Well I saw the Xbox thread and thought why not have a PS thread.

Here you can discuss all about Sony's Playstation brand.

If you see any awesome deals on PSN then make sure to share it with us and tell us if its for PSN+ only or not.

Sony had a rough year in 2011 with the hack. But they delivered some quality exclusives that I'm still in the process of buying like Infamous 2.

In terms of games, Sony has really delivered this year.

2012 for the PS3 sounds amazing already with Twisted Metal in February. Plus the PS Vita will launch in February as well. Launching with over 20 to 30 games on day 1.

Also there are great 3rd party games for the PS3 such as FF XIII-2 and Mass Effect 3. That is just the first quater too.

Anyways I'm sure many of you have held on to your PS2s, how many games do you guys have for your PS2 currently?

Right now my PS2 library is at 25 games after many years of trading and such for other games. It used to be in the 50s before lol.