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    Oh man, Delibird? I hate this thing with every fiber of my being. There is nothing worthwhile in its stats – it’s slow, it’s frail, and has boring Attack and Special Attack for something so delicate. And, just to show how much of a waste of space Delibird is, it’s special Dream World ability is... Insomnia. When it already has Vital Spirit. Which does the exact same thing in battle.

    But I need to stop being a Grinch and really, really try and find a use for this Ice-Flying bird. After all, he just wants to spread some Christmas cheer! Such a kind-hearted lad must therefore truly be a boss!

    Vital Spirit – Delibird can’t be put to sleep. Apparently, sleep-inducing moves are more common in the NU tier, so this will help.

    Hustle – By sacrificing accuracy, Delibird’s Attack is increased. It makes him capable as a mixed sweeper in this sense, so that’s nice. Although having all attacks at 80% of their normal accuracy is kind of iffy to rely on.

    Insomnia (Dream World) – Delibird can’t be put to sleep – WAIT WUT. Wow, the game-changing difference this ability makes compared to the others is right up there with Levitate for fan Rotom! Troll much, Game Freak?

    Item: Lum Berry
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    EVs: Max Speed, but whatever otherwise.
    Nature: Naďve (+ Spd, - Sp. Def) / Hasty (+ Spd, - Def)
    - Protect
    - Endure
    - Recycle/Ice Shard
    - Present

    Forget about what little scrap of offensive power Delibird has when you can just troll the opponent instead! Protect negates damage from your opponent. Because your health will inevitably drop to zero in like two seconds, Endure keeps you just barely alive. From there, to ensure you stay alive with just one measly HP without fail, cycle through Protect-Endure-Protect-Endure, et cetera!

    Now, your opponent will most likely catch your strategy and attempt to lay a status condition on you to finally get rid of you. In that case, the Lum Berry will fix that. Plus, provided you can outrun the opponent and still survive the turn (yeah right), bring that Lum Berry back with Recylcle! Of course, there’s also Ice Shard as a choice for STAB and priority. Finally, Present is obviously such a great move to use because Delibird is such a boss being the only one who can learn it via level-up.

    To ensure a long-lasting troll session, max out the PP for Protect and Endure.

    Wow, I’m putting way too much effort into this. Trick Room support helps. If in 2-v-2 battles, while Delibird is using Recycle, you’ll want to redirect all damage to your partner – so have Amoonguss use Rage Powder and call it a day. It’ll do just fine with all that HP and whatnot.

    EDIT: Well, this stinks. I should have done a little more research. The "Trollibird" set isn't possible because Endure, Protect, and Detect's succession rate halves each time you use any of those three attacks consecutively. It makes sense, but still... DELIBIRD CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT!

    Attacks Index:
    - Endure – Gen IV TM58
    - Ice ShardEGG
    - Present – Lvl. 1
    - Protect – TM17
    - Recycle – Gen IV TM67
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