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    Default Attempt at a Diploma (PG-13)

    Rated PG-13 for occasional harsh language used and minor violence.

    This story is more or less a series of one shots with one trainer's very poor attempt at completing the pokedex, a very tedious task that a good population of pokemon players tend to ignore. Especially if one considers that they're now 649 known species. However, the boy still has to try seeing as how he has nothing else to do in life.

    Note that these are going to be short chapters. This is more a writing experiment on how I write Pokemon battle scenes than anything else and the first chapter more introduces the character than anything else.

        Spoiler:- Chapter List:

        Spoiler:- Characters:

    Addition 1: Aggron

    Aggron claims an entire mountain as its own territory. It mercilessly beats up anything that violates its environment. This Pokemon vigilantly patrols its territory at all times.-Pokemon Ruby Version Pokedex Description

    A brown and green long necked dinosaur gently descended on to the ground with his large leaf like wings. Dropping on to the sands of Dewford Island was a boy with black hair. He adjusted his glasses and looked around. He took out a pokeball and contained the Tropius back inside. He took off his dark blue backpack and then took off his dark blue long sleeve jacket, revealing his black t-shirt underneath and obscuring his jeans. He placed the pokeball properly on his belt as he started to walk over to what appeared to be a group of large caves on the island.

    “So…this is my target area.” The boy took out a sheet of paper. “I just need to catch a couple of these guys and get back.” The boy was about to go in but he then sees an olderman wearing numerous hiking gear. The man turned to him.

    “Oh hello, plan on exploring this cave?”

    “It’s my current job.”

    “Do you have a pokemon that knows flash?”

    “Yes.” The boy sent out a blue bi-pedal pokemon with a gigantic flower on her head. “My Vileplume knows the move so there is no need to give me the TM.” The boy then walked in with his Vileplume. The hiker stared at the boy as he entered the cave with his walking oversized flower.

    The boy entered the cave and suddenly a ring tone was heard. The boy reached into his pocket and took out a yellow device with a center blue button. He pushed the center button and the device opens up and screen pops out, on the screen is a message.

    “Xiaosi, remember that the particular pokemon you are looking for is very territorial. Caution is advised. -Birch” The boy rolled his eye and then closed the pokenav. Xiaosi started to walk deeper into the cave and started to notice some pokemon stirring in the cave. He sighed.

    “I hope I find a better job opportunity soon.” Xiaosi’s Vileplume began to shudder. “Hua, Stun Spore.” Xiaosi then took out a collection of pokeballs. The Vileplume jumped in the air and started to shower the inside of the cave with a yellow powder. A couple of zubats, makuhitas, and abras began to grow numb due to the paralysis. Xiaosi dashed through and started throwing pokeballs. Containing the few zubats, a makuhita, and an abra before then continue on deeper into the cave.

    As Xiaosi went deeper into the cave he took out a pair of yellow lens goggles and put them on after removing his glasses. He looked around inside the dark cave. The Vileplume’s large flower then began to glow, providing a light. Xiaosi took out a red device and opened it. He scrolled through the data displayed on the screen of the device and noticed an empty entry below Lairon and above Meditite.

    “Lairon evolves into an Aggron and there have been sightings of one around here…” Xiaosi then heard some rumbling. He smiled as he then looked around. “He he he…looks like we found him.” Suddenly a large, armored, black and gray, bipedal pokemon crashed through the wall and glared at Xiaosi and his Vileplume. “Perfect.” The boy then placed the pokedex away and placed the jacket back on. “Let’s begin the capture.” The boy jumped back as the Aggron slammed his tail against the ground creating an earthquake like shockwave. The vileplume was knocked down however it got back up.

    “Hua, use Stun Spore!” The Vileplume began to cover Aggron in the same yellow powder she used earlier, Xiaosi right away called back his Vileplume back into his pokeball. He looked at the Aggron roaring as his is being numbered. Xiaosi sighed in annoyance. “Please, you’ll only call more wild pokemon here. Damn, this is going to be annoying.” The boy took out a pokeball. “Come on out Cross!” The boy unleashed a large blue four limbed Hercules beetle like pokemon with a large horn. The Aggron roared and then lunged at Xiaosi’s Heracross. “Endure!” The Heracross raised his arms and then endured being rammed against the wall by the much large aggressive steel type. Xiaosi watched blankly as he allowed his partner get rammed against the wall. “Reversal.” Cross, with all of his strength, grabbed the Aggron by the horns and slammed the Aggron against the ground, shaking the room they were in a little. Xiaosi looked up to see if a cave in was possible. Thankfully it didn’t happen but he could hear pokemon cries in a far distance.

    “Ok, time to pull it off.” Xiaosi quickly pulled out a black and green pokeball. He threw the pokeball at the downed Aggron. The pokeball opened and contained the giant creature. The ball closed and then it shook once, twice, and a third time. With a click, the ball was locked. Xiaosi walked over and picked it up. He smiled as he looked at the Aggron resting inside. “Welp we’re done here Cross let’s…” Xiaosi and Cross shuddered as they turned around to see an army of zubats and arons, glaring at them. “…run…”

    Xiaosi and Cross were both outside, the time now late afternoon as they both breathed heavily and sat down on the beach. He hated being chased down by wild pokemon he didn’t want chasing him. He slowly got up and then took out his pokedex and scrolled all the way down, the Aggron entry being in there. He made a small smile before he slowly got up and then returned Cross into a pokeball. He took out his Tropius.

    “Come on Redai, we’re going home.”

    Xiaosi landed in front of a building in a small town. He looked at the sign, simply saying Professor Birch’s lab. He sighed as he opened the door to a messy lab covered in books and scattered lab equipment. He stared and then sighed, wondering how a man that looks like a newspaper sales man ever got a degree in scientific research and got his own lab.

    “Oi!” Coming out of a room was the tall and scruffy brown man himself, Professor Birch. “I captured not only the Aggron, I captured some locals so you could see some habitat training…however you manage to study habitat from what I capture.” Xiaosi carelessly dumped the numerous pokeballs before Birch. “You better pay me extra, I was nearly swarmed by Zubats and Arons…and I can’t spend money on repels cause it affects my job.” Xiaosi complained before turning to leave and shut the door, as he started to head toward his home though. “And maybe go more than two routes away from home.”

    “Seesh, that kid is always so grumpy.” Birch picked up the various pokemon and looked at the various pokemon inside them. “Come on guys, you won’t be contained in these pokeballs for long, better gets those notes ready.”

    Xiaosi opened the door to a small apartment complex. He walked through the entrance hall and took off his shoes to see his very small two room apartment, if one would count the bathroom. He sighed as he went over to small table and sat next to it. He yawned as he laid next to the table and stared blankly at the ceiling.

    “Another capture, another day, this is how my life has been for the past four months huh?” Xiaosi took out his pokedex and look at the data. “120 out of 202 huh? I got a long painful way to go, and that’s not even counting the national ones.” Xiaosi placed his glasses on the table and placed an arm over his eyes. “Too much effort to make dinner tonight, I’ll order take out or something.” Xiaosi said to the pokemon sleeping inside the pokeballs.
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    Hmm, this is not bad. I would like to see where this goes.

    However, maybe you could be a bit more descriptive. Remember this rule: Show, don't tell. Show the readers what Xiaosi is experiencing.

    Also, improve on your sentences a little bit. For example:

    He adjusted his glasses and looked around. He took out a pokeball and contained the Tropius back inside. He took off his dark blue backpack and then took off his dark blue long sleeve jacket, revealing his black t-shirt underneath and obscuring his jeans. He placed the pokeball properly on his belt as he started to walk over to what appeared to be a group of large caves on the island.
    Maybe you could say:

    He adjusted his glasses and looked around. After getting a bearing on his surroundings, Xiaosi took out a Pokeball and returned the Tropius back inside. He took off his dark blue backpack as well as his matching long sleeve jacket, revealing the black T-shirt he wore that was obscuring his jeans. Returning the Pokeball to its place on his belt, he started walking towards what appeared to be a group of large caves on the island.

    This is just my opinion, though. I'm not a very good reviewer xD

    So, keep it up, then. Can't wait for more!

    Edit: Those are Chinese names, right? Like Hua means flower xD Go Asians! xD
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    This seems interesting so far. I'm really wondering how it'll continue.

    “120 out of 202 huh? I got a long painful way to go, and that’s not even counting the national ones.”
    So he has a lot of Pokemon already? Remember to incorporate this fact in future additions.

    Like alyssnreshiram said above, your sentences do need a slight bit of work. Specifically, capitalizing when you say Pokemon, Pokeballs, specific names in general.

    I find it interesting that you include not just the nature but the characteristics as well. That should add a bit of personality.

    Hope to see more of this!
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    Thank you for the input everyone. I'll try my best to be a bit more descriptive if I can.

    Yes, Xiaosi and his Pokemon (with the exception of his Heracross) are Chinese names. I couldn't think of very many names so I came up with Chinese ones since well...I'm Chinese Asian xD

    Also this is the chapter where you learn I'm needlessly cruel to my own characters and I enjoy every second of it.

    Addition 2: Feebas

    Feebas live in ponds that are heavily infested with weeds. Because of its hopelessly shabby appearance, it seems as if few Trainers raise it. - Pokemon Emerald Pokedex Description

    Xiaosi was a unique level of exhausted and frustrated. He is standing in Birch’s lab at 4 AM in the morning due to a Pokenav call he had received from the Professor not too long ago. This was about four days after the Aggron capture too. Xiaosi took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes, his attempts at staying awake were not working out too well in his favor. Birch finally gave Xiaosi his job details.

    “I called you because I remembered something important!” Birch presented Xiaosi with a picture of a brown skinned fish with circular eyes and blue fins. On it says Feebas, the species type (being water), and says that it is spotted in Route 119 of Hoenn. “You see I heard rumors just now that a good number of them have been seen yesterday, so chances are they are going to be around today and I want you to catch one, not to mention it will make for another addition to my research.” Xiaosi was less than enthusiastic, in fact, he could barely read the text on the paper he is being shown nor could he bring himself to care. The professor hands Xiaosi a fishing rod. Xiaosi sighed, seeing as how a paycheck was a paycheck he could not really argue. He slammed the door open as he weakly took out his Tropius’ Pokeball and sent out the leaf dinosaur to fly out to the clear Hoenn skies…

    …clear on the Little Root side of the region because as soon as Xiaosi entered the Route 119 area, he and Redai were drenched in cold harsh rain, forcing them to land right away. He looked up at the sky after he replaced his glasses with his goggles. He sighed as he started to walk over toward the river side. He took shelter underneath as he returned Redai back into his Pokeball and then sat on the edge, the leaves barely shielding him. He took out his fishing rod and attached a Pokeblock, a type candy popular with Pokemon in Hoenn, to use as bait. He swung as hard as he could and allowed the hook to fall into the river.

    “I hope my health care applies to this crap.”

    Xiaosi sat for what felt to be hours. The cloudy rainy sky was a poor indicator of the day and Xiaosi didn’t feel like taking out his Pokenav to check the time. He sent out Hua, in the case that unwanted battles are to occur or the Feebas would prove more aggressive. However, for these past few hours Hua seemed about as bored as her trainer.

    The two yawned however, due to being in the rain for too long, the two sneezed. They were cold, wet, tired, and most of all hungry. Who knew fishing for some Feebas would take so long? Xiaosi was shivering even though he had his long sleeve jacket on. The leaves didn’t provide a good enough umbrella, as such; plenty of rain water still pours down on him. His grip on his fishing rood was weakening. Before Xiaosi could let the pole go through, a hand was placed on the fishing pole. Xiaosi flinched as he then looked to his left to see a girl with long black hair tied in a ponytail. The girl gave Xiaosi a smile, while Xiaosi gave the girl a look of annoyance. In her other hand was an umbrella, keeping her outfit of a light purple sundress and blue coat completely dry. Also kept dry was a small Pikachu that is on her shoulder.

    “Come on, you can’t stay out here. You’ll get sick.” The girl said.

    “Too late in that department.” The girl looked around till she found a large oversized bush.

    “Cheeky, can you use secret power?” The Pikachu leaped off her shoulder and created an entrance. The group started to go inside. The Pikachu apparently created a small nature made hut, wood flooring and everything. The only thing missing was the furniture and someone could potentially live here. Xiaosi collapsed, back to the ground, blankly staring at the grass ceiling. Hua simply sat next to her trainer. The girl smiled. “I see you’re making progress for yourself.”

    “I sometimes miss my mall job if only cause my paycheck is at least consistent and didn’t involve dangerous wild pokemon.”

    “Yet you hated that job with every fiber of your being.” The girl sat next to him and looked over at Xiaosi. “Tch, I haven’t seen you in two months and you’re still the same bum I met back then.”

    “Personally, Masuyo, I would’ve liked those two months to have been much longer.” Xiaosi slowly got up as he picked up the fishing rod. He looked outside, the rain finally lightening up a bit. He suddenly noticed Masuyo placing her umbrella away and then taking out her own fishing rod.

    “…Masuyo, this is my job, I REALLY don’t need your help.”

    “Ah come on, Birch wouldn’t mind if you get a little help. What is he making you look for?”

    “A Feebas.”

    “What?! Aren’t those crazy rare!”

    “I know! This is why I hate this stupid job!!”

    Xiaosi and Masuyo sat outside, both fishing for the rare pokemon. Hua and Cheeky started to play rock paper scissors out of boredom as their trainers waited to get a bite of the Pokemon they wanted. Xiaosi let out a yawn while Masuyo laughed.


    “Nah, it’s just you yawn all the time, one would think you don’t get enough sleep.”

    “I don’t get enough sleep what are you saying.” Xiaosi pulled his hook back to shore to check his bait “Why did you have to show up in the mall that day.” Xiaosi said as he tossed the line back into the river, gazing blankly at the river as he watched the reflections of himself, Masuyo, and their Pokemon.

    Four Months Ago

    A large Rhyhorn made a hole through the mall. The four legged rock armored dinosaur let out a loud roar to define its power. The numerous people were panicking as it started to crash into random areas of the first floor. Masuyo stepped up. She readied a Pokeball however the Rhyhorn was about to make a leap. Masuyu flinched as she backed against the wall however the rock pokemon collapsed, unconscious. On top of the Rhyhorn was a very happy Vileplume that was glowing green.

    “What in the…” Masuyo tried to register what was going on but suddenly a boy with black hair and glasses came in, wearing the standard mall apron and carrying a broom. He looked around terrified at all the damage that has been done and sighed as he pushed up his glasses.

    “Hua, how many times have I told you not to wander off…great…” Xiaosi looked at the Rhyhorn and then casually throw a pokeball at Rhyhorn’s side as the pokeball opened and contained it. He picked up the pokeball. “Another run away from the Safari Zone eh?” Xiaosi looked at ruined first floor of the mall once again and sighed. “I got a lot of sweeping to do…”

    “Wait! Who are you?” Xiaosi turned around, clearly annoyed as he attempted to sweep the rubble.

    “Xiaosi, now please let me get back to my job, I gotta get some bonus for sweeping up rubble.”

    “Isn’t that the police’s job?”

    “I don’t want to sound like a government critic or anything but the police aren’t exactly helpful when most people wind up learning self-defense via Pokemon training, now really if you don’t mind…” Xiaosi turned around to see the numerous Machokes picking up rubble and the police arriving to calm people down. He sighed as he then looked at the Rhyhorn he recently captured.

    “Hmm…you’re more than just a broom guy.” Xiaosi turned around to give her the ‘excuse me’? look. “Your Vileplume managed to get on the back of that Rhyhorn without my notice and you threw the Pokeball at the side where there is less spiked armor.”

    “Well it’s common sense, and if you couldn’t notice my Vileplume getting on the back of that Rhyhorn, then you’re just plain clueless.” Xiaosi sighed as he turned back around. “I doubt I’m getting paid for this…” Masuyo touched his shoulder.

    “Hey! If you complain about your job so much, why don’t you try being a Professor’s aide and help fill a Pokedex! You’re catching skills are going to get you places you know?” Xiaosi stared at the girl as he slowly moved her hand away from her shoulder.

    “First of all, if you took the standard education of the Hoenn Region, you’d know that the moment that a person in training leaves elementary school they already grasped the fundamentals of Pokemon capture and if they desire to do so become licensed trainers. I’m more or less using skills that are elementary level fundamentals. If I took your suggestion, I’m more or less hoping on to a job that requires an elementary school degree.” Suddenly a man in a business suit walked up to Xiaosi.

    “Xiaosi, I have to apologize but due to the amount of repairs I have to make to the first floor, I’ll have to cut your pay check in half.” Xiaosi stared at the manager and then at Masuyo.

    “Please take me with you! I can’t stand this job anymore!!” Xiaosi said to Masuyo.

    Present day.

    “And then you turned me move to Professor Birch because you said you couldn’t think of anyone else who’d make use of my talents.” Xiaosi still seemed grumpy about the ordeal.

    “Oh come on, Birch gave me my starter, I’d figure I thank him at some point and you seemed like the perfect gift since I’m not all that good at capturing.”

    “Oh so I’m a gift now huh?” Xiaosi said with great annoyance as he pushed up his glasses with his free hand. He looked at the fishing rod and then sighed. “I’m not getting a bite, how are you d…?” before Xiaosi could finish he noticed Masuyo pulling out a Sharpedo, stare at it for a moment before she gently tossed the Pokemon back into the river.

    “Not getting anything big on my end.”

    “Don’t say that right now…” Xiaosi looked back at the fishing pole. Masuyo wondered why Xiaosi said what he said but shrugged and threw her pole back into the river after attaching new bait. The two waited for a while until Masuyo tugged at her fishing pole.

    “Oh…another bite…” Xiaosi looked over at Masuyo and then noticed Masuyo pull out a brown fish. What Xiaosi noticed as he pushed up his glasses was that there was a small blue scale on the Feebas. The two stared at the Feebas before the fish stared back and then plopped right back in the water. There was awkward silence for a moment.

    “AFTER IT!!” Xiaosi sent out Cross as Cross smashed into the general area the Feebas was in. Suddenly however, a large, elegant, white and red seaserpant emerged form the water. Held within her beautiful blue tail was Cross. Xiaosi and Masuyo’s eyes widened. “The he…” The Milotic slammed Cross into the ground of the river, now determined to fight for her territory, something rather contradictory to the species normally peaceful nature. “Return Cross…” Xiaosi was determined to capture this one. He then sent out what appeared to be a blob of purple goo known as a Grimer. “Uni! Mean Look!” The Grimer’s eyes lit up and Milotic was frozen in place. Xiaosi quicly returned it before finally sending Hua to battle. “Stun Spore, then…” Before Xiaosi could finish, the Mioltic fired an ice beam which hit Hua, freezing the flower. Xiaosi returned the flower before finally sending his Heracross back out.


    “Don’t interrupt me Masuyo, I know what I’m doing, False Swipe!” Cross barely dodge another ice beam before them performing a sharp karate chop on the Milotic. “No no…not enough…” Xiaosi already held a Netball in his hands, a greenish blue Pokeball with a next like pattern over it. “Cross, one more!” Milotic fired another ice beam that hit one of Cross’ arms but he then struck with another. “Perfect!” Xiaosi threw the Pokeball that hit Milotic’s neck. The ball opened up and plopped into the water. There was a moment of silence.

    “…let’s say you did capture the Milotic.” Masuyo suddenly began. “Doesn’t this path lead to waterfall?” Right away Xiaosi jumped into the waterfall, swimming around to claim the Netball he just threw in. Masuyo laughed sadly as she then started to run down the river.

    Xiaosi and Masuyo arrived at LittleRoot, Xiaosi sneezing like crazy. Masuyo patted Xiaosi as if to cheer him up on the fact that he just caught a cold from jumping in that river, however Xiaosi is smiling, albeit a little, as he looked at the Netball contain the Milotic.

    “Why are you here anyway?” Xiaosi asked.

    “Is it so wrong to visit my home town?” Xiaosi opened the door to Birch’s lab as he then placed the pokeball on his desk.

    “There! I technically got what you wanted, just give my paycheck now…” Xiaosi said pitifully. Birch took the pokeball and observed the pokemon inside. He’s expression was ecstatic and filled with interest as he spouted off random facts about the rarity of Milotic and other random facts. One of the aides hand Xiaosi an envelope much to the bi-speckled boy’s relief. “Say though…did you manage to get the Feebas data in your dex too?” Suddenly a look of total dread feel upon the boy’s face.

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    Hmm. Plot is not bad but there are times when I can't really get what you are trying to say. I would give some examples here but typing with an ipad is just a pain in the butt. Keep it up though.

    I'm Chinese Asian too! xD where do you live?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alyssnreshiram View Post
    Hmm. Plot is not bad but there are times when I can't really get what you are trying to say. I would give some examples here but typing with an ipad is just a pain in the butt. Keep it up though.

    I'm Chinese Asian too! xD where do you live?
    I live in America, but my household speaks Chinese so much you pick up a few phrases here and there. Though my Chinese is actually pretty terrible and could use more practice.

    As for the examples, it's going to be a while so I actually do hope you help find the points where it's really hard to understand what I'm trying to say ^_^;

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnemoiZephyr View Post
    I live in America, but my household speaks Chinese so much you pick up a few phrases here and there. Though my Chinese is actually pretty terrible and could use more practice.

    As for the examples, it's going to be a while so I actually do hope you help find the points where it's really hard to understand what I'm trying to say ^_^;
    Ooh. I used to learn Chinese but I stopped and now I can hardly remember how to speak :/ tho I can understand.

    Yeah ok sure. I'll do it later tonight when I get on the computer ^^

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    And after a long hiatus, behold a chapter! Ok this is more a short chapter but hey better than nothing right? Anyhow...

    Addition 3: Heracross

    Heracross has sharp claws on its feet. These are planted firmly into the ground or the bark of a tree, giving the Pokemon a secure and solid footing to forcefully fling away foes with its proud horn. - Pokemon Sapphire Pokedex Description.

    Xiaosi knew this would happen. Ever since he went fishing two days ago, he knew he would get sick from how long he would stay in the rain. He sneezed as he laid back on his futon. He stared out the window, partially opened. He sighed as he, with all his strength, got up and looked over at his pokeballs on his table, all of them sleeping peacefully inside. Xiaosi stared back at the ceiling until he heard a knock on the door. He stretched his arms as far as he can and knocked down a green and dark green camo-style pokeball from the table. The pokeball fell to the ground and Cross the Heracross popped out. The blue Hercules beetle stretched out before it heard the knock on the door. Cross walked up to the door and then opened it. Masuyo, outfitted with the same outfit as yesterday (though most likely a different outfit just the same clothes), smiled when she was greeted at the door. The Pikachu on her shoulder waved hello.

    “Can I come in?” Masuyo asked.

    “It’s not like I can stop you if I wanted to.” Xiaosi rolled to the side, staring at the wall away from Masuyo. “You don’t have to take care of me you know; it’s just a minor cold.” Cross walked over back next to Xiaosi and picked up his pokeball and placed it back on the table. “Besides, I’ve been through worse.” Masuyo walked into the kitchen area of Xiaosi’s apartment as Cheeky jumped off her shoulder.

    “Come on, don’t say that. Here I’ll cook you some soup alrightie?” Xiaosi didn’t give an answer as Masuyo started to taking things out of a grocery bag. “Besides, I worry about you. I found you bruised and beaten up when we first met remember?” He yawned and started to close his eyes. He wanted to sleep, whether or not Masuyo was in the apartment or otherwise mattered little to him.

    A Gloom collapsed down on the ground exhausted from a long battle. A younger Xiaosi ran over to check on the condition of his strange flower headed companion. He looked up to see his much taller opponent. The man simply gave the boy a smirk. Xiaosi simply looked down and took out some reward money for his opponent.

    “You know you really should quiet while you’re ahead. You mean seriously? Just a Gloom? Not going to get you far kid. Ah ha, whatever though, whatever’s a win for me.” The man walked off as Xiaosi looked down at his unconscious companion.

    After a visit to the Lilycove Pokémon center, Xiaosi walked out. He took out his pokeball and placed it in his pocket. He heard a ringing in his pocket. He took out his pokenav. Xiaosi checked who was calling him. The person calling was simply labeled Mom. He rolled his eyes and closed the phone like device.

    “I’m not useless…I will succeed…somehow…” Xiaosi wandered around Lilycove till something caught his eye, an advertisement with numerous exotic Pokémon displayed on the poster. He stared at it for a moment. The sign simply said Safari Zone and it had a map to its location. “…catching my own shouldn’t be that hard…” He was going to be honest. His Gloom, Hua, was given to him by his parents. Not to mention he hasn’t been successful with capturing Pokémon so to speak. He might as well give this Safari Zone a try.

    Xiaosi walked by the entrance. Apparently it needed a fee of 500 pokedollars. He paid the fee and went on inside. He has half an hour, thirty Safariballs, and six areas. Xiaosi was not allowed to use his Pokémon here so this was perfect. His own personal Pokémon. Maybe it’d give him an edge.

    Xiaosi painted as he chased after a Pikachu, a trail of at least six broken Safari balls were present behind him. Xiaosi sat down and pushed up his glasses. He was sweating a fair bit. A large sigh passed through Xiaosi’s mouth as he tried to catch his breathe. This was beyond his athletic capability. The young boy slowly stood up. He can’t give up now. He still has about twenty minutes; he is bound to catch at least something soon.

    Xiaosi’s head looked up to see a Phanpy. The small blue elephant like Pokémon will have to do for now. Xiaosi adjusted his glasses and took out a Safariball. So far it did not notice him, simply wandering around. He slowly stood up and was about to throw it but then the Phanpy appeared to have noticed something and started to run off. The elephant stopped and appeared to be eating something that was placed on the ground…all the better distraction. He was about to throw the ball however another Safariball shot out, contained the Phanpy, shook three times, and then finally clicked.

    “O-oi!” A girl with blond hair and wearing a black top with long red pants simply walked up and casually picked up the pokeball.

    “Sorry kid, but finder’s keepers.”

    “If that’s the case then I’m the finder!”

    “Sorry boy, but I think it’d be an insult to the phanpy if I let him get caught by you.” The beauty placed the pokeball away. She looked at what appeared to be a chewed up piece of candy piece. She then looked at the boy and observed him and laughed. “Ha ha ha…you don’t even have a pokeblock on you. Don’t know you know that you have to make your own bait? Going near them is just going to make them run away. Jeez, it’s amazing how many morons become trainers.” The girl started to leave a bitter Xiaosi.

    Xiaosi punched a nearby tree and then lay back against a tree and slammed on the ground. He only three Safariballs left and ten minutes left. He wasn’t going to make it. He looked at the timer he was given and then slowly got up. Suddenly Xiaosi heard a loud crash. He quickly ran over to the site.

    A group of Heracross appeared to be surrounded by one beaten up Heracross. The Heracross weakly tried to get up but his opponent Heracross slapped him away with his horn. The Heracross still attempted to get up despite the numerous injuries it has. The Heracross group, disinterested, starts to leave. The weakened Heracross tries to get back up and wants to fight back. Xiaosi could only stare at the site. He then slowly walked up to the Heracross. The blue beetle simply glared over at Xiaosi. He would strike but he was in no condition to.

    “…I know what it is like to be considered the unwanted part of the community.” Xiaosi then presented a Safariball to Heracross. “I can’t make any promises. I can’t make you any stronger, but the only thing I can promise is that from now on you’ll be with people and pokemon that understand you.” Heracross stared at Xiaosi for a long moment. “Can you understand what I’m saying?” Xiaosi then offered a hand to the Heracross, the Heracross slowly reaching for it…

    “The soup is done!” Xiaosi awoke from his dream walk down memory lane. He slowly got up and looked at Masuyo sitting across from him as she placed the soup down. Xiaosi adjusted himself to a sitting position and starts to sip the soup. “Is it good?” Xiaosi looked up annoyed but begrudgingly nods. “Say…” Masuyo looked at Cross who is now tending to the numerous pokeballs that is within Xiaosi’s possession. “I always see you with ether your Vileplume and your Heracross. Which one was your starter?”

    “My first pokemon was Hua, back when she was an oddish. She was given to me by my parents back when I went to academy and barely passed for my license. However, I prefer to refer to Cross as my starter as he was the first Pokémon…and arguably one of the first things I’ve been able to pull off on my own my entire life.” Xiaosi drank the soup slowly as Masuyo wondered what he meant. He looked up from his soup to observe the concerned look of the soup giver. “I’m not going to give you some detailed back story so you’d feel sorry for me. You have your own life to think about, your own trainer career to think about, and most importantly, my problems are meaningless to you. I chosen the path that I placed myself on and I’m going to continue it.” Xiaosi took the entire bowl and drank down the soup. “Phew…thank you for the soup though. I do admit I feel a lot better.”

    “You’re welcome.” Masuyo got up and then presented the rest of the grocery bag to reveal some berries. “Eat at least two of these and you’ll feel alot better.” She then went over to pat Xiaosi on the head, a gesture that agitated him.

    “Come on…I don’t want you catching what I have.” Xiaosi said as he took a berry and took a bite out of it as Masuyo chuckled.

    “Well see you around.” Masuyo’s Pikachu jumped on her shoulder and left, Xiaosi just staring at the door way as she left. He sighed as he started to chew down on the second berry until he noticed a smirk on Cross’s face. Xiaosi was not amused at the face at all, but can’t help but to laugh too.

    “Cross, promise me don’t make that face again it’s hard to take you seriously.” Xiaosi looked at his partner and then the two made a low five.

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