These episodes start TONIGHT at seven o’clock, right after Suzan and her crew’s first day of adventuring. Will they succeed? Find out a seven o’clock tonight!”

    An idea came to Jake. “Why don’t I try and catch Mew?” He thought. He quickly searched ‘Cheap boats to Gerbindom Island’ on his laptop and booked a boat straight away. He rushed out and grabbed his old backpack, his three pokeballs and set out.

    Kelly Neilson but her light blue hair into a ponytail. An unnatural beauty. Sparkling blue eyes, Perfect nose. Brilliant tan. No moles or anything else that would threaten her looks. Lots of make up.

    21 years old, she was a child actor who had fallen from grace at 16. She now was mainly did advertisements, or an extra in a movie. She hated it. She always wanted to be in the spotlight. So the reason she was going to get Mew. For fame. For fortune. For riches. She dressed in shorts and a tank top, as well as sneakers.

    She had ordered a boat to Gerbindom Hotel, a 4 star luxury hotel. The only hotel on the island. “Kelly Neilson, capturer of Mew. No. Kelly Neilson, scourge of legendaries. Nah. I got it! Kelly Neilson, Mew’s beautiful best friend!” She said, admiring herself in the mirror. She backed a large bag, filled with clothing. She then picked up three pokeballs and went outside her house, down to a waiting taxi. “Vermillion, here I come.” She smirked.

    Professor Britney Rose had just finished packing her equipment into a big suitcase. She had dark brown hair, at head-length. She was beautiful. Not model standards, but still beautiful. She wore a long-sleeved white shirt and a black skirt. She had two diamond earrings. Her speciality was pokemon behaviour.

    She to was going to hunt down Mew. It would provide vital scientific knowledge on how powerful legendary pokemon were, and if the myths were true. “Mew, the New Specie Pokemon. Mew could possibly be the ancestor to all pokemon.” Britney read aloud from her book: ‘The Guide on Legendary Pokemon’. She stepped outside her lab and took a deep breath of Vermillion-sea air. She got on a slightly large boat filled with tourists.

    “Mr. Johnson will see you now, Mr. Fernks.” The secretary said. A Balding, chubby black man in a suit stood up. He was Harold Fernks, a forty-year-old businessman for Johnson and Co. industries. He stepped into his bosses’ expensive office. “Yes sir?” Harold asked. Mr. Johnson spun around in his chair to face his employee.

    “Ah, Fernks. Just the man for the job.” He said smiling. He was dressed in a much nicer suit then Fernks. He had greying hair, and was in a healthy state. He was forty-six.

    “Job, sir?” he stammered, worryingly. He hoped it wasn’t being sent abroad. If it was, he hoped sinnoh. He grey eyes widened with fear.

    Johnson’s smile broadened. He loved making people feel uncomfortable. It makes then nervous, want to hurry things up, no matter the deal. “Yes job.” He said. “You’re going to Gerbindom Island!” He finished triumphantly.

    “Wh… Why?” Fernks asked, his stammer getting worse. But he knew the reason. His palms got sweaty as he thought of what he would have to do. He stared at his boss.

    “I need you to get me, us, a mew!” He shouted happily. Then he frowned. “For business reasons. You know, being one of my most trusted men, that we are losing sales to that Hoenn company: All Goods. If we get Mew, we use it in our advertisements! Imagine that! Us, with Mew! People would flock to get our products! And you will get a big promotion!”

    Fernks was getting more worried as his boss had gone on, but the mention of promotion had got his attention. Anything to make his family a little more comfortable. “Will you go, Fernks?” His boss asked. His sharpedo-like smile was back.

    Fernks thought long and hard, for 10 whole minutes, before saying, “Yes. I wi… will go. Bu… But why can’t someone a little more… fitter?”

    “Thank you, Fernks! Oh an answer to your question. I only want those who I completely trust.” Fernks’ chest puffed out in pride at the last bit. Veronica would be so proud.

    “I’ll go call my family sir.” He said, still a little worried.

    “No time, Fernks old bean!” Johnson said. “You have to go immediately!”

    “But sir!” Fernks began. But Mr Johnson cut him off.

    “No time!” he growled menacingly. “We will give you a spare set of clothes and some essentials, as well as a video camera to contact us. Ok?”

    “Yes, sir.” Fernks said, gloomily.

    “Good. You have to go there now. One of our helicopters will take you to the Gerbindom Hotel, sponsored by us.”

    “Sir, I have a question. Why not drop me off at the centre of the island, where Mew is?” Fernks asked.

    “The canopy is to thick. You would have to burn it down and its protected by the law. Now, Miss Apple bring in Mr Fernks’ bag and video camera.” The secretary walked in, carrying a large bag. She handed it to Fernks, who thanked her, and then she walked out. “Right off you go! Go make us rich!” Mr Johnson ordered.

    “Ok sir.” Fernks said, worried about many things now. How long would it be? Will they tell his family? Will he die? How will his family cope if he did? How would they cope without him there for however long? He got the lift to the roof and saw a helicopter.

    “Come on sir! We are going now!” The pilot roared over the spinning blades. Mr Fernks jumped in and the helicopter set off, into the sky. Their destination: Gerbindom island.

    “Out of the way, you stupid woman!” The driver of the truck yelled, beeping the horn at her. He made a rude gesture and carried on. “Idiots.” He murmured angrily. His name was Victor Thorn, a pokemon professor. His areas of speciality were evolutions and cross-pokemon breeding. In the back of the truck was some easy to carry equipment.

    He had a dangerous red face. He had white, bushy eyebrows, slick grey hair and a small grey moustache. He was well build and had been to Gerbindom three times before. He wore a white lab coat, white trousers and black boots. He wore small spectacles.

    He, like everyone else so far, was off to Gerbindom for one reason. Mew. He was going to research Mew. And experiment.

    He believed Mew could answer some confusing questions on it. That was if the legends on it were true. His truck arrived in Vermillion. He drove it on to a ferry, got out and went to get lunch.

    Suzan Reid brushed her hair for the sixth time. Tonight would be the start of her next documentary: Hunting Mew.

    Suzan had long, black hair. She was mixed race, not beautiful but more of a cute. She had deep brown eyes. She wore some make-up. Also she wore a short red dress, for the first episode. From then on it was tough jungle clothes. Oh she hated it. But it would be worth it.

    You see, she was a C-list celebrity, quite a lot of people knew her, but not as many as she would of liked. She did documentaries, either on people or pokemon. But mainly pokemon. She sighed and left her hotel room. He crew was there, waiting. One was a cameraman, the other held the microphone. “Ready Suzan?’ The cameraman, Bob Dren, asked. He had worked with hr all her career.

    “Lets go make history.” She said, smiling.

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    Once again, may I ask for this thread to be closed.

    Deja Vu anyone?

    I've realized my error here. I'm terrible at planning. I get an idea of a fan fic, think of the first chapter and the last and expect myself to come up with the rest while writing. I'll be back with a 9hopefully) btter fan fic.

    Please may the mods close this.

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