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Cilan's Pansage learns Rock Tomb offscreen: a-ok.

Iris's Emolga learns to battle without Volt Switch when it has to: ASFDDJBG,KBNNBHHHHMMVDSFGBNHHHHH MARY SUE MARY SUE KILL IT

Other than that, while I find this episode quite boring, I won't complain too much because it was clearly fanservice aimed at people who like a character I don't. The one thing I don't get is how Chili winning the second fight is necessarily good for his development... if he would have lost again, he could have learned a better lesson about how to get stronger. All the dumping on Oshawott lately is kind of strange too, unless it's leading up to a surprise in the Clay battle.

In the end, though, aside from fanservice, what was the need of this episode really? Chili's development is not going to be relevant to much in the end. I mean, if the episode was about Pansage learning Rock Tomb, at least it would have relevance to the main cast. It's not that there's anything wrong with a fanservice episode once in a while, but I just want to know if there was something I missed in this episode's core.
Nope it wasn't fanservice at all, it was development for Dent and his brother(even though his brother isn't a main character), people were saying that Pod was always losing, the writers aknowledging that and making an episode about it while developing on Dent objective was a great idea, I didn't see any trace of fanservice it was a very objective episode.