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I need help guys. I got Muneshige's link with his Staraptor above 60% while Ginchiyo was in the same nation, and he didn't transform. I moved him away and increased his link further, and he still didn't transform. Is there anything I can do to make him transform, or am I screwed over? I still haven't finished the main story so please correct me if I'm wrong here.
From reading this, I noyiced you're doing this completely wrong.

1. Muneshige and Ginchiyo may not even be in adjacent Kingdoms! (Kingdoms next to eachother are a big NO)

2. ONLY YOU CAN TRANSFORM IN THE LEGEND OF RANSEI (Toturial Story/"Main Story") ... Which means that you need to try this in the "Poat Game" (Real Game)

3. You must have both Muneshige and Ginchiyo.

Basically, just try this again in the story of Hideyoshi, and you should be able to get them, and transform tgem easily.