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    A darker start, but it is just a prologue. Enjoy Best Seller

    Chapter 1: An Epilogue's Prologue

    It was on a grassy glade that it happened. A crossroad between industry and entertainment where nature still thrived. The Tranquil chirped and squawked, the Mincinno giggled and squeaked. Route Five: a hidden eden between sectors four and five. A tiny, untouched haven.

    A miracle between Nimbasa City and Driftveil City.

    The former was no longer home to tall buildings. They had been leveled: dust lost to the wind by phenomena the disaster carried with it. The sports stadiums that were part of the city's glory were now rootless shelters for the survivors. Few as they were. All that stood above dirt level, save the shelters, was the ferris wheel. The lights flashed in erratic patterns as the steel beneath it moaned. A monument that stood amongst roads paved with blood.

    The bridge to the latter, made of steel and nicknamed the "Charizard Bridge", was completely destroyed. What was once crimson and silver steel was now rusted brown and burnt black metal. Gaping holes and scorch marks in and along the top of the bridge, nay, all sides of the bridge. No vehicle could cross it safely, and no living creature should be stupid enough to try their own luck. After a final rumble from the earth, nothing could ever cross it again: for the side attached to the route wasn't even attached. With a loud snap, a groan of iron, and a bang that rang when steel met earth, the bridge hung down in defeat. Along the cliffside of Driftveil's city limits, swinging in harsh winds above the dark pit the waited below.

    Only the air was safe to travel across. How long that would last nobody could know.

    At the edge of the cliff knelt a young man. Staring across at the bridge and the ruins, the city it once connected to, in utter shock. He even ignored the bruises beneath his black hoodie, or the gash that ripped his blue jeans and his leg. The young man knew that the damage would be severe. He knew that death and destruction would come from it all.

    But he hadn't expected civilization to meet it's end.

    "How..." he managed to rasp out, throat dry as the Resort Desert. "How had did we let this happen?"

    A question not just for him. No. It was a question for the three young humans that stood, sat, and wept behind him. For they had guided the hand of judgement.

    And it was wrathful.
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    Figured I'd post the next chapter today, too. After all one cannot really gather too much just from the prologue

    "That ticked you off, Snivy?"

    "Sni, Snivy!"

    "All right...then we'll fight together. Vine Whip!"


    Chapter 2: Enter Jasper

    About three months ago, in late March, there was one who lingered just outside of Accumula Town. Beyond the city gates, out on Route Two. His back to a tree that stood tall and proud. He was sitting with his legs outstretched, a small notepad on his lap and a pencil in his fingerless gloved hand. The tip of the pencil was tapped onto a fresh page on the notebook rhythmically as the young man thought. That young man was set to write the first chapter of an epic novel.

    That young man was me: and I had no idea what to write.

    With a defeated sigh I finally set my notebook and pencil beside my backpack, green in colour. I was having no luck with a novel idea, not even with the title of the book. After a brief moment of staring at the sky I decided I needed a little inspiration, and grabbed at the only Pokeball I had in my possession. With a flash of light my Pokemon appeared before me.

    It was pink with violet floral decals along its body. With large red eyes and stubby legs, many thought that Munna was a strange looking Pokemon. To me however: it was a great friend and companion.

    "Hey Luna," I greeted the psychic type. Luna floated above the ground in front of me and smiled, but said nothing. Luna rarely used her voice to communicate. "I was wondering if you could show me what I dreamed last night,"

    It was a useful trick that Luna could do. While not on the same scale as a Musharna, Luna could eat my dreams as I slept. Most of the time I could remember them, but sometimes I couldn't remember the dreams at all. The dream would be played back like a video inside of a special gas called "dream smoke" that Luna could release from her forehead. Luna did what I asked and closed her eyes. Slowly a plume of pink smoke began to lazily drift out of Luna's head to form a circle, puffy as a cloud.

    I gazed at the smoke as a blurry image began to form inside of the smoke. It looked like the sun, the image did, surrounded by many thick white clouds. It blazed away intensely against the baby blue sky. A beautiful image, but my dream did not end there. The image zoomed out, and I could see that there was a grayish-blue orb surrounded by gray fog. It was also in the sky, and was to the left of the sun and clouds. Finally the image zoomed out further, and I could see a ball of bright blue electricity surrounded by black storm clouds. This orb crackled and rumbled as if angry, and the sun orb responded by blazing fiercely. The icy, fog cloaked orb did nothing in response. And just like, that the smoke dispersed.

    "That was what I dreamed?" I asked aloud, utterly shocked at what I had seen. Luna opened her eyes and nodded at me by dipping her head forward. "That's...strange. I don't know what to make of that, Luna,"

    "Mun..." Luna responded quietly. I smiled, pat the Munna a few times, then stood up. I dusted off my black and red hoodie, rolled the sleeves up, then packed my notebook into my backpack. I had thought coming to a quiet dirt path and sitting off in the soft grass would give my pencil life, but no dice.

    That was when I heard it. How different my life would have been had I not heard it.

    My home, Accumula Town, was normally a quiet location. It was a place the average adult went upon retirement, or where the average family decided to settle down and raise their kids. In fact "average" was a fantastic way to describe the suburban town. There were many weak but friendly Pokemon in and around the town, as well, and there were next to no special attractions.

    Aside from the spring concert.

    On the twenty first of March, which was that day, a couple of local musicians would call their old band mates to the town square and play a few songs while the town held a party for both residents and tourists. The music would play for the whole day, the shops would hold fantastic sales, and everyone would contribute baked goods and all sorts of food. It was entirely run by the community and didn't even need funding from the mayor. Everyone wanted to show up for the music.

    It was those addictive drum beats and enchanting piano notes that I heard (#1). Ordinarily I never paid the concert much thought, or went to the festival. However my writing had been coming along rather badly that day, and something in my mind told me to just go to the concert. Maybe that one time wouldn't hurt.

    "Luna, did you want to check out the concert?" I asked. Luna bobbed up and down excitably, and I felt a twinge guilty. Maybe she liked crowds and events like concerts? I never went to them, always preferring to quietly read or write away from everyone else. I then decided to keep her out of the Pokeball if she would enjoy it so much, and stood up at long last. "Then we'll go for a bit. Sound like fun to you?"

    "Muun!" Luna cried happily. I couldn't help but smile to myself, and nearly started to walk away as soon as I slung my green backpack on. But I stopped and turned to the tree that I had my back up against and breathed a small sigh of relief: for on the ground where I had been sitting was my hat. It was an interesting one hat that wasn't quite a beanie or a toque. The bottom of it was a black headband with a red Pokeball decal at the front, while the top part of the hat was white and tipped with four small spikes (#2).

    I quickly placed the hat on my head, rolled up my hoodie sleeves, then started to walk over to Accumula. Hardly a far trek, for only moments after my red and green shoes first kicked up dust off the dirt road was I at the city gates. I walked inside, smiling politely at the gatekeeper and then casting the electric bulletin board a glance.

    While the gates themselves weren't much to look at, just a tiled floor and a steel roof, the bulletin board was useful. It displayed a map of Unova, then images of the nearest city and route. Just above the image screen was a more narrow one that displayed news in orange letters. The news that flashed across when I read it was: "Sunny skies in Accumula and Route 2". How I took that small summary of peace for granted.

    I didn't need to read anything else and moved on through the gate. Luna followed me as I pushed open Accumula gate's door, and had to squint a bit as sunlight was the first thing to hit my eyes. When the light passed I could see the nicely paved roads of Accumula, the many quaint apartment buildings and condominiums, and of course the crowd of people at the city square that wasn't even a minute away from the gates. Almost everyone was crowded up around a wooden platform, clapping and cheering at the five people on top of the platform. Three women were on the piano, microphone, and keyboard. The drums and guitar were manned by two men. It was a catchy, joyous song being played.

    "Hello sir!" I nearly jumped when a woman in suit practically appeared out of nowhere beside me. I blinked at her, then smiled when she handed me a button. It was white, and in black lettering it read "Accumula Day! Come out and play!"

    "Thanks miss," I said, the energy of the town taking hold of me. She smiled and then moved on, carrying he box of buttons with her. I carefully pinned the button onto my hoodie and grinned a bit when Luna began to giggle.

    "What's so funny? I'm capable of loosening up, you know," I said to her. She smiled excitably, but stayed at my side as I strode towards the crowd. It couldn't get hurt to get closer to the beautiful music, and the singer's voice was like listening to the lyrics of an angel. But though I wanted to cross over to the platform, I never got the chance to get too close to the excitement.

    "Ahh! Come back!" A voice screeched out amongst the crowd and music. My eyes widened a bit as the crowd and music silenced immediately, and seconds later a trio of people burst out of the crowd. Two men and a women, all wearing the same pitch black uniform. One of the men was carrying a large canvas bag in his arms, as if he just scooped it up, and all three of them were headed my way. Were they thieves?

    My question was answered when someone else dashed out of the crowd and after the thieves. It was a girl, around my age, with red hair and a baseball cap. I didn't catch the details, and instead knew right away that I had to block off the three thieves. So when I stepped into their path, Luna hovering alongside me, they skidded to a halt. They were adults, older than I was, in black short sleeved shirts and black pants, even the woman. They had white gloves and white boots, though, and they definitely looked like thieves.

    "The hell are you doing brat? You want us to crunch you?" The man holding the bag piped up. Brat? Dulled instincts were stirred and I didn't hesitate to point at him, giving Luna the command of: "Hypnosis,"

    Even though he heard my command, the man didn't stand a chance. He couldn't close his eyes in time. Luna locked her large red eyes with his, and hers began to flash red. The man stared at Luna while his two comrades looked at him with shocked expressions, and seconds later the man dropped the bag and fell backwards. Fast asleep, thanks to Luna.

    "Damn it, he's a trainer," the woman cursed. She reached out for the bag before I could, but a beige object struck her hand away from the bag and prompted a yelp of pain from the woman. "What in hell?"

    "Hands off the bag!" I looked up and saw the girl from earlier, giving the two thieves a fierce glare with her green eyes. Both the woman and remaining man backed away from the bag, and I saw that on top of the bag now wasa small, blue furred Pokemon. Its head was white, and it held in a white furred paw the beige object I had seen earlier. It was an Oshawott, and the object was a scalchop: a shell shaped sword that Oshawott used for battle.

    "Nice one," I complimented, moving over with Luna to help the girl and her Oshawott defend the bag. She smirked, and unzipped her blue spring jacket.

    "Could say the same to you for taking out the first lug. You're gonna help me?" she asked. I gave a nod and faced the remaining man. He already had a Pokeball ready, and I sent a frown his way. I had hoped they all had no Pokemon, and I could use Luna to knock them out before the cops likely showed up.

    The Pokemon he released, however, wasn't too much of a problem for me. It was a Pokemon with black wings but no limbs or eyes. It had a large, heart shaped nose that was pink in colour, an open mouth that revealed one large fang, and a blue furred body that was quite fuzzy. Just as many found the Pokemon adorable as others did downright terrifying. It was a Woobat, a Psychic/Flying type.

    "Hypnosis won't work as well on this...different approach" I thought to myself, Luna at my side looking quite determined. It had been a while since the two of us last battled, and she was already excited about the concert festival, so she would be in top form for the battle. "Lucky Chant!"

    Luna began to hum rhythymically, and flung her stubby limbs upwards towards the sky as she did so. Her chant was nearly interuppted when the thief shouted out for his Woobat to use: "Gust!" The fuzzball flapped its wings quickly in order to whip up some small but strong winds. However they had little effect on Luna, merely tossing her around in the air a bit. Gravel, dirt, and a few blades of grass were whipped up from the nearby park, but none of them hit Luna with any serious force.

    That was the beauty of Lucky Chant: it protected Luna from critical damage.

    "Fire a Psybeam!" I cried out, adrenaline making my voice carry further. Luna launched a colourful beam of energy from her forhead and struck the Woobat hard, but the attack wasn't enough to knock the Woobat out of the air or out of the battle. It was part psychic itself, after all, and so it resisted the attack. The problem was that Luna didn't have any attacks other than Psychic ones, at that time. "Again Luna!"

    "Woobat, use the bag as a shield with Confusion!" the man spat. His Woobat's nose glowed, and before Luna's Psybeam reached it the bag they were trying to steal was drawn in the path of my attack. I winced as there was a bright flash of light from the collision, then blinked as the light persisted for longer than it should have.

    The bag was knocked onto the ground by the attack, still intact to my relief, but something rustled inside of it. Fold of beige moved in wave-like motions before a brief flash of green ripped the fabric apart. Both my opponent and I stared, dumbstruck as a green scaled Pokemon emerged from the rip in the bag. A tail tip like a leaf, unamused red eyes that were fairly large, stubby cream scaled legs and green scaled arms. It was a Snivy, a Grass type, but had it been released by Luna's Psybeam.

    "...Sni," it grunted similar to a 'huff' before casting a glare between Luna and Woobat. In a flash there was a vine for each Pokemon, and I blinked in surprise as the Snivy swung Luna and Woobat around with its vines. Luna let out a surprised scream, then grunted when she was slammed down onto the ground. Woobat let out its own screech of shock and pain as it was slammed into the nearest tree. The Snivy seemed quite satisfied with this, retracted its vines, and then curled up beside the bag with a yawn.

    ...What in hell just happened?

    "Damn it...Woobat, return," the man cursed as he recalled his Woobat to its Pokeball. I scooped Luna up in my arms and was relieved to see her blink up at me. She had a bruise from being slammed, but otherwise seemed perfectly unharmed. I guessed that the irritated Snivy was more help than it was a problem.

    I figured it was safe to turn and see how my partner in anti-crime was doing, and I was happy to see that the Patrat she was up against was no match for her Oshawott. The water type did not even have a scratch on it, whereas the Patrat was unconscious. The woman in black was giving the girl a sneer, while the girl merely tugged on her baseball cap in return. We definitely won the battle, all we had to do was grab the bag.

    But when I reached for the bag Snivy hissed at me. I blinked, then decided that it would probably be best for the girl to grab the bag. When I looked over at her, though, I saw small navy blue Pokemon slam hard into her Oshawott. The girl let out a startled shout as her Oshawott rolled along the ground. I looked back at the bag and saw that it had been taken, in mere seconds. The two thieves we had beaten snickered as they stood before us, and the third thief that Luna had put to sleep earlier stood with them. He must have woken up, and used his Roggenrola to launch a surprise attack on the girl. Damn...and Luna was injured.

    "Nice try, kids," the thief once again carryingt he bag grunted. "But keep your little play fights in the kiddy park," That was, to date, the lamest insult I ever heard. It still struck a chord with both me and the girl, and Snivy hissed up at the thieves. When it lunged at the bag the man's Roggenrola intercepted it with a fierce Headbutt to the chest, knocking Snivy down onto the ground instantly. Things were not going our way.

    The thieves turned around, and stopped immeadiately. At first I couldn't figure out why, but when the adrenaline that was pumping through me began to die down I realized that all of Accumula town had surrounded us. The thieves had nowhere to run, for an entire town's worth of citizens were ready to stop them with angry glares.

    "God damn hicks. Back off!" the man with the bag roared as his Roggenrola flipped onto the yellow stone on its head. The Rock type began to spin quickly, and soon the entire space between us and the townsfolk was filled with flying dust, debris...and sand. I brought Luna tightly into my chest and the girl did the same with her Oshawott as the wind began to howl. I could feel sand scrape against my face like tiny razors. It was a vicious Sandstorm, and the thieves were going to use it as cover for their escape.

    "Sni!" I cracked an eye open carefully, and managed to see that Snivy was standing once again inside of the dust storm. The little Grass type was really determined to defend that bag, which made me realize that it had to be more than just a possession. After all, a team of three adults armed with Pokemon (even if they were weak) were trying to steal it. That was not something to just pass off as common street theft. And to think they had the nerve to do it right in the middle of the festival...they had to be stopped.

    "That ticked you off, Snivy?" I called out to the grass type. It flicked its gaze towards me, then nodded and stood in front of the thieves. We likely had the exact same thoughts, and I just had to run with my plan, "All right...then we'll fight together. Vine Whip!"

    I was thrilled when Snivy obeyed and shot twin vines at the Roggenrola. The small Rock type managed to dodge out of the way, which only frustrated Snivy to the point of pummeling the Roggenrola with its vines. 'Crack!' after 'crack!' could be heard from Snivy's vines as they whipped the Rock type, but eventually the barrage stopped. A short fight, but Snivy's anger and determination left victory in our hands. With no Pokemon left, as the thieves didn't say a word or even reach for another Pokeball, the entire town practically dog-piled onto the criminals; right through the sandstorm.

    "Yes!" the girl beside me shouted out before spitting a bit of sand out. I smirked, then looked down at Luna and Snivy as the wind settled down, the sand doing the same. Luna looked very happy, while Snivy had its arms crossed and its head titled back, as if posing. It closed its eyes then gave the girl and I a nod.



    It didn't take long for the town to subdue the thieves, or for the police to haul all three of them away. The girl and I received cheers and applause for our efforts, and a lot of kids asked me how I beat the thieves while Luna was being healed by a nurse. Snivy and Oshawott were being tended to, as well, so the girl and I told the story together. Afterwards we talked, but we didn't even exchange names. The girl went on about challenging the gym leaders while I tried to stray away from the subject of battling, which left us with little to say to each other in the end.

    Of course the crowd did disperse soon enough, eager to resume the festival and the concert. But it was actually rather nice to receive such praise and be looked at as a hero, even if it was just something small.

    "Hey, you two," the girl and I found ourselves sitting in the Pokemon Center lobby across from each other about a half hour later, each of us quietly waiting for a Pokemon to be healed, when a tall woman approached us. She had a gentle smile, auburn hair, and was dressed in an open white lab coat. "Quite the show you put on there,"

    "Oh right! I almost forgot about you! Sorry Prof," the girl, standing right up when she noticed the professor. The woman nodded down at the girl, then looked over at me. Suddenly I felt inclined to stand up, and walked over beside the girl.

    "That was nice work, and I wanted to personally thank you for protecting my bag...though it did suffer some damage," the professor stated. I winced, remembering how Snivy ripped open the bag to get out of it. Had that not happened, though, the thieves may have been able to escape. Either way, I was glad to finally meet the owner of the bag, for the police simply took it from us and never told us who they were returning it to.

    "It was no problem!" the girl exclaimed with a wink. I chuckled a bit, then nodded.

    "So I'm assuming Snivy's yours?" I asked. The woman seemed to pause at this thought, then looked down at the girl.

    "You never introduced us properly, Mona," the professor pointed out politely. The girl, who I finally learned was named Mona, flustered a bit before extending a hand out towards me. I decided to keep silent for a bit as she fumbled to word that she didn't know my name.

    "Well...Professor Juniper...this is, uh..."

    "I'm Jasper," I interuppted. So the woman who stood before me was Professor Juniper. I should have assumed that was who she was, as I had heard much about the professor since the move the Accumula.

    I held my hand out for a handshake, and the professor accepted it with a smile. "Thank you, Jasper. As for the owner of Snivy, I was thinking it would be you," The professor's downright startled me. I mean, she had just met me, and she was willing to offer me a rare starter Pokemon?

    "What? Why?" I didn't demand this: Mona did. She piped up in shock before I could.

    "I saw you two battle, and Snivy was actually quick to obey Jasper," Juniper stated. I paused and thought back to the battle. The memory was a tad bit fuzzy, since I was still stoked up on adrenaline at that time, but she did have a point. Snivy went from being uninterested to cooperative quickly, but I assumed it would have attacked anyway. Maybe she read more into it than I could? "So, if you'll accept Snivy, then he's all yours,"

    I had a decision to make. Anyone who knew me would have been able to speak up for me and tell you all about how I wasn't a big battler. I had Luna as a companion who had the bonus of being able to show me my dreams. She was a friend and an inspiration for my writing. Sure, I had some experience under my belt, but that didn't mean I wanted to raise an entire team or anything. Would that be what waited for me if I accepted Snivy? Was that what I really wanted?

    No...I wanted to write an action novel. A story of adventure, friendship, peril and betrayal.

    "...I'd be honoured to,"


    Countdown to Doomsday: Ninety two days...


    #1: In Accumula town, in the B/W games, there is a house you can go to that has a woman and man playing the piano and drums, respectively.

    #2: Yes, that is the hat of Brendan/Yuuki/Ruby from R/S/E. There's a reason he has it, as you may or may not see for youselves, and it isn't even a very important reason.

    Now, you're probably wondering about the prologue, yes? Well, lets just say that took place on the first day of Summer (which is June 21st in this fic). This is March 21st.

    Ninety two days after this day...

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