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    Default Around the World with 80 Lillipups Trade Center

    Beckett the mascot Puppy!!!

    Hello and Welcome.
    August Event!!
    Details and Rules in second post.

    My goal is to collect a lillipup from every country in the world and state in America. So I can have a Globe filled with dots.
    In order to achieve that goal I decided to create a shop to trade for lillipups.

    1st post-eevees,events, legendary, etc want list, rules, and services
    2nd post-Lillipup Trading Center(trade ratio & countries i have etc)
    -lillipup rules have moved to here
    5th post- My Teams (also some of my key breeding pokemon)

    Rules for trading
    1. in the forum be polite and please don't pm unless i do first... fills up too fast otherwise.

    2. read here for Lillipup trades!!

    3. obvious stuff. no hacked pokemon. rngs ok and clones in some cases.

    4. please don't make a ridiculous offer... it wastes time

    5. Please no Pm unless i ask you to. Post offers in the thread, vms and pm move to fast and get lost easily.

    6. if you've been rude to me in other threads or via pm or vm. i will not trade with you.
    if i didn't understand something you posted, didn't see it, or didn't reply or whatnot in the time frame you expected, there is still no reason for you to be rude. i don't live on this forum, nor do i always go back to check to see others post everyday. i will black list you. does that make you a bad person? no i just will not trade with you, no matter what you have to offer.
    7. no strikes. if you're rude. you're done. unless you can apologize. which i won't hold my breath for or ask for.

    8. if i trade you a hacked pokemon, i will either return you're pokemon or replace the one i traded you. and apologize if that happens.

    9. let me know if you don't want the pokemon you traded me put in my shop.

    I have bought alot of my games used, and i have a few pokemon that i'm not sure about. if i'm not sure i do put them in a different section, they are a trade at your own risk section. never expecting much for these.

    Shiny Zek-waited for over two months to trade. finally cancelled it.
    Zoroark1998-blacklisted me because i didn't haunt his thread and know to delete a post. will not trade with. next time put in your first post not to post yet.

    currently closed- RNGING-
    BY gand_knight

    Exchange rate
    First post
    includesittos, Eevees, egg/gen moves, lv100
    =equal value, cloned shinies or super rare country dots for my gts globe.
    legendary=legendary (add item for foreign)
    Cloned event=cloned event or opportunity for me to clone it.
    my uncloned event -2 cloned events or rng offer
    foreign event-2 shiny, 2 rnged pokes, or foreign event
    Generation 4 Trades-bottom of first post.
    Second post
    includes: lv1 UT, Fossils, Foreign, Unknowns, Starters, Evolved
    =lillipup from new Location (see list in this post.) if you don't understand ask
    or pokemon of equal value, tepig-> charmander etc.
    IV and Egg move breed lillipups= free to good homes. (all are nicknamed. sorry)

    can breed any first evolution breedable pokemon. (add items for french or Japanese)

        Spoiler:- Giveaway rules-over:

        Spoiler:- pending giveaway trades:

        Spoiler:- Participated:

    thanks everyone for participating!

        Spoiler:- Dittos:

        Spoiler:- Eevees-evolutions:

        Spoiler:- Egg/ Gen Moves:

        Spoiler:- LEVEL 100:

        Spoiler:- Dream World:

        Spoiler:- Legendary:

        Spoiler:- Uncloned:

        Spoiler:- DW :

        Spoiler:- Cloned:

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

    What I have to offer for GEN 4 TRADES
    (All trades done in Gen 4, unless a good offer is made)
        Spoiler:- all:

        Spoiler:- WANTS:

        Spoiler:- Dex Wants:

        Spoiler:- Wants For the shop:

    thank you rosierjay for all the banners for the shop and pics for my sig. XD
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