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Because like Microsoft, Apple makes computers, casual tablets are swarming the market along with their variety of cheap games, and I'm hungry.
Macs can hardly be called a computer. And tablet/Smartphone w/e gaming is never going to make any kind of impact on the home console market.
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So, what exactly is the console doing different gameplay wise?
The same thing the PS2 did to the PSX and the PS3 to the PS2, Nothing.

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Good games is a pretty relative term, since everyone has their own preferences. I don't really care for most of the big budget"aaa" games or whatnot so Wii and PS3 are pretty close when it comes to game selection.
While I understand that "good games" is subjective, the Wii was clearly lacking in the quality department. It was full of shovelware, shitastic movies titles and party games. The other systems had those too but it was nothing to the massive degree that the Wii did it.